tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrandy's Naughty Neighborhood

Brandy's Naughty Neighborhood


Brandy smiled as she assessed her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. She had tried on her new work uniform and what there was of it, fit her like a glove. Brandy had just completed her freshman year at college and decided to make a little money over the summer.

She had accepted a waitressing job at Hooters and the famous orange satin shorts and white tank top had never looked better. The top was stretched across her small frame and her perky breasts seemed to be fighting to escape their cotton confines. The snug shorts, hugged her hips and allowed the lower part of Brandy's firm ass cheeks to peek out of the bottom, if she bent at the waist at all. While the front of the very short shorts, tugged tightly at her crotch. The skimpy uniform didn't bother Brandy; she was proud of her body and enjoyed showing it off.

A sudden knock on the door broke her self-reflection.

"Just a minute!" Brandy quickly covered herself with her bathrobe before opening the door to find her father.

"Hi hon. Just wanted to say goodnight."

"Goodnight daddy." Brandy gave her father a loving kiss and then shut her door.

Brandy undressed and hid her uniform in a bag under her bed. It was her father's idea that she get herself a summer job, but he did not approve of her working at Hooters. But Brandy had run into an old high school friend, who told her about the opening and how much money she could make. Brandy considered herself far more attractive than her friend, so surely she would do at least as well. So despite her father forbidding it, she secretly accepted the position and was scheduled to start the following day.

At the house next door, Major Dick Johnson observed the proceedings. Dick had seen Brandy change from a little girl, into a stunning 20-year old woman and now he watched her undress.

"That a girl," he said aloud, adjusting his binoculars.

His living room widow was aligned with Brandy's bedroom and he never missed an opportunity for a peek. His lust for Brandy had begun a few years earlier. Observing her in a bikini, sunbathing in her yard, alerted him to the wonderful developments that were happening to her. She was still as cute as ever and now possessed a breathtaking body as well.

A career military man, now retired, the Major was a bit of a busy body. He still rose before dawn, but had very little to do. So he kept an eye on the comings and goings in his neighborhood, like he was patrolling the front lines. Assessing who had put their garbage barrels out too soon, who's lawn needed to be cut and who didn't pick up after their dog. He not only observed such transgressions, but would instruct the offenders to shape up, or he would have to notify the proper authorities. This made him unpopular with some, but most of the neighborhood considered him harmless and was happy to have him around. He was their very own neighborhood watch and they felt safer, knowing he was always on alert.

The Major never could have believed that he would develop such longing for someone at this stage of his life. But observing Brandy's visits home form college became as important to him, as his military shore leave used to be.

He recalled the neighborhood holiday party, last winter, when Brandy was home on break. She wore a skin-tight red sweater dress that came to mid-thigh. The dress hid none of her amazing curves, and had the head of every man at he party, spinning. When Brandy sat down, the dress rode up, exposing her entire leg. The Major stared lustfully at her thighs; they looked so smooth and totally toned. How he longed to be between their warm embrace. But it was more than just her good looks. Brandy had the most upbeat, friendly personality that caused people to fall for her. It was that friendliness that bordered on flirting, that sometimes got her into trouble. Brandy was very fond of Major Johnson and she considered him almost a second father. She made a habit of saluting him, something she had done since she was a little girl, out of respect for his service.

Brandy had made cupcakes for the party and she approached the guests with a plate, held right below her chest. Charmingly offering everyone her tasty treats. The Major smiled and accepted one, a delicious red-velvet cake, with creamy frosting. Prompting Brandy to innocently ask, "do you like my cupcakes Major Johnson?"

The Major almost choked on the delicious morsel in his mouth and the ones hovering before him. "Yes, yes, I do. They're delicious Brandy, simply scrumptious." He stammered looking down at her holiday treats. Brandy's breasts were presented in padded bra cups and sat up proudly on her petite frame.

After leering at her all night, the Major finally managed to corner Brandy under the mistletoe. "Major Johnson!" Brandy promptly saluted the lifelong military man.

"At ease Brandy," he said firmly. "Seems like we have ourselves a bit of a situation." He glanced up to indicate the mistletoe.

"Oops! I guess so." She giggled. "Whatever will I do?" Brandy was a potent mix of sweet and sexy that was simply irresistible.

"You're mine to command and a good soldier..."

"Always obeys orders." She finished his familiar phrase.

The Major was a tall man and he leaned down to receive a gentle embrace and a sweet kiss on the cheek. Brandy seemed so inviting, so eager to please. He wrapped his large hands around her tiny waist, her firm, young physique felt warm under the soft sweater. The 76-year old immediately felt years younger and gave her a gentle pat on the bottom. "Still in good form, I see."

"Thanks Major Johnson." Brandy giggled.

The brief encounter gave him his first erection in years. And the memory of it was still causing his pants to tent, months later. Now it was summer and Brandy would be home for a while. Though she had not seen him yet, The Major was getting an eyeful, on an almost nightly basis.

The man who was once the very definition of discipline, lost all control when he thought of his young neighbor. In fact she was the last thing he thought of before he went to bed and his first thought when he awoke each morning. Brandy's freshman year away at college was a difficult time for the Major. He often fantasized about her, either based on the holiday party encounter. Or sometimes more elaborate scenarios, imagining Brandy as a recruit, in the service. She was usually in violation of the uniform, or had failed a bunk inspection. Leading to a verbal, then physical dressing-down, by her superior officer.

But now he had the real thing and he watched as she prepared for bed. Brandy quickly stripped down to a pair of pink panties and a matching bra. Then moved in front of her mirror and fussed with her shiny, shoulder length brown hair. Pulling it up, back and to the side, in various configurations. Her attention then fell to her breasts; she adjusted her bra straps slightly and turned side to side. Admiring her curves from various angles.

"Touch them Brandy...touch your cupcakes." The Major whispered intensely.

The Major had a raging erection and he began stroking it, while his other hand held the binoculars to his bulging eyes.

Brandy didn't disappoint. She unclasped her bra and continued admiring herself. Then reaching up, cupped her breasts, as if testing their firmness. She smiled sweetly, quite pleased with what she felt.

"Oh yeah, you little minx. Touch yourself!" The Major groaned as he furiously jacked off. He felt a sudden surge in his cock and then an eruption, as he came everywhere.

"Man alive..." he groaned. He watched as her bedroom light went out, while the fire that burned in him raged on. He had to make his fantasy come true, somehow.

The next day, Brandy sighed as she soaked her beautiful body in the bath. She was happy to be home and felt safe, removed from the drama and debauchery that seemed to surround her on campus. She was about to add bath salts to the water, when the doorbell rang.

"Oh, drat!"

Her father had long since left for work, so she grabbed a towel and scurried out of the bathroom. She was dripping wet and her delicate feet left tiny prints along the carpet as she raced towards the door.

"Hello Brandy!"

Major Johnson! Brandy was surprised to see her neighbor standing there, with a package and a big grin.

Brandy smiled sweetly at the sight of her fatherly friend. In most ways, he looked just as she always remembered him. Tall, lean and tan...with his white hair, still cut in a short flattop style. His familiar veneered teeth in a bright smile. But in some ways, he showed his age. His checkered shorts were worn awkwardly high on his waist and he wore white socks, under brown sandals.

"Finally home from school, I see."

"Yes sir," she replied. Saluting him with one hand as she tried to keep her towel up with the other.

"At ease. This was delivered to my house, by mistake." The truth was that the Major watched as the mailman left the box at Brandy's front door and promptly retrieved it, so he had an excuse to drop in on the gorgeous girl next door.

"Oh, thank you."

As Brandy took the package from him, her towel slipped off, landing silently at her feet.


Brandy quickly used the package to cover herself. But it barely reached from her chest to her waist and she struggled to position it to completely conceal her curves.

"Um, Major Johnson...I um..."

"Man alive! Well, well...out of uniform, I see. I noticed that the package is from that fancy ladies underwear store. Looks like it arrived just in time." He teased, looking her up and down.

"Um, yeah. I really gotta get to work Major Johnson."

"You got a summer job?"

"Um, yeah, I start today. Thanks for bringing the package over."

"My pleasure Brandy, it was good to see you." He said, with an almost crazed look in his eye.

The Major spent the rest of the day watching, waiting for Brandy to depart for work. Once he observed her get into her car, he got into his and followed from a safe distance. He knew where she was going, but he wanted her to arrive first.

He entered the restaurant and asked the hostess to be seated in Brandy's section. He soon spotted her across the bar talking to another waitress. He couldn't take his eyes off of her, as she worked the room.

Brandy eventually approached the table wearing her trademark smile and the sexy uniform. "Welcome to Hooters, how may...M-Major Johnson!"

"Brandy...man alive!" He gushed, looking her up and down. "So you're working as a Hooters waitress. This is my lucky day."

"Um, yeah. I didn't know you came here."

Brandy was nervous that her secret had been found out. The restaurant was far enough from home, near hotels and the highway, so she never expected to see any friends or family walk in.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked.

"What? Oh!" She quickly saluted him. "Sorry sir!"

"That's better. Brandy, I seem to have dropped my fork, would you mind..."

Without thinking Brandy bent over to retrieve the utensil. Her position offered a spectacular view of the cutest, roundest little bum the Major had ever seen. It took all his will to not reach out and grab it. Her shorts rode up, revealing an obscene amount of cheek.

Brandy stood up and seeing the Major's face, realized what she had done and turned red. "I, um, will get you a clean fork, sir."

Brandy was an excellent server and once the Major had finished his lunch, he left her a tip and something to think about. "Well, I'll tell your father I ran into you today at lunch."

"No! Please Major Johnson, he ummm...I mean, I haven't told him about my job yet."

"Really? Well, it seems like we have a bit of a situation then. I'm certain he would want to know. Hmmm...do you have any time off this weekend?"

"Yes, Saturday. Why?"

"Well, I want you to come over on Saturday then. I have really enjoyed having you as my server today and want you to serve me again."

Brandy looked confused. "Sir?"

"If you want me to keep your little secret Brandy, you will come over on Saturday and make sure you wear that little uniform."

Brandy was dumbstruck by the demand. She watched silently as the Major stood to leave, grinned and put a hand to her cheek. "Just remember, you are mine to command and a good soldier always obeys orders."

On Saturday, Brandy covered her Hooters uniform in a tracksuit and paced around her room. She could simply quit her job, but that wouldn't stop the Major from revealing that he had seen her working at Hooters. A simple call could confirm it for her father. He will be so angry at me, she fretted. I guess I better do what I am told...

She pulled hair was pulled back in a ponytail, as if she was going to the gym and headed out. As she passed through her backyard, she saw the remnants of an old lemonade stand, she used as a child. The Major had been her best customer, drinking endless amounts of lemonade and filling her piggybank with all his spare change. Brandy struggled with how their relationship seemed to be changing.

She knocked on his backdoor and was promptly let in. "You wanted to see me sir?" She saluted, more out of habit, than respect.

"Do you have your uniform on under there?"

She nodded silently and the Major led her to his living room. He seated himself in his comfy recliner and smiled. The same chair he sat in when he peered into Brandy's bedroom, but today, he had the real thing. "Let me see it."

Brandy slowly unzipped the top.

"All the way Brandy...take it off."

Brandy swallowed hard and shed her outer layer, revealing her sexy Hooters uniform. This can't be happening, she thought.

"Yeah. There's my Hooters girl."

Brandy loved attention, but felt self-conscious now. Despite wearing the same uniform for complete strangers, she felt safe at the restaurant. Standing alone in her neighbor's living room, felt awkward.

"How do you greet your customers Brandy?"

"Um, w-welcome to Hooters. What can I do for you?"

The Major grinned at her willingness to play along. "You can start by getting me a drink, some whiskey."

Brandy turned and walked towards a nearby liquor cabinet. Maybe I just need to wait on him, she thought hopefully. She passed a mirror and couldn't resist stealing a glance at herself.

"You have never met a mirror you didn't like, have you?" He mocked.


"Go one, check yourself out, I am."

Brandy turned back to the mirror, unsure of what was going on.

"Are you a good little Hooters girl?"

Brandy nodded.

"Well, say it."

"I'm a good, little Hooters girl." Brandy whispered.

"Now, give yourself a little kiss. Go on...you love how you look, don't you?"

Brandy tensed, thinking this was a little weird.

"Do it!" He growled.

Brandy leaned forward and kissed her reflection quickly.

"You can do better than that. Look at how hot you are? Say it and kiss yourself, slowly, like the little minx you are."

Brandy turned back to the mirror and faced herself. She cleared her throat and uttered, "I'm so hot."

She pressed her lips to the glass for a moment, then extended her tongue and ran it over the glass and against her tongues reflection. The act made her feel silly, but to the Major it was incredibly sexy.

She opened her eyes to see the Major ginning ear to ear across the room. Silently, she filled a glass and carried it to him.

"Do you know how much your ass wiggles in those little shorts?" He asked, before taking a sip.

"Yes, sir."

"You like wiggling for your customers, don't you?"

"Well, they um...tip better, when they get a little show."

"You are gonna give me a show Brandy. Do you understand?"


"Dance for me."


"You heard me. Like a good little Hooters girl. Dance for me."

"I'm a waitress, not a stripper."

"You're a little minx! Start dancing and make it good."

Brandy decided she better do as she was told. She started slowly by swaying her hips, with her arms raised up, overhead. Maybe if I just give him a little thrill...she hoped optimistically.

"Where's that Hooters girl smile?"

Brandy managed to force a smile, but found it difficult to dance to the classic rock, playing on the stereo. Clearly, the Major wasn't interested in her ability to move in time with the music and she knew that. He was interested in seeing her dance for his amusement. For her to submit to his wildest desires and make all his fantasies come true. To that end Brandy's performance was highly erotic.

"I like your hair down, lose the ponytail." Brandy freed her hair and shook it free. It fell loosely around her beautiful face, giving her an untamed look.

The major sat forward in his chair, with a crazed look in his eye and a little saliva in the corner of his mouth. Never had he seen a girl so sexy before.

"Take your shirt off."

Brandy pulled her top off and tossed it aside, revealing a little white bra. Despite the support, Brandy's perky breasts jiggled as she moved, swayed and preened, for his pleasure.

"Oh yeah!"

"Let me see them! Let me see your little cupcakes...take your bra off!"

Brandy hesitated, but when the old man began to get up from his chair, she acquiesced. Her trembling hands reached for the clasp and set her bouncing breasts free. Brandy tried to steady them with her arm, while the other waved the bra overhead. It looked as if Brandy was waving a white flag, as she surrendered herself.

"Man alive! Make 'em bounce. Oh yeah, bounce 'em!"

Brandy dropped the bra and putting her hands behind her head, shook her perky breasts. The Major was enjoying the show and continued to order her around.

"More! I want more!"

She leaned forward, shimmying her shoulders back and forth before him. Her breasts dangled as she danced.

She felt thoroughly humiliated and completely betrayed. This man that she had held in such high regard, was no different than the other men Brandy encountered. He wanted to use her, like some kind of sex toy. As this realization came to her, Brandy suddenly became aware of the fact that she was touching herself. She looked down to see her hands caressing her tender tits, which excited her audience to no end.

"Now the shorts!"

Brandy was eager to turn away, feeling ashamed. Dancing and being told what to do was having a strange effect on her. She turned and wiggled her bum, slowly lowering the satin shorts and revealing her best asset. Her peach-like bum was a mouth-watering sight. Brandy was wearing a thong and the thin strip of white material disappeared between her round, ass cheeks. The Major marveled at how perfectly shaped it was and couldn't resist reaching out and grabbing a cheek in each hand and giving the firm flesh a good squeeze.

"Sir! I don't think you should touch me like that."

Brandy tried to dance away, but he held her waist firmly and spun her back towards him. "Keep dancing!" He shouted.

Brandy did as she was told gyrating right between his legs. Feeling his hands pawing at her privates as she danced in place. Wiggling her hips in a circular motion as she lowered herself to the floor and back up again.

"That a girl, shake it!"

The Major was fully erect and eager to share his cock with Brandy. He reeled her in and put her tiny hand on the lump in his shorts. Brandy was taken aback, not just by his aggressiveness, but by the size of what she felt.

"Please sir..."

Brandy was silenced as the Major pressed his lips to hers and forced his tongue inside. Brandy recoiled at the oral invasion and taste of whiskey on his breath. But she couldn't pull away and soon found herself in a full on make out session with a man old enough to be her grandfather.

The Major had been lusting after her breasts for some time and wasted no more, taking them in his mouth. Devouring her delicious breasts, the warm, firm flesh was everything he hoped for. He began sucking on Brandy's brownish nipples, which to him resembled a chocolate kiss.

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