Breaking Free


"You are horny aren't you slave?"

"Yes master."

"Tell me what you want?"

"I want you to fuck me, please master I love you, only you can give me pleasure."

Jess was so turned on by the carnal display, she could smell her own desire emanating from between her legs. Shivering with anticipation, she could not take her eyes from the scene in front of her.

The dom moved between his subs legs kneeling down so he could look at her pussy.

"You will not come until I tell you slave, do you understand?"

"Yes master."

Jess nearly dropped the cup in her hand shaking with desire as she watched the dom's mouth cover his slaves pussy. He licked and nibbled his slave, she raised her hips from the bench to get more contact from his mouth to her cunt. Sliding a finger into the woman's pussy he slid it in and out a few times before he added another finger to her sheath. Licking her clit while he finger fucked her, had his sub moaning with pleasure.

Jess could feel the cream from her body spilling onto the inside of her thighs. She didn't think she could get any more horny than she was. Until the dom stood undoing his pants and sliding them down his muscular thighs. The guy was ripped, he had a six pack any woman would admire, long muscular legs and hung like a bull.

Jess watched as he stepped back between his sub legs grasping his cock by the base in his hand them aiming for his slaves pussy. He entered her in one hard thrust. Holding himself still for a moment, then pounding in and out of his subs cunt. The woman was so loud it was a wonder the whole place couldn't hear her.

"You will not come until I tell you slave."

"Yes master," the woman panted out.

The dom was pounding so hard into his sub she understood why she was tied to the bench. She would have been pushed off the end of it. The dom pounded and gyrated his hips against his subs body making a slurping smacking sound as their bodies slapped together.

"Come now," the dom yelled. Both the dom and his slave roared and yelled as they found fulfillment together. When they had caught their breath again the dom released his submissive from the bench helping her to stand on wobbly legs. When she was steady on her feet the dom picked up his pants wrapping his arm around his woman's waist.

"Happy anniversary honey," he said as he kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Happy anniversary babe, thank you. That was the best present I've ever had," the woman replied, then they left the room.

"What do you think sugar? Do you think you'd like to experience some of what you've seen tonight?" Brad asked as he turned Jess face towards his.

"Oh my god I've never seen anything like it," she said, awe prominent in her voice.

"Is that a good thing or bad thing Jess?" Tyler asked with abated breath as he awaited her reply.

Jess turned her head to Tyler and was nearly burned alive by the hunger she could see in their depths. Jess didn't answer, she couldn't. Instead she grabbed Tyler by his shirt bringing him closer to her, placing her lips against his as she kissed him. Sliding her tongue along the seam of his lips he opened to her, drawing her tongue into the depths of his mouth. One of them groaned as their mouths ravaged each other. He tasted like mint and soda, she couldn't get enough of him. She was so horny she thought she might explode just from having their mouths connected.

She groaned into Tyler's mouth when she felt Brad plaster his chest against her back, sliding his hands under her top he massaged her breasts, then plucking her nipples between his fingers. That was all it took, Jess shook and shuddered as she she climaxed her pussy clenching in waves. Drawing her mouth from Tyler's flinging her head back as she groaned, gasping for much needed air.

"Did you just cum sweetheart?" Tyler asked with a glazed look in his eyes.

Jess lowered her eyes to the floor as she felt her cheeks heat, nodding her head.

Placing a finger beneath her chin, lifting her eyes back up to his Tyler said, "Don't be embarrassed honey. That is one of the sexiest things that has ever happened to Brad or I. We have never made a woman cum just by kissing her and playing with her nipples."

"How long has it been since you've had sex sugar?" Brad asked from behind her.

"Four years," Jess answered.

"Oh sugar any wonder you're wound so tight. If I hadn't had sex for that long I think my balls may have fallen off," Brad replied with a grin on his face.

Jess burst out laughing at Brad's humor and saw that Tyler was smiling as well.

"Can I ask you guys a personal question?"

"Sure honey fire away," Tyler answered.

"Have you guys always shared a woman?"

"No we haven't sugar. We had a submissive ask to play with both of us once. We found we fed of each others excitement as well as our subs. We also found that having an extra pair of eyes and hands in play was a good thing, in case one of us missed something we did that our sub didn't particularly like. It also heightened our subs sensations by having two sets of hands and mouths to pleasure her, as well as two cocks of course," Tyler grinned down at Jess.

"So how many times have you shared?"

"Just the once sweetheart. We haven't found another woman willing to play with two subs again since that one time. Until now," said Tyler as he looked deeply into Jess' eyes.

Jess bit her bottom lip, not sure how to respond to the last of his statement. Rising from the sofa she straightened her top then looked at the two men watching her.

"I think it's time I headed home now," Jess stated with uncertainty.

"If that's what you really want sugar, we'll take you home. I have a proposition for you first though. Tyler and I would both love to play with you, make love with you. We'd really like it if you would come back to our place for the rest of the weekend, see what happens. If at anytime you want to stop all you have to do is say so. We'll stop immediately, take you home if that's what you want. Are willing to give us this weekend sugar? To come play with us for a while, see where it leads. We are attracted to you Jess and we know you're attracted to us. Think about while we walk out to the car. If you want to go home that's what we'll do. Okay Jess?"

Jess let them lead her to their car, holding her hands until they reached the large truck parked in a reserved space. What did she have to loose. Nothing really, her life was so stale and boring. It was about time she broke free of the self imposed cocoon she had wrapped herself in.

Turning so she was facing both Tyler and Brad, taking a deep breath, she stepped off the cliff.

"Take me home with you please."

"You won't be sorry sugar," Brad said with a huge grin that lit up his face.

"You won't regret it sweetheart. We are gonna make you feel so good," Tyler said with a crooked smile.

Jess slid into the front seat moving to the middle, filled with excitement and trepidation. She had just placed her body into the care of two very sexy, handsome strangers, that she somehow felt connected to.

Chapter Four

Tyler pulled his truck onto a long driveway in the older part of Richmond's residential area. Raising the automatic garage door he parked the truck next to another already in the garage. Brad got out of the truck first extending a hand to Jess, helping her to alight from the vehicle. Holding her hand Brad led her into their house through a door connected from the garage.

When he led her into the family room he asked, "Would you like anything to drink sugar?"

"No thanks Brad. Could you show me to a bathroom please I'd like to freshen up a little if you don't mind."

Tyler entering the room heard Jessie's request, "You may use the facilities Jess, but I don't want you taking a shower. I don't want you washing away that sweet scent you have coming from your pussy."

"You can smell me?" Jess asked as her cheeks once again turned a fiery red.

"Yeah sweetheart, we can. You smell absolutely wonderful. I want to be able smell the sweet essence of your body." Tyler stated with heat in his eyes.

Taking her hand Brad helped her up off the sofa, "Come on sugar I'll show you to a bathroom."

Brad led her from the room and as she followed Jess let her gaze wander around the house. It was spectacular. Decorated with simple lines, warm hardwood flooring with cream colored walls. Furniture large and comfortable for the two large men. That fit the style of the house.

"You have a beautiful home," Jess said as she followed behind Brad as he led her up the stairs.

"Thanks sweetheart we like it," Tyler commented from behind her.

Jess jumped, she had not heard Tyler following behind them. Placing a steadying arm on her elbow, Tyler spoke again, "Relax honey we're not going to hurt you."

Brad entered a large bedroom just off the top of the stairs. Jess took in the huge bed and wood furniture. It was so warm and inviting. She could hardly breath. She could feel her chest constricting as she gasped for breath.

"The bathroom's here sugar. Why don't you think of safe word while you use the facilities. Tyler and I will be back in a moment." Brad opined, then the two men left the room, giving her some privacy.

Jess used the bathroom then washed her hands and face, spying a tube of toothpaste she put some on her finger and 'brushed' her teeth as best she could. Taking another deep fortifying breath, she opened the door entering the bedroom once more.

Brad was waiting for her seated on the end of the bed. Extending his arm to her she walked towards him taking his hand in hers.

"Do you trust us sugar?" Brad asked as he brought her to stand between his spread thighs.

"Actually I do. I don't know why but I do trust you both." Jess replied.

"Well that's a start sugar. We want to take you down to our dungeon where we can access you body a lot better than if you were on the bed. Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah I think I'd like that."

"Come with me then sugar," Brad said as he stood leading her by the hand out of the room. "Have you thought of a safe word?"

"Uh no I forgot."

"Well think of one now babe before all the fun starts. We want you to have a safety net in place, just in case you need it." Brad led Jess back down the stairs heading towards the back of the house. Opening a door leading off the chef's dream kitchen, he entered another room.

Jess gasped with surprise as she saw all the equipment in the large room. There were benches of varying designs as well as hooks, chains and ropes. Tyler was already in the room. He had stripped his shirt off and was standing waiting for them in only his jeans.

Walking towards her, he took her face between the palms of his hands looking deeply into her eyes. Jess felt as if he could see her soul.

"What is your safe word babe?" Tyler asked with a voice gravely and deep with arousal.

"Um.. coffee," Jess blurted the one word that came to mind, sighing in relief as she realized she had chosen an easy word to remember.

"Coffee it is. Now I'm going to tell you a few rules, so listen carefully Jess. If at anytime you are uncomfortable or what we are doing to you is too much I want you to say your safe word. What is your safe word baby?"

"Coffee," Jess replied quickly.

"If there is anything we want you to do and you aren't comfortable with that or just don't want to do it use your safe word. What is that Jess?"


"Very good baby," Tyler was sure she now had her safe word firmly entranced in her mind. Leaning forward placing his lips on hers he kissed her with passion. His tongue gained entrance to her mouth sliding along hers tasting the sweetness inside.

Jess moaned into Tyler's mouth as she curled her tongue around his, stiffening slightly as she felt Brads hands undo the button on her halter top, pulling it to pool around her waist.

Weaning his lips from hers Tyler stared into Jess eyes, making sure she was with him all the way. When he saw her eyes glazed with passion he drew back and let his eyes roam over her chest.

When he saw her move her arms up to cover her naked breast from his view, he gently but firmly grasped her wrists pulling her hands back down.

"Never cover yourself in my presence sweetheart. You have a gorgeous body. You will not hide it from me. Is that understood?"

"Yes Tyler," Jess replied.

"Good sweetheart, you're doing great," glancing over the top of her shoulders he looked to his brother, "finish it."

Brad didn't have to be told again, he had been dying to see her naked since the first time he had set eyes on her. Grasping the hem of her top he tugged it down over her hips, pulling it down and off as Jess stepped out of the material. When her top was gone, he undid the button on the back of her leather skirt, grasping the zipper he slid it down over the curve of her beautiful arse. Brad slid her skirt and panties down her legs, waiting as she stepped out of the pool of material. He flung all her clothes aside onto a chair near the door. Not being able to resist, Brad ran his palms down her back, then smoothing them over her luscious arse massaging the round full globes.

Tyler still had her wrists clasped in his hands, taking them he placed them down beside her body, "Leave them there baby. I don't want you to move unless I tell you, okay?"

"Yes Tyler."

Tyler gave a nod, leaning forward he took her breasts into the palms of his hands.

"You have magnificent breasts honey, don't let anyone ever tell you any different." Swooping down her took one of her nipples in his warm wet mouth, sucking and laving the erect peek until she was moaning, her head thrown back and gasping for air. Tyler moved his mouth to her other nipple giving it the same attention. Brad was running his hands up and down her back caressing her buttocks, sliding his hands down lower and lower each time.

When Jess felt Brad run his fingers against the bald swollen lips of her labia, her knees buckled.

Tyler caught her around the waist holding her against his warm hard chest. The brush of the hair on his chest heightened her sensitive nipples.

"I think it's time to get you more comfortable sweetness," Tyler said as he guided her to a padded bench.

"What is your safe word honey?" Brad asked from behind her.


Tyler settled Jess on to her back on the padded bench. It was in the shape of star, places for her arms and legs to rest. Tyler guided her legs to the supports on the bench then secured her thighs and ankles using the soft material attached to it. Brad secured her wrists to the arm supports.

"Is that too tight Jessie?" Tyler asked watching her face.

"No that's good."

"Don't forget sugar we will only stop if you say your safe word. You can yell and scream at us all you want, you can tell us to stop but we will not stop unless you use your safe word. Do you understand?" Brad asked once more.

"Yes Brad."

Brad and Tyler walked out of her line of vision, she could hear packages being opened by the rustling and popping sounds behind her. Jess tried tilting her head back to see what they were doing, but they had their backs to her hiding whatever it was with their bodies.

Tyler walked back to her holding something in his hand. Jess raised an eyebrow in query as she saw him watching her. "Melissa told me you are claustrophobic in crowds baby. Would being blindfolded compound your claustrophobia?"

"I don't really know, I've never been blindfolded before," Jess answered.

"Are you adverse to giving it a try sweetness?"

"Um I think I'd like to try," Jess replied to Tyler.

Walking to the head of the table Tyler gently lifted her head, placing the blindfold over her eyes.

"Can you see Jessie?"

"No Tyler."

"I'm going to stroke your body with something soft sugar, so don't get a fright," Brad said as he placed something on her body running it up over her breasts and down her slight belly.

They were treating her as if she was made of glass, getting her used to their touch and the sound of her voices. Jess had never felt so cherished in her life. She moaned when Brad slid the wispy bit of something between her spread legs. Raising her hips from the table.

Jess heard a faint whooshing sound then felt a slight sting across her breasts and nipples. Her cunt clenched as a tingle spread from her nipples down to her clit making her groan with pleasure.

"That's it sweetheart let us hear what you're feeling," Tyler praised.

Another whoosh stung her breast and nipples making Jess writhe on the bench.

Then she felt a hand run over her labia until they opened. Fingers ran up and down her slit sliding from her hole to her clit.

"You are so wet sugar, you're dripping for us," Brad stated as he ran his fingers up and down her slit. Using a finger he ran it lightly over her clit in a circular motion until she was bucking her hips up. Placing a finger at the entrance to her vagina, Brad slid a finger inside her until it was buried to the hilt.

"Oh yeah sugar, you are so tight and wet. Your cunt is grasping my finger so hard trying to keep it buried in your body," Brad said in a smoky voice.

Jess nearly bucked off the bench when she felt Brad's tongue against her clit. Sliding his

finger in and out of her tight sheath while he lapped at her clit had Jess on the verge of orgasm in seconds.

When Brad felt her muscles clamp down on his finger he stopped, pulling his finger and mouth from her body giving her time to come back down to earth a bit.

"You taste like ambrosia sugar. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you. Do you understand Jessie?"

"Yes Brad," she said gasping for air.

Jess felt air move around her legs wondering what they were going to do to her now. She knew a second later when she felt the soft whip slap at her pussy, causing her clit to tingle, making her cry out. She could hear harsh breathing to the left of her head as one of the men stood beside her.

A warm mouth latched on to one of her nipples sucking hard, making her writhe with the pleasure, pain sensations. A wet popping sound as her nipple was released. Then she felt a tight pinch to her nipple as something was clamped onto it. Her other nipple was taken into a warm wet mouth and treated to the same hard relentless sucking, then released and the pinching feeling again.

"What are you doing to me? It's too much, please, no more," Jess cried out between panting for breath.

"Do you want to use your safe word sugar?" Brad asked from somewhere near her feet.

"Nooo," Jess groaned out.

"What is your safe word sweetheart?" Tyler asked from near her head.

"Coffee," Jess sobbed.

"Just remember Jess, if you really want us to stop, use your safe word," Tyler reiterated.

Brad went back to work between her thighs, plundering her pussy using two fingers, licking and nibbling her clit. Jess was so close to the edge, she felt her muscles clamp down on his fingers again. Once again Brad pulled away from her body.

"Please, I can't take anymore."

"Please what sugar?" Brad asked in a low sexy drawl.

"Please, fuck me. Now." Jess screamed in desperation.

"Usually you would earn a punishment for speaking when you're not supposed to, but since it has been four years for you sweetheart, I think we'll relent this one time. Brad fuck her."

Tyler's words were music to her ears. If one of them didn't fuck her now

she would cum without them. She was so close. She felt just one more light touch would send her to the stars.

Jess heard a condom wrapper being opened as she felt a hand underneath her neck.

"I'm going to lower your headrest sweetheart, you're neck and head will still be supported but it will be tilted back. The angle will give me access to that sweet mouth of yours," Tyler advised.

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