tagErotic CouplingsBridesmaids Are Easy Ch. 03

Bridesmaids Are Easy Ch. 03


Part three
Sunday Morning
The breakfast of Champions

I was still haft asleep, and I could hear Vicky talking. I wasn't trying to ease drop on her, but I could heard her saying," Kelly, I'm going to talk to him about it, but I don't know if it will work. He's got this slow easy going cowboy truck driver way about him. I personally think New York City, will overwhelm him!"

Vicky was sitting at the little table in the corner of the room talking to Kelly. She must have just come out of the shower. Vicky had her hair wrapped up in a towel, and she was wearing a short white terrycloth bathrobe that was tied loosely around her narrow waist.

I could see Vicky's cleavage, and I could make out the out line of her firm full breast and see the points of her gum drop sized stiff nipples poking against the terrycloth fabric of bathrobe. Vicky's long lovely legs were crossed and uncovered.

Christ, I wanted to go down her.

I was still nude and I had a morning piss hard on. As I walked by Vicky on my way to toilet I gave her a little kiss on the cheek, and grabbed a handful of her breast. Vicky looked up at me with a startled look on her face, and stated," Lover that thing of yours is hard!"

Then she said," Christ Kelly, he's unbelievable, he just gotten out of bed and he's got an erection!"

I laughed as I went into the bathroom. I drained my tube and took a shower. While I was washing, I couldn't help thinking. This is it! This crazy, wild, lust filled, wonderful weekend is over.

I felt like shit; as I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist.

I've heard that breaking up is hard to do!

I couldn't help thinking about how hard it was going to be to say good-bye to Vicky. As I dried myself off. I was still thinking, that I don't want this crazy wild wonderful weekend to ever end.

Good God I thought, there's something special about this beautiful sex starved woman. Then I wondered to myself again. How the hell am I going to say good bye to her?

I knew I wasn't in love with her. But I sure as hell was in lust with her. All I have to do is look at her and I get an instant erection. For some unknown reason; I liked her and wanted her to be part of my life!

When I came out, I noticed that Vicky had ordered a pot of coffee. I sat in the chair opposite hers and helped myself to a cup.

I've been told. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I just sat there staring at her trying to think of something to say to her that could express my strange feelings towards her, without making a complete asshole out of my self.

Vicky looked at me as she said," Kelly I want to talk to CV now, I'll call you later on and let you know what he has to say about my proposal."

As she flipped her phone closed, she looked at me curiously and asked, "what is it CV, tell me, what's on your mind? What's bothering you?"

"Aw Shit Vicky." I said," I don't want this weekend to end!" I didn't know what else to say to her. I couldn't figure out how to express my feelings.

Vicky was nodding her head up and down, as she said," It doesn't have to end CV. I need to hire a driver and a companion for Kelly. We also need a man; to help us around the house."

I looked at Vicky and asked," What's a companion?"

Vicky said, "CV New York can be a dangerous place at times. With a man your size beside Kelly not too people will dare to bother her."

I looked at her, smiled as I stated, "You want me to be Kelly's driver, and body guard!"

I was so excited! I couldn't help myself. I was already thinking about this Kelly Chick and trying to figure out how to get into her pants...

Vicky glared at me like she was reading my mind, and said sternly, "CV it won't be easy, if you take this job. You'll have to live in Manhattan, with this horny old broad and her young red haired nympho assistant.

But CV, let me make this perfectly clear, you're going to have a lot more to do, then just chase us around the house with your dick in your hand! You're going to have to work!"

Oh My God I was so happy, and excited. I wanted to jump up and down and carry on like a child. But all I did was smile and say, "Okay."

Then I gave Vicky a big sexy grin and chucked as I asked," Oh what else will I be doing for you?"

Vicky, looked at me shook her head from side to side and rolled her eyes up and asked," Is that all you ever think of Lover?"

I was laughing as I got up, and went over to her and said, "When it comes to you! What else is there to think about?"

I took her hand and pulled her up out of her chair, standing her up on her feet. As I wrapped my arms around her waist, she was already starting to tremble.

As I pulled Vicky closer to me, our warm familiar bodies began to instinctively start molding themselves together.

Vicky responded by wrapping her arms around my neck. Whispering to me, in her husky passionate voice," Oh My Fucking God Lover, the things you do to me. I just can't get enough of you, and you know it too, don't you, you horny bastard?" She stated,

The clean scent of her freshly washed body, and the flowery smell of shampoo was making my cock stiffen against her. I kissed her cheek and nipped her ear lobe. As I squeezed her soft shapely ass cheeks, I whispered in her ear," Vicky baby, it's time for breakfast."

Then I plunged my tongue into her ear. She shivered and gasped, "Oh Christ Lover that feels so freaking nasty, it makes my clit tingled."

I nipped her ear lobe and plunged my tongue back into her ear. Vicky muttered, "Oh Fuck Lover," As she clawed my shoulders with her finger nails and jerked her hips forward against mine.

I took my hands off her soft shapely buns reached around in front of her and untied her bathrobe.

Vicky had a dreamy look in her blue eyes and a small smile on her lips as she asked softly, "What are going to do to me now Lover Boy?"

"I think you're going to like this." I replied, as I peeled her bathrobe off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there naked.

I started giving her tender little kisses and gentle love bites on the side of her neck and shoulder as I pulled off my towel. I rubbed my nose across hers and blow my warm breath into her mouth, as I said," now baby we're going to have the breakfast of champions!"

She kissed me passionately, forcing her tongue, into my mouth. As I sucked her tongue deep into my mouth, I could taste her peppermint toothpaste.

As our tongues whirled in and out of each others mouths. Vicky started scraping her finger nails up and down my spine, and then she dug her finger tips into my ass cheeks, pulling me harder against her.

I run my finger tips up and down Vicky's spine and scratched her tail bone, as I caressed and kneaded the soft rubbery cheeks of her sharply butt. She was already on fire; her face was flushed, she was breathing heavily through her partially open mouth, her body was trembling, with anticipation, desirer, and passion. While she waited for me to do to her; whatever, it was that I was going to do to her.

I thought to myself, this woman is a fucking treasure. Her beauty drives me crazy with a wild passionate animal lust that I've never experienced before. I just can't get enough of her. Besides that, her sex drive is as strong as mine, plus she easily and quickly reaches multiple orgasms.

I stooped down and wrapped my arms behind her knees; and pulled her knees towards me, causing her flop forward over my shoulder.

She gasped as I stood up; and started giggling like a school girl, as I carried her over to the bed like she was a sack of potatoes, thrown over my shoulder.

Vicky got so silly she started howling with laughter, as she asked, "Now what the hell are you going to do to me Lover?"

When I got to the bed; I bent forward, and dropped her on the bed. She bounced when she landed. She was still laughing out loud; as she said, "You're a freaking nut."

I was laughing out loud as I flopped down beside her. I nipped on the tip of her nose, as I said, "And you love it." Then I kissed her forehead, eye lids, her cheeks, and nibbled on her ear lobe, then I plunged my tongue back into her ear. Vicky moaned out loud, "Oh God Lover that sends shivers right to my clit.

Then I slowly kissed way down her tender neck and sucked on the hot spot between her neck and shoulders.

She was trembling and moving her head around moaning "stop that! Don't give me a hickey."

I kept kissing, and sucking on her neck, and shoulder, as I asked," how does that feel?" "It feels wonderful; everything you do to me feels wonderful. But don't give me a fucking hickey!" Vicky said,

I licked, and kissed across her chest slowly inching my way down between the lovely mounds of her soft luscious breasts.

Vicky was unconsciously opening and closing her legs and pumping her hips up and down. As I tenderly kissed and licked a crossed her shoulder and down between her breasts.

Vicky got a hold of my one eyed monster, and slowly started to stroke it. The feel of her soft warm damp hand wrapped around my erection, was so exhilarating. I couldn't help myself. I was going to let myself cum in her hand.

As I felt her breast and gently squeezed it. She was softly mumbling something, but I couldn't make out what she was saying.

Then the Fucking Phone started ringing!

Vicky groaned as she said, "that's Kelly, I have to answer it, or she'd just kept calling and pestering us until I do!"

I gave her nipple a quick kiss, nipped it and ran the tip of my tongue a crossed it. I Sighed as I said," answer the freaking phone."

As I rolled over onto my back I said with a frustrated sigh," hurry up Vicky I've got plans for you."

Vicky chuckled as she said;" I bet you have." As she sat up turned and placed her feet on the floor. Then she looked over at my hard swollen one eyed monster, and gave me a mischievous grin.

Then she quickly leaned over me, and flicked the tip of her tongue across the end of my dick. Then she sucked the head of the monster into her warm wet mouth, swirled her soft tongue it as she bobbed her head up and down on it, a couple of times.

It felt sooo freakinng good. I almost shoot my load, right in her mouth.

Then she took her mouth off her my cock looked me in the eyes, winked and quickly, nipped the head of my dick.

I could tell by the look on her face that, she was quite pleased with herself, because she was laughing as she said," CV, Kelly's got a crush on you and a wicked case of hot pants for you!

I keep her so busy she doesn't have much time, for a social life either! What should I tell her, are you coming to New York?"

I winked as I said with a chuckle, "Tell her I'm going to come, but she'd have to wait her turn to cum. Because I'm always going to take care of you first." Then I sat up and placed my feet on the floor beside hers.

Vicky smiled and turned pink. She kissed me on the cheek as she said, "Really Lover, you're so sweet, but I'm afraid you're only going to get tried of an old broad like me!

CV Kelly is your age, and I think you two would..."

Vicky didn't finish what she was going to say me. Instead she answered the phone smiling and asked," what is it Kelly?"

It was obvious by the look on Vicky face and the sound of her voice that her feelings for Kelly were genuine.

Vicky was nodding her head up and down as she said," Yes Kelly, he's coming." I groaned, when I heard Vicky say he's coming.

Vicky looked at me and laughed. Then she said, "I'm not laughing at you Kelly, this big ball breaker is being a pest."

Vicky shook her head from side to side as she said, "It's nothing Kelly he's only teasing me."

I put my arm around Vicky and nibbled her ear lobe, then I stuck my tongue in her ear and swirled it around. Vicky shivered, gasped and said," stop that. No Kelly not you, never mind Kelly, he's just being bad. No Kelly it's none of your business what he's doing."

Vicky gave me a look that said stop it. Instead I brushed my lips a cross hers, and covered her breast with my hand and gently caressed it.

Vicky shuttered and gasped when she felt my hand on her bare breast and as my lips bursted across hers.

"No Kelly, I didn't say anything to you." Vicky sucked in her breath and gasped, as I pinched the tip of her nipple. "Yes you can go pick him up on Wednesday with the driver. No kelly, I can't let you go before then."

I bent over and started kissing Vicky's shoulder and twisting her harden nipple between my thumb and index finger, "Oh God, stop it, don't start that now. Vicky said in a husky voice.

"No not you Kelly. What he's doing now, is none of your business. Christ Kelly if you must know he's feeling me up and sucking my neck...How do you think if feels Kelly? Yes, Kelly it feels great. If you really want to know how it feels Kelly, feel you own breast. Well are you feeling your breast Kelly? You are, aren't you, Kelly? Well then doesn't it feel good?"

I pinched the tip of Vicky's nipple between my thumb and index finger and twisted it. Vicky gasped loudly into the phone," God Kelly he's twisting the tip of my nipple.

For christ sake Kelly twist the tip of your own nipple if you want to know how it feels. God it feels sooo good doesn't it Kelly?" Vicky asked.

"Stop that I'm on the phone" Vicky said to me as I took her hand and put it on my one eyed monster. "It's none of your business Kelly...

alright if you must know Kelly he put my hand on his...penis, yes Kelly it's real big and hard. No Kelly, I'm not going to suck it!"

I pushed Vicky down on her back. She didn't resist, she just let me push her down.

She was panting into the phone," Oh God Kelly I can't stop him. Oh Good God Kelly now he's kissing my breast, he's licking around my areola, now he's flicking his tongue a cross the tip of my nipple Aaaaah now he's nibbling on it."

Vicky uncrossed her legs, as I rubbed my hand up the inside of her warm soft thigh. She moaned softly, "Lover you shouldn't being doing this to me now. I'm on the phone with Kelly, what will she think?"

I replied, "I bet she'd get jealous of you, and play with her pussy. Tell her I said to play with her hot little wet box and make believe, I'm playing with her moist little snatch, like I'm going to play with yours?"

Vicky was gasping for air as she said to me," you're a sick horny bastard." And to Kelly she said, "Kelly you really don't want to know what this pervert is saying and doing to me now! Oh God Kelly, he's got his hand over my private part...Aaaah God Kelly he just stuck his finger in me...now he's rubbing his thumb over my clit.

Yes it does feel good. Kelly He wants you to play with your kitty and stick your finger in it and rub your clit. He wants you to make believe he's doing that to you!"

I slide off the bed and kneeled on the floor between Vicky's legs. As I kissed the inside of her thigh, just above her knee, she jumped, and gasped as she said "what are you doing?"

While I kissed and sucked on the soft warm moist flesh of her inner tight, Vicky started panting and pumping her hips up and down.

Vicky was moaning in a deep husky passionate voice, "Stop that, Oh God don't do that to me, it feels sooo good. Christ Kelly, he's kissing the insides of my thighs and sucking on them. Kelly, are you playing with yourself? Does it feel good? Good I'm glad you're making yourself feel good Kelly." Vicky said in a husky passion filled voice.

As I licked around Vicky's puffy swollen pussy, she moaned, "Lover you're torturing me, Christ Kelly he's licking all around my vagina torturing me with his tongue... yes, yes it feels great."

Vicky's gash was so wet her fluids were seeping out of her hole. As I lapped up juices she moaned out loud, "Ooooh God Lover Baby. Kelly he's licking, he's licking my cunt. Oh Fuck Kelly it feels so good. He's going to make me cum any minute."

As I sucked on the soft moist inner pink pussy lips of Vicky's snatch, she put her hand on the top of my head, and pleaded in a raspy horse voice, "Please Lover stop teasing me and make me cum."

I spread her pussy lips and lapped her hole from back to front. Then I licked her erect clit, she shuttered and came almost instantly, wrapping her legs tightly around my head, as she bucked and jerked her hips wildly, drenching my face with her cum.

She moaned, "Oh fuck lover please put it in me. OH Good God Yes Kelly I came so freaking good... did you cum yet?' She asked Kelly.

Then I heard her say softly, "Good Kelly, I'm glad you came."

I got between Vicky's waiting thighs, as I rubbed my manhood up and down the length of her pussy, I head Vicky say," Oh God Yes Kelly he's got a real nice big hard dick."

Her words were driving me crazy with lust as they always do.

As I pushed the head of my one eyed monster into her, she pleaded," give it all to me baby, shove it all the way into me." As I slowly pushed into her, Vicky lifted her hips taking me all the way into her soft warm wet tight velvelity smooth tunnel of love.

Then I head her say," Kelly his dick is sooo big, he spreads me wide open and he goes into me sooo fucking deep. I've never had a man's cock in me that fills me like his does. He feels sooo freaking good in me.

Kelly is everything alright? Oh that's good. I'm glad you came again, Kelly yes he feels sooo good in me? Yes Kelly, I bet he would screw you silly.

Kelly this freaking young pervert would probably fuck a snake if he could get it to hold still long enough."

I couldn't help it. I laughed when I heard her say that.

Vicky dropped the phone and wrapped her arms and legs around me and whispered in my ear, give it to me Lover, and give it all to me Baby, cum way up inside me." Her words were driving me nuts, as they always do.

I gripped her ass cheeks; as I pounded my cock into her, she flexed her pussy muscles around cock and clawed her finger nails deeply into my back as I pumped my cock in and out of warm sloppy wet tight clinching pussy.

It didn't take long before I shut my eyes groaned, shuttered and came hard, shooting gobs of my warm, creamy white sperm deep inside her tight wet hole.

I collapsed on top of her totally drained and spend. Oh God Vicky, I want you so bad, and I'll never get tried of you. I said to myself.

Vicky handed me the phone and said," talk to this relentless horny young nympho, while I take another shower and get ready to go."

I was still panting as I said," Hello Kelly, what can I do for you"

She answered in a giggly excited girlie voice," You can tell me your phone number and give me your address, so we can pick you up on Wednesday."

Then she started talking excitedly and asking a million questions, without stopping." Did you ever have phone sex before? I never had phone sex before, but I came over and over again.

Did you really lick Vicky's pussy? Are you in love with her? You know she's way too old for you, and besides she's always working and she's never home!"

Before I could say anything to Kelly, Vicky took the phone from me and said, "we have to hurry up CV. What happened to your back? Did I do that to you?"

I didn't realize it at the time, but as Vicky and I were having sex she was clawing my back, digging her finger nails into my shoulders.

Without realizing it she left long bloody scratches, and deep nail marks on my back, shoulders, and the cheeks of my ass.

I turned around looked into the mirror and said in a soft voice with a slight smile on my face, "I guess you put your mark on me too. It's okay Vicky after what I did to your beautiful ass, I guess that makes us even."

Then we got dressed quietly and packed up our things. As we rode down in the elevator, Vicky Looked in to my eyes and rubbed her finger tips a crossed my cheek.

As the elevator door opened she said, "CV, I want to Thank You, for a wonderful weekend, a weekend that this horny old broad will never forget."

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