tagBDSMBrandi and Kelly Ch. 07

Brandi and Kelly Ch. 07


Ch. 07 Brandi and the bitches

Kelly lay in bed wondering if she would feel better wearing a 'sirik'. The tight bonds would leave her helpless, dependent on a master. She missed her master for he knew how to treat her; in the way she craved.

She sobbed quietly. He had never even taken her and that made her miss him all the more. He knew how to dominate so completely. He knew how to take control of her mind and body relieving her of all responsibility.

She knew all those things he did to her in the dungeon had corrupted her but she belonged to him and was prepared to accept his every command as a dutiful slave. The torture was acceptable for she was a mere object at his disposal.

The other slaves thought Thomas a monster but she needed him. Now he was gone what was she to do?

They were treating her nicely but that wasn't what she needed. She needed him so badly it hurt. More than the whip, even more than the machines he fucked her with, she needed to feel dominated.

She remembered how it had all started a few years ago. She had stopped at a used book store in town, intending to get some teen love story or cheerleader tale. Propped up on a stand were a number of paperbacks, but the one she noticed was entitled 'Slave Girl of Gor'.

The lurid cover artwork showed an all but naked slave, whose arms and legs were connected by a system of thin chains; she learnt later it was called a 'Sirik'. She bought the book and masturbated under the covers of her bed that night, as she read about a land where the natural state of females was slavery.

Her favourite fantasy since had been for a strong man to make her his slave and bind her in chains. Thomas had done this and more; he had more than fulfilled her fantasies.

The other slaves here at the slave farm had said he had corrupted her but that was wrong. He had liberated her from all the inhibitions that bound her.

John came in with Slut Slave who had been looking after her. She had tried her best to bring Kelly out of the depression but had to report Kelly wouldn't get out of bed.

John didn't say a word. He strode in and pulled the covers off the bed. He perused the luscious young naked body; deep black fine soft hair, alluring exotic Asian features, pert little breasts, a narrow waist over rounded hips.

He took in the marks of a whip and the dark shadows under her eyes. It should have been a natural reaction to cover her body but instead she stretched out with legs parted offering everything.

He picked her up cradling her in his arms and sat back on the bed. The small frame was completely engulfed by the big man. He rocked her gently squeezing her tight.

"I captured you from another master so that makes you mine now. You are a slave in my slave farm, so little slave girl you will obey my every command. I own you and will make you my possession.

If you show the slightest disobedience you will be whipped. Do you understand?"

"Y. Yes, master," Kelly stammered.

"You're a stinking little dirty slave. Get up, shower then get to the kitchen to serve my breakfast, slave girl. I will consider your new name and what slave type you are to be trained into when I have eaten," he commanded, with a big deep threatening voice.

He tossed her onto the bed and watched her scramble to the shower cubicle. He was unaware of Slut Slave while thinking what should be done with Kelly.

Slut Slave leant forward looking close into his face. "You're a big bear of a brute." She kissed his lips opening her mouth wanting him to take her mouth as a symbol of what she really wanted. Having to break off to breathe she whispered in his ear. "Slut Slave loves her Master to bits."

There were times when he forgot how lucky he was to have naked women in his house ready and willing to fulfil his every whim. At this moment he felt proud to have rescued them. Each one of them had been subject to a careless or cruel or even a dangerous master, so he provided a safe-house where they could live out their fantasy lives.

It was humbling to have such devotion and trust.

He smiled a broad grin at Slut Slave and playfully tweaked a nipple. Her squeal of pain didn't fool him as she hadn't backed away and he knew exactly what she liked. He knew what pleased her and how to pleasure her.

The glistening wetness on her close shaved lips revealed only too well her look of reproach was a lie. So used to being naked she forgot her state of arousal was so easily revealed.


Before arriving at the slave farm she was trained to automatically become aroused by a master's presence so could only pretend not to want such an intimate touch. Her only negative sense of pain was not receiving her master's cock when worked up into a state of need.

It had been a terrible humiliating torture for her when she first realised her arousal was due to training, no longer something natural. It had been completely demoralising to find that her body demanded a cock, anyone's, before she could calm down enough to regain control of her body.

At the slave farm she at last felt safe under John's protection. Knowing he was there to protect her meant she relished being so stoked up she became a complete slut. Master John had the power to strictly forbid the wanton behaviour and of course she would do her best to hold back, but it was painful.

Sometimes she considered rejoining the ordinary world again. The thought of having a stranger speak to her in an authoritative manner, inadvertently triggering her into a wanton slut, was amusing.

What if it was in a restaurant in front of a crowd of unsuspecting diners when she sank to her knees before some man, uncontrollably needing his cock? The image of unzipping him and sucking him off before everyone convinced her she wasn't ready and neither was the world ready for her.


Kelly felt a tingle of excitement as she showered. She too had been trained to respond to a man but had been completely broken so accepted it. She felt hot now but refrained from touching her sex for her pussy belonged to a powerful master and she hadn't permission to touch it.

She was becoming stoked up over the idea of being captured into slavery, like those slave girls on Gor. That was the exciting word he used, 'captured'. It set fire to her imagination.

She was a captured slave girl and her new master was going to train her into something suitable to his desire. Wondering what form that would take was stoking her up. She looked forward to being named too. Master Thomas had never bothered to name her!

It might be a boring household slave. That meant she stayed at the slave farm cooking and cleaning always ready for whatever her master required. She would be conditioned to want nothing in life but to please him, whatever and however humiliating.

She would feel so humiliated at being such a useless bitch dependent upon her master for everything, even what to think. She would be constantly nervous, desperate not to let him down, needing to keep him happy in case he sold her on to another master.

The other extreme would be a whore slave. Kelly hated the idea. Always having to learn strangers requirements, however depraved, would wear her out leaving her old before her time. Her master would be sure to sell her on before very long and each time sold, slave gyrl would become less valuable.

That would mean less savoury masters would be able to purchase her with ever more bizarre needs. It wouldn't be long before she was abandoned, fit only for a brothel pandering to the worst of men.

Kelly shook herself sending water droplets across the bathroom like a wet dog as her hair span about her head. "Oh! Shit! I must be so down to think like that. Master John is a good master. He's a proper master. He will look after me," she sighed.

She thought about being a pet slave. Master John would control what she ate to make sure she had the proper nutrition, keeping her hair nice and shiny and her body slim. "Ugh!" Kelly groaned. What if he wanted to make me into a big plump pet?

It would be nice to be groomed regularly though. If there were two of us we could lick each other clean. Master would provide his slave with clothes and she hoped it would include black latex. Maybe she would have a tight fitting cat-suit with six inch stilettos. Better still would be thigh high black leather boots with tethered high heels.

She would need a collar, a pet one as well as her slave collar. Occasionally a ball gag, a nice plump red one for when she is too noisy and demanding.

"Wow! I'm getting carried away. I'll be in trouble if I don't get to the kitchen; I'll be wearing something then, probably red stripes on my bare ass."

Kelly ran to the kitchen narrowly missing another slave as she skidded through the swing-doors.


Brandi was staying at her master Kevin's house enjoying every minute of the day. He hardly had to order her for she quickly anticipated his every need. The only time he had to chastise her was when she pestered him.

She would become impatient sitting at his feet while he worked. On hands and knees she would present her ass to him making little mewing sounds designed to entice him. Wiggling her ass presenting a pair of wet swollen lips would amuse her but it was far too distracting.

Sometimes she would stand beside him quietly fiddling with the ear piercing. Her eyes were far away thinking of Kelly and the dungeon. Kevin would pull her onto his lap holding her tight, cuddling her, whispering soothing reassurance.

When she became too much he attached a chain to the pierced pussy lips and gagged her. Pleased at the attention, thinking he was going to play with her, she submitted gleefully. At least the first time he tried it she did.

Being pulled by the lips of her pussy to the corner of the room gave her no choice but to scamper along behind him with muffled little complaints. Even this humiliation and pain stoked her up as she was still under the influence of the dungeon they had escaped from.

In the corner of the room he attached the chain to a ring bolt in the floor leaving her helpless. When he walked away she put her hands on her hips and shrieked at him through the gag. It was a good thing it was a firm fitting, one with a tongue suppressor, not letting a sound through the thick leather.

John had been right when he lent it to him. Paddling her ass had been no good as she enjoyed it too much. At the dungeon she had learnt to enjoy pain, associating it with sex.

After two weeks he was ready to give in to her request to be allowed back to college. He needed to get some work done without interruption. He didn't have regular classes so would keep an eye on her as she still needed to be nursed back to a full recovery.

It didn't seem as though she was recovering here for she wanted to play all the time and would give in to anything. He brought her assignments to work on but they weren't enough to keep her out of trouble. OK! He had to admit it was fun for him too.

The college was told there had been a hiking accident with both Kelly and Brandi slightly hurt. They would be off school for awhile. Their parents were told they were on an assignment and would be back soon. They couldn't be away much longer or the ruse would be found out. Despite his misgivings Kevin agreed she could return to college.


First day in college was weird. Brandi looked no different but she felt somehow above everyone. Being kidnapped and surviving such wicked depravity in the dungeon left her feeling she could withstand anything.

With Kevin she had become a woman and a woman of the world. Not that anyone would willingly want to experience such frightful degradation at the hands of a monster like Thomas.

In class she was quiet and the others figured it was from the accident and concern over her friend Kelly. She had to bite her tongue when talking to the guys for it was difficult not to call them sir or master.

An occasional pain from the tongue piercing reminded her not to let slip the wrong words, only it was stoking her up. With a hand in her long hair she fiddled with the pierced earring. It reminded her who her master was and his orders.

It was obvious now why Kevin had tested her before taking her to his home. Not so much a test of obedience as a statement. He had shown he was a worthy master able to push a slave to the limits.

That wonderful day her tongue was pierced Master Kevin had wrested control from Thomas by humiliating Brandi until she submitted. She swore to be his slave gyrl and he collared her. The very thought of it was stoking her up.

Brandi was in class an must pay attention to the lecture as promised to her master. She must behave and cool down.

Compared to the last few weeks lectures were boring but she had orders to work hard and after the dungeon knew how to obey. Still, it was difficult though.

At first break she visited the bathroom and pulled the sensible white panties off. Unused to wearing clothes they chafed her groin. Thinking of this Kevin had given her a sensible dress to wear rather than the usual jeans and t-shirt.

It was light and airy, loosely fitting and very welcome on this hot day. That a master had chosen what she was to wear had seemed only right and proper for a slave gyrl.

Brandi sat for a moment wondering if she dare leave the panties off. Her master was sure to find out and punish her. Was the relief from wearing them worth standing in a corner wearing a gag this evening?

It might be nipple clamps, a whip, a paddle, or humiliation by being sent to stand in a corner like a naughty little girl. Brandi snatched a hand away from her swollen nub. Mopping up the wetness with her panties felt like swabbing a broken dam.

Hearing students walk in she hurriedly stuffed the panties into her mouth to muffle the immodest sighs. Brandi was too stoked up to think straight. The musky aroma and taste of her panties had been a heady humiliation, as much as the imagined punishments.

The sound of the next stall being occupied meant they weren't there to just touch up the make-up. Their raucous voices were at least distracting. She jumped when someone banged on the door.

"Hey Teresa, its Brandi," Cindy giggled to her friend.

Brandi twisted her head up to look at the nasty young woman looking down over the partition. Brandi's eyes were wide with fear. She couldn't move. Looking straight ahead she watched a credit card slip through the door to flip up the flimsy lock.

At that moment Brandi wished she hadn't scuttled off to an out of the way restroom. Reaching up to remove her panties a harsh commanding voice froze her.

"Don't move slut!" Teresa warned her.

Brandi sat with her dress around her waist and panties stuffed in her mouth in an obvious state of arousal. It was plain they knew what she had been up to as they leered at her.

"So where have you been really, you and little slave gyrl Kelly?"

"Playing nasty rude games with Kevin I bet," Cindy chirped in.

Brandi dropped her head in shame before them. She wanted to shout it wasn't just a game it was a way of life. About to get up and push past the foul girls Teresa barked at her.

"Get up slave gyrl! He doesn't have you trained well enough or, did he order you to do this?" Teresa asked.

Brandi shook her head. She had been caught out being a naughty little slave gyrl so deserved to be punished. Not by these harridans though. She wanted desperately to run away from them. It was so difficult to shrug off the training she just stood there with head bowed waiting to be dismissed.

"She's a dirty little slut," Cindy added.

"What's this filthy rag, do you call these panties?" Teresa asked.

Brandi nodded her head swinging them around wafting the smell around the little cubicle. Teresa stood tall, dominating her, leaving her shrinking back into herself.

"Kevin isn't giving you enough if you have to play with yourself in a public restroom, little dirty slut." Teresa laughed.

"He probably has a little dick, too small to satisfy her," Cindy said scathingly.

With the two bitches laughing she pulled the panties from her mouth goaded into defending her master. She may have been broken by Thomas but insulting her master was a heinous sin.

Teresa was ready for her. She slapped her face and told her, "Stand still I'm not finished with you yet!"

"She should be punished for being a dirty little slave. Don't forget Kevin kicking your ass." Cindy said, affecting a cross little voice.

"I haven't forgotten," Teresa said, in a mean tone. "You had better come with us. We have unfinished business to settle."

Brandi tried hard to overcome the training that left her too submissive to object. Taking a deep breath she whispered. "I've a class. I've got to go."

"If you hadn't skipped out so quick you would have heard it's cancelled. Now we know why you ran out," Teresa sneered.

"My master will be looking for me," she complained, looking at the harridan with pleading eyes. There was no sympathy returned and none expected.

"Cindy, go look for Kevin. Accidently bump into him and tell him you've seen her going to the library. Don't make it obvious and don't fuck-up." Teresa warned her.

"You! Pick up that filthy rag and flush it." Teresa watched her trembling hand, not wanting to flush her panties but obeying anyway. "Take off that flowery hippy dress and hand it over," she ordered.

"That's a good obedient little slave gyrl. Let's sort out this dress it's far too modest for a hot slut like you," Teresa smiled. "A slave should be on her knees while waiting for a mistress. Go on!"

Brandi knelt obediently knowing the pose was pushing her deeper into submission to the bitch. She watched the long cotton dress being hacked away with a pair of nail scissors. The ragged cut might have been trendy some time but it just looked tawdry and cheap now.

At last she could save her knees from the hard concrete and cover her body from this bitch. The hardness of the floor reminded her of the dungeon and she shivered with fright.

Pulling it down and smoothing it over her slim hips gave enough of an idea how it looked without a mirror. If she moved too quickly her nipples would show, so much had been hacked away from the bust-line.

The shredded hemline went up at the front almost revealing her shaved pussy. It was the same at the back.

"What do you say slave?" Teresa asked.

"Thank you mistress," she murmured. Brandi was almost back there in the dungeon ready to obey the direst of humiliations. She wasn't thinking of being dragged off by these two or what they might do to her. She was surrendering to a master as conditioned.

Cindy came running in. "I've put him off the track. He didn't go toward the library. I think he headed for the lab."

"Good! Come with us slave." Teresa and Cindy took an arm each guiding her toward the student's parking lot.

They had a hold of the dress so if she tried to flee the now fragile rag would be ripped away from her body. What would she do then? Run around campus naked searching for her master?

Teresa had noticed straightaway how Brandi reacted when calling her a slave, so figured they had her at their mercy. She wondered how far the subservience could be stretched before she snapped out of it. Knowing nothing of Brandi's time in the dungeon she would be surprised how compliant Brandi had become.

Safely in the car they relaxed. It was almost a pity no-one had seen their little pet for she would have turned heads the way she was dressed and they felt she needed to be humiliated. After all she and her friend had snubbed them in class before everyone, too often.

Cindy kept Brandi hidden, stretched out on the back seat of the small compact. "You think you're above us don't you," Cindy told her.

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