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Brenda Becomes a Stripper


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Brenda Becomes a Stripper

Brenda Taylor nervously eyed the strip club from outside the gas station next door. She was a freshman in her second semester of college, and needed some extra money. She had heard persistent rumors about other coeds making four or five hundred bucks a night stripping. Since she was in decent shape, and never had a problem getting a nice looking guy, she figured she'd give it a shot. Brenda was too embarrassed to go to one of the clubs near campus though, so she had come to Katz on the other side of town.

The strip club held an amateur night the second Friday of every month. Brenda got a few tips on dancing online, and now she was here. She took a deep breath, and headed for Katz.

Brenda was five-foot-five, and weighed a hundred and twenty-five pounds. She had shoulder length brown hair. At the moment she was wearing a pair of khaki's, a tight t-shirt, and a short jacket. She had her dancing outfit in her backpack.

There were about six or seven cars in the front parking lot, along with a couple of motorcycles. There were a few more cars in the back she couldn't really see.

Just inside the door was a muscular guy that looked to be in his thirties. He was wearing jeans, and a black t-shirt with the name of the strip club on the left. In spite of his muscular arms, he had a noticeable beer belly.

"You here to dance?" he asked her as he checked her out.

"Yeah," Brenda replied nervously.

He checked her out again, letting his eyes linger over her butt, and C-cup breasts. "Cool," he finally replied. "You got some ID?"

"Oh yeah," Brenda answered, reaching into her backpack for her driver's license. When she looked back up he was staring at her chest.

"Okay, go around back and tell them you're here to dance," he told her. "We'll give you your license back after we make a copy for our records."

"Okay," Brenda answered, turning to walk back outside.

There were two cars in the side parking lot, and a few more in the back. There were also two motorcycles parked near the back of the building, and a pair of bikers. One of them was leaning against the building, while the other was standing closer to the bikes, smoking. Both were wearing black leather vests, with an assortment of patches on them.

"Hey," the one leaning against the building said as he eyed her. "You here to dance?"

He was about six foot, and muscular, with long blond hair and several tattoos on his arms.

"Yeah," Brenda replied nervously, aware that she was behind a strip club, alone with two bikers.

"Cool, I'll get you set up," he said.

Brenda followed him inside, and into a small office. A slightly overweight woman that looked close to thirty was sitting behind the lone desk.

"Got one for amateur night," the biker told her as he sat down in a chair off to the side.

"Hey sweety, I'm Michelle," the woman said, waving to the chair in front of the desk. "Come on in and have seat."

"Brenda," she replied, sitting down.

"Okay, first question, have you ever stripped on stage before?" Michelle asked her.

"No," Brenda answered.

"Well, to start with, we need you to sign this release."

Brenda took the clip board, and began scanning the paper on it.

"You at State?" the biker asked as she read.

"Yeah," Brenda answered absently.

"Well, you look hot," he added with a smile. "You should make a bundle."

Brenda smiled back at him, but didn't say anything. He was pretty cute himself, in a tough-guy sort-of-way.

The release just said that Brenda wasn't a professional exotic dancer, and wouldn't hold Katz or its representatives liable for any injuries. Brenda scrawled her signature on the bottom, and passed the clipboard back to Michelle.

"You get four minutes on stage," Michelle told her. "You don't have to go completely nude, but if you do, you'll get better tips. You can touch the customers, but they can't touch you except to put tips in your garter or panties."

"If they do, just let one of us know," the biker interjected. "We'll take care of him."

"Okay," Brenda replied to Michelle, nodding towards the biker.

"Oh, what name do you want to dance with?" Michelle asked her.

"What?" Brenda asked in confusion.

"Most chicks don't use their real names," the biker told her with an amused smile. "They use stage names."

"Oh, um . . ." Brenda responded, trying to think of a name.

"How about Krystal?" he suggested, grinning.

"Okay," Brenda replied with a slight smile.

"Krystal it is," Michelle said from behind the desk. "I'll make sure the DJ knows."

"And I'll take you to the dressing room," the biker said as he climbed to his feet.

"Thanks," Brenda replied as she stood up.

"I'm Hawk," he told her as they walked out the door, and down the hallway. "I'm a bouncer here."

"Brenda," she replied, although he already knew her name.

"Somebody will be around to let you know when you're up. It should be about half-an-hour," Hawk told her as they stopped a couple of doors down.

"Okay," Brenda answered with a nod.

"Good luck," he said, smiling down at her. He opened the door to a dressing room.

"Thanks," she replied, walking in.

The dressing room had a long counter along one wall, with a mirror above it. The other side had a long closet, with several partitions dividing it. There were half-a-dozen chairs spread out in front of the counter, and a door in the back that probably led to a bathroom.

Two of the chairs already occupied. The two women glanced at her. One nodded at her, and the other just looked away. Several minutes later, another woman came in. Over the next twenty minutes, two more joined them.

Brenda changed into her costume, which consisted of a pair of cut off jean short-shorts, and a bikini top. She had a smaller bikini top under that one, and a tiny thong under her shorts. The cut-offs displayed the bottom third of her butt. She also had a pair of black sandals with four inch heels to wear.

When Brenda stepped out of the dressing room to go on, she found Hawk in the hallway waiting for her.

"Damn," he said as he eyed her.

Brenda was about to strip naked on stage in front of a bunch of strangers. Still, she was nervous in front of just one guy, even if he was cute.

"This is for you," Hawk said, holding up a five dollar bill.

"Thanks," Brenda responded. She held her breath as he stepped forward, and slid it into the front pocket of her cut-offs.

About thirty seconds later—although it seemed like much longer—the DJ announced her stage name, Krystal. Brenda strutted out on stage to the beat of the music, and began dancing. There were about thirty people in the audience, mostly men. She also noticed Hawk and a couple more bikers looking on.

After a dancing around a bit, Brenda pulled off her first bikini top. About thirty seconds later she pulled down her cut-offs. Then she took off her smaller bikini top, revealing her C-cup breasts.

Brenda gave Hawk a wink as she danced. She also decided not to go completely nude. When she finished, she gathered up her tips and clothes, and scampered backstage.

She went back to the dressing room, and started putting her street clothes back on. There were four women there. Three of them had already gotten dressed, and the other was waiting to go on.

Once Brenda was dressed, she began counting her tips. She only had eighty-three dollars, not including the five that Hawk had given her. She had hoped for more, but it was pretty good for just four minutes, especially since she had had fun.

When Brenda went to leave, she ran into Hawk in the hallway.

"Hey, we usually don't do this for first timers, but if you want to hang out awhile, I'll get you back on stage," he told her with a smile.

"Okay," Brenda answered, flashing him a quick smile in return. "Thanks."

"Oh, and go put your cut-offs and bikini top back on, for me," he told her. "Most of the dancers hang out with the customers between dances anyway."

"Sure," Brenda answered, slightly confused.

In spite of her confusion, Brenda went back into the dressing room, and changed back into her cut-offs, bigger of her two bikini tops, and four inch heels. Before she finished, another dancer came in, carrying a small bag.

"Hey, I'm Jasmine. Hawk sent me in here to help you out a bit," she told her. "I know just what he likes."

"Um, okay," Brenda replied in confusion.

First Jasmine put some more make-up on her, and spent a couple of minutes on her hair. Then she pulled out a handful of black plastic bangle bracelets, and slid a stack onto each of her wrists. Next she pulled out a black leather collar covered with rhinestones. It was maybe an inch wide, with a small leash ring on the front.

"Hawk loves chokers," Jasmine explained a she buckled it around Brenda's neck.

"Cool," Brenda answered noncommittally.

"Sexy," Jasmine said with a smile as they both looked into the mirror.

"Thanks," Brenda replied, unconvinced.

Personally, she thought she looked a bit slutty. Then again, she was in a strip club. She did like the feel of the choker though.

Jasmine and Brenda went back out into the hallway, and found Hawk. He thanked Jasmine, who quickly disappeared, leaving Brenda alone with him again.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," Hawk said as he slowly eyed her.

"Thanks," Brenda replied, blushing with embarrassment.

Brenda spent the next hour or so sitting with Hawk, another pair of bikers, and Jasmine out in the audience. Between getting Hawk, Matt, and Jake more beer, Brenda also watched the different dancers, for ideas. She was enjoying herself quit a bit as well.

Finally Brenda got on stage again, for a bigger crowd. This time she stripped completely naked, except for her heels, bracelets, and collar. She earned nearly two hundred dollars this time. When she finished, Hawk was in the dressing room waiting for her.

"Great job, sexy," he told her as she held her clothes in front of her as best she could.

"Thanks," she answered with a smile.

"You got any classes tomorrow?" he asked her, his feet up on the counter.

"No," she replied.

"Good. Be here a little before lunch. I'll have someone practice with you a while, then we'll put you on again," he told her.

"Um, okay," Brenda replied hesitantly.

"Great," he said with a nod. "Oh, here's my number," he added, pulling out his cellphone.

"Cool," she replied with her own smile as she got her own cell phone out of her backpack.

Brenda was punching his number into her phone she realized she had dropped her clothes, and was standing in front of him, naked except for her heels, bangles, and collar. Needless to say, Hawk was staring at her.

"Here's mine," she said, blushing as she gave him her number.

"Thanks," he replied with a smile, still eying her.

Brenda quickly reached for her panties, and slid them up her legs.

"Keep the bracelets and collar," Hawk told her as she pulled her top back on.

"Okay," she agreed.

"See you tomorrow."

"I'll be here," Brenda responded, pulling her khaki's back up her legs.

Smiling, Brenda finished getting dressed, and headed for her car behind the gas station. As she drove back to her apartment, she almost wished Hawk hadn't left the dressing room so soon. She didn't take off the collar until she pulled into her parking space.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Brenda arrived back at Katz Saturday morning about eleven. She was wearing a flippy denim miniskirt that came to mid-thigh, tshirt, flip-flops, and the bangle bracelets Jasmine had given her the night before. Her dancing outfit was in her backpack. This time she parked behind the strip club. Hawk was there waiting for her, next to his bike.

"Hey sexy," he greeted her with a smile. "Where's the collar?"

"In my bag," Brenda replied quizzically, gesturing with her backpack. She was a little miffed at the tone of the question.

"Well go ahead and put in on for me," he told her.

"Okay," Brenda responded, somewhat confused by the request.

She reached into her backpack, and pulled out the black leather rhinestone covered collar. Then she flashed Hawk a smile as she wrapped it around her throat, and buckled it behind her neck.

"Happy?" she asked him with a smile, raising her chin so he could get a good look.

"Very," he replied with his own smile as he stepped towards her. He snaked his hand behind her neck, pulled her in close, and gave her hard kiss.

Brenda gasped when he let her go.

"I want this on you every time I see you, understand?" he told her, still holding her neck.

"Sure, baby," Brenda responded with a forced smile.

"Great," he said with his own smile. "Let's go."

Brenda followed him inside, and went into the dressing room. When she came out a couple of minutes later she was wearing her cut-offs, bikini tops, four inch heels, bracelets, and collar. She found Hawk out in the main room, along with a couple of other people.

Hawk had a red-headed dancer named Fyre give her some pointers while she practiced a while. While the club was technically open, there were only Hawk, a couple of guys in the audience watching her, along with a bartender, and Jasmine.

Fyre got on stage with her, and walked her through some moves. Jasmine also offered her some advice.

Before long, a few more customers began coming in. Hawk let her keep practicing for a bit longer, while he collected her tips. Then he had her get down off-stage, and start waitressing; still wearing her heels, cut-offs, bikini top, choker and bracelets. Brenda spent the next couple of hours serving drinks, and hanging out with various customers. She earned nearly forty bucks. Finally, Hawk had her get back on stage again, and try out her new routine.

Brenda went completely nude again, except for her choker, bangles, and heels. In spite of the smaller crowd than the night before, she made a little over a hundred dollars this time.

"You need something else to wear," Hawk told her after she finished dancing.

"Um, okay," Brenda answered tentatively.

"I'll take you to get some," he informed her. "You ever ride a Harley?" he asked her as he led her out back.

"Nope," she replied with a nervous smile.

"Should I change first?" Brenda asked, waving her hands down her body. Currently she was still wearing her cut-offs, bikini top, heels, collar and bracelets. She had assumed she would be hanging out with the customers again.

"Na, you look sexy just the way you are," Hawk told her.

"Okay," Brenda replied with a nervous smile.

"Just make sure you hold on to me," Hawk responded. "Tight."

"Okay," Brenda answered as she checked out the gunmetal gray and chrome Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Hawk produced a black helmet, and helped her put it on. Brenda climbed onto the bike, and wrapped her arms around Hawk's waist as he started the engine. She grinned as the vibrations from the engine hit her pussy.

Brenda didn't normally wear cut-offs and a bikini top in public. She definitely didn't wear them on the back of a motorcycle, as this was her first time riding one. She also had never worn a collar before. As she rode, she squeezed Hawk tight, and kept her head buried in the back of of Hawk's jacket.

Less than ten minutes later, they arrived at a sex store. There were four cars in the parking lot. Now there was no way she could hide. She pulled off her helmet, and handed it to Hawk. A moment later took his hand, and they went into the store.

Needless to say, a woman in super-short cut-offs, a bikini top, heels, and a collar walking into a sex store attracted some attention. Brenda glanced around at the few men in the store that were checking her out, and pressed a little closer to Hawk. Suddenly she felt a lot safer with him. With a menacing biker at her side staring hard back at them, none of them looked too long.

Hawk and one of the shop girls helped Brenda picked out a studded black pleather bustier and hotpants outfit, and a pair of glossy black knee boots. The outfit came with matching studded pleather and fishnet armlets that ran from her wrists to her elbows, and an inch-and-a-half-wide studded collar.

The bustier stopped about an inch or so below her sternum, and the back was made of several criss-crossing straps that left a lot of skin exposed. The sides of the hotpants also had several criss-crossing straps, leaving a few inches of her skin exposed there as well. A studded pleather belt was included. She also got a pair of glossy black sandals with clear platforms and six inch heels. Brenda spent a lot of the money she had made that afternoon and the night before, but she didn't really care. She was having fun.

Once they returned to Katz, Brenda changed into her new outfit, complete with collar, armlets, and boots. Then she spent a few minutes modeling for Hawk. She was going to go out and start working the crowd, but he had a different idea.

"Keep it as a surprise," he told her. "Wear the boots and collar, and tell everyone you have a new outfit that you are going to debut later on."

"Okay," Brenda agreed.

Quite a few of the customers noticed—and complimented her on—her new boots. She told them they were part of her new outfit she was going to try out later on. As she had hoped, she picked up a bit more tips working the crowd than she had before.

After about an hour and a half, Brenda went back out on stage again, this time in her new outfit. She got a noticeably better reaction than she had the night before, but still not as good as some of the other dancers.

When she finished dancing Brenda gathered her costume at tips that were on the stage, and retreated to the dressing room. There she began counting her tips, while only wearing her thong, collar, bracelets, and boots. She had nearly a hundred and seventy dollars between waitressing and dancing. She smiled at herself in the mirror, pulled her new outfit back on, touched up her make-up, and went back out to work the crowd some more.

Just like the night before, Brenda spent a little time hanging out with Hawk. She still managed to earn some tips from the customers though. Since it was a Saturday night, she couldn't get on stage again. Instead she spent the rest of the evening waitressing, and hanging out with Hawk and his buddies.

Before she knew it, Katz was closing. Brenda retreated to the dressing room, and changed back into her street clothes. She kept her rhinestone collar, bangle bracelets, and her new six inch platform heels on though. Several of the dancers had told her she needed to practice walking in heels more, so she was. Just as she was about ready to leave, Hawk found her.

"Be here same time tomorrow," he told her as he closed the door behind himself.

Brenda did want to come back, but she couldn't. "Sorry baby," she told him apologetically. "I've got to catch up on some studying tomorrow."

Hawk gave her a hard stare for a couple of moments. He suddenly looked a lot like a dangerous, bad-ass biker. He seemed just dangerous enough to excite her; even scare her a little. She felt her heart racing as she wondered if he was going to try and stop her from leaving. She also wondered if she wanted him to.

"Okay," he finally answered, stepping towards her. "But before you go, you've got to do something for me," he said with a smile as he snaked his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her in to kiss her.

After they kissed a few moments, Brenda broke the kiss, and smiled seductively at him as she stripped off her top. As she tossed it aside, he wrapped his muscular arms around her waist. His hand found its way underneath her skirt, and caressed her moist pussy through her thong, while his other hand went to her breast. She smiled up at him, and they shared another passionate kiss.

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