tagLoving WivesBrenda and David

Brenda and David

byJust Plain Bob©

It is always a blow to your ego when you find out that your wife is fucking another man. Once you get past the, "Unfaithful fucking whore" and the I'll kill the mother fucker" stage you are left with all the questions of why. What did I do or not do that made her do what she did? What was I lacking? What did he have that I didn't? More energy and staying power? A bigger dick? A longer and more talented tongue? Maybe she just didn't like me any more or maybe I had a bad case of body odor. I didn't know and I wasn't going to ask. I did not intend to let Brenda know that I knew, at least not until I was ready and had all my ducks lined up in a row.


I would guess that it started when Brenda and I went up to Vail to spend a weekend at the resort to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. Saturday night we went out for drinks and dancing and on the way into the club I tripped and twisted my ankle. I hobbled to our table and sat down and ordered drinks, but obviously, at least for me, dancing was out.

Brenda sat at the table and watched the dance floor and her body swayed in time to the music. After we had been there an hour a young man came over from where he had been sitting at the bar and asked Brenda if she would like to dance. She looked at me and I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself. The two of them went out on the floor and stayed there until the end of the set. When the band took there break Brenda brought the young man back to the table, introduced me to David and then she asked him to join us. David and Brenda danced several more times that night and I noticed that on some of the slow numbers that they danced real close to each other, but I didn't think anything of it; why should I, I was right there.

The next day I left Brenda at the pool and I drove over to the clinic at Avon and had the ankle looked at. They x-rayed it and found nothing broken and then wrapped it in an Ace bandage. When I got back from the clinic I went out to the pool and saw David rubbing sun tan lotion on Brenda's back and legs. Again, I didn't think anything about it at the time.

The weekend over we headed on home and on Monday it was back to the old grindstone for me. When you own your own business there isn't a lot of free time. You put in a lot of hours to try and make the business go and grow and I'm afraid that I left Brenda at home a lot. She never complained and while I did spend a lot of time at work I never neglected her. I made sure that our love life didn't go stale. I made love to her four or five times a week and I made sure that she knew that she was special to me.


It was two weeks after our weekend in Vail. I was busy at the office when all the power went out. I called the electric company and found out that a truck had hit a pole and the wires were down and the transformer had shorted out. I was told that it would be several hours before power was restored so I locked the place up and headed on home.

I hadn't taken two steps into the house when I heard Brenda moaning from the direction of the bedroom. It wasn't a 'hurt' type moan, but a sexual one. Thinking that she was working on her self with either her fingers or one of her 'toy's I smiled and headed for the room and then stopped dead in my tracks as I saw a mans trousers and a mans pair of shoes on the kitchen floor. A few feet away I saw Brenda's nightgown on the floor. I took several cautious steps down the hall toward the bedroom and I heard Brenda moan again.

"I'll be your slut baby. I'll do anything you want, whenever you want, just keep fucking me like you did the first time."

"Oh I will sweet stuff, but you have to help me get it up again."

"Bring it here lover."

Anger was building up in me, but I have never been one to act rashly and I decided to see if I couldn't find out more of what was happening before doing anything. I quietly moved back the way I had come and went out into the garage. I got an inspection mirror from my toolbox and headed back toward the bedroom. I got down on my knees and slid the mirror past the doorframe and in it I saw that Brenda and the man were facing away from the door. I got up and quickly moved to the spare bedroom which was just across the hall from the master bedroom. I slipped inside and left the door opened just a crack so I could see across the hall.

Brenda was on her knees sucking her lover's cock while one had cupped and caressed his balls. The man's hands were kneading Brenda's tits and tweaking her nipples. Brenda's nipples are very sensitive and she moaned again, pulled her mouth off the man and got on the bed. She spread her legs, pulled her knees back as far as they would go and opened herself up for him.

"Come on lover, fuck me again. Please baby, hurry, I need it."

The man moved to get between Brenda's legs and for the first time I saw that it was David.

"Come on baby, hurry" moaned Brenda and David moved forward. Brenda grabbed his cock and guided it in to her and I heard her grunt as David drove his cock home. Then he fucked her. He slammed into her hard and fast and Brenda's screams rang through the house. It seemed the more noise Brenda made the more vocal David became.

"Like it bitch? Like my cock ramming your pussy? Tell me you are my slut. Tell me that you are going to let me fuck you from now on. Come on you unfaithful whore; tell me whose bitch you are."

Brenda moaned, cried and answered him, "Oh god, I love it. Fuck me, fuck me harder. I'm yours lover, whenever you want me I'm yours. I'm your bitch, I'm yours, oh god yes, fuck me."

It was almost ten minutes before David announced that he was cumming and Brenda cried out, "Pull out, pull out baby, don't cum in me, don't get me pregnant."

David pulled out and spit his load all over Brenda's stomach. I watched as she scooped some up with her fingers and then licked them. "Damn lover, you taste good. I should have had you cum in my mouth."

"Next time you delicious little slut. God but you are good pussy."

"You are pretty good yourself. I knew you would be great. I wanted to sneak off and fuck you when we were in Vail, but couldn't."

"That's okay baby, we've found each other now and I'm looking forward to a long, long relationship."

"Can you get it up again?"

"Can you help?"

I watched the two of them go at it for another hour and a half as I plotted my revenge. I almost lost it when David got Brenda on her knees, lubed himself up with KY and then took her anal cherry. That was something that she had always refused to let me do and it took all my will power to make me stay where I was and continue watching. After David had cum in her ass Brenda got up and said she was going to shower before they did any more. David said he would join her and as soon as they were in the bathroom I quietly left the house and went back to my office.


The power was back on when I got back to my office and I sat down at my desk and started to make a list of things that I was going to have to do to make sure that I came out of the divorce without Brenda raping financially. For the time being the target of my wrath was going to be David. I called and made an appointment with a private detective and luckily he was able to get me in the same day. I gave him what information I had and a key to my house and then signed a form giving him permission to wire the house for video and sound.

That night when I got home Brenda was all lovey-dovey and when we went to bed she immediately went after my cock. She sucked it for a while and then we made love and then she played with it and sucked it some more until it was hard again and then she surprised me.

"Can I ask you something honey?"


"I know I've always said no before, but I'm curious. I want to see what anal sex is like. Would you like to do me there?"

"You sure about that?"

"I'm sure that I want to try. I'm not at all that sure that I'll like it, but I do want to try."

"Why now, after all these years?"

"You won't laugh?"

"No, I won't laugh."

"I was reading in Cosmo about things that could put some zing back in your sex life and one of the things it said to do was to take a chance and do something that you have always been leery of trying."

"You saying that our sex life needs some zing?"

"I don't know. What do you think? The frequency is there, but where did the passion go?"

"Okay baby, if that's what you want."

I already knew that she liked having her butt fucked since I had watched and listened as she went crazy when David stuffed his dick up her poop chute. Still, I almost broke out laughing when she told me to go easy since it was her first time. I did take it slow and easy until she started pushing her ass back at me and moaning for me to make her cum. The result was that anal sex became a regular part of our sexual repertoire.


A week went by and I got a call to go and see the detective. He gave me his report and a box full of audio and video tapes and told me that I had more than enough to go with. Then I gave him another job and he said it would take him about a week.

I was having a hard time figuring it out. On the surface Brenda was as loving and devoted a wife as she had ever been and I'm not sure what David was doing to cause it, but she was more passionate and demanding in bed. I was having some of the best sex of my life and had I not come home and seen her infidelity with my own eyes I would have never believed it possible. But that changed nothing. She had betrayed me and was still betraying me three and four days a week while I was at work busting my ass.

The detective called me and told me that he had what I was looking for. It was everything that there was to know about David. Where he worked, what kind of car he drove, where he went when he wasn't at work or fucking my wife, everything that could be found out about him in a week. I took the report and headed back to my office. I had several friends who owed me favors and I made some phone calls and lined up some help.


David's car was an old beater and the only insurance that he had on it was the state mandated liability insurance so one night when he got off work and found all four tires slashed he had to foot the replacement bill himself. Two nights later it wouldn't start and he had to have towed in to a shop where they discovered that some one had filled his gas tank with sugar.

Next, several of my friends went into the store where David worked and bought several hundred dollars worth of merchandise. David's boss received an anonymous phone call that David was seen carrying stuff out of the back door of the store and putting it in his car. The boss went and looked, asked David for an explanation and all David could say was that he knew nothing about it. He was fired for theft.

He found a job working in a warehouse and the police got an anonymous phone call that David was selling drugs out of his locker at work. The police showed up with a warrant to search the premises and a sniffer dog that indicated that there was something in David's locker. When it was opened they found a little over six ounces of marijuana, enough to charge him with possession with intent to sell. His father went his bail, but two days later the police got another tip and they pulled David over and found seven ounces of weed in the trunk of his car. That time his father wouldn't go his bail.

I was sitting in the front row in the courtroom on the day he was sentenced for a year and a day and when he saw me I smiled at him and he suddenly knew why his life had turned to shit. Apparently Brenda went to see him during visiting hours and he told her about my being in court and how I had smiled at him. I could see her looking at me from time to time as if wondering when I'm going to drop the bomb on her.


Brenda still plays the part of the loving wife and some times she even seems frantic in her desire to please me and I just coast along not giving any indication that I know what she did.

Meanwhile I am quietly moving assets and making the arrangements necessary to see that she comes out of the divorce penniless and with a totally destroyed reputation. Until then I treat her like the loving wife that she hopes that I still think she is. The sex is fantastic and I'm going to miss it when she's gone, but that may not be for a little while yet. I am a very patient man and I will wait to lower the boom on her until every t is crossed and I have dotted every i.

Right now I am working on a little scenario that I'm hoping that I can make work. What I want to do is take a drive with Brenda one day and end up in front of the prison just as David is released. I'll put Brenda out of the car and a pre-positioned man will serve her with the divorce papers as I drive off and leave her there with her lover. It will take some work and some very good timing, but I'm making progress and I do have my hopes.

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Another incomplete one

Maybe someone will pick this one up and make the job you didnt.

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Go out to the garage, get a piece of pipe, go back and bust in on them and beat the fucker senseless and tell her she's got 20 minutes to pack and get out!

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