tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBreaking Lucy Pt. 02

Breaking Lucy Pt. 02


Here is Part 2 of this two-part series. Same disclaimers from Part 1 apply here.

Please be kind!




Friday, 7:45 PM - Lucy's Apartment

Lucy suggested to Stuart that they meet at the restaurant. He seemed reluctant, as if he really wanted to pick her up at her apartment, but eventually agreed. It struck her that he was not used to having his plans challenged, and she counted this as a minor victory, for some reason.

She left the office around 7PM so she'd have time to go home, freshen up, change into more appropriate "date clothes" and meet him downtown.

After her shower, she took her time applying moisturizer all over her body and styling her hair in a wild array of loose curls. She also took more care with her make-up than usual, applying shadow and liner for the "smoky eyes" look. The effect was fairly dramatic, particularly with her choice to go with sheer, glossy lips.

Finally, as she got dressed, she took care to put on one of the sexy thongs he'd bought for her - choosing a sheer black lace one that would coordinate well with her balconette bra. She rarely wore this kind of bra, since it pushed her tits up into a veritable shelf, but she really wanted to be ultra-feminine tonight and her dress required a bra with a plunging neckline.

Her dress was a deceptively simple wrap style in a color the designer called "burnt umber". It was a dark gold with a subtle shimmer that made the highlights in her hair look as if they were lit from within, and brought out the amber in her eyes. The silk jersey clung in all the right places, accentuating her curves.

For once, she could wear whatever heels she wanted, since Stuart was so tall. She chose her favorite nude leather pumps. They'd cost her a small fortune, and had a little platform and four-inch stiletto heels. They elongated her naturally slim legs and made her feel very sexy.

Slipping her arms into her black satin evening trench, she grabbed up her small clutch bag and was out the door in plenty of time. Somehow she knew that she should not be late.

Lucy was strangely excited as the taxi sped downtown. She hadn't looked forward to a date in a very long time. Apart from getting the address from Stuart, she hadn't done her customary research on the restaurant. She had no idea what kind of place he'd chosen. That wasn't like her at all.

Pulling out her phone, she tapped in the restaurant name and watched for the results. Hmm. Michelin starred, celebrity ex-pat English chef. Impossible to get a reservation. Lots of stellar reviews. Sexy ambiance, etc., etc. She grinned. Did this mean he was trying to show off?

More likely that this is just how he rolled - he probably had a regular table, she thought sarcastically, laughing to herself in the dark of the back seat.

The driver looked at her yet again in the rear-view mirror. He'd been doing that a lot since she'd gotten in. Pulling out a tiny make-up mirror from her purse, she checked her reflection to see if anything was amiss with her appearance that caused him to stare.

Nope - it all seemed fine. Whatever.

Friday, 8:30 PM - Café Magdalena

As they pulled up to the café, there was a discreet line of SUVs dropping well-heeled looking guests off. A small queue of people hovered along the sidewalk. She paid the cab and slipped out, feeling tall in her heels as she stepped down a few concrete stairs to the opulent-looking door. A doorman pushed it open for her, his eyes roaming over Lucy as he made a little bow.

The place fairly buzzed with electricity. It was dimly lit and very stylish. A gorgeous little thing by the reception area took her coat, and Lucy looked around for Stuart. She saw him by the small bar, and froze.

A sexy-looking redhead in a leopard-print sheath was holding his arm, her pretty face turned up toward his as she laughed naughtily. She held a half-full (half-empty?) martini glass in the manicured, bejeweled hand that wasn't wrapped around him. Lucy looked at Stuart to see whether he was likewise mesmerized, to find that he was staring straight at herself.

He said something to the redhead, who reluctantly let go of him and walked away, turning to get a look at Lucy as she did so. Maneuvering effortlessly through the crowd, he walked over to greet her.

The look on his face was more than gratifying. Clearly, her efforts had not been wasted. His eyes were dark, his jaw tight, and the look on his face was one of pure lust and stunned appreciation. Stopping breathtakingly close to her, he exhaled, shaking his head a little. Lucy couldn't help the smile that lit her face.

"Fuck me, you are absolutely stunning. Stunning." He leaned down, and she thought he meant to kiss her cheek, so turned slightly to the left. Instead, he lifted her chin and kissed her full on the lips. A kiss that lingered and sent bolts of lightning down to her toes.

He released her lips, sighing, and touched his forehead to hers. She was a little dizzy from that kiss, so could only manage a husky little "Hi."

She noted that he cleaned up rather well, too. His dark charcoal suit was perfectly tailored, and his crisp black dress shirt was open at the throat. He'd eschewed a tie. He'd clearly showered, because he smelled fresh and spicy, and his hair still looked a bit wet, but he hadn't shaved because he sported a super-hot five o'clock shadow.

He ran his hands down her upper arms, taking her in once again. He growled softly:

"Maybe we should just skip dinner. This place isn't very good, anyway."

Lucy let forth a throaty laugh. "It has two Michelin stars... and you know what? I could eat, actually."

He grumbled audibly and pressed his lip to her ear, saying: "Fine, fine. But I make no promises that I won't lose all self-control at some point and fuck you on top of our table."

"I consider myself warned." She countered, pushing him toward the patiently hovering hostess.

He turned to her and she smiled familiarly, and said: "Right this way to your table, Mr. Mannering." Lucy snickered. Of course they knew him here. He shot her a look that said "What?" She shook her head, saying "never mind."

He grinned, stepping aside guiding Lucy to precede him, and they walked toward a small circular booth in a dark corner. The lighting was ingenious, because it illuminated the table surfaces but kept everything else intriguingly dim. The seats were curving, overstuffed, high-backed banquettes in distressed chocolate leather. The walls were lined with heavy dupioni silk drapes, punctuated by crystal sconces and ornately-framed antique daguerreotypes. One entire wall was composed of a diverse collection of distressed Rococo mirrors, which made the flickering candlelight bounce around.

Sexy ambiance? Check.

People looked up at them as they walked by. A few people nodded or waved to Stuart, and he politely nodded back. As they passed by the far end of the bar, the redhead who'd been draping herself over Stuart earlier raised her glass to them, a sarcastic smile on her crimson lips.

Lucy looked back at Stuart after they'd walked by, whispering up to him, her voice dripping with false honey: "Friend of yours?"

His reply was curt and decisive: "Definitely not." Lucy frowned, about to challenge that answer, but then they were at their table, and sitting, and the moment passed.

The hostess had deposited them, plied them with menus, asked about their water preference, and asked whether Stuart wanted his customary bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Lucy rolled her eyes; he smirked and said yes.

Finally, the hostess departed and Stuart snatched the menu from Lucy's hands and slid closer to her in the booth, pressing his lips to the sensitive point below her ear. He groaned into her skin, and a delicious shiver ran all the way through her body.

"I looked forward to this all day." He murmured. His hand grasped hers under the table, pulling it up to his heart. She moaned a little, then managed a "You did?" His teeth caught her earlobe, and he tugged a little.

"Yessss." He said, tickling her. She giggled at the sensation, squirming a little.

He sat up, looking down at her earnestly for a moment. "When I saw you standing there, looking so beautiful, I swear I couldn't breathe for a minute. Is this all for me?"

The intimacy was almost too much. Lucy hesitated for a moment, staring wide-eyed up at him.

"Oh, no, sorry - I have another hot date at 10:30..." She just managed to suppress a squeal as he grabbed her, biting her neck as punishment. He was laughing into her hair, and leaned back, looking at her with something akin to approval.

"I'm sorry—" She was still giggling a little. Then she added softly: "It was, indeed, for you. Yes. Very much so."

He leaned down and tilted her chin up to kiss her. It was a restrained little kiss, but she could feel the pent up passion simmering underneath.

"Are you wearing one of my little gifts?" His hand moved up under her skirt. Luckily, his motions were obscured by the table, which was covered with a floor-length, heavy linen table cloth.

She flushed to the roots of her hair, her hand slowing his progress. She whispered: "Stop, we're in public! But of course I am. I thought that was understood." He grunted in approval, his eyes were smoldering.

Just then, they had to straighten up as the sommelier arrived with the champagne.

The opening, tasting, pouring and settling of an ice bucket on a stand seemed to take ages. Stuart held Lucy's hand between them, teasing her fingers a little. They were careful about looking at each other, because it was almost too much.

The tingling froth of champagne in her mouth seemed to go straight to her head. Lucy felt euphoric. They were about to look at the menu, when suddenly the chef was standing at their table. Stuart stood and they half shook hands/half hugged.

Stuart introduced him: "Lucy, this is the Executive Chef and owner, Charlie Granville. I knew Charlie when he was a prep cook back in Shoreditch, before Shoreditch was cool."

Charlie guffawed: "Hey now, don't talk bollocks, I was a saucier..."

Charlie slid into their booth alongside her. Lucy liked the more down-to-earth Stuart that swapped embarrassing stories with the now famous chef. People around them were staring, but neither man noticed. He stayed chatting and laughing with them for some time.

Finally, Charlie looked at his watch and sheepishly stood, saying he had to get back to the kitchen before a riot broke out. He told them to not bother looking at the menu, because he'd send them a tasting menu of his own choosing.

Stuart rose and gave him another hug, and thanked him in advance for what he was sure would be an amazing dinner.

Charlie brushed that off, saying: "Yeah, it's the least I can do for my major investor, eh?" And then he went back toward the kitchen, pausing for brief moments to say hello to a few tables on his way.

After Stuart sat back down, Lucy said: "Investor?" He shrugged, and offered:

"Charlie and I go back a long way. His dad was a sort of mentor of mine, and sadly... passed away... quite young, so helping his son get started was one way to repay his kindness. Not to mention the fact that Charlie's an amazing chef, so the perks are great."

Lucy leaned toward Stuart and motioned him closer, saying: "I need to say something..." As Stuart leaned in, she pressed her lips to his, surprising and delighting him. He returned it with ardor. The sound of a glass breaking nearby caused them to remember they were in public and finally pull away. He reached up and cupped the side of her face, smiling down at her.

"That's the first time you actually initiated a kiss." He said softly, as he tucked a stray curl behind her ear.

Lucy's heart was pounding, and she didn't quite know how to reply. A waiter came back to refill their champagne flutes. She took the opportunity to excuse herself to go to the Ladies Room.

Stuart stood as she rose, the smile on his face was full of sensuality and warmth. She had trouble remembering him as the arrogant, brutish man she'd believed he was just a couple of days ago.

Finding her way to the elegant Ladies Lounge, she admired the antique vanity table and the gigantic vase of lilies before ducking into one of the discreet WCs. She smiled to herself, rather nervous about the feelings that she seemed to be developing. After all, she didn't really know Stuart that well, but she was beginning to. She felt as if the walls between them were coming down.

As she left the stall and began to wash her hands, she glanced in the mirror and jumped a little when she saw the redhead from the bar leaning against the wall behind her.

"Oh, hello." Lucy said politely. The redhead moved closer, washing her own hands in the artful sink next to Lucy's.

"Hi there. Isn't this lovely?" She asked. Lucy assumed she meant the restaurant.

"Yes, I've never been here before but so far I really like it." She thought the woman seemed a tad drunk. The redhead laughed, but the sound was not mirthful.

"No—I mean, isn't this lovely - that two flavors of the month have the chance to meet. Maybe we can compare notes."

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what that means." Lucy said, drying her hands and preparing to leave.

"We're both in the club." She laughed again. "His Girl-of-the-Company club!"

Lucy frowned at her, getting annoyed. "I'm not sure who you think I am, but we don't know each other..." she began, drawing herself up to her full height. The redhead waved her off, even though she stepped back a little. Again, the harsh laugh rang out.

"You don't know about me, maybe, but I sure as hell know about you. I was the one he went after when he worked with PreCon Electrics last year, and now he's moved on to you. It's his thing. Stuart Mannering bags some new girl in every company he works for. Didn't you know that? He's practically famous for it." The woman watched her expressions change, smirking as she pumped herb-scented lotion from the dispenser on her claw-like hands.

Lucy paused, her mind spinning in several directions.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Lucy's voice, and her body had gone cold.

"Oh c'mon. He is a consultant at your company, right? And he put you on some project or other? And you started this... THING, right? Did he tie you up yet?" The woman was pretending to be touching up her make-up, but her shrewd eyes were locked onto Lucy's face as she spoke.

Lucy caught the malicious gleam in her eye, and decided that she'd be damned if she'd let this wench get the better of her.

"Look, I'm sorry for you if you had a failed affair with my friend, but you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to me. So let's leave it at that. I'm finished with this conversation."

Lucy turned to go, her hand on the door, but then turned back, her voice icy cold: "Oh, one last thing, dear: that shade of lipstick doesn't do you any favors; not at your age. You may want to rethink it."

She spun on her heel and walked out of the Ladies Room, heading back in the direction of their table. She slowed after a few steps to regain her composure.

What the fuck was that? The woman was horrible. Is it possible that Stuart and that woman had...? It gave her the willies to think about it.

While she was drunk and clearly bitter, could there be any kernel of truth in what the redhead said about Stuart? What is it they say about smoke and fire?

All the happy excitement she'd felt earlier now seemed incredibly stupid and naïve. Her stomach churned a little, the champagne feeling acidic.

Maybe her first impressions of him weren't so crazy. What if she was just another one in the chain - another notch in his proverbial belt?

Shouldn't Lucy know better by now? Hadn't life taught her anything? Wasn't this kind of thing why she'd chosen to focus on her career in the first place? So much for being a tough, independent woman. A handsome guy comes along and provides her with a few orgasms, and she starts to forget who she is!

'What an idiot!' she thought angrily. 'Nothing is this good, I should have seen that.' The sting of humiliated tears burned in her eyes. Well, luckily it hadn't gone that far.

That little voice inside her said, annoyingly, 'then why are you so upset?'

Taking a couple of deep breaths, she willed away the emotion that bubbled beneath the surface, and made herself walk back to the table, a mask of composure on her face.

Stuart stood, smiling, as she returned, and leaned down to kiss her cheek. She flinched away without meaning to, hastily sliding into the booth. He immediately knew something was wrong.

"Hey, is everything okay?" He sat back down and put a warm hand on her shoulder. Lucy was frustrated with herself, because despite how much she was roiling inside, his hand felt good. Dammit all!

She was trying to act as normal as possible, but he was too perceptive. His eyes were searching her face, and she could feel her poker face slipping. There was no way she could sit next to him all night and pretend nothing was wrong. She wanted to scream.

Suddenly, all she wanted was to run from there.

"Actually, I'm not really feeling well." She lied - but her face seemed so distraught, it was believable. A frown of concern wrinkled his brow. He put his palm on her forehead, and then along the side of her face. Why did he insist on touching her! It wasn't helping matters.

Lucy shrugged away from his hand. "I think I'd better just go home. I'm sorry." She was sliding out of her seat.

"Of course - wait - I'll take you. Just let me get a message to Charlie and settle the bill." Stuart walked over to the bar and immediately people were running to do his bidding. Lucy went to the coat check and handed in her claim ticket.

They helped her on with her coat. She looked back and saw that Stuart was still dealing with paying, over by the bar. Tears were threatening to burst forth; her eyes were actually watering. She took the opportunity to slip out the door, up the steps and walked as fast as she could in the damn heels toward a line of waiting black cars and SUVs.

The driver of the first one was standing outside his car, smoking a cigarette. Lucy asked if he was free, and if he could take her to the Upper West Side. She was so anxious to get away she didn't even bother to haggle a price. He tossed his cigarette and opened the door for her.

They were in motion before Stuart had exited the restaurant. She breathed a sigh of relief, sinking back against the firm leather seat, and burst into tears.

The driver looked at her in the mirror a few times, and after a few minutes, as the storm of her tears had begun to subside, he asked if she was alright. She caught her breath, laughing ruefully as she sniffled, and told him that she would be.

With one hand he passed back to her a box of tissues. She took them gratefully and cleaned up her face, delicately blowing her nose.

"Man trouble?" He asked, a little sympathetic grin on his face.

"Is there any other kind?" She asked. He laughed out loud.

Her mobile phone began to ring inside her little purse. She knew who it was, and ignored it. After a moment, it chimed a notification of a text message. Against her better judgment, she took the phone from her bag and read it.


Lucy sighed. There was no way she could talk to him right now. He'd somehow get into her head with that voice of his. She decided to text back.



'I bet you do.' She thought angrily. She just kept seeing the sneering face of that awful woman.



Her phone rang again. Stuart was trying to call. She hit "ignore". After a moment, he sent another text.

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