tagMatureBridge Club Benefits

Bridge Club Benefits


Let me tell you how messed up my friends are. They would rather hang around and play dumb video games and dream about getting pussy. Me I get all the snatch I can handle and then some. See I don't waste my time fiddling with controllers or my cock for that matter. I found the greatest source of pussy out there. Not only has my new hobby put me in a position to meet plenty of ladies but the ones that are involved in my activity all seem to be begging to get laid.

I probably get laid at least once a day, and on a good one up to three times. How you ask can a regular 19 year old kid get so much damned pussy? Heck I am not even that good looking either. I am not a mutt but I am far from being a Brad Pitt! I will tell you how I manage. Playing the card game bridge is how. Oh I can hear the nay Sayers now; there is no way playing bridge gets you laid. Well you would be wrong.

It all started last year when I was 18. I was doing everything a regular eighteen year old does, driving around trying to get laid, playing video games, shopping, and just plain hanging around. One afternoon my mother was having her weekly bridge game and Martha one of the regulars in my mom's league got sick and couldn't make it so I was asked to be a stand in.

At first I was like "NO WAY!" and thought it would be the lamest thing to do on the planet. But my mom asked me to give it a try and if I did fill in she would buy pizza for supper and let me have a six pack! Beer and pizza for the night, I was in! The ladies were gentle with me, teaching me the intricacies of the game and soon I was becoming quite good and without even realizing it at first I started enjoying it. I was laughing with the girls, chatting up a storm while we played our cards and on occasion I flirted with some of them. Nothing blatant just some light banter.

At the end of the day I had come in third in total points and later that night while me and mom were eating pizza she asked me if I had fun and if I would like to do it again. She told me the ladies really enjoyed me being there and thought it cute a young man would flirt with them. I guess my mom was told by a couple of them secretly that it really made them feel good. I told her I would love to play, that I really did have a good time, I also found her friends very funny. For a bunch of old bats you would think they wouldn't have that great a sense of humor but these women did, and talk about raunchy. They told jokes I would have expected from my old man, not ladies from fifty to eighty.

Well it was the day of the next game and I was eager to see if I had improved or not. It was being held at Liz's house, she was 63 year old lady, very pretty with the biggest rack I have ever seen. She kept herself in pretty good shape. I would find out later she ran three miles every morning. Every one said their hellos and soon we all took a seat at different tables. There were four in all; rules were if you won you stayed if you lost you changed tables. I drew the hostess as my partner first.

We smoked the first team quickly and Liz was smiling at my performance. I was doing pretty well for a guy who had only learned the game. When the other team got up from the table we stayed and chatted. She told me it was nice to see such a young man interested in playing such and old game. I told her that my mom did have to bribe me the first time but since I had so much fun, I was there on my own accord this time. We chatted a bit more and she told some dirty jokes which made me laugh and feel a bit uncomfortable. I was also having a hard time concentrating to keep my stares away from her ample bosom. The shirt she chose to wear that day had a low v-cut and her cleavage was endless. I had an erection the entire first game. And when she would laugh her hefty melons would respond by jiggling obscenely.

She kept catching me sneaking peeks at her luscious tits and started to smile. Then out of nowhere I felt a hose covered foot on my lap. Liz spread my legs apart under the card table with her foot. When she got them to where she wanted them she placed her foot directly at my crotch. She slid it up and down my hard cock and I almost moaned out loud it felt so good. The next two ladies, Betty and Mel joined our table. They had lost a real close one the previous game and didn't look too pleased.

They sat down and everyone started to chit chat. I had a hard time because every time I went to talk Liz would slide her foot and rub my bulge some more. I wondered what the other two ladies would have thought if they knew there friend was jerking me off with her foot right at that moment. We got to playing and we were ahead again. We needed one more book to win and I was getting more and more excited as Liz increased her foot job. Her foot was really moving all over my cock when I started getting that all too familiar feeling in my nuts. It was my turn to make a bid when I felt my orgasm shoot through my pole.

"Ooohhh four sssspAAADESS!" I cried out as I felt the front of my pants soak with cum.

"Must be excited over that bet huh Timmy?" Mel said.

Liz looked over and giggled a bit, she figured out what had happened. We had won our book and the game but I couldn't stand and shake the ladies' hands. I didn't want the evidence on display, my pants had a huge wet spot on the front of them. Liz got up and got us each a glass of juice and quickly put an end to my predicament. When she brought mine over she "accidentally" poured it into my lap. I jumped up covered in the sticky juice and tried wiping it away. All the ladies were laughing at my dance.

"Well damn now what am I gonna do?" I said referring to my stained covered pants.

"Come with me Sweetie, I think Bill has some shorts that might fit you. We will get you all cleaned up." Liz said and brought me up to her bedroom. She took a damp towel and started rubbing my crotch area to get more of the stain off. This had the desired affect as my cock once again became very hard. She didn't even leave when I went to change into the shorts. She tugged my pants down, underwear and all until my bottom half was completely naked. She then sucked my cock right into her mouth.

"Liz ... Oh ... yes ... don't you think we should ... Ohhhhhhh ... God! ...Uhhh get back to the game?" I said.

"Darlin' we got time they have at least five hands to go on that other table. Besides they will just think we are trying to find you something to wear!" She said and then took my throbbing pole back into her mouth. Her saliva left trails all over my cock as her hungry mouth gripped it, making its journey up and down. I could feel her lips as they passed over every vein and bump on my shaft. Then she would almost release it from her mouth but instead she just sucked hard with just my tip in her mouth, lightly sliding her tongue on the underside of my head, it was heavenly.

I watched as she dropped her hand under her skirt and started moving, she was rubbing that sweet old pussy of hers and the visual made the blow job that more intense. She started moaning on my cock as she fingered herself and then she plopped my rod right out of her mouth. She hiked up her skirt and pulled her hose down to her knees. Bending over the bed she looked back at me.

"Come on Timmy fuck this wet old pussy of mine. Come on boy stick it in me!" She said. Then I grabbed my cock and put it at her hot entrance. As I thrust my hips forward my cock started splitting her wet folds. Inch by inch I fed my cock to this busty 63 year old. She accepted me right to the base and then started pushing her hips back and forth to match my rhythm. It didn't take her long to start to shake and tremble and when I reached around with one hand and worked on rubbing her clit she went berserk.


"OOOHHHH GGOODD LLIIZZZ IIII"MMMMMMMM CUUUUMMMIIINNGGGG!!" I felt my nuts tighten as my juice shoot through my cock.

"MMMMEEEEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOO!!!" Liz yelled as I felt a sudden wash of fluid cover my cock.

We went back to the game as if nothing happened and were the champs for that day. Liz was my first bridge sex "partner" but I would soon learn that women talk to each other and my sex calendar would never be empty again. I have come to love the older ladies and I wouldn't change them for the world. They have taught me so many things about fucking.

Right now I am fucking Liz, Carol, Mel, Betty, Martha, Suzanne and Irene. I have one for each day but they all seem to want it more than once a week. Irene is by far the kinkiest; her wild sex fantasies have brought me to entirely different way of thinking. She had told me how I was the best fuck she ever had since her son had died and that I reminded her of him. I almost shit when she told me about that but then I got to thinking about my own mother and what a fine looking lady she is. Irene even told me she would help me seduce her if I wanted too. But that as they say is a different story...

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