tagMind ControlBraining Ch. 01

Braining Ch. 01


Brian develops his paranormal ability and chases the girl

(Author's notes: This is a work of fiction. In this fantasy, nobody is worried about STDs. In real life, all non-monogamous sex should be practiced using accepted safe-sex precautions.

All persons involved in sexual activity are 18 years of age or older.

This is a continuous story in multiple parts. It will only make sense if you read the chapters in order.

The main character in this story has paranormal capabilities, for which he invented his own terminology, using regular English words. To distinguish his special use of these words, the author utilizes non-standard punctuation. Thus, among others, the word "push" becomes +push when the character is describing his supra-sensory talent. (the plus sign is silent -- it's still pronounced "push.")

Special thanks to LunaRosa for her perceptive, insightful editing. This is a better story because of her.

Warnings: This is the lighter side of Mind Control, more Mind than Control. If you prefer your MC stories to feature reluctance and non-consent, this story probably isn't for you.

The story gets off to a rather tame start. Ch. 1 establishes the main characters, and has very little sexual content. What there is, is very youthful, naïve, discovery oriented. In Ch. 2 things become more Literotic.)

: : : : :

In Brian's earliest memory of his special ability, he was sitting in his high chair. His mom was dividing her attention between ironing, folding, and feeding him a snack, some sort of finger food. She was taking far too long getting him his next bite. Brian perked up as she reached for the bowl -- at last! -- but the phone rang, and she turned to answer it. Brian slumped forward in frustration.

She took the call, chatting casually, and left the room for a moment. He gazed intently at the bowl, and it began to slide across the table. He still couldn't reach it, so he gazed at it a little harder, and it slid right up to his high chair tray. He helped himself to a bite, triumphant.

At first he had no idea that this ability was unusual, it was just one of several he was developing at that age, like running and talking. He quickly discovered, however, that other people saw it differently. One afternoon, he moved a sippy cup of juice to within his reach. His mom had been writing a check and was facing away, so she didn't see it, she only heard the cup slide. The way she over-reacted, you'd have thought that the earth had changed direction and the sun had risen in the west.

His solution was to hide his ability from his parents, and just to be safe, everybody else. Luckily for the world, especially those around him, Brian was a fairly decent guy, who understood the difference in right and wrong. He only occasionally used his ability for anything improper. But he was more than willing to use it when it was clearly right.

One day in kindergarten, the kids were headed to recess. Little Doug cut in line, which was nothing new, Doug was habitually dishonest and unfair. This time, however, when the line started moving, Brian unbuttoned and unzipped Doug's shorts, which fell around his ankles, tripping him. The kids all laughed at Doug's Batman underwear, especially the girls. After he pulled his shorts back up, he was the last kid to get outside. Brian regretted embarrassing Doug, but he felt better when Doug began to realize that the concept of being fair applied to him too.

By the first grade, Brian had named his ability "braining." He knew it was absurd, what he later learned is called a non-sequitur, but he liked that about it. It was his ability, and he could call it what he wanted. When he moved something, he said to himself, "I +brained it from here to there," and chuckled inwardly at the silliness. Besides, having this ability was a heavy responsibility for a little guy, and calling it something goofy eased some of the burden.

Brian was particularly careful to hide his ability from the other kids. He intuitively realized that if they figured it out, he'd be forever surrounded by "friends" trying to get him to +brain things to their advantage. He made sure they never noticed.

And besides, it was exhausting. Moving things with his brain was a lot like moving them with his muscles -- the heavier the object, the more tiring. It required far more energy to move things with his brain.

When Brian was in the 7th grade, he found a book on parapsychology at the public library. He learned that he was not the only one who could +brain, and that its formal name was telekinesis. "Tell - uh - kuh - NEE - sis," he repeated to himself -- the ability to move physical objects using only thought. He couldn't decide if he was excited, or disappointed, that there were others. Probably a little of both.

Brian had a voracious appetite for learning diverse things, and a natural ability to solve problems. He was comfortable socially, with an infectious ability to find what was interesting in the commonplace. When he hit junior high school, one thing was almost inevitable: he was hugely popular with girls.

Girls gave Brian a whole new reason to +brain. Not so much the obvious... at first he did plenty of +braining their dresses up, but that thrill didn't last long. They all wore panties, after all, and after the initial excitement, one pair wasn't all that different from another. Besides, it was tiring.

He developed all sorts of maneuvers to make a girl feel special. For example, during the brief time he had been interested in lifting their skirts, he had learned to +brain a little burst of air to blow up the hem -- much more subtle than merely "lifting" it for a peek. When he began making out, he found that +braining a billow of air to slightly ripple the girl's hair made her feel much more sensuous. So did causing a nearby wind chime to make its soothing sounds. He could cause a small breeze to blow across her neck or ear, raising the hairs on her arm. Of course, these things only happened when she was with him. He soon became known as the best kisser in school.

Then he got ahold of an older kid's girlie magazine. Most boys drool over the pictures, but Brian was enthralled with the letters column, where advice was given on how to attract women and turn them on. He received his first insight into where their hot spots were -- "ee - RAH - jeh - nuss zones," he repeated to himself. Brian became an avid reader of as many advice columns as he could get ahold of.

He was not much of a fan of porn dvds, but when his friends played them, Brian paid the most attention to the lesbian scenes -- it was clear to him that most of the boy-on-girl action was driven by what could be easily lit and shot, as well as what the producers perceived was their target audience's fantasies. If there was any genuine, useful sexual technique to be studied, it was in the girl-on-girl scenes -- how they pleasured each other, particularly oral, was a goldmine of valuable instruction. With the information he gleaned, filtered by his natural ability to distinguish useful technique from unimaginative bullshit, he became far more worldly than the meager sum of his actual experiences.

Applying what he had learned, he tried repeatedly to +brain a nipple or a clitoris, but he never had any success moving individual body parts. His ability seemed limited to moving only entire objects. A girl's body was too big for him to move, and even if he could, it would merely place her elsewhere, not arouse her.

By being clever, he found useful ways to employ his new knowledge -- applying a little wiggle to the cup of her bra, or her panties, would stimulate that part of her body, making her feel that making out with him was a little hotter than with anyone else. His girlfriends tended to be very loyal.

: : : : :

It was near the end of Brian's senior year when things changed. He may have become a little over-confident with his ability. It was nearly disastrous.

Brian's friend Jon played guitar in a band. It didn't take Brian long to discover that hanging out with the band enhanced his esteem with many of the hottest girls. High school kids' musical equipment breaks down, frequently. Brian knew more about electronics than anyone else, so it usually fell to him to fix their gear as it broke. Before long he was a de facto member of the band.

Jon's backup amplifier had been acting up, and Brian had taken it apart one afternoon, feeling pretty sure that he knew what the problem was. The amp's design was flawed, and Brian saw a simple way to modify it so that not only would it be more reliable, it would sound better. Bonus!

The modifications Brian had in mind involved replacing several components. To try out his changes, he disconnected one end of the old parts, and patched in new ones. It would be more elegant to completely remove the wiring he was replacing, reassembling the circuit from scratch, and he would eventually do that. First, though, he would make sure his changes worked.

He was taking his time, being extra careful because some of the internal components in an amp retain high voltages, even when it's not plugged in. He was almost finished, only needing to solder together one last connection, but there was no easy way to do it. He held the leads together with a pair of needle-nosed pliers, and heated them with the soldering iron, but then he was out of hands, with no way to apply the solder. If Jon had been over, Brian could get him to hold the pliers, or feed the solder; but he wasn't, and Brian wasn't expecting anyone else over.

So, he +brained the leads in place, holding the solder in one hand, and the iron in the other. It would have worked, but something touched something else that it wasn't supposed to touch, and high voltage found a path through Brian's body. He collapsed.

He came to, disoriented, not knowing what had happened, or how long he had been out. It took him a moment to remember getting shocked. He sat up, forced the fog from his mind, and checked himself for burns, finding none. Then, in a panic, he wondered if the shock could have affected his ability to +brain. He focused on a screwdriver on the table, and was immensely relieved when he was able to roll it off the edge.

He checked the clock, saw it was nearly dinner time, and decided to finish the amp another time. He stowed his tools and went to the kitchen, where his mom was setting the table.

"Hey, mom."

"Hi, honey."

He opened the fridge and got a Pepsi, hating what inevitably happened next: his mom would lecture him that he didn't need the carbs this close to dinner, and tell him to wait. To his surprise, today she smiled at him and said nothing.

He realized he didn't even really want a Pepsi, but he did want to establish the precedent that he could get anything from the fridge, any time, without comment. So he popped the top, and went to his room. "Weird," he thought, "I wonder if she's not feeling well."

Dinner was uneventful, and it being Friday night, he was going to hang out with the band (and the girls who were always around), so he asked his dad for $20. Like the Pepsi, this also happened regularly, and also always resulted in Brian being disappointed. "What for, son?"

He replied, trying to hide any resentment in his voice, "You know, we always send out for pizza, or wings, or tacos, or something. I always eat some, but I never have the money to buy. I'd like to be able to, occasionally, anyway..." He immediately felt the failure, this had been one of his weakest arguments ever.

"Sure, son, that makes sense, but is $20 enough for all you kids? Here's $35."

What? That was weird, first mom and then dad... whatever!

He got to his friends' music room, a converted garage, and checked out who was there. There was the band, of course. Dan on vocals, Jon on guitar, Phil on keyboards, Glen on bass, and another Phil on drums, who everyone called "Bear."

There was also a cornucopia of senior girls.

Terese was a tall blonde with a movie star face. She had been the first girl in elementary school to develop a figure. All through the 6th grade, especially when they were studying astronomy, the guys, in stealthy whispers, would refer to her "heavenly body," while having no idea what they would actually do with it if she let them. When they hit high school, Brian was interested in her for a short while. Ever since then she had made it clear that she liked him a lot. She wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, though, and when he was with her, he struggled to find things to talk about.

Jennifer was an olive-skinned brunette, with the most spectacular body of the bunch. Brian had never made a move on her, because she and his friend Phil, the keyboard player in the band, had been together since the 9th grade. Jenn's body was so spectacular that occasionally he would still +brain her skirt up, or cause a button or two to come open on her blouse. He had confirmed that she had a spectacular ass, a wonderfully exotic taste in underwear, and that it would be worth the effort to further check out her breasts.

Megann was the only girl who didn't go back to the 1st grade with Brian and the others. She had the reddest hair Brian had ever seen, and sparkling green eyes, that always seemed to be enjoying a secret that she might or might not tell you. Brian didn't fully think of her as a "real" girl, because she had been such a tomboy when they were younger. When the other girls had been busy playing hopscotch or serving tea to their dolls, she had played sports with the guys, and could throw, catch, and hit a baseball, sink 90% of her free throws, and throw a spiral farther than most boys. However, once her body started to bloom, she had become quite a spectacular creature.

Alana was another hottie. In a different group of girls, she would have been the star: a bright outgoing personality, a pretty face, full medium brown hair, and a killer body; but in this group, she didn't really stand out. Brian had kissed her several times during spin the bottle -- now THERE was a time that it was great to be able to +brain, he always got to kiss who he wanted to. While Alana was great looking and a fabulous kisser, somehow there just wasn't a spark there for him.

Carina, despite her Latina sounding name, was a slender strawberry blonde. Carina had never been considered much of a looker, although, like the others, she had a lovely face. This past school year, however, Brian had noticed that she was beginning to fill out very nicely. VERY nicely. He guessed she must be one of those late bloomers.

Last, but not least, was Blair. How to describe Blair? In purely objective terms, she was the plainest of the bunch. A pretty face, but not the prettiest. An outgoing personality, but not the most outgoing. Honey-colored blonde hair, with a tight little body, but not as long and lean as Terese, or as curvaceous as Jennifer. Brian found himself thinking about Blair constantly, however, there was just a special something about her.

Brian had hit on Blair repeatedly. She deflected his advances each time, but somehow in a gentle way that seemed to encourage him to continue. She seemed to like him, but she kept him at arm's length. She was a complete mystery.

Terese noticed Brian arriving. "Hey Brian," she practically sung, with a huge smile. A couple of the others greeted him as well.

"Hey everybody," he replied, causing her face to fall.

The band was actually practicing tonight, as opposed to playing a little and mostly hanging out, so there was no chance of any conversation over the volume. For the billionth time, Brian wondered why they had to be so loud, and wished they'd play softer. This time, to his amazement, they all turned their amplifiers down, then went back to playing, at a more reasonable sound pressure level.

The song they were practicing was one that drove Brian crazy, because Dan always got the words wrong. Brian himself had told him the correct words a dozen times, and he knew that several others had as well, and he still got it wrong every time. Jeez, Brian thought, it's so simple, reciting the correct lyrics to himself. He was startled a moment later when Dan sang it correctly.

Brian noticed Carina also reacting to the correct lyrics. Brian thought sadly, she's becoming so pretty, but nobody will ever notice it, she dresses so primly. "I mean, look," he thought, "the blouse she's wearing, it could be really cute, except she has it buttoned all the way up to the collar, and the cuffs buttoned at the wrists. She makes it look plain, like a man's shirt. If she'd roll up the sleeves to her elbows, and undo a few buttons at the neck, it'd be really feminine."

He was stunned as she casually unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled up the sleeves to the elbows, and unbuttoned three buttons in the front, showing some cleavage that probably no one even knew she had.

OK, this was getting deep. First mom with the Pepsi, then dad with the cash. Then the band turning down, and Dan finally getting the words right. And now, Carina loosening her shirt. He glanced around the room to see if anyone else had noticed how weird things were getting, but everyone else seemed normal.

Jennifer was sitting on the ice chest, so he decided to try an experiment. He thought silently, but sort of in her direction, "I sure am thirsty, would you bring me a Pepsi?" Nothing happened. He tried again, same result. He thought back, and realized that with the volume, the lyrics, and Carina's shirt, his thoughts had been more abstract, so he projected "thirsty... Pepsi..." and watched in amazement as Jenn stood, opened the cooler, plunged her hand into the ice, and brought him a Pepsi!

"Cold drink?" she said.

"Um, sure, thanks."

He thought, "Interesting... Have I always had that, and didn't know it? No, I've thought about the volume and the lyrics about a thousand times each, and the guys have never responded before. So why's it different now? I don't get it... It isn't that I'm trying any harder, but they responded this time, and they never did before. I mean, a couple of those things could be coincidences, but all of them? The volume? The lyrics? Carina's shirt? The Pepsi?"

He recalled getting shocked while soldering. "That couldn't be it," he thought, "I've gotten shocked several times before. Why would this time be different?"

The guys in the band set down their instruments to take a break, so everyone went out to the back yard and hung out for a bit, in that casual, comfortable way long-time friends have with each other. Brian stayed off by himself, until Jon broke his reverie. "You OK? You don't seem yourself."

"Yeah, I'm alright, I got shocked working on your amp this afternoon."

"Dude, be careful, don't give yourself a lobotomy, or anything."

"A lobotomy is surgery, you dork..."

"Oh, yeah, right. Did you notice Carina? She looks HOT tonight."

"Yeah, she sure does."

When the guys resumed practicing, Brian continued contemplating his new ability, and where it might have come from. He realized that this afternoon was the first time he'd ever gotten shocked while +braining. He'd been holding the wires in place telekinetically when he took the shock, and now he seemed to have not only the ability to move objects, but also the ability somehow to influence people's thoughts or actions.

Could that be? A dose of high voltage, enhancing his psychic abilities?

He decided to try taking it to the next level. He caught Blair's eye, and glanced at the door to the back yard. He got up, and casually opened it, going outside again. This simple gesture had worked with other girls, but had failed with Blair multiple times. This time he added his new-found ability, focusing his thoughts on Blair joining him. He glanced behind him to see if he needed to hold the door open for her, or if he was shot down in flames again. To his amazement, she was coming out with him. Yes!

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