tagGroup SexBrad's Road Trip Ch. 10

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 10


Note: This is the 10th chapter in what will be a fairly long series. If you haven't read Chapters 1-9, this section won't make any sense. I mean, the sex scenes will mostly stand alone, but there's a pretty significant back-story. Anyway, thanks for reading!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank my incredible editor, AnInsatiableReader. We authors are really pretty tough on our editors.. it takes us weeks or months to churn out a chapter, but we want them to redline it in a couple days and get it back to us. Incredibly unfair and selfish, but my editor has never taken more than a day or two to return a chapter. She's been busy lately, but still dropped everything to instantly read both this chapter and Chapter 9. Bottom line.. if there are any authors reading this, take time to say thanks to your editor(s). If yours is anything like mine, your stories wouldn't be half as good as they are without them.

Keep in mind: this story is set in 2007.... the year I started writing it. I know. Sorry. Anyway, since it is set in 2007, current events are from 2007. If someone were to e-mail me feedback and politely inform me that Brooks & Dunn is not only no longer on tour, but not even together anymore, I will scream. I was in denial about that for a couple years, and it's still painful.

Anyway... enjoy!!

Day 9

Friday, June 20

Pittsburgh, PA to Indianapolis, IN

I was stuck in the middle of a wet dream.

This wasn't just an ordinary, moderately-hot-girl-sucking-my-dick-on-the-couch, garden variety wet dream. On a scale of 1 to 10, this wet dream was a 15.

There was pussy everywhere, of all shapes and sizes. There were skinny girls, bigger girls, tall girls, short girls. Girls with massive tits, girls with no tits, girls with fake tits. There were white girls, a black girl, a Hispanic girl and an Asian girl. There was even a professional cheerleader in the group. There were 10 of them in all, in various states of undress and sexual activity, spread across this room and the rooms on either side of it at the Cambria Suites in suburban Indianapolis.

On the bed in front of me, there were two girls tangled up in a 69. Behind them was a dishwater blonde with multiple tattoos named Anna, bent over at the waist and licking the rainbow-haired girl's ass while the other girl licked her pussy.

And why was Anna bent over? Easy: I was plowing into her from behind, and had been for the past 10 minutes.

I'd made it a point to get her name. With 10 women spread across the three hotel suites, I knew I'd never be able to keep all the names straight. I figured I could at least get the names of the girls I fucked, if for no other reason than to give them to Kelly later. Anna was the third one I'd fucked, and combined with the names I remembered from the concert earlier, I knew more than half of them now.

One of the girls in the 69 started cumming, and Anna followed her a few seconds later. I'd only cum once and wasn't quite ready to do it again, but Anna seemed more interested in the mass of girl flesh splayed out before her. So, I pulled out and headed for the next room, rubbing my jaw lightly. There was already a bruise there, and I had no idea how much worse it would get before morning. Despite all the scenery laying around to distract me, it still ached.

The next room featured another scene ripped straight from a porno. There were two girls on the floor in front of the bathroom, engaged in a scissor lock and rubbing their pussies together frantically. One of them was Vicki, a tall, stacked black girl I'd met in line at the concert. The other one was a Latina chick, pretty in the face but just a little too skinny for my tastes.

Over on the bed, Sam, one of the two guys I'd invited back to the hotel from the concert, was tangled up with two other girls. One was riding him reverse cowgirl style, and the other had her knees on either side of his face. That was Miranda, a short redhead I'd gotten off three times tonight.

Sam saw me standing in his periphery and grinned at me before diving back into his punchbowl. I grinned back, but my heart wasn't really in it. I mean, with so many hot naked women around, I was hard and going to stay that way. Still, I wasn't enjoying myself as much as I should have been.

I was even more confused, though. Here I was, 22 years old, in the sexual prime of my life, and a citizen of what most men would call Fantasy Land.

Yet I really wanted to be somewhere else.



"So, what was that all about?"

That was the first thing I heard when I pried my thick eyelids. I don't know how long Maria had been awake, but she was up on one elbow, staring at me amusedly.

"Huh?" That was all I was worth at the moment.

"Last night," she said, licking her lips. The memories started to flood back in. "Why did that happen?"

I rolled away from her to look at the alarm clock. It was a little after 9 a.m., the first time I'd slept in this late since well before I'd left San Antonio. I briefly mentally panicked, since I hadn't called Kelly last night, before I remembered that that was our agreement. If I'd managed to stay up past 2 a.m., of course I could call, but if not, she wouldn't be able to answer before that.

I still missed her and wanted to talk to her more than anything.

"Gimme a second," I said to Maria. "Trying to wake the fuck up."

She giggled, but otherwise she ignored me. "Last night, Josh said something about the price of beer at Wrigley."

"Yeah, we made a bet," I started, trying to sit up in the bed. "He told me he could get me laid in Pittsburgh, and I told him he couldn't."


"I had seen how silky smooth he was with you, and I figured he had a better chance of getting us into the vaults at Fort Knox than he did of convincing any woman to do anything. At least, any woman I'd be willing to sleep with."

She laughed harder at that. "No, dumb shit. I mean, why did he want to get you laid?"

"He told me it didn't matter what I had done before, I was basically still a virgin if I'd never had sex in Pittsburgh," I explained. "I told him that he was full of shit."

"And now?" she asked. I don't know how serious a question it was, but I figured I could get myself in some trouble if I didn't answer carefully.

"Pittsburgh represented itself very well," I smiled. "Certainly the best legs in the country."

She smiled back at me and shook her head. "I just don't understand him."

"I think I get it," I reasoned. "You know how competitive he is. He doesn't want to lose. He knew he shouldn't have made that bet with me, given that I wasn't even going to be here another 24 hours. He did the only thing he could, I guess."

"Fuck that," she said. "Would you let your girlfriend fuck a guy you barely knew to win a bet? Especially when all that's on the line is beer?"

I took her hand and squeezed it. "I didn't say he wasn't a fucking idiot, Maria. I just said that I think I know why he did it. If you were my girlfriend, I wouldn't let you fuck anybody else with a gun to my head. There wouldn't be a bet in the world that would be worth that."

She smiled again, and this time it enveloped her whole face. Sure, I had a somewhat liberal view of the word "relationship," and I'd been in the room when previous girlfriends were fucking other guys. But it was what Maria needed to hear.

"I guess Josh doesn't feel that way, though," I said. She flinched a little. "And ya know? That turned out pretty well for me."

She chuckled. "What do you think I should do?"

"You guys are serious, right?" I asked, and got a nod. "Totally exclusive?"

"I think so," she said. "At least I did. I really don't know, now."

I wasn't thinking about the future last night. Things could get awfully awkward with Josh and I next week in Chicago.

"Sounds like you guys need to have a chat," I said, and then punctuated it with a strong sniff of the air. "And it smells like I need a shower."

"Can I join you?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Actually, I'm kind of running late," I said. That was part of the reason, but not the biggest part. "As much as I would love a repeat performance, I'll have to take a rain check."

"You do that, then," she said, rolling over me and grabbing my phone. She started typing in her number as I went into the bathroom.


"Aww," Kelly moaned into the phone an hour or so later, right after I'd crossed from West Virginia into Ohio. "No morning happy times, then?"

"Giving you every sordid detail of evening happy times wasn't enough?" I shot back.

"Let's see," she said. "I only came... hmm... four times, right?" she asked. "So, no. Not enough."

"I only heard three," I answered.

"Yeah, but the first one was so fucking awesome that it counts twice."

I liked her logic.

"Would you ever make a bet like that with me, Brad?" she asked, her voice turning serious for a minute.

"Hell fucking no," I said authoritatively. "We've already talked about sharing, babe, and I'm not going back on that. We can have threesomes, foursomes, whatever-somes. But if we were to get serious, anything you do, I'm gonna be there, too, and preferably involved in it. I would never just offer you to a friend and then walk away."

"You like me that much, huh?" she teased.

"I like everything I know so far," I answered. "No reason to think I won't like everything else I find."

"Aww, you're so sweet," she said.

Bingo! "There we go," I replied.

"Umm, what?" she asked.

"Sweets," I said. "I was at a complete loss for what I was going to tell you today. Truth be told, there isn't much about me that's all that interesting."

"You have an uncanny ability to make girls you've never met do whatever you want," she chuckled. "I'd say that's plenty interesting." The "plenty" took about 10 seconds to leave her lips.

"Maybe, but that's sexual. Our little personal tidbits are supposed to be G-rated. Or at least, not X-rated."

"True," she said. "So what about sweets?"

"I like making them," I answered. "My mom has a gift, and while I'm not as good as she is, I inherited her love of baking."

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "Your mom makes the best cookies! She brings them to our monthly meetings all the time."

"Yep," I said. "I can make a pretty damn good oatmeal chocolate chip. But my specialty is cakes."

"Ok," she said. "I'll confess. Just hearing you say that is getting me wetter."

"I'll confess," I answered. "I'm pretty thrilled about that. But yeah, there's a peanut butter German chocolate cake recipe I created... even my mom flips out about how good it is."

There was a brief pause. "Yes," she said.

I was confused. "Yes? To what question?" I asked.

"Whatever question you want to ask. Make me that cake, and the answer is yes."

I couldn't help but laugh heartily now.

"What about you?" I asked. "Do you cook?"

"Well, I make about 900,000 tacos every day," she quipped.

"And I'm sure they are the best damned tacos on planet Earth," I shot back. "But, what about when you're not on the clock?"

"Yes," she said. "Actually..."

"Actually, what?" I asked when she didn't continue.

"I want to save that for another day," she explained. "It's pretty substantial. And it's a key ingredient to my future. So, I hope you'll be interested."

More than I was willing to say.

"I'll remind you tomorrow, then," I said.

"Good," she answered. "Brad?"

I knew that tone of voice. "Yeah, baby?"

"Can you give me one more?"

So I went into detail about the dream I'd been having before Maria climbed into bed with me.


Indianapolis was in the central time zone, so I gained an hour back on my trip. I also made pretty excellent time on I-70, but due to my late start, I got to the hotel maybe 30 minutes before the gates opened for Brooks & Dunn. I brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face, but had time for little else before walking the two blocks to the ampitheater for the concert. I actually arrived a few minutes early and had to wait for the gates to open. In front of me in line was a group of girls, all chatting away excitedly.

It was quite the eclectic mix. The first to attract my attention was an unbelievably well-built girl who could have stepped off the pages of a men's magazine. That was part of what made me look; the other part was that her hair looked like it came from a box of Lucky Charms. It was a like a high school experiment gone wrong, as if a couple of stoners tried to tie-dye a shirt but accidentally spilled the mixture into her hair. Blue, green, orange, purple, yellow -- if you could find the color in a box of Crayolas, it was in her hair.

There were two blondes in the group. One was short and stocky but had perhaps the biggest tits I'd seen on the trip trapped behind a gray halter top, and the other was a dishwater blonde with numerous tattoos.

The other three girls were a tall black girl, an overly skinny Latina girl, and a voluptuous girl with vague Asian features. Of the six, she was probably my favorite. It was hot out, with temperatures only beginning to back down from the high 90s as the sun started setting. None of them were wearing a whole lot.

"See anything you like?" the black girl asked me. Apparently I'd been too obvious with my once-overs.

"Six things, actually," I said. "Didn't mean to offend anyone, but you girls obviously went to a lot of trouble to look hot tonight. What kind of guy would I be if I didn't show my appreciation?"

A few of them snickered. "Nah, we're not offended," the black girl said. "If you were some nasty-looking dude, we might be. But you're pretty hot yourself. Right, girls?"

Everyone murmured their agreement, which was nice. I noticed a couple of them looking pointedly at the short blonde girl with the gargantuan boobs. She instantly blushed and stared at the pavement, and the other girls laughed.

"Even if you're not exactly our type," the girl finished. That drew gasps from most of the others.

"Vicki!" the Hispanic girl exclaimed.

"What?" she asked, grinning at me. "It's not nice to lead a guy on." She walked up close to me now, seemingly inspecting me. "Besides, we might not be totally leading him on, anyway."

The rest of the group chattered excitedly, but I was busy sizing up the girl standing right in front of me. She was a little older than the others, but was still around my age, I guessed. I wasn't into most black women, but every now and again I found one I was attracted to.

"Where are you sitting?" Rainbow asked me. I pulled out my ticket and told her.

"Going to a concert like this all by yourself?" The girl with the tattoos had joined the other two right in front of me.

"Yeah," I said. "I'm actually on a long road trip across the country. I don't know anyone in the area, so I decided to just check this out by myself."

"Well, we're up in the grass in the back," Vicki said, re-taking the lead, "but we might have to hook up with you later."

She licked her lips, and I pulled out my phone. "Sure," I said. "I know they're having an after-party out in the parking lot with some local bands. We can meet up there."

As I gave her my phone number, I noticed the short girl holding hands with Rainbow. I thought I might know what Vicki had meant by 'not exactly our type.'

"I'm Brad by the way," I said, sticking my hand out. She chuckled before shaking it and introducing everyone else in the group. The names didn't stick for long, but I figured a couple of them might come back before the night was out.

They opened the gates after that, and we all shuffled into the outdoor arena and went our separate ways. I was one of the first in line at the beer table, and was standing there when I heard a loud yell from nearby. I turned to look, and I saw a guy and a girl standing next to one of those large prize wheels. Apparently, they'd won something pretty awesome. The girl was excited, but not nearly as much as the guy was. He'd been the one shouting.

I got my beer and headed off to my seat, six rows from the stage and just a little right of center. As I filed in, I saw the couple from the prize wheel sitting one row behind me and four or five seats to my left. The girl was absolutely dazzling, and her smile made her even more so.

"Congratulations," I said. "What did you guys win?"

The girl's mouth was open as if she was going to answer, but the guy cut her off.

"These seats!" he exclaimed. The girl shot a sideways glare at him for a minute, before tossing an apologetic glance at me. She even punctuated it with a mouthed 'I'm sorry.' I wasn't sure what she was sorry about, but I quickly understood. Once the guy began talking, he wouldn't shut up.

"Yeah, we just walked by the prize wheel, and I figured, hey, maybe we'll get a free beer or burger or something," he said without me asking. "So the Jenster here spins the wheel and... free upgrade to the front!"

The Jenster? Fucking really?

"Where were your seats?" I managed to spit out while he was breathing, hoping the girl might answer. No such luck.

"Back in GA," he said. "Ya know, sitting in the grass wasn't a big deal, and you couldn't beat the price, because a buddy at work gave 'em to me. But the view up here is so much better."

He kept yammering, and I stopped paying attention. He had spiky blond hair and a pierced nose, and he wore a long-sleeved black shirt to go with dark blue jeans. Hardly first-choice attire for an outdoor concert in the middle of June. He looked about 18, if even that.

The woman, though, looked to be about my age or even a touch older. She was dressed casually, her knee-length green flower-print sundress leaving enough room to breathe but covering up more than the bikini top and daisy dukes most of the girls out here were wearing. Not that I was complaining about the general state of undress in the arena, but this girl was actually wearing clothes and could attract just as much attention.

The guy was still talking, blissfully unaware of the fact that no one was listening. Before too long, the first of the five main acts came out on the stage, and the music shut him up. The set was only 25 minutes long though, and none of the seats between mine and theirs had filled in yet. Just as I was bracing myself for another verbal onslaught, he stood up.

"JenJen," he said, making me want to vomit and punch him all at the same time. "I'm going to the restroom. You want to come with?"

"Um, no," she answered, perhaps the easiest decision in recorded history. "I'll be fine here."

He lingered a few seconds, hoping she'd change her mind. For that, I couldn't blame him. If I'd managed to blackmail someone like her into coming with me to a place like this, I'd want to flaunt it, too. Finally, he gave up and walked up the aisle toward the concession areas. I didn't waste any time.

"Did he talk that much when they were sticking that fishing lure in his nose?"

She immediately busted up with laughter.

"Jesus H, I thought the rest of us might die of oxygen deprivation."

She nodded her head, but otherwise, she was laughing too hard to answer. I got up and moved a few seats to my left, sitting right in front of her.

"I'm Brad," I said, and when she stopped doubling over, she stopped to shake my hand. "No, no," I said when she started to talk. "Let me guess. Jenster, right? Or is it JenJen?"

She started laughing again, but this time she could speak.

"Jenny," she said. "Or Jen. Jennifer is fine, too. Anything except what he was calling me."

"Nice to meet you, Jenny," I said. "So, shoplifting?"

Her face contorted into a question.

"Worse than that, huh? Grand theft auto?"

She had deep blue eyes, and very, very curly blonde hair. She wore big hoop earrings and was wearing a little too much makeup for my tastes, but she at least wore it well. In a word, she was gorgeous. She was also still very confused.

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