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Ever notice how some girls just have perfect blowjob faces? How, from the second you look at them, you know that their face would look so much better covered in your hot, sticky cum?

Bridget was one of those girls, and John stared at her from across the room, imagining that he was receiving that blowjob and giving that facial. Her dark brown hair had streaks of lighter brown, and fell from her head in tight curls that ended at her shoulder blades. Her tits were nicely sized, perhaps a large C cup, but more than adequate. In John's eyes, her figure was perfect: not too skinny, and curvy without being excessive. She wore a bit of mascara to accent her brown eyes, but it wasn't really needed. Today, she was wearing a tightly-fitting sweatshirt with a white tank top underneath. Her sweatshirt was unzipped, and she was displaying an impressive amount of cleavage an 18 year old high school senior.

John rearranged his cock in his sweatpants so as not to draw attention to it – even in the back of the room, it wouldn't have been difficult for someone to notice its arousal if they had glanced at him, especially with a cock that was more than 7 inches long. He scolded himself silently for thinking in such a way about his sister's best friend, but he had really noticed how she had developed into a beautiful woman in the last couple years, but tried to suppress such thoughts. He knew it was very unlikely that she would even entertain the possibility of spending any time with him. After all, she thought of him almost as a brother, or so he thought.

John glanced back at his teacher, and resumed paying attention as she began describing the class's project. In partners, they were to write and act out a play that was abstract and unusual.

The teacher posted the list of partners on the door as the bell rang, and the class rushed to the door to see who they were working with.

John fought his way through some shorter guys and looked the list down, scanning for his name. His heart leapt as he saw that he had been paired with Bridget.

This should be a good way to spend some time with her, John mused.

Bridget approached him and smiled. "Hey, John, looks like we're going to be partners," she said.

"Yeah, I guess so – too bad for me, huh," John joked.

Bridget tried to replace her smile with a dirty look, but didn't quite succeed, and John laughed.

"When do you want to meet up to work on it?"

"Well, I have field hockey practice after school. How about at like 5:00 at my house?" she suggested.

"Sounds fine to me. I'll be there," John said as the two parted ways and headed to their next classes.


As the bell rang signaling the end of the day, John strode out into the student parking lot. He removed the helmet from the back of his Honda sportbike, and strapped it to his head before swinging a leg over the bike and flicking the starter.

He wasn't sure if he was going to make it through this study session – it would be very hard for Bridget to ignore his inevitable signs of his arousal. He felt his cock stirring in his pants as he turned out of the school parking lot toward his house.


Bridget walked off the field from her field hockey practice exhausted. She stepped into the team's locker room and quickly removed her uniform. She quickly walked to the shower wearing just her sports bra and her nylon shorts that she wore under her plaid field hockey skirt. The showers frequently ran out of hot water, and if you weren't among the first in, you would be freezing and have to wait until you got home.

She hung her towel on the rack by the entrance to the ring of shower heads, and turned on one. AS she waited for the water to warm up, she removed her sports bra, freeing her luscious tits. She had always been quite proud of the C cups. They hung from her chest nicely, barely sagging at all. Her large, dark brown nipples grew impressively hard when she was aroused. She gave the doorway a quick glance before briefly feeling herself up, and pinching her nipples between her fingers, feeling them tighten into little nubs.

Hearing her teammates approach, she stuck her hand under the water, and stepped into the shower. Only her friends, Katherine and Kristen had decided to stay for showers. Katherine had long red hair that reached the middle of her back, and Kristen's blonde hair went just past her shoulders. Neither girl had their tops on, and both wore spandex leggings that reached mid-thigh. Katherine's tits were slightly smaller than Bridgets, and were capped with little red nipples that had screwed themselves into knots, presumably from the cold of the locker room. Kristen's breasts were even smaller. They had literally no sag, and were capped with bright pink nipples.

Bridget acknowledged her friends as she removed her spandex, exposing her smoothly shaven pussy. She grabbed her shampoo and began washing her hair. As the soap ran down her skin, she took the opportunity to discreetly rub her own pussy, which was already wet and begging for attention. Though she definitely was interested in men, she had to admit that her teammates were pretty hot. She guessed it was also partly because of her anxiety for her meeting with John earlier. She had always liked him, and couldn't imagine how he had missed her more-than-obvious displays of her affection. Oh, well.

She moved aside as Katherine and Kristen joined her under the shower head. They had also removed their clothes, and the shower consisted of a fair amount of grabbing and giggling amongst the girls.

Bridget excused herself after she finished washing up. She ran the towel over her body as she walked back to her locker, where she kept her outfit for later. Her perky nipples were standing out prominently in front of her, and the tweaked them with both fingers and sighed with pleasure. No, she said to herself, she'd have to wait until later for that.

She removed her clothes from her locker, and pulled her white lacy thong up her legs. The back of it settled nicely into the crack of her ass, which she had been told was perfect. Personally, she thought it was a bit large, but if guys liked it, she didn't mind. Her denim miniskirt came next, not even covering half of her tanned legs. Finally, she pulled on a lacy white bra, and a tank top that barely contained her tits. Turning to the mirror, she applied a bit of makeup, and dried and brushed her hair. Satisfied, she grabbed her car keys and left the locker room, anticipating her "study session" with John.


John walked up the steps to Bridget's house, and was about to knock on the door when it opened. Bridget was wearing a tye-dye tank top that the tanned tops of her large tits, and a very short denim miniskirt. John felt his cock stir in his pants as he looked her over, and knew it was going to be a very long day.

"Hey, John, come in!" Bridget said happily, holding the door open for him.

"Thanks," he said, stepping into the palatial house. To his right was a living room furnished with a thick red carpet and large, white leather couches. Bridget turned toward this room and led him in.

"What's up?" she asked, plopping her round ass down on a seat and crossing her legs instinctively.

"Nothing much," John replied, "How have you been?"

"Pretty good. Field hockey was horrible today," Bridget responded, "we had to run 3 miles."

"That's not too bad," John said, an accomplished cross country runner himself.

"Hah, well it was for me," she said. "What makes things worse is that our coach is such a pervert. When he makes us run, he always stares at our butts and our boobs." Laughing, she added, "I guess he doesn't think that we notice, but it's pretty gross."

"Well, I could hardly blame him for watching you run around," John replied teasingly.

Bridget smiled and blushed. "Well, it's not as bad if you're not 20 years older than me."

"Well, that's good. So what were you thinking for our project," John asked.

The two discussed the project for almost a half an hour, by which time John's cock physically hurt. Bridget's top had begun sagging, revealing more and more of her tits. He could almost see the tips of her nipples when she bent down the right way. Also, her skirt had been riding itself up higher and higher on her ass, to the point where crossing her legs was almost pointless.

Bridget, on the other hand, had noticed the huge bulge in her best friend's twin's pants, and his eyes as they covered her body. Her own pussy had dampened her panties with anticipation of what she knew was going to happen next. She had noticed that his flirting had gotten bolder as he grew more confident and turned on.

By this point, the conversation had drifted far away from their project. Nervously, Bridget decided to take the plunge.

"Alright, well I think we've gotten a lot done today. Do you want to stick around for a while and just hang out? There's a hot tub out back that we could have a nice time in..."

John's erection surged in his pants as he responded, "That sounds great! Do you want me to go home and grab a swimsuit?"

"You can just wear your boxers. I usually don't wear anything when I go in, but I suppose I'll go change," Bridget said.

"Okay, I'll wait here for you to change," John said, eagerly awaiting seeing his attractive friend in a swimsuit.

Bridget ran up the stairs to her room, where she stripped out of her clothing. She looked in her mirror, seeing her erect nipples on the ends of her large, supple breasts. A hand trailed down between her legs, making sure her pussy was still as smooth as it had been that morning when she had shaved the stubble that had grown.

Satisfied, she turned to her closet, and removed her sexiest, tiniest swimsuit.

The bright red bikini had little triangles that barely covered her brown nipples, but exposed almost all of her darkly tanned tits. The bottoms were thong-styled, with tiny fabric that ran around her waist and down the crack of her ass, enlarging to a wider portion that covered, but clung to the lips of her pussy. She pulled on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt, and grabbed two towels on her way back down the stairs.

"Hey, you ready," Bridget asked John.

"Sure am," John replied, standing up and following Bridget out onto her back patio.

She removed the cover from the hot tub, put the towels on the patio table, and turned to John before removing her sweatshirt.

John's jaw dropped, and his cock surged in his pants as he saw what she was wearing. The tiny red bikini barely covered her nipples, let alone the rest of her huge breasts. As she turned around and removed her sweatpants, John saw her fantastic ass and the tiny strip of red fabric between her cheeks.

Bridget smiled at John, seeing his huge cock straining at his pants, and knew she was driving her crazy. Knowing that she was the one who was turning him on caused her pussy to dampen more, and she knew it had probably already formed a wet spot on her skimpy bikini.

John removed his shirt, exposing his tanned torso, and then removed his shoes. Nervously, he unzipped his pants, and pulled them down. His 7" of cock sprung out of its captivity, eagerly pointing outward and tenting his boxers.

"Ohh, yummy. I think I'll take that as a compliment," she giggled before climbing the steps into the hot tub.

John followed, his cock swaying between his legs. Once he was submerged in the bubbles of the hot tub, he was immediately more comfortable, knowing his arousal wasn't as obvious. He looked over at Bridget, and couldn't believe what was happening to him. Her nipples had formed obvious points in the fabric of her top, which clung to her, hiding very little.

"So John. I think we should play a game," Bridget said with a sly smile.

"Sounds good to me...what do you want to play?" John asked.

"How about truth or dare," Bridget said.

"How could I refuse an offer like that," John said, "why don't you go first."

"Okay. Truth or dare?"

"Truth," John said, not knowing how far Bridget wanted the game to go.

Bridget thought for a minute before thinking of a question. "What's the furthest you've ever gone with a girl?"

John laughed and blushed a little before answering. "Junior year I lost my virginity to Jane Sonesky at the junior prom after party," he said.

"Really?! You and Jane?! No way!" Bridget exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know, right?" John laughed. "Okay, your turn. Truth or dare."


"What's the furthest you've been with a guy," John said without hesitation.

"Last summer Billy McDonald fingered me at a party. He wanted to fuck me but I wouldn't let him," Bridget said, smiling at the memory of Billy's disappointment. "Your turn. Truth or dare."

"Dare," John said, wondering how far Bridget was willing to take the game.

Immediately, Bridget responded, "give me your boxers."

John lifted his ass off of the seat of the hot tub to remove his boxers. He passed them across the hot tub to Bridget, who smiled and ran her fingers over them. "Your turn," John said.


"I dare you to give me a lapdance," John said with a smile.

Bridget laughed, and suddenly felt nervous. "What if he doesn't like it," she thought to herself. She rose from the seat of the hot tub, and moved across to John. Turning away from him, she sat down on his lap, moving her ass back and forth on his legs as a tease of what was to come.

She felt his hands on her hips, pulling her back to his cock. She felt it immediately, and began rubbing her ass against it, feeling it between her cheeks. John's hands wandered up her sides, and cupped her tits.

John felt her tits before moving his hands to her back and untying the top. It fell into the water as John began feeling her tits and pinching her nipples sensually.

Bridget moaned as she felt John's ministrations on her tits, and rubbed her ass harder onto his huge cock.

"Turn around," John said to her. Bridget spun around, and began rubbing her smooth pussy against John's cock.

As she ground her pussy harder and harder onto John's bare cock, she felt John's lips on hers. She plunged her tongue into his mouth, darting it in and out. The sensual kiss lasted for ages.

John kissed Bridget passionately as she continued to grind her crotch harder and harder against his raging hard on. Her tits filled his hands, the hard nipples between his fingers.

John broke the kiss and rose to sit on the edge of the hot tub, with just his legs in the water. Bridget knelt on the seat and grabbed his cock with her hand.

Sensually, she kissed and playfully licked the head of John's cock while pumping up and down with her hand. Gradually, she began to suck his cock, and take more and more of it into her mouth.

John groaned with pleasure as she began giving him a blowjob. He could feel her swirling her tongue around the head of his cock as her head bobbed up and down on his crotch.

Bridget could feel the end of John's cock poking at her throat, and she pressed harder and harder, trying to take as much of it as she could.

"Ohhhh, Bridget, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," John moaned, "let me cum on your face," he begged, thrusting his hips up and down to match the bobs of her head.

Bridget felt John's cock grow bigger in her mouth in the seconds before he came. After she felt the first spasm of his jizz hit the back of her throat, she pulled the cock from her mouth, and let the remaining spurts cover her face and her tits.

After he finished cumming, John looked down at Bridget as she stared up at him. Her face was covered in his sperm, and it was running down her cheek. Her tits had also been sprayed by his powerful eruption, and she looked exactly like he had fantasized.

She swallowed, and began wiping the sperm off her face and tits with her hands, licking it off her fingers. John slid back into the pool, and exchanged places with Bridget. As she sat down, she slid the bottoms of her panties down, and spread her legs wide, encouraging John to lick her.

He knelt where Bridget had moments ago, and began licking up and down her thighs, nearing her pussy but never touching it. Bridget moaned, feeling her pussy burning for attention. She was begging John to pleasure her, but he refused, insisting on taking his time.

John reached up, and used his hands to pull apart her pussy lips. He began tonguing Bridget's clit, occasionally taking between his lips and sucking on it. His face already covered with her copious juices, John took his tongue and began plunging it in and out of her tight, virgin hole. He inserted a finger, then two, and continued licking her clit and lips eagerly.

Bridget was moaning uncontrollably, and felt her orgasm building. When she reached the opint of no return, she began screaming with pleasure, bucking her hips against his fingers and pulling his head into her pussy with her hand.

When she came, she did so violently. Her whole body was spasming, and John felt her pussy contracting against his fingers.

"Oh, John, I want you in me, I want you to fuck me."

Eagerly, the two teens jumped out of the hot tub and ran inside. Bridget's pussy dripping wet, she lay down on her back on the couch. Her perky tits poked up in the air, and her legs were spread wide, exposing her hot pussy. John's cock swung back and forth between his legs.

He climbed over Brdiget, his cock swinging down and hitting her stomach as he lay down. Passionately, the two kissed, their bodies pressed together. John felt her tits being pressed into his chest, and his cock pressing into her stomach. With his hand, he began cupping and toying with Bridget's sticky, wet cunt, before she broke the kiss.

"Oh, please, John, please fuck me," she begged.

John raised his hips, and Bridget positioned his cock at the entrance to her virgin slit. Slowly, John began pushing his cock into her.

Her pussy gripped him so tightly, he almost came as soon as the head of his cock entered her. He continued slowly entering her until he felt the top of his dick press against her hymen.

John looked down at Bridget questioningly. She nodded, giving him permission to break her cherry. With one swift action, John pushed his cock all the way into her, feeling hymen break way, and the tight walls of her vagina squeezing his dick.

Bridget cried out in pain as she felt John's monstrous cock tear through her hymen and lodge itself deep within her pussy. She felt tears streaming down her face, and begged john to wait, and let her adjust to his massive cock.

John kissed her, filling her mouth with his tongue, and feeling hers react and dance with his.

Bridget felt the pain that was surging from her crotch slowly turn to pleasure, and began begging John to fuck her.

Slowly, John began plunging his cock in and out of her pussy, removing it all the way, and then burying it until his pubic bone was pressed against her.

He began fucking her faster, and his balls began slapping against her ass. Bridget was moaning, louder and louder, until she came violently. John felt her pussy walls clenching onto his dick as he continued to fuck her through her mind-blowing orgasm.

Bridget couldn't even control herself as she yelled loudly, feeling her body lose control and thrash about through her intense orgasm.

The two stopped, and collapsed on one another, exhausted.


Please comment and rate if you want me to continue this series!

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