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Brand New Whores


Mark Solorzano had a defeated look on his face as he opened the rear door of his home. Lisa knew something was terrible wrong. "Honey?"

"GE is leaving Vermont. I have been pinked slipped, with ninety days notice, as have everybody else."

"Oh God, everybody? That means every man in our family."

"You got it."

Two nights later there was a family meeting. There was Mark's mother, Glenda, Lisa's sisters, Carla, and Angel, and their husbands. Additionally there was Lisa's mother, Dolores, and her father, Fred Valenti. It was a somber group. All agreed that something drastic must be done. Several ideas were bantered about. One was so drastic as to float the idea of them all moving to another state.

It was Fred, the oldest, who said, "You know, I have been working for other people all my life. Always wanted to be in control of my own fate. What say that we try to buy a business?"

For the first time that evening several people smiled. They liked that idea. Cara's husband brought up what he feared would be a deal breaker when he offered, "we don't have any capital, and you know, seed money?"

There was a moment of silence. Glenda softly said, "My house is paid for. I could mortgage it."

Fred intoned, "Ditto here."

Fred stopped at a business broker the next day. If he had been a day later he would have missed out on the motel/lounge located across from Saint Michel's College in Colchester. The owner had died. The place had to be sold to settle the estate.

They all knew when they signed the final papers on May fifteenth that after a flurry of business at graduation, things would be quiet until the start of the fall semester. If they could somehow keep some cash flow until then, everything should be all right.

The men, no longer with GE, busied themselves sprucing up the premises, while the women went over the interior pictures and decorum. This was their business. They resolved that it would become something that they all could be proud of.

Glenda was on the front desk when a gentleman wearing a suit, carrying a briefcase, approached. Looking over her reading glasses, she said in her most friendly tone, "Yes, may I help you?"

"I am sure you can. I wish to converse with the owner."

"I am one of them."

"Would it be too much to ask to speak with you privately? Perhaps you could have someone else man the desk?"

"Here, come into my office. I will be just a minute."

After Glenda found Angel and assigned her to the desk duty, she joined the man. As she entered the room, she offered her hand to him. "I am Glenda Solorzano, how may I help you?"

"Here is my card. I am Tom Hunter. I am an advance men for the New York Giants. Saint Michael's College, across the street, has a football stadium, facilities, but no football team. Seems that maintaining a program became too costly for them. We will use their facilities as our training camp this year. Ha, ha, ha, which means that we will be bringing seventy-seven million dollars worth of muscle bound, explosive, impulsive, young guys to town. Bunch of God damn prima-donnas."

Glenda smiled as she said, "Boys will be boys."

Her mind was racing. All these athletics would have to stay somewhere. Mr. Hunter was in her office. There was only one reason. He wanted them to stay here.

Hunter continued. "Yes, you are correct. Boys will be boys. Our boys, when they get into trouble, it is not only their trouble, but also ours. If a tackle spends thirty days in your local jail for stuffing a local into a toilet, we suffer on the field. If he is accused of becoming a little too assertive during a sex caper, it is terrible P. R."

Hunter stopped, considering what he would say next. "Mrs. Solorzano. I wish to rent your entire establishment for the month of July, and the first three weeks of August. In addition, we wish to secure a price for three buffet's meals a day."

"For how many?"

"The first month, there will be ninety-six. After the team cut, we will have sixty eight."

"We have sixty room, so some would have to double up."

"We understand."

After working her Casio, hand-held computer for a few minutes, Glenda looked up. "Rooms would be $3240.00 a day, for a total of $168.480.00. Meals would be $2496.00 a day, for a total of $129,792.00. It would be understood that our meals would be, all-you-can-eat."

"Mrs. Solorzano, there is one other thing. We do not want there to be any reason for the boys to stray off the reservation, so to speak."

As she turned to write up a contract, Glenda said, "Yes."

"What would be your charge to provide five females for the boys to play with each night?"

Glenda stopped, frozen, with her right hand on the typewriter carriage. She did not move for several moments. She knew that there was two hundred, ninety-eight thousand dollars of income up for grabs. He wanted five women. She had five available women in her family. Otherwise, she knew of no prostitutes in Vermont. Did not know where to find any, if she had to. She had to buy time to think. "What do you normally pay for play-with material?"

It had been Tom Hunter's experience that many hotels or motels routinely have woman available for their customers. He smiled to himself, as he realized from Glenda's answer that this was not such a place. He surmised that she might not know where to find women, and that she probably had no idea what to charge for an evening of a women's time. He low-balled her with, "five-hundred for an evening, per female."

Glenda's eyes widened in surprise. "You would be willing to pay two thousand, five hundred dollars a night, or… One hundred and thirty thousand dollars, during your stay?"


Glenda's face was flushed in excitement. She leaned across her desk. "Is there? Ah? Is? Well, is there any problem if a couple of the women are my age?"

Tom Hunter knew that he was looking at a brand new whore. Might just as well have some fun. First, he avoided her question. "Let me sign your contract."

When he finished, he softly said. "Glenda, isn't it?"


"Glenda, take off your clothes?"

Glenda had lost her husband three years ago. She now was age forty-five. No cock had been in her for over three years. Tom knew that she was an Italian woman. As her clothes came off, she was what he expected. Her skin was an olive brown. Her hair and eyes were black, as was her pussy bush. Her breasts hung like formless water filled balloons two-thirds of the way to her belly button. She had eaten too much of that good Italian cooking. Her ass and upper legs were too large. But, she was very fuckable.

Tom knew that, as a chubby older woman that she was would be used for "Pig sticking contests." For laughs, two women would be brought into a room. Five guys would line up by each bed. At the gong, the fucking starts. The first woman to get five men to cum in her is the winner. The loser has to fuck Elroy, who even Tom called, Animal. He reminded himself to be sure to watch Elroy fuck Glenda.

Tom took off his clothes. Sitting in the chair, he stroked his cock until it was hard. "Walk over here. Spread your legs."

Glenda was standing before him as he ran his finger into her. She seemed stiff. Tom decided to play with her. "Glenda, lift your leg. Put your foot on the arm of the chair."

When she did, her exposed pussy was within inches of his face. He put two fingers in her. He ran his tongue across her clit several times. At first she stared at him. Then, she closed her eyes, while raising her head. Her mouth opened with a sigh.

Tom pushed her back, lowered her to the carpet and eased his cock into her. After several minutes of pumping her, she was moaning as she was coming. Tom was tightening his ass as he felt the cum surge up his shaft. The God Damn door opened. In walked Angel.

"Glenda. What are you doing?"

"She is showing me that she still is a good fuck." With that, Tom thrust hard three times, and was done. He rolled off, Glenda. Is there a bathroom down the hall?"

"Yes, to the right."

Tom gathered his clothes and left.


"Here, read this?"

Angel looked at the naked Glenda, with cum running out of her pussy. Then, she sat down to read the contract. One by one, she noted the figures. One had food by it. One had room charge by it. "What are the one-hundred and thirty thousand for?"

Glenda said nothing. Angel looked at her, waiting for an answer. Just for a moment, Glenda's eyes switched from Angel's face to her own pussy. Angel slowly shook her head side-to-side, while saying, "You just gave that man a down payment. He said that you were showing him that you are still a good fuck. You auditioned for seven weeks of that?"

"Not just me. It takes five of us to earn the one-hundred and thirty-thousand."

Angel's eyes locked on Glenda's. Neither woman moved for several minutes. Angel inquired. "Will our husbands allow it? You're the only one who doesn't have a husband."

"I will talk to Fred and Dolores. See what they think?"

That evening Glenda was at the Valenti's dining room table explaining the contract. After telling of the room and meals charges of two hundred, ninety-eight thousand dollars, Fred did some figuring with his pencil on a sheet of paper. He sat back. With a smile, he exclaimed. "Put us in really good shape."

"Fred, I have more. There is another service that we must provide to have the contract."

"Whatever it is, we will take care of it somehow."

"I knew that you would say that, Fred."

Glenda told them that they would earn two thousand, five hundred a night, for a total of one hundred, thirty thousand more for providing five females each night for the boys to play with.

Dolores sat back, shocked. Fred sat back, hand on his chin whil in deep thought. Fred said, "Sort of puts the fat on the fire, doesn't it? Well, you know, Dolores, before we were married, you let me have sex with you every day. Damn it was good. I was in a fantasy world. I was dumb enough to believe that you would be willing to take care of me like that forever. Well, shit, by the time that you pooped out those three girls, I was lucky to get it three times a month. When you turned forty, you were pissed at me for some reason. I have not had pussy eight times in the last three years. Even at that, it was like fucking a log. All those years, I have put food in your mouth, and kept a roof over your head. Now, it is payback time. One fifth of that money is twenty-six thousand dollars. For that, go pretend that you are a sexual woman."

Dolores started to cry. Fred looked at her. Then looking a Glenda, he added. I overheard your son, and Cara's, and Angel's husbands all talking the other night while they were playing poker. Seems that none of the Valenti women understands that a man has to have a willing woman for satisfaction.

With a grunt, Fred got up. "You two tell the girls that we all need the money. I will go see the guys. I am going to tell them that it will make for a hell of a lot better sex life then they have now, once you women have been fucked good and hard for a while."

When Glenda started to tell Cara, and Angel, Cara said, "Oh, My God. All those guys. They would be like animals. I can't do that."

Glenda knew that she had to sell the idea, even if she had to fib a bit. "Now, listen, it won't be that bad. Do you know that the average guy comes in three minutes? How long does it take your husband to come?"

"Gosh, I don't know? Five minutes, I guess?"

"See, there. Remember, you will make five hundred dollars a night. Five hundred."

"Well, okay."

The first week was rookie week. That first night, the five women sat in the office, waiting for a call summoning them to their fate. No call came. Tom Hunter had not yet arrived.

When the girls arrived home, their husbands were at the door. Each woman held her hands out, palms up, and said with a shrug, "Nothing."

The next night was the same, as was the third. Each woman was fucked by her own husband that night, except Glenda, of course. The fourth night, Mark volunteered to go with women to the motel. He was hoping to see some of the players, since he, like the other men, was a Giant's fan. They were sitting around watching CSI when the phone rang. "This is Tom Hunter. How about sending a gal up to room two ten?"

Mark, not knowing just what to say, or what Tom knew about the women, asked, "Which woman do you want?"

Tom, who had seen all of the women's pictures, and knowing the ages of the women, knew Lisa to be the youngest, said, "Sent up Lisa, and send a fifth of Jack Daniels."

Mark turned to his wife, as the others looked on. "They want you."

The walk from the elevator to room two-ten was the longest walk of Mark's life. He knocked on the door. When it opened, he said, "Here is your Jack Daniels."

Lisa, wearing a tank top and shorts, walked by him into the room. There were five men in the room, all members of the coaching staff. Mark overhead Tom say, "Hi Lisa, I want you to meet…

Another man told Mark, while handing him the ice bucket, "How about some ice?"

Mark went to get ice. It was five minutes before he returned. He knocked. The door was opened. Lisa and the five men were standing naked. Each had a glass of whiskey and water. Lisa, who normally never drank, looked Mark in the eye as she finished her drink. Still looking at Mark, she held out her glass to Tom for a refill. Tom put in two ice cubes, and straight Jack Daniels. Down it went. She held her glass out again, with the same results.

Mark looked at Tom. "Can I have a drink?"

Tom handed him the bottle. Mark upended it, taking a long swig. As the bottle came down he saw that three of the men were stroking their cocks. Tom opened the door, while saying to Mark, "We have some business to take care of here. Thanks of the booze."

Mark backed out. The last thing that he saw was a huge man with a thick drooping cock leaning over his wife, Lisa, pushing her onto her back. It was quiet for a couple minutes. Long enough for Tom and the coaches to think that Mark had left the floor. Then the voices could be heard, "Hump her Harry. Hump her. That a Guy. Pump that Baby. Pump her Harry. Bury it in her. Fuck her, Man."

Five minutes later. "My turn, my turn. That's okay, Baby. That's Okay. I won't hurt you. You can take it. You can take it. See, see. It is all in now, Baby. That's a good girl."

As the voices rose and fell, there was a steady, hard, bump, bump, bump of the headboard as the fucking went on. With his ear to the door, Mark would hear the low moaning of his wife. His woman, his wife. Those huge bastards were fucking his wife! They were sticking their cocks into her cunt. He pictured in his mind the huge ass of the man pushing his wife down onto her back. Now, that ass was driving his cock into her. No,wait.He was wrong. This was the second guy. He knew that there were three more to go. Whatever, they were fucking his wife, now, right now. If only he could see if she was okay?

Mark went down to the office. On the way, he grabbed another bottle of jack Daniels. He took a long swig. Just as he got to the office, the phone rang.

Mark answered. A deep Southern voice said, "Y'all got a large gal down there that is built for comfort?"

"We got all sizes."

"Send my up the biggest one. We need her at room three, twenty two."

Mark, who was very disturbed at the thought of his wife being fucked, turned to his Mother-in-law, and said, "Dolores, they asked for you." Dolores turned to Glenda. "How did they know to ask for me?"

"They have pictures and information on all of us."

That was true, but Mark was the one who put her on the spot. He walked her to the room, as he had Lisa. By now, the booze had him very loose. He knocked.

To the very large gent who opened the door, he said, "I've got a hot one for you."

As he finished the sentence, a large meaty hand reached around Mark to grab Dolores by the arm. "C'mon in Baby. Let's see what you are packing?"

Her sundress was taken off, as were her bra and panties. Mark was seeing his Mother-in-law naked for the first time. Ass and tits were big. Stomach hung out. Her cunt bush was sexy.

Like she was a piece of meat, she was taken to the bed. The three men in the room were all naked. Only one had a hard on. Mark realized that it was Paul Webster, the fullback. Almost to himself, he said, "You guys like older pussy?"

Paul said, "Pussies are pussies, Buddy. Here, stick your cock in her."


"Go on, pull out your Johnson. Stick it in to her."

Now drunk, Mark slurred, "why not?"

Two of the guys grabbed Dolores' legs, pulling her to the side of the bed. Mark bent his knees, and eased his cock into Dolores. It was neat to see it slowly disappear into her. He pulled it out. Then, slowly he eased it in again.

Paul said, "You can fuck these old ones all that you want."

"Mark, please?" Dolores pleaded, as he buried himself in her up to the balls.

Paul. "Her, Baby, suck this." As he said that, he turned her head to the side, while inserting his cock halfway into her mouth. It was a moment that neither Mark, nor Dolores, would ever forget. Both knew her to be a whore.

Lisa may be getting the fucking of her life downstairs, but Mark was right with the world as he continued to pump his cock into his Mother-in-law until he cum. The only time that she took her eyes from his face was when Paul shot his load in her mouth.

Mark knocked on three doors on the third floor. To the guys who answered, he said. There is a gal in room three, twenty-two who is taking on all comers. Dolores would be busy for some time.

Mark got off the elevator on the second floor. Finding the door to two-ten open, he walked in. The guys were there, but Lisa was gone. "She has gone home?"

"Shit no. We showered her, gave her another shot of booze, and took her to room four-sixteen.

The door was open when Mark arrived. Five guys were sitting on the edge of the bed chatting; while a guy was busy fucking Lisa. Mark was fascinated by the action of the guy's ass. He did not know that anyone could fuck with that much ass swing, and pumping. Lisa's little legs were flopping up and down. He got down on one knee to view up close the cock plunging in and out of her pussy. He remembered that he had seen a History Channel documentary about the whores on Hawaii during World war two. It was said that they serviced a hundred men a day. Ten or so fuckers should not hurt Lisa any. It was the booze talking. His attitude now was, so what?

Mark walked away. He heard some cheering. He found a room with his mother, Glenda in it. She was sitting on a huge black guy, facing away from him, rocking back and forth so that her twat stroked his cock. For his vantage point, it was apparent that she was taking only two-third of his shaft up her pussy. The black guy said to the other guys in the room. "Hey, Brothers, Jimbo likes to get all he paid for. You pick up the ladies legs so that she can settle down on my cock the right way.

Glenda, who had consumed several shots for courage, was a tad slow understanding just what was said. Her legs were both lifted. Her body started to go back, but the leg lifters held her long enough for Jimbo to encircle her with his arms. He bounced her up and down. Her one hundred and forty-five pounds would be going down, while eight thick inches of cock was going up. Something had to give. It was her pussy, and it hurt.

To distract her, one guy stuffed his cock into her mouth. Another slapped her hard on the ass. A third yanked hard at both her tits. After the tenth bounce, Jimbo had her by the shoulders holding her down, with every last bit of his cock out of sight in her pussy.

It was work. Jimbo growled. "Go get Elroy."

"Ha, ha, ha, Elroy, coming right up."

"Let me doggy fuck her till he comes."

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