tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrennus and Victoria

Brennus and Victoria


Maybe he will be nice, I can't believe this is happening. I'm a prize, just a prize. I should have known better when Father gave away Elizabeth to his best general, he cares nothing for his daughters. Ah, enough about her, think, think, think, how am I to get myself out of this???

"Princess, we have hit the shores, it is time to travel to your new home."

"Yes, thank you, sir."

"I told you, there is no need for you to call me sir, I will be your husband in a few hours, please, call me by name."

"Brennus, I...... I.....I can't do this."

"I'm afraid you have no choice, your Father offered a great prize for the best fighter from all of neighboring nations. Our union will solidify a bond between our lands, in time Victoria, you will see that."


I can barely walk, not because of the insanely long gown they dressed me in, but because I know what will happen when I enter our bedroom. He is nearly dragging me up the stairs when all of a sudden and without warning he picks me up and carries me in his arms up the stairs.

"My Queen, you can not dilly dally, we have a long evening ahead of us."

I burst into tears and sob uncontrollably, "I won't, I can't, I don't know you, I don't love you, you cannot make me your wife, I will never be yours!"

He doesn't respond, but when we get to the landing I see a guard by the door and Brennus tells him to stay throughout the night and that I am not to be allowed to leave without him. And then we enter the room. It is magnificient. There is a full bath near the fireplace, a table and chairs on the opposite wall, many bookcases, full of books, and in the center of it all, an ornately carved bed, larger than any I have ever seen. My stomach flips, and my heart falls into it as he sets me down and closes the door.

Brennus encircles my small waist with his hands and draws me to his chest, he leans forward to kiss me, but I lean back even more.

"Woman, I told you, we are married and you will be my wife. I am an agreeable man and kind, but do not try my patience or I will regrettably use force to consummate this marriage."

"I will never love you, I couldn't love someone who could threaten like that, or that is as violent as you, my life is over, I have hardly anything left, I will not give it to you."

Before I can even see it coming he slaps my face and I fall to the ground, "I will have you." is all he says as he bends over me and begins to undress me. I kick and thrash and scratch until he grabs both of my wrists, effortlessly hauls me off of the floor and hoists me unto the bed, where just under the pillows he has shackles. He chains my hands to the top posts. I quit fighting, there is no point, maybe there never was.

"Will you let me have you now?"

"I could never consent to that, but as I don't think I will win, I will stop fighting if you promise not to hit me."

"I'm sorry for that, tonight we have to, I know I am a stranger to you, but this night, this deed must occur, I will give you more time before I ask this of you again. But, bear in mind, I can not give you much, as an heir to the thrown will be expected soon."

As I began to say "Thank you" he starts to unlace my bodice, and I mutter "Than...." and begin to sob uncontrollably again. Brennus kisses my neck and caresses my shoulders as he removes the bodice and begins to shift the gowns and remove some of them from me gently. I hate him, but he is now being kind at least. As he strokes my body I feel something I have never felt before, such warm caresses. It makes me cry all the harder, I wish he would just get this whole thing over and done with.

He gets up and I wonder, is this what the deed was? My sister had told me slightly more, that her betrothed had put a piece of him inside her, where her monthly blood comes, that it hurt and that she bled. Then as I look through my blurry tear filled eyes, I see him removing first his boots then shirt and trousers until he is naked. I can hardly breath, he is very muscular, almost like some of the laboring servants back home. I had no idea a king would have the muscles of a laborer.

My thoughts on the matter are cut short however when I notice that he has a rod protruding through the hair of his privates. Then I remember, that is what Elizabeth said, she said that men have them and when they are excited they grow big and stiff and that is what goes into the woman. I begin to cry anew. No wonder there is blood, I should surely rip if it is thrust into me.

Brennus then climbs back onto the bed and spreads my legs with his hands, kneeling between them and then kisses between my legs.

"No, what are you doing, this is inappropriate, stop that, that is private" I begin to yell.

"Victoria, please, if we are to have sex, I want it to be easy for you, this will help. This part of your body may have been private before, but now it is also something you share with me."

He begins to kiss and lick at me, it feels wonderful and my legs and feet twitch and jerk, I've never felt anything like this before, and my sister had not warned me of this. Then I begin to feel a warm wetness between my legs, dripping down onto the bed. Brennus lifts his head and smiling at me climbs up to me and begins to caress my breasts and neck and gently kiss my face, then I feel him between my legs again.

An intense pressure, I realize I had quit crying when I all of a sudden start crying again, this time from pain as much as from shame, hatred, and knowing my life is this now. He moves on top of me and slides in and out, it burns and then he stops and I feel more wetness between my legs. He collapses ontop of me. "Victoria, I'm sorry, we had to, here let me help you." he says as he begins to undo the shackles and remove my gown from my shoulders.

I cling to it, and try to cover myself. "Isn't it done, I thought that was what I had to do? You said I could have some time, will you leave now?" I whisper between my sobs.

"This is our room, I won't leave it, I will give you more time before I ask that of you, but tonight, you need still to be cared for, please, the bath is warm, let me help you into it. You will feel better once you have had a chance to relax."

I allow him to remove my gowns and that is when I notice I have blood between my legs and on my thighs.

He stays with me as I step into the tub and once I lean back begins to rub my shoulders, it feels extraordinary, and I begin to think that maybe he will someday be nice to me.

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