"God, I can't believe he's marrying."

"She's not normally this bad."

"Yeah, but right now she's being completely bat-shit crazy... I don't care how good an ass she has, no ass is worth that!"

The mutters of his friends followed him out the door of the restaurant and into the hotel hallway as Nathan stumbled after his soon-to-be wife Brooke. His face was burning red with humiliation and frustration... he could feel the anger rising deep in his chest as he watched her ass bouncing in front of him as she strutted down the hall towards their room. She was wearing his favorite skirt, the one that hugged her cheeks tightly so that he could see every muscle twitch as she moved.

'You're just playing into her hands,' he told himself. 'She wants you to be upset.'

Nathan knew why Brooke had humiliated in front of their entire family and closest friends, why she'd screamed at him during their rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding. Brooke was horny and tired of waiting... he, the groom, liked to be more traditional and conservative and had wanted to spend the last three months of their engagement celibate. Brooke, although completely bound to tradition and extremely conservative in front of their friends, had not been pleased, when he told her he didn't want to involve himself in foreplay either, which meant no spankings for her. And Brooke had a desperate need to be spanked.

From that moment, Brooke had turned into a complete bridezilla; driving not only him, but everyone who knew them crazy. And when he protested, when he tried to talk calmly about her insane behavior, she would just look at him with those smoky green eyes, and say in her most sultry voice, "I'm never going to learn better if no one punishes me."

Even though he knew that she would behave if he would just spank her, he also knew that he couldn't do that without succumbing to his own desires. Brooke's fetish had woken a dark lust in him that he'd never known existed in himself. He loved to spank her, to watch her ass redden and flex beneath his hand, the sound of her moans and watching her body writhe as he brutalized her bottom. But he didn't have the willpower to spank her without fucking her, so instead he'd resisted spanking her for the past three months.

Brooke had not taken it well. His resistance pushed her to act out further and further in an attempt to make him punish her. Everyone assumed it was the stress of the wedding, that she'd just become a bridezilla in the worst sense of the word... only Nathan knew that she was doing it to drive him into becoming so frustrated that he would give in to spanking her. But he had known that the worser punishment was to deny her the beating she so desired.

Now though... he almost saw through a red haze as Brooke stormed into their room in front of him. She wanted it so bad... he was going to give it to her, and make her regret not waiting. Make her regret forcing his hand, so to speak.

Angrily, he strode into the room behind her, slamming and locking the door. Brooke was leaning back against the bed, hiding her delicious ass from him. Her arms were behind her, so that she could rest her weight on them, and her large, firm breasts pressed against the fabric of her shirt. She looked at him, at the expression on his face, and her eyes lit up, as if she could see into his mind and know that he'd reached his limit.

The delighted anticipation into her eyes flickered with uncertainty as he strode towards her without speaking, the hardness in his face telling her that she may have actually passed his limit rather than just bringing him to it. She barely had a moment to feel uncertain before he was in front of her, his strong hands gripping her arms and spinning her around, shoving her face first down onto the bed.

Brooke gasped, even though she loved being spanked, there had never been any other violence in their love making. She'd always known Nathan was strong, but even when he'd spanked her, she'd never felt quite so delicate, quite so vulnerable, with him. He'd whipped her entire body around and onto the bed before she'd could even think. His hand was still placed in the middle of her back, holding her down... she couldn't have gotten up if she'd wanted to

Without preamble, Nathan's hand came down on her skirt covered ass, as hard as he could, not bothering to start off slow and work his way up to it. Brooke moaned in satisfaction as her body jerked, the blow rippling through her flesh and send electric currents of arousal straight to her pussy.

He stopped after that first slap, and Brooke made a mew of protest, especially when she heard him fumbling at his clothing. That one slap hadn't been enough for her! She needed to feel the burn throughout her entire ass, she wanted her flesh to ache when he finally fucked her.

But, even though she tried to turn to see what he was doing, Nathan's hand held her in place, face down with her vulnerable ass to him. There was an odd swishing sound...


Nathan smiled in satisfaction as Brooke screamed into the mattress, louder than he'd ever heard her scream before. Mostly when he spanked her, no matter how hard he spanked her, she would give a small yell and then a moan. This time she actually screamed... ah, music to his ears.

He gripped the doubled up belt more tightly, and brought it down across her ass again. Brooke screamed again, thrusting her body away from the bed, but he pushed her back down with his hand. Still, he didn't want anyone walking by their room and thinking that he was murdering his bride-to-be.

Giving her a moment to recover, he knelt down and slide his hand up the inside of her leg. Brooke moaned and wriggled, so he knew that despite her screams, part of her hand enjoyed the higher level of pain. His hand slid up her silken thigh, hooking into the band of her panties and jerking them off of her. He could feel the wetness already seeping into the soft cotton from her pussy, and grinned, knowing that she was already horny. Well, it was going to be a while before she got that horniness satisfied, he still had a spanking to attend to.

Yanking her panties off of her, Nathan leaned over and pushed them into her mouth. Brooke's green eyes glared at him, but she didn't protest or spit them out either.

He grinned evilly at her obvious apprehension.

"This is really going to hurt," he informed her silkily, "and we don't want everyone knowing what's going on in here, do we?"

Brooke made a muffled noise from behind the panties and Nathan laughed. Then, pulling back, he swung the belt back behind his head and let it come crashing down onto her upturned ass.


Brooke screamed, pushing her face into the mattress, muffling the shriek of agony even further. Her legs moved, almost as though she was trying to run away from him, but there was nowhere for her to go. Nathan felt a rush of power and lust surge through him, the front of his pants felt impossibly tight, almost as though his cock could come bursting through.


He began beating her ass with a steady tattoo, her shrieks of surprise and pain as he swung his arm only serving to inflame his lust even farther. The memory of his earlier humiliation at the rehearsal dinner, when she'd called him a spineless wimp in front of his father, still burned, and he was going to make her ass burn as much as that scene in his head did.

Brooke squealed and writhed, her ass twitching and jumping as she tried to escape the assault. There was a change in her muffled screams as his arm started to get sore, her shoulders began shaking almost as much as her ass, and he realized that she'd started crying. Normally that would have made him stop, made him beg her forgiveness, but after the past few months of her degrading, bitchy behavior, it just gave him a further rush of satisfaction.

After all, this is what she had wanted. She had wanted to be spanked, to have her ass beaten to a cherry red, a hunk of tenderized flesh.

Wanting to see his handiwork now, no longer concerned with giving her even the thin protection her skirt afforded her, he pulled it from her hips, and stared.

Long red stripes crisscrossed her ass, here and there were thin white triangles where, by chance, the belt had missed bruising her tender flesh. Her pussy was pink and dripping, belying her cries of agonized protest. Hungrily, he licked his lips, staring at her perfect, heart-shaped cheeks. Almost like a perfect red heart.

His arm had begun to tire, but he wanted to erase those small patches of white, to give her a perfect, cherry-red bottom.

Swish, SMACK!

Brooke threw her arms out and tried to use them to pull herself across the bed as the belt came down hard, cracking against her already reddened skin. Nathan smiled in satisfaction. Two small patches of white were now turning red, all with a single stroke.

Swish, CRACK!

More screaming, more sobbing, but they sounded almost distant to his ears as he focused on his handiwork. Although his blows were growing marginally weaker, Brooke felt them even more, as the belt fell across already tenderized flesh. This was the first time that she felt really, totally, truly ready for the spanking to be over. Her nipples were rubbing against the fabric of her shirt, sore and tight, and her pussy was overflowing with juices, but her ass... her ass was on fire. It burned with a heat that she hadn't thought possible, and she wanted to cry out to Nathan, begging him to stop... but she knew that she deserved it. She knew that she deserved every blow he gave her, and probably more, for the way that she'd treated him the past few months. The fact that he was actually giving it to her just turned her on even more.

Seeing the juices begin to drip from her pussy, down her thigh, Nathan finally lost control. His cock was raging hard, and he'd been denying himself sexual satisfaction for too long. If he was going to do this, he was going to go all the way.

Not bothering with undressed, Nathan just unzipped his pants and stepped up behind his fiancé. Lining up his cock with her eager pussy, he shoved in, with one hard stroke.

Brooke's back arch and she threw her head back with pleasure as Nathan's cock filled her. It had been so long since they'd had sex, she felt almost like a virgin again... thank god she was so wet or else he'd have torn her, his thrust was so quick and hard. She moaned as he began thrusting back and forth, the rough clothe of his shirt rubbing against the sensitized flesh of her ass, burning as it scraped across her rounded cheeks. It felt wonderful... it hurt terribly...

Nathan couldn't believe how wet, how tight, Brooke's pussy was. It engulfed his shaft, welcoming it with a heat equal to the heat rising off of her ass. He could tell from her soft squeals and groans that she was both pleasured and pained. Grinning, wanting to drive her body into further confusion, he started slapping the sides of her ass as he plowed into her. Brooke shuddered and writhed, her ass dancing in front of him as she tried to slam her body back onto his cock, yet evade his punishing hand at the same time.

"Oh God," Nathan groaned as her pussy gripped him. She ground back against him, using all her skills to distract him from spanking her ass. Brooke could feel herself close to cumming, but she wanted the pleasure now, the pain just confused her.

Nathan, sensing her confusion, stopped spanking her, but leaned forward, draping his body over hers, and she cried out as his thrusts against her reddened bottom grew more forceful. He no longer needed to spank her with his hand, his body did it for him as his hips moved away and then thrust forward hard, over and over, slapping into her brutalized flesh as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her.

Brooke's fingers dug into the mattress, her body tightening as the pain in her ass mingled with the pleasure in her pussy. Feeling her release approaching, Nathan's thrusts grew more violent, his hands reached under her body and gripped her breasts, using them to leverage her hips back against his. Back arching, Brooke screamed her pleasure into her panties, Nathan's fingers pinching her nipples sent her crashing over the threshold of orgasm. Her nipples burned, her ass burned, and her pussy flexed with pleasure, shuddering around Nathan's cock as it continued to thrust in and out of her, his hips grinding against her ass and sending darts of pain to intermix with her orgasm.

Her pussy clamping down on him, Nathan groaned, squeezing her breasts hard as he pounded Brooke into the bed. The sound of their bodies slapping together resounded in the air as he brutally shoved into her, his pent up release boiling from the core of his being and shooting into her spasming pussy.

"Oh God," he moaned, as cum spurted from his cock, her red ass pressing hotly against his groin, "oh fuck... I'm cumming... I'm cumming..." His guttural moans, the pulsing of his cock inside of her, the press of his body against her pained ass, drove Brooke over the edge, spiraling into a second and more intense orgasm that robbed her body of breath. She sobbed with the ecstasy that blossomed in her loins and shot through every nerve of her body.

Letting out a moan, Nathan's body relaxed on top of her, his hands releasing her breasts from his tight grip. They both lay there for a moment, breathing hard as they came back down to earth, back to reality.

"Damn," Nathan murmured, his hand gliding down her body to caress her ass. Brooke let out a little mew of pain where he touched her, as she spit the panties out of her mouth. Looking over her shoulder, she winced as her ass moved against him, but kissed him gently on the lips.

The next day, Brooke was a perfectly behaved bride.

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