tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBree's New Life Ch. 02

Bree's New Life Ch. 02


Her owner led her into the living room. There were about a dozen men sitting around, obviously waiting for her. Alex pushed her into the room and stripped off her corset, leaving her in just her thigh highs and heels, her big fake tits bouncing. He bent her over the couch and slammed his cock into her wet cunt and another man shoved his cock in her mouth. She got used from both ends, skewered on two cocks pumping away in her holes, fucking her hard. It was Bree's first threesome. More cum sprayed all over her face while Alex slid out of her pussy and bit by bit pushed his way into her ass, using cum as lubrication. Once his cock was deep inside her asshole, he started slowly grinding in and out, making Bree squirm and scream -- she really was an ass virgin.

"Shut up Slut! You're going to take my dick up your ass and more than that." He started pounding away on her puckerhole, not caring if it hurt her. He put her on her knees and another man slid under her, finding her empty cunt with his hard dick. Every time Alex pounded into her ass, he forced her body down onto the cock in her pussy. She felt so full with a cock in her ass and pussy -- she'd never been double-penetrated before. Alex came inside her ass, pulled out, and told her to lick her ass off his cock and clean it up. She sucked her own ass juice and cum off his cock. Her now-gaping asshole was immediately filled with another cock. She couldn't believe the way all these strangers were taking turns fucking her holes. It was her first gangbang -- a night of firsts. More cum spurted into her ass and pussy. She was told to stand up just so they could see all the white jizz drip out of her holes.

For the next two hours, Bree was used and gangbanged until every inch of her body was covered in sticky cum. The couch under her was soaked with cum, sweat, and spit and she lay in the pool of the nasty mixture. At least 12 men had filled each of her holes, fucking her mouth, her cunt, her ass, often all at once. Whenever a cock would slam into her cunt, leftover cum would spurt out on the sides. They slapped her face, slapped her ass, and told her over and over how nasty she was for fucking all this cock at once, that she was a dirty fucktoy, a nasty fuck slut.

Toward the end of the gangbang, Alex grabbed her hair, now sticky and hard with dried and fresh cum, and asked her what she was.

"I'm a slut, a cheap whore, nothing more than a slutty fucktoy," she moaned.

"Damn right you are, Whore. Now get the fuck off me you god damned fucking cum drinking slut!" He harshly pushed her back into the pool of cum on the couch, spit on her face, and left her alone in the room.

Bree curled her aching body up into a ball on the disgusting cum-soaked couch and just stared at the wall on the verge of tears. At that moment, Leo, "the boss", walked in the room.

"Ah, my newest girl. There, there, didn't you enjoy getting abused by all that cock? Didn't all that attention from all those men feel good? I thought for sure you'd like it." Leo pretended sympathy while eyeing her naked cum covered body clothed in only the ripped and stained thigh high stockings.

"I'm n-not sure," Bree stammered. "I've never been gangbanged before. Or even had a threesome before tonight! And I ... I'm ashamed."

Leo smiled. "Well, you should be ashamed. Getting fucked and gangbanged is the only thing you're good for, my little slut. You are 3 holes to men, nothing more. Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Actually, yes. I loved feeling used and all my holes getting filled with cock and cum. I think I might actually like becoming a slut."

"Ah, but you already are a slut. I know all your life you've been waiting to be used for your real purpose. I'm glad I can help you. Now, suck my cock slut. This is just how I like my whores ... nasty left-overs covered in dozens of men's cum."

And Leo fucked Bree's face, slamming her head down onto his cock until she gagged and moaned while looking him in the eye the entire time, her beautiful face sticky with dried cum and her make-up running. Then he laid her back on the couch, shoved her legs up over her head, and fucked her used, gaping pussy and ass, playing between the two holes, until he sprayed his cum all over her body, mixing his cum with the rest.

"Don't shower tonight Bree. I want you to wake up in the morning and immediately remember what a dirty whore you are."

Bree found her bedroom on her own and had she wanted to disobey and shower, she didn't even know where a shower was. Plus she was terrified of disobeying. So she followed Leo's orders and slipped between her previously clean sheets. As she fell asleep, she heard someone lock her bedroom door from the outside. And even in her dreams she couldn't escape getting fucked.

In the morning, she at first woke up thinking it was all just a bad dream. But then she felt the cum dried hard in her hair and all over her body and the cum that was still wet and dripping out of her sore cunt and ass. And Bree remembered how she was now a prostitute, fucking anyone who wanted her. And she smiled and started played with her clit with her fingers. At that moment, she remembered how she never even got dinner last night. But she didn't go to bed hungry thanks to all that cum she swallowed. She was just realizing how much being a whore turned her on.

Rolling onto her side, she saw a huge dildo on the nightstand. She couldn't resist. She slid the giant dildo into her pussy and was a little embarrassed to find that her pussy didn't give much resistance to the fat rubbery toy. She was loose and used. She fucked her cunt with the dildo, making herself cum several times.

Right at 9am, a plasma tv in the room switched on and she discovered she'd been videotaped during her gangbang the night before. She watched as each of the dozen men fucked one of her holes, then came back for more and to try another hole or two. Some text running on the screen told her that this video was now on the internet, and millions of men would now be wanking off to her behaving like a slut. Basically it was blackmail ... if she still had thoughts of escaping, she would never be able to face her family again. At this moment she fully accepted her new position as a private club's sex slave and was looking forward to more.

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