Breaking and Entering


"Stand up now, bi-, er, ma'am." Kennedy said to me, recovering his professionalism, though I felt his hand lightly trace the underside of my cheeks. "Let's take this discussion to the living room, Sarah. We have a couple more questions to ask you."

"Can I please put on some more clothes?" I pleaded.

"Ma'am, as we said, we need to preserve the crime scene. When we're all through here, you can get showered and changed and anything else you might need."

We moved back to the living room and Dunbar spied the near-empty wine glass on the coffee table. He raised the glass and turned to face me.

"Have you been drinking tonight, Sarah?"

"No. Well, yes, but just the one glass... I was upset after the burglars left and I needed to calm my nerves..." I trailed off as the three of them stared at me, standing in a semi-circle in front of my couch.

Kennedy approached and towered over me as he spoke. "Sarah, in taking statements from you tonight, we need to be able to verify that you are of sound mind and body-"

"Wait! Body? That doesn't sound ri-" I tried to interrupt, but Kennedy continued speaking over me.

"- and capable of providing an accurate, true account of the events that allegedly transpired. As you know, intoxication slows reflexes, clouds memories, and impairs judgment."

"Intoxication? I'm not drunk! Fine, give me a breathalyzer if you have to."

"We don't typically bring a breath alcohol tester with us on a burglary call."

"Then how am I supposed to convince you I'm sober?!" My frustration was building. I wanted to finish giving my statement, get these guys out of my apartment, and have another glass of wine and a hot shower.

"I'm going to have to administer a field sobriety test, Sarah." Kennedy looked from me to his companions, and back to me. I raised my eyebrows, sighed deeply and stood on one foot with my arms out, bringing each of my index fingers to my nose in turn. "No, ma'am, that is an outdated test, but it's good to see you're familiar with the routine." He chuckled, and the others joined him in a laugh at my ridiculous, half-clothed display. Kennedy directed me to stand at the front of the room.

"Now raise your hands above your head and arch your back. Take a deep breath and hold it in." I drew my arms above my head and clasped my hands. I inhaled deeply and felt my breasts lift with my expanding rib cage, renewing their fight against the constraint of the spandex. "Stand up on your toes." I rose, and felt my back curl forward and extend my chest towards the room. My butt tightened and tensed, pulling on the fabric of my thong, which nearly disappeared between my clenched cheeks.

"That's it.... Good..." Kennedy said as he walked around behind me. I felt his large, rough hands on my ribs. I started to protest, but he shushed me gently. "Shhh. No no, keep holding your breath." I held my tongue and breath and continued to stand in my awkward, hyper-erect pose. Slowly, his hands tightened around my sides, and slid gradually up my torso. First his left thumb slipped under the elastic edge of my bra, then his right, then an additional finger and two fingers on each side. With a sudden movement, before I realized what he was doing, he lifted the front of my bra up and over my breasts. Unrestrained, they sprang up and out, standing out proudly from my chest, impossibly defying gravity despite their large size.

"Oh shit!" Hicks exclaimed, his eyes nearly popping from his head as he took in my exposed rack.

"HEY!" I shouted, and tried to pull my arms down to cover myself. Kennedy grabbed my wrists with one hand and held my arms above my head, shushing me as his free hand squeezed my naked breasts. I was stunned and confused by this new development, but Hicks and Dunbar certainly weren't as they rushed across the room, each man taking one of my nipples in his mouth. Kennedy moved his hand down my body and gave my ass a hard smack and extended squeeze.

"Hell of a nice ass for a white girl." he muttered in my ear before sliding his hand down my crack and between my legs, his massive hand pushing my thighs apart. He pulled my thong to the side, as I felt my pussy moistening from the attention of the two men at my breasts. Kennedy slid the tip of a finger inside of me, and I hissed out a gasp at the sensation. He slid more of his finger into my rapidly slickening slit; one knuckle, two; his fingers were so long I felt as though he wouldn't be able to fit all the way, but finally I felt the base of his digit against my lips as I inhaled quickly and shallowly at the penetration.

Hicks lifted my bra the rest of the way over my head, as Kennedy released his grasp on my wrists, allowing the garment to fall to the ground. Hicks grabbed the back of my head and surprised me with an aggressive kiss, forcing his tongue into my mouth. Kennedy regained his grip on my left wrist, and positioned my hand so that I grasped his cock through his pants. I traced its outline down his leg; it was as thick as a coke can and extended almost to his knee! As my fingers traced the length of his dick, Kennedy slipped a second finger into my pussy, as I groaned and tightened my grip on his cock.

Dunbar, his mouth still at my tits, unzipped his fly and pulled out a member just as imposing as Kennedy's. Thickly veined and as long as my forearm, it glistened dark brown and contrasted the pale skin of my hand as I wrapped my fingers around its girth. Kennedy followed suit unzipping his pants as well, pushing me to grip his bare dick behind me, and moving my hand up and down his shaft which increased the pace of his fingers pumping in my bald wet slit.

Hicks broke our lengthy kiss and pulled away from my mouth. He undid his belt and pants and hoisted his shirt above his head, now standing naked. His fully erect penis was as large as the others'; I felt its weight as it struck my leg, finally freed from his pants.

Behind me, Kennedy's free hand moved to the top of my thong, pulling the garment away from my back and tugging it downward. He removed his fingers from my pussy, now putting both hands to the job of undressing me. As I switched my hand to stroke Hicks' cock, I felt my thong pushed down from my hips to my thighs to my knees, before feeling it drop free around my feet. As I stepped out of my panties, Dunbar reached down and picked them up from the floor, tucking them into his pants pocket. "More evidence." He said smiling at me as his mouth returned to my tit.

Kennedy's hand pressed on the middle of my back, bending me at the waist. Dunbar and Hicks directed their cocks at my face as I bent downwards towards them; Dunbar had followed Hicks' lead and had removed all of his clothing, while behind me I heard Kennedy's belt clank as his pants dropped to the floor. Kennedy's other hand returned to between my legs, and he drove three fingers deep into my wet pussy. He vigorously worked his fingers in and out of my slit, and then withdrew them, sliding his hand back up my crack and stopping at the entrance to my ass. He began to push his fingertip past the puckered barrier.

"No! No don't do that!" I shouted, my mouth barely an inch from Dunbar's cock.

"I don't recall anyone asking you." Kennedy responded as he continued. Lubricated with the juice of my pussy, his finger -- and then a second -- slid into my asshole. I cried out at the new intrusion and tried to turn my head to glare at Kennedy, but Dunbar grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock past my lips and into my mouth, holding me in place before him. I struggled to breath around his massive girth while he bucked his hips and pulled my head down to meet his strong strokes. Kennedy's hand on my back worked in unison pushing me as Dunbar pulled me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I braced myself by gripping Hicks' shaft for stability, feeling that I was literally holding on for dear life as Kennedy now slid two fingers back into my slit, with his thumb slipping into my ass.

Dunbar let out an excited whoop as he thrust his erection into my face one last time and then withdrew. He directed my mouth to Hicks' engorged tool to give him a turn. As Dunbar mauled my tits, I kissed the head of Hicks' cock, running my tongue the length of his shaft down to his balls. I continued to work his dick with my hand as I took each of his balls in my mouth, running my tongue over his sack as he groaned his appreciation. I gulped down a deep breath as he pushed his cock into my mouth, using my red ponytail as a handle to control my pace and forced the head of his cock to the back of my throat. At the moment when Hicks had penetrated my mouth the deepest, Kennedy pushed his thumb all the way into my asshole. I screamed around Hicks' dick, but only a muffled gagging and a stream of saliva mixed with pre-cum escaped.

"Stand up, we're moving." Kennedy ordered, as he removed his fingers from inside me and Hicks' pulled his cock from my mouth. I was directed to the coffee table and instructed to get on my hands and knees. Kennedy stood in front of me while Dunbar stood at my side with Hicks to my rear. I felt Hicks' fingers at the entrance to my pussy, parting the lips, followed by the head of his cock touching, parting, and then passing through my opening. I half-screamed/half-moaned as his initial thrust pushed his enormous shaft fully into my pussy. Kennedy pushed his cock to my lips and I eagerly took it into my mouth, sucking furiously as Hicks grabbed my hips and pumped his cock into me. Dunbar roughly tapped his dick against the side of my face and I began massaging his cock with my hand. Kennedy guided my head up and down his shaft and I groaned. As Hicks penetrated me, I pushed my ass back into his body to meet his thrusts, meeting the gyration of Kennedy's hips and taking in as much of his cock as I could while I was stuffed from both ends.

"Turn her around; I want to get some of that pussy." Kennedy said.

Hicks pulled out, and I was flipped onto my back and turned on the table until Kennedy was positioned between my thighs. Dunbar stood over my head, which was hanging off the edge of the table, and lowered the thick tip of his cock into my open mouth. I ran my fingers along the length of his cock, finally reaching the base of his shaft and cupping his balls as I worked my lips up and down his dick. Hicks stood on the other side of my head, and I massaged his rod with my other hand. Kennedy pulled my legs apart, hooking my knees over his elbows, and pushed his dick into me in one swift, smooth thrust; I shuddered as it bottomed out against the top of my womb. He pulled back, withdrawing until only the tip of his head remained in me, then drove into me again, and I screamed around Hicks' dick before pulling my mouth free, gasping for air, and then switching my lips to Dunbar. Kennedy repeated the sequence, pulling almost all the way out before plunging his full length into me in a sudden thrust, again and again, as I rotated between the others' cocks, trading them off between my mouth and hand.

Kennedy settled into a steady rhythm of rapid, hard thrusts into my pussy, gripping me by my sides and pulling me in to meet the bucking of his hips. As his body impacted against mine, my tits bounced with each thrust, flapping with the force of his motion despite their firmness. Hicks leered down at me, grabbing my chest and smiling as I climaxed with his friend's penetration, moaning around Dunbar's rigid cock as he pumped his shaft in and out of my lips.

"God damn, I knew this bitch would know how to use that body!" Hicks cackled as he smacked his cock against my flopping tits. "Says she's new to the city, but she already fucks like a pro!"

Kennedy quickened his pace in a flurry of pounding that left me squealing around the massive cock in my mouth. He reached up and grabbed at my rolling breasts, then gave one last -- very hard -- thrust into my pussy and withdrew his dick from me.

"Gimme my turn with her," Dunbar managed to stammer, his eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head with the efforts of my mouth, and the others agreed as Hicks and Kennedy stepped back from me.

Dunbar lifted me from the table and bent me over the arm of the couch, which I did with reluctance and uncertainty, given the vulnerability of the position. He slid two fingers over my wet slit, moving forward and massaging my clit with his full massive hand, causing me to buck my hips with my palms on the floor, my ass suspended in the air. Seeing his opportunity, Dunbar pinned me in place by the small of my back and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass and began pressing in.

"No. You can't. No! I can't! NO!" I screamed helplessly with my legs splayed in the air and my head and arms dangling over the armrest as I tried to writhe free of his grasp, pinned against the arm of the sofa. Struggling did no good, and I felt a white-hot burst of agony and anger as Dunbar penetrated my ass for the first time. I started to scream again, but my cheek stung as Kennedy slapped me across the face, silencing me. I looked up at him, shocked, as he inserted his cock into my stunned, open mouth.

I whimpered, gagging around Kennedy's cock as Dunbar drove his dick fully into my back door. I saw stars and for a moment feared I would pass out as Dunbar found a rhythm, plunging his cock deep into my ass as his momentum pushed my face into Kennedy's crotch, pressing his dick all the way to the back of my mouth.

"A classic 'damsel in distress' huh?" Kennedy laughed as he looked down at my helpless situation. He gripped the back of my head to dictate the pace of my lips as they slid up and down the length of his shaft. I choked on his cock, straining to fit as much of it in my mouth as I could at the deepest of his thrusts, while Dunbar continued to violate my ass from behind; I struggled to keep pace with the two giants using me at both ends.

"Let's flip this bitch over. I want a turn in her pussy." Dunbar said, as he withdrew his dick from my ass and I felt his strong hands around my waist. I was lifted and turned so I came to rest on top of Dunbar's cock, which slid easily into my wet slit. I groaned in relief as he penetrated my pussy, and wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling myself against him as he moved his hips under me. Hicks stood on the sofa next to us and grabbed the back of my head to direct me as he pushed his cock into my mouth. He abruptly pulled his dick out again, a long string of saliva trailing from the tip of his head back to my lips. He drove his dick back between my lips, pumping his hips rapidly as he tightened his hold on the back of my head, driving his cock further to the back of my mouth. Below me, Dunbar grabbed my hips and ground my body into his, pushing his massive cock as far into me as he could.

I felt Kennedy's large hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me forward into Dunbar's body; my tits wrapping around his face as he greedily took one into his mouth. Kennedy pushed my ass cheeks apart and pressed the tip of his cock into the entrance to my asshole.

"We're gonna make you air tight, bitch." He said with laughter in his voice. The others joined him in laughing as I screamed around Hicks' dick with the stretching of my tight asshole around Kennedy's enormous erection. Tears ran down my face as the two thick rods worked in and out of my tender holes. Spurred on by the sight of my double penetration, Hicks grabbed two handfuls of my red hair and violently fucked my mouth, forcefully thrusting his cock into my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. I gagged on his thick member and a river of drool flowed from my lips, running down my chin and splashing on my breasts. Kennedy gripped me by my throat for leverage, pulling himself against me as his cock pulsed inside of my ass with each thrust. He reached around me and roughly grabbed one of my tits with his other hand, as Dunbar took my other breast in his mouth and sucked greedily.

As the two men worked to find a pace in their violation of my holes, I reached a hand back to try to temper the force of Kennedy's thrusts. In response, he tightened his grip on my throat, and drove his cock into my ass to its hilt, grunting "Don't act like you don't love it. You're a great fuck, you little slut, just like we knew you'd be." The others laughed their agreement as the three of them roughly stuffed my three holes.

"I'm almost ready to bust." Dunbar said from under me.

"Yeah, I'm just about done with her, too." Kennedy responded. "What about you, sweetheart? You done?" I replied around Hicks' cock with an emphatic, muffled moan, which was met with more laughter from the group.

"I need her pussy again. Lay her out." Hicks spoke up, as he roughly pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Well, I guess you're not done yet after all." Kennedy said to me, slowly withdrawing his dick from my ass as I yelped and gasped for air, desperately pulling in my rare, unrestricted breaths. Dunbar lifted me by my hips, slid out from under me, and placed me on my back on the couch, exhausted and dazed from the rough treatment.

Hicks pushed my thighs apart and readied his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He lifted my left leg, hooking my ankle over his right shoulder and rotating my hips upwards, providing him with a better angle for entry. I winced as he slid his cock into my pussy, feeling my lips stretch around his girth and yelping as the head of his cock bottomed out against my cervix. He began pumping his shaft in and out of my pussy, steadily increasing the pace of his thrusts until he was rapidly pounding me while roughly squeezing my breasts with his hands for control and balance. His balls slapped against my ass rhythmically as he penetrated me at a frantic pace, using my body as the others looked on while stroking their cocks, hooting and cheering him on as he fucked me.

His body tensed against me, and I felt his cock begin to pulse as he approached his orgasm. Hicks pulled his dick out of me and straightened up on his knees to position himself over my torso. Slowly stroking his dick with his hand, he reached forward and pulled my face towards him just as his cock erupted with cum. The first volley almost flew over me, striking my forehead and trickling down the bridge of my nose. I tried to turn my face as the second shot struck my cheek and the third stuck in my hair above my ear. He let out of victorious whoop as he squeezed out two last pulses of cum, both landing messily in the crevice between my breasts.

"Get on your knees." Kennedy ordered and I followed his instruction, sliding from the couch to the floor before Kennedy and Dunbar. The two men stood over me as they worked their massive cocks in their hands. Kennedy was the first to finish, as he unleashed a thick load at my open mouth. His cum splashed across my lips and ran down my chin as he fired rope after rope of ejaculate at my face. I struggled to swallow as much of what landed in my mouth as I could, but the sheer volume of liquid overwhelmed me and a stream of his cum trickled over lips and dripped down to my tits. His last burst of cum hit me squarely between my eyes, speckling the bridge of my nose and my cheeks with thick white flecks. Spent, he pushed his dick to my lips, pressing it into my mouth for a cleaning.

Just as Kennedy removed his cock from my mouth, Dunbar began to grunt. He took a step forward as he launched a heavy mass of cum that struck me above my right eye, coating my forehead and the side of my face. I tried to turn my head to dodge the next round, but Kennedy held me in place with his painful grip on my ponytail. As Dunbar's cock continued spurting, thick white cum rained down on my cheeks, spilling down the sides of my face and falling to my breasts, thighs and the floor. He exhaled heavily, seemingly completely spent, and squeezed the last large drops of cum from his cock onto my cheekbone, before placing his cock at my mouth. I dutifully opened my lips, my tongue wrapping around the softening member and cleaning the mix of his cum and my juices from his shaft. I looked up to see Hicks standing over me beside Dunbar, and I thoroughly cleaned him with my mouth, as well.

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