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Brad's Road Trip Ch. 12


Note: This is the 12th chapter in what will be a fairly long series. If you haven't read Chapters 1-11, this section won't make any sense. I mean, the sex scenes will mostly stand alone, but there's a pretty significant back-story. Anyway, thanks for reading! Feedback is appreciated! Special thanks to AnInsatiableReader for helping me clean it up.

As it's been more than a year since I posted on this series, I've included a brief recap of the events up to this point, near the beginning of the story. If you're new to the series and don't want to go back and read the earlier chapters, the recap will provide a very basic nutshell (though you should go back and read)! For those who are caught up, it'll provide a little memory jogger since it's been a while.

Anyway... enjoy!!

Day 11
Sunday, June 22
Evansville, IN

I'd been looking forward to this confrontation for a while.

I woke up at 9 a.m. with no plans until after noon. So, I grabbed a blue Braves T-shirt and gray workout shorts out of my duffel bag and suited up.

I hadn't been on a good long run since Wednesday morning in Charleston. Oh, I'd had plenty of exercise since then -- first that evening in Sumter with Amber and Tracy, then Thursday night in Pittsburgh with Maria, and then the all-night marathon on Friday, which spilled into Saturday morning.

Running was different. Most Marines learn to hate PT for the sake of PT. Put us on a fake battlefield for simulated war games, give us an obstacle course to navigate, or put us on opposite sides of a field with a football in between, and we'll sweat for hours. But working out just to work out wasn't something most of us embraced. I hadn't either, except when it came to running.

I knew it had major positive benefits physically, and yes, I loved getting that 'runner's high' boost of adrenaline and endorphins. But more than that, running gave me time to get refocused on life and clear my brain. It gave me time to argue with myself, and right now, a major showdown was brewing.

The pretty brunette at the front desk told me about a high school with a track just down the road, so I jogged to it. I did a little stretching, fired up a playlist full of Saliva, and finally started my run.

Before I could do any serious soul-searching, I took a few minutes to replay the events of the past few days. Just 10 days ago, I was leaving San Antonio, Texas, embarking on a road trip that would signify my transition from active duty Marine to private-sector civilian. It had been an epic trip so far, surpassing all my wildest fantasies with a week more still to go.

My first stop had been Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a country music festival. Besides three straight days of great music, I'd had sex with three girls and fooled around with a couple others. I'd been the meat in a lesbian sandwich, and I'd slept with the hottest redhead I'd ever met, right before hooking her up with a guy she should have been with for a long time.

Next was Pensacola, Florida, to hang out with my best friend for a couple days. On the way, I'd offered a ride to a pretty stranger and was rewarded with a show (starring her favorite blue vibrator) followed by a mind-numbing blowjob. Once in Florida, I'd watched a minor league baseball player hit four grand slams in a single game. Later that night, I was in a foursome with my best friend, his girlfriend, and a girl I'd picked up at a bar.

My next stop was in Charleston, South Carolina, where I'd turned an obnoxious, loudmouth blonde into my sex slave for the night. A few miles up the road in Sumter, I'd had a threesome with two girls I met at a bar. One of them was a cousin I hadn't seen in more than 12 years, a fact we'd thankfully figured out right before we crossed the line.

In Pittsburgh, I'd watched a Pirates game and made a bet with a friend -- a bet he won by tricking his girlfriend into fucking me. The following night in Indianapolis, I engaged in an epic 13-person orgy with a bunch of people I met at a Brooks & Dunn concert. The night ended with one of the hottest experiences I'd ever had -- fucking one of the drop-dead gorgeous girls I'd met at the concert while she talked to my girlfriend on the phone.

Ah, Kelly. Boyfriend and girlfriend might be strong words for two people who'd never met, but she was already the best thing that had ever happened to me. We talked for the first time the day before I left San Antonio and ended the night with phone sex that had been hotter than most of the real sex I'd had.

We'd talked at least three times a day ever since, and though I thought that might get old after a few days, I was finding that I wanted even more. On my first day of driving, she'd told me she wanted me to have as much sex as I could on my trip, provided that I share every scintillating detail with her afterward. She wanted me to take her anal cherry when I got back to Idaho, but she wanted me to practice first on a girl I met on my trip, something I had yet to do. In addition to the night in Indianapolis, she'd listened in on one other occasion, when I fucked the girl I met in Pensacola right before we fell asleep.

Last night was the first night I hadn't done something with a girl since I left Texas, but she'd filled the gap by going out with her friends and finding a guy to bring home for quick, casual sex, then telling me all about it. She thought I'd be mad at her -- after all, the deal was that I could do anything I wanted, but we never talked about her doing it. It would have been ultra hypocritical for me to be upset about it, though, and the fact that she was so honest with me about it made my feelings for her that much stronger.

Outside of sex, we had a ton in common. We liked the same styles of music, loved traveling, and had dreams of bigger things than our current lots in life -- for her, as an assistant manager at a Taco Bell in Idaho, and for me, as a soon-to-be college sophomore with no job. We were both very tight with our family, and she was open to being as much of a sports fan as I was. We had a pact that we'd share some non-sexual detail about ourselves on alternating days. In fact, today was my turn. I had no idea what I'd tell her, but something usually came out during the course of us talking. She had some kind of secret I could tell she was reluctant to tell me, but she promised that if I gave her time, she would.

The only thing I didn't know and that she had no intentions of telling me until we met was what she looked like. She wanted to keep something as a mystery for when we met. At first, I was pretty nervous about that -- the only reason she'd want to keep that a secret was if she thought I wouldn't find her attractive. She'd told me she was a dancer, though, so I knew she had to have a pretty decent body, and my mom (who'd been responsible for us meeting) told me she was a very pretty girl. I was also aggravated because she didn't have to wonder what I looked like -- she'd seen a picture of me sitting on my mom's desk the first time we talked. Still, as I learned more about her and got closer to meeting her, I found myself worrying less and less about her physical appearance. I was so into everything else about her, that I was pretty sure I wouldn't really care what she looked like when we met.

Which brought me back around to the heavyweight title fight brewing in my head: the person I was before this road trip started vs. the person I was becoming as each mile clicked by.

Simply put, it was a blowout.

I thought that once I took the time to really consider what was going on, I would start doubting whether everything with Kelly could be real; that I would realize that no matter how strong a connection is over the phone, it means nothing until you meet someone in person. I'd begin to question whether I was even ready for a real girlfriend. The old me would start to talk about the happy, carefree, unattached lifestyle I'd been living my whole adult life, and the new me would counter with how I'd never felt this way about anyone before, and I'd end up conflicted.

Instead, any train of thought I got on ended in the same place, and since it was the same place I'd been going all week, I knew it well:

Next weekend couldn't come soon enough.

Yeah, I knew Kelly was keeping something from me. Maybe even more than just one thing. But I knew she'd tell me everything soon enough. What she'd done last night could have destroyed everything we'd built over the past two weeks, but her honesty and willingness to share it with me just made me want her that much more.

There were no nerves, no angsty butterflies, no pangs of doubt, and no traces of guilt. There was just giddiness and excited anticipation at what would happen when I got home next Sunday evening.

Sure, I was determined to enjoy the rest of my road trip. I had two more baseball games to hit and one more country music festival to attend, as well as several friends to catch up with. It was going to be one hell of a journey, but I was very much looking forward to reaching my destination.

The new me won with a first-round knockout.

I have no idea how many laps I turned around that track or how many miles I logged, but I ran for nearly an hour in the hot June mid-morning sun. My shirt was soaked through with sweat, but I felt better than I had in days.

The same clerk smiled at me as I walked through the lobby on my way back in. I spent about 20 minutes under the spray of a scalding hot shower, then took a few minutes to shave. The bruises on my face, physical reminders of the epic blast I'd had in Indianapolis, were still visible but starting to fade a little.

I started getting dressed to go and meet my sister at the local mall. I wanted to take her on a little shopping spree to take her mind off things, and there were a couple items I needed to purchase as well.

Right about then, all hell broke loose.


"What in the hell happened?" Lea asked, rushing into the police station and finding me sitting in a waiting area near the front. She wrapped me in a hug when I stood up.

"Your husband happened," I answered.

"Where the fuck is that worthless bastard?" she yelled, drawing the attention of several of Evansville's finest. I put a hand on her shoulder and gently lowered her into the chair next to me.

"Relax, Lea," I said. "He's in the hospital."

"What?" she sputtered. That was the last thing she was expecting me to say. "Why is he in the fucking hospital?"

"Apparently, that's where I put him."

She smiled for the first time since she'd arrived. "Tell me."

I was shirtless and just buttoning up my cargo shorts when the pounding had started on my hotel room door. Lea and her boyfriend Daniel were the only ones who knew where I was staying, but Daniel was at work and Lea and I were supposed to meet up in a few minutes, so I had no idea what to expect when I peered through the peephole. I was shocked when I opened the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" a man shouted at me from the hallway.

"Roy?" I asked. "This is my hotel room, and I'm getting dressed. That's what I'm doing. What the fuck are you doing?"

My sister's ex used to be one of my favorite people, back when they first got married. He'd shown his true colors over the years, though, and he'd turned out to be a selfish, hateful prick full of demands and double-standards. Worse than that, he'd cheated on her multiple times, and he had a hair-trigger temper and a propensity to get violent. I didn't want to stay at the house he and Lea still shared while the divorce was finalizing, for fear that he would threaten my sister and I would beat him to death. But standing there, fuming in the hallway, it looked like we were going to have our little showdown anyway.

"You're taking that bitch to go buy lingerie?"

My blood boiled, but I tried to stay cool.

"Roy, call my sister a bitch one more time," I said calmly. "Please."

"Why are you doing that, Brad?" he asked. He'd ignored my last statement, but I noticed he didn't call her any names this time.

"Because it's a free country," I replied. "And after five years of being married to your cheap, lying, cheating ass, I figured she could use a little something to make her feel sexy again."

"You're her brother," he said. "That's gross."

"I didn't say I was going to watch her try it on," I said. "Just going to pay for it after she picks it out. What the fuck do you care, anyway? Isn't there some Waffle House waitress you could be bending over a deep fryer?"

He grimaced, but again chose to ignore me. Lea didn't know how many other women there were, but the first one she'd found out about was a bartender at Applebee's. So, I embellished a little.

"How the fuck did you find out where I'm staying? And hell, how did you know where we're going today? I know she didn't tell you."

"She sent an e-mail to that piece of shit she's fucking behind my back," he replied.

"You hacked her damned e-mail?" I asked, getting incredulous now. He'd been shouting from the beginning, and my voice was growing louder each time I opened my mouth. We'd started to attract an audience, too -- there were maybe 3 or 4 people staring at us a ways down the hall.

"So what?" he retorted. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. I did no such thing. "Look, Brad," he continued. "I know it's been a while since you and Lea have seen each other, and I know you want to spend time with her. She's been looking forward to your visit for a long time. That's all well and good."

"I'm glad we have your fucking approval," I spat out sarcastically.

"But if you buy her that stuff, she's not going to wear it for her husband," he said. "She's going to wear it for her low-life piece of shit boyfriend, the guy who's stealing her away from me. I know you met him last night, so you know that. Why would you do that?"

I just rolled my eyes dramatically and shook my head.


"I can't believe I ever thought you were a good guy," I said. "There's a line about throwing stones and glass houses, Roy. You don't have the right to call anybody a piece of shit. How many women have you fucked behind my sister's back, Roy? How many? How many things have you thrown at her? How many times have you threatened to hurt my nephews if she doesn't do exactly what you want?"

I was yelling now. There were about 10 people watching, including the brunette from the front desk.

"If you really want Lea back, then go ahead and try to get her back," I said, trying to lower my voice a little. "She's not that stupid, and even if she was, she'd have a long line of people trying to talk her out of it. I'd be right up at the front. In the meantime, you don't get to tell me how to spend my money, and you don't get to tell me what I'm allowed to do with my sister."

His face was flushed with anger, and his fists were clenching and unclenching rapidly. It was time to get out of this before it escalated.

"Now, I've very much enjoyed displaying my six-pack to everyone in the hotel this morning," I said. "Especially the hotel clerk over there. She's pretty hot, so I appreciate you helping me get her attention. But you never should have come here, Roy, and now it's time for you to leave."

I shut the door, but before it closed, he stuck his foot in to block it.

"Roy, move your foot."

"Not until you tell me you won't buy her that shit."

"Roy," I said, getting even more calm. "I would advise you to move your foot."

"You going to buy her that stuff?"

"Roy, one last time," I said, in the tone of voice you'd use with a 4-year-old learning his ABCs and constantly skipping over a letter. "Please move your foot so I can shut the door."

"No," he said simply. The spark had traveled slowly up the cord ever since he'd showed up, and now it had reached the fuse. I pulled the door back, and before he could come into the room, I slammed it back forcefully, right into his foot.

"Mother fucker!" he shouted, pulling his foot away and staggering back into the hallway. He collapsed like a sack of potatoes when he tried to put weight on the foot. He looked up at me, his face full of rage, and I could tell what he was going to do next. So, as he started to get up, I let the door go. He charged full speed ahead at me, and the door closed just in time for him to smack right into it.

I was going to leave it alone and finish getting dressed now that my door was closed. But I heard another voice shout in the hallway, and when I opened the door again, there was another guy sitting on the ground with a stunned look on his face.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked no one in particular.

"Your friend there stumbled back after he hit the door," the hotel clerk said, walking over to me. The nameplate on her shirt said Ellie. "He ran straight into another guest," she continued, motioning toward the second man, "who hit his head on the fire extinguisher case on the wall."

"Fuck," I said, crouching next to the second guy. "You alright, man?"

"Yeah," he said. "I'll have a nice knot on my head, but other than that, I'm good."

"I'm going to call the police," Ellie said.

"I don't know if you need to do that," I said.

"It's company policy," she said, looking a little wary.

"I figured as much, but it was my room, so technically, he's trespassing against me. If he'll just get the hell out of here, I'll drop it," I said. Then, turning to the second man, I added, "Unless you want to press charges." He just waved me off.

"Well..." Ellie said, trailing off as she pondered it.

"Fuck that," Roy groaned, still in a heap on the floor. "If she doesn't, I'm calling the cops. I'm pressing charges against you for assault!"

I rolled my eyes. So did Ellie, the other guy on the floor, and most everyone else who had gathered in the hallway. Ellie and I lifted the second guy up to his feet, and when we let go, I felt the back of her forearm brush against my abs. I tossed her a look, and though she didn't return it, she had a big smile on her face.

"So, an hour and a half later, I'm here," I said to Lea. "Ellie, the clerk from the hotel, is somewhere back there giving her statement. Jim, the guy Roy shoved into the wall, gave his first and left already. The cops took Roy to the hospital for his foot, and I assume they got his statement there."

"How did you get here?" Lea asked. A dark cloud descended onto her face. "Oh, no. They didn't arrest you, did they?"

"No," I said. "They might have if I'd tried to resist coming to the station, but I came willingly. They told Ellie to come too, so she drove me in her car."

"Are the cops going to charge you with anything?" Lea asked.

"I doubt it," I said. "Ellie showed them video footage of what happened. I mean, I did push the door against his foot -- which is broken, by the way -- but he was trying to forcefully enter my room. I'm not sure if they'll consider it my property, since I was renting it for the night, or the hotel's, since they own it. But if someone tries to break into your house, you don't normally get arrested for stopping them from entering unless you use excessive force."

"Roy probably will press charges, the fucking coward."

"Eh, I have 10 witnesses that will say I only got physical when he tried to break into my room, and even then, I only used force to keep him out. He was being loud and belligerent, and most everyone heard me talk about all the things he'd done to you, Lea. I don't think he's gonna get much sympathy."

Ellie walked out of an office then. This was the first chance I'd had to really look at her. The first two times I'd seen her I was jogging through the lobby, and the third time, I was too busy tearing my brother-in-law a new asshole to really look at her.

She was maybe a year or two out of school, certainly no older than 21. She stood 5'4" at the tallest, and although she had a nice, tight cheerleader body, she was curvy in all the right places. Her dark hair was curled into loose ringlets that hung down past her shoulders. She wore khaki pants and a light blue button-down shirt -- Holiday Inn Express standard issue, I guessed -- but unlike most clerks, she found a way to make it work. I noticed a few of the cops in the office throwing subtle glances at her as she made her way back over to us. I couldn't blame them, because I was leering too.

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