tagBDSMBreakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed


I wake up and look at you. The smile on your face even you are sleeping should be the illustration for the word "contentment" in the dictionary. No doubt you are dreaming of that I have either given you or allowed you to give me. Though I am glad you are dreaming dreams of pleasure rather than the nightmares you had before you knew you belonged to me. It is not good for your training to be enjoying something if I am not also receiving pleasure.

Quietly I go to the closet and find one of your thickest scarves. Almost as if you know what I am going to do, you roll to one side. Your head moving on your pillow allowing me to slip the scarf under the back of your head. I plan what I am going to do while waiting for you to eventually roll over on your back.

Carefully I climb upon you. As you awaken you see that my knees have each of your arms pinned and I am tying the scarf so that you are blindfolded. You lay there quietly, knowing that your Master will tell you what is in store for you when he is ready to. I sit there silently for a few minutes as your eager tongue begins to lick your lips. When I see that, I also know that your pussy juices are running in hopes of lubricating the entrance for the biggest cock you have ever fucked into your tight little pussy. But this will not be your fate today. Today you will have another sexual experience that will take you past the limits of what you thought yourself capable of.

I ask you if you're ready and you reply "Yes, Sir" without hesitation even though you do not know what lies in store for you. That's good, I tell you. Continuing on I tell you that I am going to move you into the position I want you . I guide you by pulling your hair to indicate where I wish you to be. As you thank me, you follow the tug in your hair. Now your neck is on the edge of the bed and your head is hanging down. This excited you because you hope this means that something soon will go into your mouth.

After watching your anticipation build in silence for a couple of minutes, I tell you that my balls need to be sucked so that the next load I shoot is larger than usual. Your mouth opens hungrily as you feel my balls lowered into your waiting mouth, your moaning begins. The feeling of my legs standing on each side of your head. I lean forward to dip a finger into your pussy to see how wet you are. Doing both of these greatly contribute to your excitement.

Finally I tell you that you have pleased me with your eagarness, and I am going to let you suck my cock. This position is a new sensation for you, but you like it. I am controlling how far my cock goes into your mouth. Being the good cocksucker that you are, when I pull it out to where just the tip is in your mouth you swirl your tongue around it. When I stick it in further, you change to a suction that causes the sides of your mouth to caress me like a tight glove.

Finally, I am in as far as you have ever been able to take me in. I leave myself in without moving for a minute or two and then is where your surprise comes. For I have decided that the depth of penetration will be the starting point of my strokes. The deepest penetration will have the head of my cock going three inches down your throat. It surprises you in this position that you do not gag and you begin to focus on the new sensations.

I give your mouth long, deliberate strokes. You realize that what started out as sucking my cock has turned into your mouth being fucked with you powerless to change it. This causes you to feel completely powerless. You are grateful for the gentleness of my strokes, but even now you feel them become more animated. You wonder if you will be able to handle the rough strokes that you have felt in your pussy right before my cock explodes sending a load deep within you.

Realizing that what will happen, you also realize why you submit to me. You know that I am a loving Master that will not push you so far past where you have been that you will not be able to handle it. You return to focusing on the sensation in your mouth knowing that my willingness to let you submit is a gift that those who do not share our type of relationship will never understand.

By the time you feel me swell right before my explosion, you feel a bit cheated in realizing that this load will coat your throat not your mouth. The pleasure you get from the taste of my seed on your tongue will be denied you today.

As I erupt, you grab each of my thighs and hold me deep into you not wanting me to ever pull out, but eventually I do. I linger part way out to reward you with the thick, hot, salty, coating on your tongue as you hungrily lick me. Your tongue eagerly searches for every last drop of the taste you love so much. I find it hard to believe you never sucked a cock before our relationship. You are so good at it and I tell you what a wonderful cocksucker you are. That was how I first knew what an exceptional slut I could help you become.

I turn you around on the bed so that your head is now on the pillows. Leaving you blindfolded, I begin kissing you with long, slow, wet, lingering kisses. Between kisses I tell you that I hope you enjoyed breakfast in bed. You reply that your mouth is completely satisfied, but your pussy is still hungry.

By now my mouth is caressing your nipples and my fingers are at your nether region, I am as excited as you are. Today the first thing into your pussy will be my cock, not my tongue. You orgasm upon entry, which you sometimes do when you are really excited as a result of your tight little pussy taking in my larger than usual cock. Today you realize that the length has always been nice, but truth be known it is the girth that does it for you. The nice thing about your being so excited is knowing every full stroke that pounds your clit with my pelvic bone is going to give you another orgasm. Having come in your throat already I plan to go a good long while this time before shooting you full of my second load.

Your screams are becoming nothing more than the gutteral moans and grunts of a bitch in heat, devoid of any words all while saying everything there is to be said. Finally I drive into you and stay there grinding your clit on my pelvis as I erupt again. Your orgasms seem to go to yet another level.

You then crumple into my arms as we lie beside each other enjoying the afterglow of having given your Master such pleasure. This morning you are laying on my left shoulder as two fingers of my right hand are catching the mixture of our juices and bringing them to your eager lips. You suck my fingers as if they were little cocks that you want to explode in your mouth.

When I finally get up to go take a shower and get ready for work, I jokingly tell you that since I fixed you breakfast in bed, you do the dishes. The last words I hear as I get into the shower are the two words that please me most..."Yes Master!"

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