tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrendi Lyn Ch. 01

Brendi Lyn Ch. 01

bydark suenos©

"Damn rain!" I fished my keys out of the puddle beside my door. Work had been horrible, there'd been three parties of eight, and a birthday party. I burnt myself when I picked up one of their dinners, a little kid from the birthday party had ran into me and made me drop the desserts, so I had to go back and get more. I shook the muck off of my keys and fiddled until I got the key into the door. What I wouldn't give for a hot bath, but first I had to pee. I threw the door open and was off to the bathroom. When I finished washing my hands I went to go drop my bag off in my room and grab some nice thick flannel pjs to snuggle in, but when I turned to the doorway I was stunned to find four strangers staring at me. Three women and a man all dressed in suits, I thought that they couldn't be burglars. Then two of the women grabbed my arms tightly before I could say anything. "What the fu-" my question was cut short when the third woman shoved something inside my mouth then she tied it tightly against the base of my neck. I could hardly move my tongue.

"Grab her feet." I tried to fight back and kick at her, but she just calmly grabbed my feet in her arms and lifted. I panicked. I yanked and kicked and pulled and squirmed, I screamed through my gag, but the three women only walked carefully into my bedroom. The women maneuvered me carefully into a highbacked wooden chair from my kitchen. The woman at my feet quickly handcuffed my feet to the chair. Then she tied my left arm and then my right to the chair arms.

She fastened a cord around my waist to the chair. "I'm sorry," she mouthed to me. The man yanked on a braid that ran almost all the way to her knees. She whimpered. I pulled at my bonds, and the handcuffs dug into my ankles, the rope into my arms. He tugged even harder on her braid.

"You will behave."

"Yes master." Tears welled in her eyes, but she didn't bend to try and relieve some of the pain from his pulling her braid. He pulled sharply then released her. I shivered, afraid.

"Morag, you will be punished later." He turned to me, his grey eyes cold. I wanted to run, because his eyes were empty of all emotion. "As for you, Gwen, you are mine. You will do as I say when I say it. If you don't believe me now, you will. Now you have a choice, you can cooperate and walk out with us, like we're your friends and you're going to go out for a drink, or I can use my stun-gun on you and you can go out with us looking like you've already had a few." He traced his finger along my cheek and lightly ran his finger over my lips, then down my neck, stopping only when he came to the edge of the v to my blouse. "First though, I think that a change of clothes would be more appropriate for going to our party, don't you?"

"Yes master." The three women answered quickly and eagerly, like they didn't want to anger him. The one who had been on my left began unbuttoning my blouse. Her head was shaved bald. I tried to squirm back in my chair. Then I felt the scissors cutting through my sleeves. They were cutting my shirt off of me! It had cost seventy dollars at Express! I choked, how could I be concerned about a shirt now? I was tied to a chair and my clothes were being cut off by strange women at the orders of a nutcase, and I was worried about my shirt? I could feel tears running down my cheeks. They cut along the seams to the collar, and then they cut from the bottom of the shirt and out along the sleeves so that the front of the shirt fell away. Suddenly the one with the braid yanked the back of my shirt out from behind me.

"That bra will never do. We will have to replace it with one of the ones we brought," he said. The last woman, a redhead, cut the space just between the cups of the bra and it swung open. "Sylvie, why don't you treat her nipple to your teeth." Her close cropped red hair hovered right in front of my mouth, she leaned forward and took my right nipple in her mouth. I closed my eyes and braced myself. First she teased me delicately with her tongue. I relaxed, it felt good. I was dimly aware of the bra being pulled out behind my back. Then her teeth clamped down hard on my breast. I shuddered and she pulled my entire breast away from me with her teeth, when she got to my nipple I was sure that she was going to bite it off. I squirmed towards her, hoping it would lessen the pain, her teeth moved to the last ridge at the end of my nipple, stretching it towards her and I screamed into the gag. "Very good, Sylvie. Now her pants."

I tried to beg, tell him that I'd do whatever he wanted, just don't hurt me again. It came out muffled. "Oh you liked that did you?" His voice was gruff. I shook my head violently. "You must have for all the noise you made." He traced the teethmarks with one finger and then pinched my nipple so tight, making me moan in pain. "Yes, I see you like that very much. I think we're going to have to play like that again." He stepped back and the women grabbed my feet. I tried to kick at them. They slid my shoes and socks off and then cut my pants, bringing the scissors up the front of the legs, the red head undid my fly and their scissors met at the bottom of the zipper. I moaned. Then I was naked except my panties. I hoped my panties would do for whatever he wanted, I didn't want to be left even more exposed.

"Such beautiful black satin, too bad we're going to have to ruin it. " The women still stood back and he knelt beside me, and delicately ran his hand along the back of my calf to the inside of my thigh, I shivered. His hand was squeezed between my thighs, but he hadn't touched my cunt, I tried to keep my legs tight together. "The outfit we brought you isn't much suited to underwear, is it girls?" The women agreed with him quickly. He pushed aside my panties and his fingers brushed my clit, then he pinched it. My legs involuntarily opened from the pain. Three of his fingers suddenly slammed into me, I sucked in a mouth full of air. I thought I felt something tear, I wasn't a virgin, but that didn't mean I couldn't rip inside. I whimpered. "I think she liked it, girls. I should do it again for her, yes?" The women nodded. "I didn't hear an answer."

"Yes master." He drew his fingers out of me slowly, until only the fingertip of his middle finger still touched my hole then he shoved into me. He explored inside me with his fingers, then slid his hand out slowly. I squeezed my legs together as tight as I could.

"Put her clothes on." First they snipped the sides of my panties and pulled them through my clenched legs. A thin trail of blood trailed from the crotch of the panties onto my thighs. I swallowed, my throat was suddenly very dry. They unzipped a very short skirt and spread it across my legs. Sylvie, the redhead, pulled the ends through an open part of the pattern in the chair, she zipped the skirt closed. Morag pushed my shoulders forward and the bald woman, put a strapless red bra against my breasts and then fastened it. I winced when I felt the cold fabric come in contact with my tortured breast. The bald one produced a piece of sheer black fabric, she wrapped it around me as she had done the bra and then she buttoned down the front her hands fished the straps from behind and buttoned them over my shoulders to the top of the tank top. Morag let me lean back in the chair.

"Girls change into more appropriate clothing." They removed the blazers and the slacks to reveal skirts and tops that matched mine almost exactly. They were all strongly muscled, Morag had small tight breasts, like mine, and Sylvie and the bald girl were much better endowed. "Jenny, unlock her ankles." He handed the bald woman a tiny key and she did as she was told, I glowered at him. "Now Brendi, when you look at me like that and I think that you aren't going to cooperate. And I have to be sure that you won't try and fight when we get outside." He pulled something out of his suit pocket and pushed it against my side. It burned for an instant and then there was blackness.

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