tagRomanceBrad & 'Tanaya Ch. 07

Brad & 'Tanaya Ch. 07


Hi to all the readers, here is the next installment of Brad and 'Tanaya's story. I think there will only be another 1 or 2 chapters of the story and then I will have to turn my attention to Racers which I have neglected for far to long.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Tanaya limped into her house and looked around almost expecting there to be a mess since she had been in hospital two nights. Along with the smoke inhalation and a slight burn on her right palm she had a second degree burn on the arch of her right foot from where her foot had touched the metal screen door on her way out of the burning building.

Brad hovered at her side anxiously and she let him guide her to the lounge to sit down.

"Is there anything you want? Or need?" Brad asked, "A drink, something to eat? A book or magazine?"

"How about you put on a movie or something and just sit down and hold me? I missed you terribly the last two nights." 'Tanaya said with a smile.

"You think you missed me? Let me tell you I missed you badly, this house is like a tomb without you here." Brad said as he put a DVD into the machine and switched on the tv.

'Tanaya watched Brad as he started the movie and made his way back to the lounge. She snuggled against his side as he sat down beside her and turned her face towards the television; she wasn't really watching the movie as she listened to the rhythmic sound of his breathing.

Brad cleared his throat and glanced down at 'Tanaya where she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I know you've said you can't have children, and I know we been over this before you were in hospital but is it certain you can't have children?" Brad asked quietly and he felt 'Tanaya tense beside him.

"Brent and I tried to for another baby for nearly six months before we broke up and I was with Rory for nearly four years and I wasn't using any birth control; he has two kids with his ex but I didn't get pregnant. I went to several doctors and one doctor done some tests and shit...told me the infection fucked everything up inside me. " 'Tanaya said quietly.

"I was just thinking is all, maybe there might have been some way for you to have a child one day." Brad said softly.

"It took some doing but I finally faced the fact I can't have children. If you want kids you'll have to find someone else." 'Tanaya said stiffly.

"I got you and that's the main thing for now. Maybe if we wanted kids some time in the future we might think about fostering or adoption but at the moment I am only too happy to know that we are together; the thoughts that went through my head when I saw the fire truck on the front lawn..." Brad's voice trailed off and he swallowed as if something was stuck in his throat.

"Well you're stuck with me, at least for now." 'Tanaya said lightly.

Brad made a noise deep in his throat and leant close to kiss her cheek near the corner of her mouth. 'Tanaya turned her head and his lips closed over hers gently; he brushed his lips back and forth for a few moments then settled his mouth over hers and opened his mouth slightly.

'Tanaya turned towards him more and opened her lips to allow his tongue entry to her mouth; his tongue traced over her teeth then across her bottom lip before he changed the angle of the kiss slightly and repeated his explorations.

His lips left hers to trail lightly over her cheek before he nuzzled the side of her neck as he worked his way up to her ear lobe. He took the lobe of her ear between his lips and she shivered in delight as his breath brushed over her ear. He chuckled and repeated his actions smiling as she gasped and shuddered.

"I could do this all day," Brad growled against the side of her neck.

"Ten minutes of this tops and then I am taking your clothes off," 'Tanaya warned.

"I got something else I want to talk to you about before we get side tracked," Brad said as he lifted his head.

"Oh?" 'Tanaya said curiously.

"Brent asked a question a few days ago and it's been playing on my mind. I thought I'd run it by you and see what you think, Brent asked if I had thought of trying to get Janey to go to the jail with me so I could introduce Ren to his Godson." Brad said quietly.

"Ren would love that, especially seeing Janey and of course seeing Nicky. But do you think she would go?" 'Tanaya asked curiously.

"I'm not sure to be honest. But I do know if her boyfriend knew about it she wouldn't go." Brad said with a frown.

"You really don't like seeing them together do you," 'Tanaya said uneasily.

"The guy is always telling her how she's safe with him and so on, he's saying all the things he should be saying but ever notice it only seems to remind Janey that something or other might scare her or upset her. When he's around she needs his reassurance but when he's not around she copes quite well. It's like the guy is under mining her confidence." Brad said worriedly.

"Yeah I noticed it too but I did wonder if I was imaging it," 'Tanaya confirmed.

"Hmmm," Brad murmured.

"You thinking of trying to get Janey to visit Ren?" 'Tanaya asked softly.

"You seen what they were like together at the caravan park that night," Brad said with a throaty chuckle as he remembered the sounds that had come from the caravan.

"Playing matchmaker are you?" 'Tanaya asked curiously with a smile.

"Maybe I just want my best mate to be as happy with a woman as I am with you," Brad said lightly before dropping a kiss on her smiling lips.

He felt her lips part beneath his and he slid his tongue past her lips and teeth to caress her tongue; he could taste the sweet taste he associated with her and finally lifted his head to rest his forehead against hers breathlessly.

"Promise me you won't go running into anymore burning houses will you," Brad said thickly.

"It's not something I plan to do ever again." 'Tanaya said softly.

Brad groaned and lifted 'Tanaya so that she sat sideways across his lap, she turned towards him and put her arms behind his head to pull him into another open mouthed kiss.

'Tanaya moaned with pleasure and turned so she could press herself against his chest, she ran her hands across his shoulders and then down the front of his body trying to find bare skin to touch. His tongue darted into her mouth and duelled with her tongue as he kissed her deeply.

"I'd like to sit here for a while just holding you," Brad said when he lifted his head.

"It feels so good to be in your arms," 'Tanaya said and snuggled against his chest as if to make her point. She could feel his erection beneath her bottom but at the moment simply being in his arms was what she wanted.

Brad sat holding her as he watched the movie; one hand was continuously stroking her thigh from hip to knee in long steady movements. Now and then he would press a kiss to whatever part of her head was turned his way.

When the movie finished Brad glanced down at 'Tanaya and was surprised to find she was asleep. Carefully he eased her off his lap and onto the lounge, arranging her so she lay comfortably on the lounge and he got up to turn the tv and dvd player off.

Leaving 'Tanaya to sleep he went into the kitchen and set a pot of soup on the stove so it would heat slowly then set about getting some grilled cheese on toast ready to cook for when 'Tanaya woke up.

Brad glanced at the clock wondering how to get in contact with Janey and asking if she could bring Nicky to visit on Sunday instead of tomorrow, Saturday. He frowned as he remembered he was not to contact Janey because of the court order and wondered if there was a way around it. Finally he gave a shake of his head and decided not to worry about it, hopefully Janey would ring as was becoming her habit before bringing Nicky over.

* * * * *

'Tanaya smiled to herself as she limped into her kitchen and placed the bag of groceries on the table. It was nearly a week since the fire and she was surprised at the reaction of the community to what had happened. There were people who had shunned her before Brad had came to town due to her involvement with Brent and Matty and now these people had suddenly decided that she was someone they could say hallo to.

Several people at the small supermarket had insisted on helping her with her shopping and a woman who lived four houses up the street had even given her a lift home saying it was the neighbourly thing to do.

"Where do you want the rest of your shopping Luvie?" Gerald Brinkley asked. He had seen her arrive home and had come over to talk to her. He had been a regular visitor of an afternoon since the fire and he got on well with the guys.

"Oh just on the table here thanks Gerald," 'Tanaya answered him. She sat down on a chair at the kitchen table happy to get off her burnt foot and pulled a bag of groceries towards her. Quickly she sorted through the different bags working out what she needed to put away and what would wait for Brad to put away when he got back from work.

"Will you be alright until your man gets back from work?" Gerald asked as he placed several more bags of groceries on the table.

"I'll be fine thanks. Say hallo to your wife when you visit her for me." 'Tanaya said as he headed for the front door; she limped to the kitchen doorway to watch him as he left the house.

With the house to herself once again 'Tanaya returned to the kitchen, put the meat in the fridge and the frozen items in the deep freezer.

She picked over the shop on the table, decided it could wait until Brad got home for him to put it away and picked up a magazine and an apple before limping into the lounge room. She sat down on the lounge with a relieved sigh and turned so she could lift her legs up and rest her feet on the lounge; she opened the magazine and began turning the pages idly as she bit into the apple.

A soft noise disturbed 'Tanaya and she was surprised to find she had fallen asleep, she glanced at her watch and realised it was the time that Brad usually returned from work.

"That you Brad?" 'Tanaya called, her voice still thick with sleep.

"Yeah it's me, Matty and Brent are here as well. They wanted to make sure you're still on the mend." Brad called from near the front door where he was removing his work boots.

"Hey 'Tanaya!" Matty called enthusiastically.

"Hey yourself Matty," 'Tanaya called back. She heard footsteps coming down the hallway and sat up so she could see whom it was.

"Have a good day?" Brad asked lightly as he came into the room. He put his lunch esky down on the floor and came over to give her a soft lingering kiss on the lips.

"Yes, I had a nice day. I did end up going to the supermarket. Wait!" 'Tanaya cautioned when Brad frowned angrily and opened his mouth to speak, "I called a taxi to get there and only intended to get a few things but everyone was so nice and one of the staff got me to do a list and they gathered the stuff for me while I sat on one of the seats at the front of the store. Maureen from a few doors up was there and she insisted on giving me a lift home; Gerald from next door carried the shopping in. The meat is in the fridge waiting for you to put it in lots and in the freezer, frozen stuff is in the freezer... the rest is waiting on the table for you to put away."

"I told you I could do the shopping for you after work," Brad frowned at her.

"And I was a good girl this afternoon and spent all afternoon with my foot up," 'Tanaya said as she motioned at her leg where it rested on the lounge.

Brad gave a slight nod, he knew there was no use in arguing with 'Tanaya; she was stubbornly independent and would do what she wanted when she wanted.

"Misbehaving is she?" Brent asked as he walked into the lounge room behind Matty.

"Something like that," Brad agreed reluctant to leave her side at the moment. Since the fire and the fright he had received when he had found out she had run into the burning house he had realised how much she meant to him and how precious time spent with her was.

"Do you need a drink or anything?" Brad asked her.

"No, I'll just go to the toilet and I'll be right. I had something to eat and drink at three this arvo." 'Tanaya said with a smile.

Brad scooped her up into his arms without a word and headed towards the bathroom.

"I could have walked, although I must admit I love the way you tend to just sweep me off my feet," 'Tanaya said in a throaty whisper.

Brad felt his body tighten in response and when he set her on her feet in the doorway to the toilet he dropped a quick kiss on her lips.

"I won't be long," 'Tanaya said and shut the door behind her.

When 'Tanaya came out of the toilet and washed her hands Brad once again picked her up and carried her back to the lounge room.

"You sure got Brad trained," Matty laughed and ducked back out of reach when Brad looked his way.

"Yeah I have haven't I" 'Tanaya laughed softly.

Brad growled deep in his throat but made no comment as he sat on the lounge beside her and draped an arm along the lounge behind her. 'Tanaya snuggled against his side and rested one hand on his thigh as she turned her attention to the two men in the room.

"So what are you pair up to?" 'Tanaya asked with a contented smile.

"We thought we'd stop in and see how you are." Matty said happy to see 'Tanaya looking so much better than she had Sunday afternoon after Janey had left with Nicky.

"Well sit down you're starting to make the place look untidy." 'Tanaya said with a smile.

Matty laughed at her and sat in the recliner chair; Brent glanced around and then got one of the kitchen chairs to sit on.

"So how is your foot healing?" Brent asked.

"Not as quick as it would if she stayed off it," Brad said with a frown at 'Tanaya.

"It's going fine, despite what grouchy here says," 'Tanaya said ignoring Brad.

"He does have a point." Brent said with a motion towards her foot.

'Tanaya groaned with frustration but said nothing more.

"Obviously 'Tanaya can't go to Ren's hearing, at least not by herself," Brad said evenly, "I'm seriously considering taking the day off and going myself. I think Ren would like the support."

"Yeah at least one of us should go," Brent agreed.

'Tanaya lent back against the lounge and closed her eyes, she was content to sit there and listen to the conversation flow around her as the three men talked.

* * * * *

" Coming," 'Tanaya yelled in response to the loud knock on her front door. She limped towards the front door wondering who could be calling on this late in the afternoon. As she approached the door she could see a vague silhouette through the frosted glass but it was not clear enough to tell her who it was. She opened the front door and paused in surprise when she saw Janey standing on the other side of the door.

"Uh, hi. Brad's not home from work yet, he's working late." 'Tanaya said knowing that Janey would only be here to see Brad.

"When do you expect him home? I'll come back after that." Janey said with a quick glance over her shoulder at the car parked out the front.

"He should be home in half an hour or so. You can come in and wait, it's no trouble." 'Tanaya said with a friendly smile. She didn't want Janey to leave; maybe they could make their peace while they waited for Brad to get home.

"I don't think that would be a good idea," Janey said tightly with a step backwards.

"I'd like for us to try to be friends," 'Tanaya said in a hopeful tone.

Janey looked at 'Tanaya with a look that clearly said she didn't trust her.

"I've said some things I shouldn't have and I didn't really understand several situations." 'Tanaya said with a grimace.

Janey folded her arms across her chest as she sent 'Tanaya a disbelieving look and raised one eyebrow sarcastically.

"Won't you come inside and sit down? Brad should be home in about half an hour. Where's Nicky?" 'Tanaya asked with a forced smile.

"My parents are minding Nicky so I could come talk to Brad," Janey said levelly.

"Please. Won't you come in? It would be better for Nicky if we could all get along." 'Tanaya offered.

Janey didn't answer 'Tanaya's remark but 'Tanaya was relieved when Janey walked past her into to house and headed towards the kitchen. She was standing at the sink facing the doorway when 'Tanaya limped into the room.

"Would you like a drink? Coffee? Something cold?" 'Tanaya asked as she pulled out the chair closest to the door and paused ready to sit down.

"I'm right," Janey said as she watched 'Tanaya suspiciously.

'Tanaya limped to the fridge and got herself a can of coke; she hesitated a moment and then grabbed a second can. She returned to the table and placed both cans on the table before sitting down; she opened one can and pushed the other one towards the other end of the table.

"Would you like me to explain to you why I seem to keep changing my mind as to whether I like you or not?" 'Tanaya asked softly.

"Oh I'd like to hear this one," Janey said tightly.

'Tanaya watched Janey for a moment and then gave a faint nod as if to reassure herself of something.

"As you know Ren, Brad, Brent and Matty are friends of mine. And when I first met you all I saw was you jerking Ren around, blowing hot and cold with him but he put up with it all. Even with you being with ...Adam," 'Tanaya said reframing from calling him 'the cop' as she usually did, "I even felt a bit sorry for you; you obviously were caught in a situation you didn't want to be in with all the shit going on with the police and everything."

"Oh you felt sorry for me did you? I suppose that's why you were calling me a bitch the last day of their trial." Janey said sarcastically, remembering how it had added to her misery on the day.

'Tanaya looked towards Janey and had the grace to blush and look ashamed of herself, "I stupidly thought it was your testimony that put Brad and Ren in jail and put Brent and Matty on good behaviour bonds." 'Tanaya said softly.

"So it was my fault was it?" Janey demanded tightly with disbelief. 'How could another female believe what I had went through had been my fault?'

"I wasn't thinking. Brent who is a very dear friend had gotten into trouble and Brad... hell even then I was that crazy about him I couldn't think let alone think straight. So I stupidly blamed the first thing that came to mind or I saw, I'm not sure which." 'Tanaya said unhappily trying to explain what she had seen had seemed like to her at the time.

Janey made an angry sound in her throat as she watched 'Tanaya through narrowed eyes.

"And when I had heard you had visited Brad and the connection with Nicky I was scared you were going to jerk him around using Nicky. Then when he got out and you come here you've always had either your brother or A-Adam in tow although there has been once or twice it's been you by yourself..." 'Tanaya said but Janey cut her off.

"You think I would use my son against Brad? As for having someone with me most of the time, do you think I ever feel safe by myself after what Hawk done to me?" Janey demanded angrily. "Some days it's so bad I can't even walk outside my house alone!" she yelled at 'Tanaya.

"Yeah well I'm scared you'll end up hurting Brad and I love that guy so much it hurts me when he hurts." 'Tanaya gushed out.

"I don't trust you, you're two faced as far as I am concerned." Janey said tightly, she couldn't believe the gall of the woman. "And I will never give you a chance to turn on Nicky, not if I can help it."

"Nicky is a part of Brad and I would never willingly hurt Brad and the same can be said for his son!" 'Tanaya said anxiously. "I know you don't believe me, I haven't given you any reason to trust me but it's true and I hope that one day you can see that."

Janey continued to glare angrily at her and 'Tanaya lowered her head so she was looking at her hands and not the fear-fuelled anger in Janey's eyes. Suddenly all Janey wanted was to leave the house.

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