tagFetishBrenda and Eddie Ch. 01

Brenda and Eddie Ch. 01


I sat in the outer office of the Norman Creed, our company comptroller, and waited for him to finish with his prior meeting. He had called me here late Friday afternoon, just as I was leaving my office, and I was anxious to get home. My wife and I had a romantic getaway weekend planned, and the drive was going to take a few hours. I was more than ready to get packed, get a bite to eat, and maybe get in a quickie before we left. With each passing minute it looked like the quickie was going to have to wait.

I had been the division manager at Electrocorp for the past five years, having moved into the company after being a lead consultant on the company's last expansion project. Electrocorp wasn't a major company, but it had a solid niche as a provider of specialty electronic devices to manufacturing businesses worldwide. It was a good job with good pay, and while Electrocorp was the biggest employer for five or six counties in every direction, it didn't exactly make me a "captain of industry."

I was comfortable with my situation. I had good prospects, too. Most of my peers considered me the logical person to replace the Vice President of Finance if he became CEO when our current CEO retired in a couple of years. It all seemed like a pretty good deal, only a few more years and I'd be on the corporate team, eligible for the big options and stock bonuses that the company officers all received.

But my wife Brenda was getting impatient with the pace of my rise in the company, she wanted to enjoy the lifestyle of an executive sooner rather than later. She kept urging me to be more aggressive in seeking out promotions and opportunities to move more rapidly. Mostly I think she wanted me to make enough money to quit her job and still maintain, or even expand, our affluent lifestyle. I tried to convince her that patience and a laid-back approach would work better than aggression with the executive team at Electrocorp, but she was starting to get on my case about not being motivated enough. She had grown up in this area of the country, and I think a large part of her motivation was to join the "upper tier" of society in the country club set. Her family had always teetered on the edge of poverty, and she wasn't going to be content until she made it all the way to the top.

She had always been more driven then I was, in every aspect of our lives. We met when I was the lead consultant designing a new product line for Electrocorp. I lived in Boston, where I had grown up, and commuted by plane every week to Middle America to lead this job. It sounded a lot more glamorous than it really is, and it was really a lot more hard work than I was interested in at that point in my life.

Brenda was a junior staff accountant, a product of the regional community college accounting program. She was still fairly new to the company herself, and our consulting assignment required a lot of her assistance as we put together different financial scenarios. Brenda is a strikingly beautiful, lean, tall redhead with copper colored hair to the middle of her back and killer legs. I've always been a leg and foot guy, a bit of a fetishist actually, and Brenda was any leg man's ultimate dream.

When we first got to know each other, though, Brenda was always "all business". She seemed to wear her modest diamond engagement ring and dark framed reading glasses as a shield against guys like me, or so I thought. And I was trying to decide between two other women at the time—one local and one in my hometown. I wasn't really looking for additional complications in my life. I figured Brenda would always remain an object of hot fantasies, but nothing more.

The night our relationship started the two of us were working very late, as we often had. It was in the same office that now belonged to the comptroller. At the time it was vacant and we had it set up as the consulting team headquarters. I remember her leaning over the desk looking for some papers...dressed in a blue business suit with a white satin blouse and matching white pantyhose. She had taken her shoes off and was stretching up on tiptoes to get a stack of papers from the other side of the desk. My gaze drifted down her legs and my mind was set to wandering, imagining what it would be like to suck on her pretty toes and lick my way up those killer legs. Her stocking covered feet were driving me nuts.

I usually stopped myself in these little reveries before they had any effect, or before I was caught, but this time I guess I was tired because I let myself fantasize long enough to grow an erection in my pants. Since I wore boxers under my silk suit, there was little I could do to cover up without making it more obvious, so I just hoped she wouldn't notice. Not that I had much to notice...fully erect my cock is only three inches if measured generously, and my balls are small as well.

Just so you don't get the wrong impression, my package is the only undersized part of my body. I'm 6'2" and very muscular. Maybe I was psychologically overcompensating for having a small prick, but I spent most of my youth focused on athletics and body building, including liberal use of steroids. I had a dream of being in the NFL, and at one time that dream looked like it might be in reach. I started on a big name college football team as a defensive end, and I had both knees blown out in a career ending injury on a illegal chop block in my last bowl game. After a good number of only somewhat successful surgeries, I knew I'd never have the speed or agility that would have made me a strong late-round draft pick, so I went off the steroids and decided to focus on a less intensive career where my good looks and easy-going personality would serve me well. I'm considered a very handsome man, and at one point I had some agents talking to me about getting me cast in a superhero role in a movie, but those things never really panned out.

I thought Brenda probably hadn't noticed my little tent in my pants, because she took the stack of papers she was reaching for and sat down with them on the chair opposite mine. She seemed to be paying no attention to me at all, flipping through the large stack of papers. I went back to my work, glancing up at her occasionally to see what I could see.

She seemed to be having a hard time finding a comfortable position in the overstuffed blue leather armchair, because she continuously folded and unfolded her legs, and shifted from one position to another, all the while never lifting her gaze from her paperwork. Finally she seemed to settle on a position where she was slightly slumped in the chair, with her legs straight out in front of her, the soles of her pretty feet pointed straight at me. This position hiked her skirt slightly up on her thighs, so I had a better view of her legs and feet than I had all night. The effect was immediate. My erection, which I had hoped would subside, grew to throb and twitch under my pants. I was captivated looking at her, and wasn't getting any work done at all.

Then she did me in...she started alternately flexing, stretching and arching one foot, then the other. I found that couldn't shift my gaze, even if I had wanted to, and I began to fear that my cock would start to leak pre-cum with all the visual stimulation I was getting. At one point I think my mouth had fallen open and I was unconsciously working my tongue against the roof of my mouth imagining sucking those darling little toes. It was at that point she spoke, jarring me out of my reverie.

"Eddie, I'm sorry, I seem to be...distracting you...making it hard for you...to work." She was looking me straight in the eyes, and I'm afraid at this point I was blushing hotly, as much from arousal as from embarrassment. "I'll put my shoes back on...."

"No!" I blurted out with too much enthusiasm..."I mean, no...you don't have too, I was just thinking about the project...I mean I was kind of absently...I'm sorry if I seemed too...." I had no idea where I was going with what I was saying, but my eyes drifted away from hers and back down to her legs.

"Oh," she said, sounding a bit disappointed, "I thought maybe I was distracting you by stretching my feet and toes. Spending the whole day in those high heeled pumps can just make them ache." She set her papers and eyeglasses aside and bent over at the waist, slowly running her hands down her legs to her feet. After rubbing both feet she grasped her left foot in both hands and brought it up to her thigh to massage it more seriously. This spread her legs further and hiked up her skirt even more, and I could nearly see up all the way to her crotch. If the light had only been better....

She looked back at me again..."You're sure this doesn't bother you too much? I know it's not very professional...." I couldn't keep eye contact. My attention was riveted to her legs and feet.

"Umm, yes, I mean, no, it's not too much." I usually was much smoother and in control, but she had me worked up and I wasn't able to keep myself composed.

"Could you do me a favor?" she asked innocently.


"Let me know if I'm being presumptuous, but I think I'm getting to know you better with all this work we're doing together. You're an athlete and all, and you have such nice hands. Are you any good at massage?"

"Well no, it's not presumptuous...I've actually taken massage classes, and my girlfriends have all said I have a good touch" I said hopefully.

She folded her knees up to her chest and starting rubbing both feet. "These new shoes are killing me...would you mind giving me a foot rub, and maybe massage my calves a bit? I'm afraid I can't work too much longer tonight without some relief."

"No! errr, Yes...." I was dumbstruck. "It's no problem at all. I'd love to give you a foot job...rub! Foot rub. Sure, no problem." I was trying to keep my act together, but it wasn't really working.

She was giggling at my verbal miscue. "Well slide over then...this chair isn't going anywhere."

I wheeled my task chair over toward her, and as I did she slid a little farther down in her chair, pushing the hem of her skirt up almost to the tops of her thighs. She extended her feet toward me and I parked myself at a distance where she could rest her heels on my thighs.

She closed her eyes and sighed as I took one graceful perfect foot into my hands and started to kneed out all the pain and the tension. My cock was throbbing away, and since she had her eyes closed I didn't take any action to try to suppress my arousal, focusing all my attention on her gorgeous legs and feet.

I kept working on the first foot, working my strong fingers smoothly up and down, and between her stocking covered toes as best as I could, until I could feel her tension completely evaporate. By the time I finished she was cooing softly.

I moved to the other foot and she responded with a deeply contented sigh. This time I started on her perfectly polished toes, but the pantyhose was too tight and I was having trouble getting my fingers between them properly. I wasn't going to say anything, hoping that I could compensate so that she wouldn't get frustrated and call off the massage. Instead, she opened her eyes and quietly said, "hmm, that's not really working, is it."

I had to confess "No, not really, I think the stockings are tighter for some reason on this side." I was resigned to wrapping it up at that point. She sighed with disappointment and dropped her feet to the floor and began to sit up. I figured she'd probably be calling it a night so she could go home and take a hot bath.

Instead she said, "Well, turn around and promise not to peek and I think I can fix it. It would be no fair for you to give me one marvelous foot job, and leave the other untouched...." She smirked when she intentionally repeated my earlier verbal miscue.

I spun around in my chair and closed my eyes tightly. This situation was going exactly according to fantasy and I didn't want to do anything to mess it up. I heard the rustling of her clothes and the sound of nylon sliding across her porcelain skin, then the sound of the cushion of the big leather chair being compressed as she sat back down.

"Okay, you can turn around now and open your eyes." I spun back around and she was sitting barelegged on the chair, her knees tightly together, her pale skin contrasted against the blue leather of the chair and the dark blue of her skirt. Her white, sheer-to-waist, seamless pantyhose lay in a little pile on top of her high heels, next to the chair. I felt that I had gone to heaven.

She scrunched down in her chair again, more carefully this time, holding the hem of her skirt so that it wouldn't ride up. Keeping both feet together this time she placed her heels gently back onto my thighs. As I looked down to take her foot in my hands and restart the massage I noticed that my pants had drawn tightly around my crotch and my hard-on was clearly outlined in the fabric. Worse, there was a dark wet spot developing with my pre-cum leaking from the tip. I just hoped she wouldn't notice and decide that I was getting too much pleasure from this experienceand call it off. So I tried to position her foot to block her view of my crotch as I massaged it.

Though she was clearly enjoying what I was doing this time she didn't close her eyes. Instead she seemed to be looking at me, watching me as I worked on her marvelous size sevens (I had taken a peek into her shoes earlier in the evening and noted the size).

"You have a great touch...your girlfriends are right. I hope your current girlfriend won't be too jealous, but we are doing this to ensure my productivity, right? There's a legitimate business reason."

"Hmm, mmm," I agreed. I was lost in the pleasure of what I was doing, enrapt by her perfect legs and feet. Neither of my current girlfriends had such marvelous legs, and I think it was at this point that I decided that I couldn't again get involved with any girl whose legs weren't at least as nice as Brenda's. I had been instantly spoiled. I started to make a comment about her fiancé being jealous about what I was doing, but thought better of it. I didn't want her thinking about anything except what I was doing right then, and I certainly didn't want to bring up the subject of her fiancé.

"Well, just keep that up, and I'll be ready to get down to it again when you are done." She closed her eyes and slunk down in her chair a bit more, keeping the hem of her skirt in place and leaving her hands folded in her lap. Without her hose on, she seemed more self conscious about controlling my view up her skirt. I wasn't too disappointed, though, I was in paradise on the far end of her legs.

By the time I finished with her other foot, she had gone from cooing softly to a more audible purr of contentment. "I'll do your calves now, if you still want?" "Oh yes, I want...I certainly do want...."

I moved my hands up the same leg I had just been working on, pushed my chair a little closer to her and lifted her leg slightly to give me better access to her shapely calf. I was hoping that this angle would allow me a peek up her skirt, but she kept that view blocked by pressing her creamy thighs together and holding the front of her skirt down.

I kneaded all the tension out of her muscular calf, then placed it on my thigh to go to work on the other one. Since I had scooted a bit closer to work up her legs, her foot now rested just inches from my over-stimulated, undersized cock. The wet spot had grown significantly, and if the view hadn't been obscured by her foot, she certainly would have seen it.

As I lifted her other leg to reach her calf she seemed to relax a bit, and slide down ever so slightly in to the chair. She opened her eyes and grinned at me. "You have marvelous, strong hands, Eddie. This is so relaxing." Brenda stretched the leg that I was holding and pointed her toes. "That feels so good...."

"Eddie, I have a serious question, and I'd like you to answer honestly" she said, looking me in the eyes.


"Do I have pretty legs? Really, now, don't tell me what you think I want to hear, tell me what you really think. I can take it."

"Oh, my god, Brenda, you have the best legs I've ever seen."

"Really? That's so nice of you to say...its hard for me to judge these things myself."

"Really, truly."

"And what about my feet and toes, Eddie? I try to take good care of them...." She pointed the foot that I was holding again as she said this, and lifted it slightly so that it was just inches from my face. I was having a hard time talking, and an even harder time restraining myself from lifting her foot the last few inches and taking one of her perfect toes into my mouth.

"Perfect...Brenda...your feet and toes are simply, deliciously perfect."

"Mmmm...I'm glad you appreciate them, Eddie." She closed her eyes and stretched her other foot, and curled her toes. This closed the distance between her toes and my crotch, and for an instant her foot was in contact with the damp fabric at the tip of my cock.

"Oh!" she moved her foot aside in surprise and looked down at my crotch. I froze, not knowing what she would think.

"Oh, Eddie...you aren't one of those men who gets excited by a woman's feet and legs are you?" Her words were disdainful, but her tone was almost playful.

"Umm, Brenda...I...I mean....well, yes I guess I am."

"Hmmm. It looks as though you've gotten all hard and wet down there." She moved her foot back toward my crotch, deliberately, but slowly, ever so slowly. I released her calf from my grasp and was devoting all my attention to her foot as it got closer and closer to my engorged member. I really didn't notice that she was lifting her other foot closer to my face. Both made contact at the same moment...the toes of one foot pressing and almost clenching my stiff dick, and the big toe of her other foot pressing against my lips.

I voraciously sucked on the toe that was offered as my cock spurted and twitched with an ejaculation that soaked the front of my pants and rolled my eyes back into my head. I nearly passed out, and when I regained my senses I found that I was still hungrily sucking on Brenda's perfect little toes, though she had stopped grinding her foot into my crotch.

"Well," her tone was insistent, almost demanding now, "I've taken care of your problem. I think you need to see to mine."

She took her foot from my mouth and put it on the carpet in front of the chair. Then she took the other foot from my thigh and put it next to the other. She grinned an evil grin and started to ever so slowly slide her hips forward in the chair and spread her legs. Her hands, which had previously held the hem of her skirt down, now made sure that the skirt slid up her thighs, so that by the time her hips reached the edge of the cushion, her gorgeous, wet pussy came into full view. She had a neatly trimmed bush of the same fiery red color as the hair on her head. Her labia, thick and meaty and pendant, were swollen and parted, and her clit was just starting to peek out of its hood.

I started to rise and undo my belt...my cock was back at full erection and I thought that Brenda wanted to fuck. She stopped me.

"Keep your pants on, buster...I'm not interested in having that thing inside of me.... Now put those talented lips to work on my cunt." I immediately sank to my knees, parted her pubes with my fingers, and pressed my lips against hers. She shuddered as I traced my tongue from her perineum to her clit, and by the time I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, Brenda erupted in a loud throaty, guttural orgasm. I was very glad we were the only ones in the building that late at night.

She grabbed my hair with both hands and held my head between her thighs, pressing her hips so hard forward against my mouth that at times I thought I would suffocate. She didn't release me until she had guided me to three more gushing orgasms, each louder and wetter than the last. My face, my shirt, the chair cushion, and the carpet in front of chair were all sopping with her copious pussy juice. She pushed my head back and stood up, straightening her skirt and pulling down the hem.

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