tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBreakfast Buffet Babe

Breakfast Buffet Babe


Jolene pulled the belt of the short robe tighter around her waist unaware that as the material bunched it lifted and exposed more of her generously curved ass. She could not believe she agreed to do this. But money was tight and her friends said they were done making loans that she wasn't repaying. So she reluctantly agreed to come with them on this job. They said it was as a serving girl at a museum benefit brunch. They neglected to add that it was to promote the new exhibit of Nudes in Art and that they weren't the servers. They were the serving trays and they would be nude.

She looked over at one of her friends, a tall willowy blonde with a slim boyish figure and perky little breasts. She was unashamedly stretching herself out on a vented table while a sheet of what looked like plastic wrap was being stretched over her. As Jolene's eyes traveled around the prep room, she realized that she was the only one not on her table now. She looked back at the changing booth and considered bolting, then she thought about the money and stood her ground. She put her hands on her belt and quickly undid it and let the robe drop before she could chicken out.

There were four tables being set up in the small room. One had a muscular girl lying on a tan sheet with her legs spread and her arms straight out to her sides. The pose was reminiscent of a Da Vinci drawing and the girl's firm tanned body was being covered with rolls, muffins, and other types of breads and pastries. Another had a girl with generous curves lying on her side on the back edge of the table. Her head was turned and she was looking over her shoulder her long hair in a braid that hung down onto the blue and white tablecloth. Various cheese and cold cut platters lined the table behind the reclining nude. Jolene's friend was settling onto a sea blue sheet. Her hair was being pulled up into a loose coil on her head and tied with gold ribbon. As she settled down a gold trident was placed in one arm and trays of seafood were being brought out.

A middle-aged lady in a clean white shirt stepped forward to help Jolene onto her table. She reminded Jolene of a nurse. She propped one of Jolene's legs up, her foot even with the other knee and the bent leg lying on a pillow camouflaged by the green sheet that she lay on. Her one arm was pressed against her side while the other was above her head curving past her ear with her hand near the end of the table. The position was pressing her full breasts up and she sucked in her stomach in reflex.

"Just relax, sweetie," the woman helping arrange her said patting her on her stomach. "If you tense your muscles, the food is going to keep shifting."

Jolene gave her a nervous smile and tried to relax. She was just happy now that she had shaved and waxed everything yesterday. A sheet of plastic was pulled over her body and tucked in tight around her. She knew she had to be bright red with the intimate way the woman was tucking the material around her but she might as well get used to it. She doubted it was going to get any better over the next hour.

Once properly tucked in she was rolled over to the kitchen door where a very busy little man was consulting a clipboard and shouting orders at people.

He looked at Jolene, then down at his clipboard.

"This one's fruit," he called out and a young guy came running over.

"Okay, here's the layout," the little man began. "The breasts will be covered with a whip cream fruit dip. I want melons in the valley here and cascading down onto her stomach. The belly area will be strawberries. Across the hips, I want bananas, the back hip should be unpeeled transitioning to peeled and sliced the long way on the front thigh. I want full pineapples against the back knee and then rings stacked between the legs and spilling over the front knee. The lower part of this I want covered in grapes."

Several carts came rolling over to Jolene's table. Three people began pulling bins off the cart. One of them contained vines and flowers. These were arranged around the perimeter of the table. A wonderful floral scent surrounded her and she closed her eyes and tried to relax; tried to forget about the people moving around her naked body. Just try to imagine you're in a hospital she told herself. These are just doctors moving around you. Her attempt at calm vanished as the first of the fruit was laid on her body. A pineapple was placed between her legs and leaned against her knee. Several more followed. Then bananas were placed on her leg so that they draped intimately over her thigh. As more bananas were added she could feel them against her lower lips and it was very disconcerting. The smaller fruit followed and she got a chill as the melon pieces were poured down the valley between her breasts. She was certain her nipples were at full alert but she was way too embarrassed to look. She was surprised at how professionally the food people handled the situation. There were no uncomfortable moments and no groping. She closed her eyes and tried to relax and let them do their job.

"Okay, open up your eyes, sleeping beauty."

Jolene opened them to see a woman leaning over her face and smiling. Jolene managed to return the smile.

"I'm here to do your makeup," the woman said as she pulled Jolene's ponytail out and spread the hair across the upper end of the table. The woman added some touches to her eyes and cheeks and finished it with a dark plum lipstick. She added flowers to her hair and added a few artistic touches to the fruit display.

"Beautiful," the woman declared. "Roll her on out."

Jolene felt a jolt of panic at those words and as the table started moving she felt her stomach lurch. Oh please no, she thought, don't let me throw up, that would definitely spoil everyone's appetite. She took a deep breath and tried to relax. Mr. Snipe, the man who arranged the talent for this event, had told her to just think of herself a statue. A work of art on a canvas of food, simply stare at the ceiling and do not interact with the guests.

The large conference room was set up with banners of famous nudes in art. There were several nude ice sculptures on beverage tables set up around the room. A bronze painted nude man stood on a pedestal in the center of the room. Along one wall carefully pointed lights were set up for the food tables. A large crowd of people buzzed around the room. Most men dressed in a casual professional look of khakis and polos. The women were in casual summer dresses. All seemed occupied in conversations and no more uncomfortable with the tables of nude women being rolled out then they were with the nude art surrounding them. As the tables were locked in place an announcement was made and the guests began to wander towards the naked women

When Jolene's cart came to a stop, she intentionally didn't look around. She found a spot on the ceiling and focused her eyes there. She could hear the buzz of the crowd, some uncomfortable laughing and an occasional rude comment. She tried to not listen and hoped that this was not a fruit-loving group.

Several moments later the first guest arrived at her table. She felt the rubber tipped tongs against her stomach and she jerked slightly causing the man at her side to jump and laugh.

"Hey Paul, I think this table's a little ticklish," the man called to a friend.

Jolene was turning red again. She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks and she had to fight to keep a calm expression on her face. The man's friend joined him at the table.

"Oh, melon, my favorite," the man apparently named Paul said. He lifted several pieces of melon onto his plate. Then she felt the melon against the lower edge of her breast and she had to fight back the shivers it caused. "Oh I like that reaction ever better than being ticklish."

The comment caught her so off guard that she glanced immediately at the man and was struck by the way his gorgeous dark brown eyes were looking at her. She immediately looked away and tried to control her breathing. She wasn't going to get let herself get turned on. That would be even more embarrassing. Then she felt another piece of melon swiped across the whip cream on her breast just brushing the tip of her nipple. Despite her attempt to think of something non sexy, her nipples hardened to stiff little peaks at that slight touch.

"Yes, I definitely like that reaction," Paul said.

"Alright man, come on," his friend said. "You're embarrassing me and you're probably humiliating this poor girl."

He took pity on her and moved on. Jolene let out her breath and didn't even notice the other people who now were at her table. Several people came and went and she felt food being removed but her focus wasn't on anything near her. She was listening for his voice, wondering where in the room he was and what other tables he was sampling from. She forced herself to not think about him and located her spot on the ceiling again. She wondered how much of her body was now visible. More strawberries and pineapples had been removed and occasionally some bolder people, women included, had sampled the whip cream. She was developing a strange detachment from her body.

The view looking down on her was of a tantalizing vision of a woodland goddess. Her long brown hair was spread and out around her head. Her dark brown eyes gazing vacantly up at the sun. The lightly tanned skin on her arm framing her face. Her feet were bare of fruit and patches of skin showed through the pile of grapes laid over her calves. There was a patch of skin visible on her pale thigh another near her hip then another in the deep valley between her breasts. Part of one nipple showed through the pink tinted whip cream and the lower edge of one full curve of her breast. It was a picture of serenity and beauty.

"There is a lot of good food here, but for some reason I'm just craving fruit."

Paul was back and standing near her feet. Jolene swiveled her gaze to him thinking again how good looking he was. He had shoulder length dark hair that was tucked behind his ears and just enough facial hair to give him a bad boy kind of look.

He traced a finger along the inside of one ankle, then stopped and plucked a grape off the vine. He lifted it slowly and popped it into his mouth. With a deliberate motion he reached for another one. His finger sought out another bare spot and gently touched her shin. He carefully plucked another grape and this time it lingered on his lips for a second before he consumed it. Jolene could not tear her eyes away from his hands as he plucked and ate yet another grape. She felt like she was the vine that he was eating from. He gave her a wink then turned away again. As he did she let out a breath that she wasn't aware she had been holding. Her detachment from her body was gone. He had charged her system and now every touch sent a jolt to her core. The man who let a ring of pineapple slide across her knee as he selected it, the woman who brushed the inner curve of her breast as she retrieved several chunks of melon and the man who nudged her pussy lips gently with the tip of a banana as he pulled it from the bunch all sent shock waves through her system as she imagine Paul with his gorgeous brown eyes sampling all those spots on her body.

Then he was back at her side. This time he was selecting strawberries. He took several until he had uncovered her naval.

"Well we don't want to expose that to the public do we?" he asked, a sparkle in his eyes. He lifted one of the berries then put it down pressing it firmly into her naval. Then his hand brushed one of the other berries and it rolled off her stomach toward the back of the table.

"Oh no, we don't want to waste such perfect fruit." He moved around to the top of her table then stretched across her table reaching for the berry.

She gasped slightly as she felt his pants at first brush her finger tips then his body pressed against her hand as he reached further and she realized that his hard and very thick cock was being pressed into her palm. He seemed to take his time retrieving the berry, rubbing himself thoroughly against her hand. The blood was pumping so hard in her veins and she failed to hear what Mr. Snipe said as he came to stand beside her. Paul obviously realized had been caught and backed several steps away from her table.

"You put together an intriguing event," Paul congratulated Mr. Snipes.

"Thank you. I hope you are enjoying the food," Mr. Snipe answered with an emphasis on food.

"Yes, quite delicious."

Paul must have left after that as Jolene watched Mr. Snipe follow him with his eyes and once he was a distance away, he turned to look at Jolene.

"Are you okay?"

Jolene nodded, not trusting her voice right now.

"I'll have one of the kitchen staff stand by to make sure you don't have any other problems."

Jolene forced a smile on her face since she knew he would expect gratitude from her, but truthfully that was not the feeling she was experiencing right now. Having felt that thick rock hard cock in her hand, she wanted more. She was downright horny and now the people who stopped at her table were extremely careful not to make contact with her body. No doubt due to the security detail that had been added. It was driving her crazy as her body was continually almost touched. She even pressed her arm tighter to her side pressing her breast higher, mentally begging someone to sample more cream. One person did slip a little and tapped a banana against her thigh and she almost came her body was wound so tight.

Then she felt the cart moving and she realized that the hour was up. Thank god, she thought and her next thought was that she was going to go straight home and get out her vibrator. She was not going to be able to think straight until she relieved a little pressure.

The food was cleared quickly thanks to the plastic wrap and Jolene made a bee line for the changing rooms.

"Hey, Jole, we're going to lunch," her friend Michelle the tall blonde called to her. "Snipes said he'd treat. Hurry up and get changed and meet us outside."

Go home and masturbate or free food. Tough choice. Of course any self respecting broke college kid had to jump at the chance for free food. Given how wound she was right now she could probably handle things without her toys so she waved okay to Michelle and grabbed her clothes. One look at the changing area and she decided it was not private enough. She put on her robe and headed instead for the bathrooms down the hall. If she remembered correctly the stalls had floor to ceiling doors so she'd at least have some privacy.

As she went in the door she heard footsteps behind her. As she got inside the bathroom and was reaching for a stall door, the bathroom door opened and there stood Paul. She froze and just stared at him. He covered the distance between them in two steps, and then he pushed her into the bathroom stall and closed and locked the door behind him. His quick actions broke her out of her spell and she threw herself at him. Her lips found his as her arms wrapped around his neck. Her body pressed his into the door. His hands slid under her robe and pulled it open. They traveled over her body in quick groping motions, touching everything that his eyes had feasted on earlier. Her hands dropped to his belt. She deftly undid it and the pants and reached inside. It was as perfect as she had imagined, thick, long and hard. He groaned as her hands began pumping his cock. He spun her around and pressed her shoulders against the door. His hands left her for a second as he retrieve a condom and slid it on. Then his hands grabbed her ass lifted her slightly and drove his cock into her body in one smooth stroke. She whimpered and slammed her head back into the door. He gripped her hips firmly and began stroking himself in and out of her very wet pussy. He had only plunged inside her a dozen time when she felt the trembling, the volcano building inside her. Her fingers sunk into his shoulders and her body clenched around his cock. Within seconds she could feel his cock swelling as he came too.

They remained locked together for a few seconds as both fought to regain their breathing. Then her lowered her down to the ground making sure she could stand before he rid himself of the condom and closed up his pants. He pulled a card from his pocket. Leaning forward to kiss her lightly on the lips, he placed the card in her hand.

"Call me," he said. Then he shuffled his way around her and slipped out the bathroom stall.

Jolene dropped onto the toilet seat and stared at the card. Then she closed her eyes and smiled.

"That was good," she said.

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