tagInterracial LoveBreakfast: The Van

Breakfast: The Van


Your car pulls up next to me and you smile through the window. It is nearly 8am, the sun has just come up and you look amazing, as always. You jump out of your car and into my van. Suddenly, in a rush of cool air I am surrounded by the spicy, masculine scent of you, and your warm lips are on mine.

It is agonizing (but oh-so-fun!) to spend all day, every work day, looking but not touching. Sometimes the sexual tension you create is nearly unbearable. We tease each other with sexy looks... little touches... a wink in a meeting. I brush against you in the lunchroom, or you touch my hand when no one is looking. Sometimes all you do is look me directly in the eyes, and my nipples get hard. Then there are those daring days when you literally take my breath away by pinching my nipple unexpectedly when no one is near, making me instantly wet and throbbing.

We both have our "real" lives at home, and this is purely fun. Our short, secret times alone together are few and far between. When we finally (mmmmmmm...finally) have a moment of privacy, I have to touch you immediately.

I have one hand on the steering wheel and one on your warm, muscular thigh. Your fingers are playing with my hair and stroking the back of my neck while I drive to our secluded spot. We are stealing a bit of time this morning before work, so no hotel and comfy bed today. Just being this close to you and knowing what is to come makes me breathe harder, and I have to fight not to wiggle against the seat as I drive. We finally park. You are in the back captain's chair in a moment, where we can have a bit more privacy and room.

As I climb into the back with you, I let my skirt ride up high, feeling sexy as the air hits my bare thighs. Mmmmm... that impressive bulge I've been aching to touch is straining against the fabric of your jeans. My fingers tease along the outline of that huge cock... I squeeze a little and scratch my nails across the fabric. Smiling at you, I see your deep brown eyes are dark, almost black, with desire. You gently push my hand away and slide your pants down over your knees. Mmmm... your skin is so beautiful... dark golden brown, like rich coffee. Such a contrast to my creamy, white skin - in our case, opposites definitely do attract. You are the most beautiful man, and I love looking at you. I slide my fingers over your belly and wrap my warm hand around your stiffening shaft.

Your hand is cupping my breast, thumb rubbing across my hard nipple through the fabric of my blouse. I unbutton and unsnap quickly, and your hands are all over me. Holding my full breasts, you lean in and nip at a hard nipple. My large nipples have always been a challenge for me to keep hidden under my clothes in a ladylike way, and being near you every day makes it nearly impossible. Just watching that incredible tight butt of yours as you walk makes my nipples hard almost constantly.

Your lips and teeth tug at my sensitive nipple, and you tease the other with your fingertips, making me whimper in pleasure. It is so erotic just to see your dark hands on my pale skin... and to see those full, sexy lips of yours pulling on my stiff, pink nipple. Your moustache is tickling my soft skin. You know how sensitive my nipples are, and you can sometimes make me cum just by nibbling and sucking.

Your thick cock is so hard and hot in my hand, and I can't wait to feel that silky skin sliding over my lips. Just when I think I can't take any more nipple play, you kiss up my neck, making me tingle all over. I feel your hand slide under my skirt and between my bare thighs, finding my oh-so-wet pussy begging for your touch. My clit is swollen and throbbing, and when your fingers brush against it I nearly cum already. You whisper huskily in my ear about how very wet I am... I take a deep breath, trying to slow down a bit. Your feathery kisses on my neck and your teasing fingers just inside the puffy lips of my pussy are making me crazy. I'm so very close to the edge... then you pull away, making me groan and squeeze my thighs together. Always the tease, you are.

I have to taste you - I've been waiting so long! I lean over and kiss just under that big head, making your cock jerk a bit. I look up at you and just rub my lips back and forth for a second right there, in that same spot - loving the feel of that oh-so-soft skin against my lips. I run my moist tongue from the base of your cock to the tip... then slowly back down again. I breath in deeply, letting the sweet scent that is only you fill me.... cinnamon and carmel? I can never get enough. Mmmmm.... maybe I love to suck you so much because all my senses are surrounded and full of only you.

Your cock is in its full glory now, and it makes my heart race. You are huge. And so damn hard, like a rock. I hold the big mushroom tip in my fingers gently squeezing, and flick my tongue back and forth along that thick vein on the underside. My fingers wrap around your shaft, and I open my mouth wide over that fat cockhead, glistening with a little drop of precum. I hold my mouth open over you for a second, letting you feel my hot breath before I close my lips tightly around you, just under the ridge. Mmmmm... yes. You taste as sweet as I remember. I swirl my tongue around and around the head... the tip of my tongue teasing that little slit, hungry for more than just that one sweet drop.

I'm so wet now I can feel it start to trickle down my thigh. I love this. I need this. I hear you moan as my lips slide further down your shaft, tongue wiggling against you. The head of your cock hits the back of my throat and catches for just a second, before I take you deep. Damn, you are the biggest I've ever known. Every time I finally (finally!) get your thick, sweet cock in my warm mouth, I think I might not be able to take you deep. It's just too big for me. But I need it all. Every inch. Now my lips are stretched around the thickest part of your cock... all of you filling my throat. I hold you there for a second or two. You feel the tug on your cock, as I try to swallow around you. Mmmm... slowly, slowly, I pull up. My soft lips tightly dragging against you... tongue sliding back and forth, teasing. How can you feel and taste so amazing?

Mmmmm, your fingers are running through my soft hair. I feel you gather up all of my long, blonde hair in your hands and pull it away from my face so you can watch me enjoy this delicious moment. You know how much I love, love to suck you. I smile a little around your cock as I look up into your eyes. In that deep, sexy voice of yours, you say my name and tell me how good it feels. Just hearing the catch in your voice, and knowing I'm getting to you makes my clit throb. I slowly take you deep in my throat again. I know you love that feeling - and, oh my God, so do I! You reach down and pinch my nipple, feeling the vibrations around your cock as you make me moan.

I want this to last... I could suck you for hours and not get tired of it. I lay my cheek, hot and flushed, against your belly, and suckle the tip of your cock for a moment. My fingertips and nails lightly teasing your sensitive balls and gently rubbing that spot just under them... running my hand along the inside of your thighs. Your hips are pushing up at me, and your hands in my hair are urging me to take you deeper again. I relax and let you push my mouth down, down.... I choke just a little around your thick cock as you fill my throat and my world again.

I feel your fingers at my pussy now, and I spread my legs wider... open everywhere and full of you. Your fingers slide into my slippery, tight heat so easily. I pull up and take a ragged breath. Your big cock is almost visibly throbbing, and so wet and slick. I flick my tongue across the tip while my slippery hand grips and slides up and down that amazing shaft. Ah... your fingers sliding in and out of me... while my fingers slip up and down on you to the same rhythm.... so fucking delicious.

With more urgency, you guide me down over you... wanting my warm mouth to take you inside. I hungrily slip your cock over my lips again... across my velvety tongue and all the way down my tight throat in one swift motion. The feel of me swallowing all of you again is too much. You are holding my hair tight now... and suddenly your cock is jerking and throbbing in my throat... spurting all that sweet, thick cum so very deep. I hold you deep as long as I can.. reveling in the sensation. Ah, but I have to pull up, your cock still throbbing. Ohh... that last spurt of sweet, delicious cum hits my tongue and it is too much for me. Your taste floods my mouth, and I grind my drenched pussy against your hand and begin to cum. That breathtaking lightning bolt of pleasure hits me so hard... spreading from deep in my belly outward until my whole body is trembling and lost in the feeling. Damn. How can it be this good?

Back to the office for another day of secret, knowing smiles...

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