tagNovels and NovellasBridget's Nights Ch. 02

Bridget's Nights Ch. 02


The music was just as I liked it; loud, fast, hammering my ears. The deep bass rhythm had my body moving on its own. My hands were raised over my head as my whole body twisted to the beat.

The two guys I was dancing with were enjoying it too. I could tell. The one in front of me kept his body moving along with mine. His hands were on my sides and the straining bulge of his slacks kept brushing the front of my leather pants.

The guy dancing behind me was even less subtle. His hands were locked onto my hips and he was pressing a truly amazing hardon against the skin tight material covering my ass. If I had bothered with underwear his cock probably could have traced the outlines of any panties, as it rubbed up and down between my cheeks.

I really wished I had the time to carry either, or both of them, away and let them do to me as they wanted. Hell, the light was so dim in here they probably could have both fucked me without anyone noticing. I could deal with that, except that I knew damn well that as soon as I tried that I would end up having to take action. Besides, I couldn't tell where Robert was in the crowd and the poor darling gets so embarrassed when I act like this.

There was no time for all that anyway, and it wasn't why I was here. This was the fifth nightclub in as many nights that I and my covering force had visited. I wasn't here looking to get laid, although I planned to do that too after duty hours. I was here hunting.

Six nights ago, in response to Robert's phone call, I had driven from the scene of my recent tryst with a female accountant named Sandy in Kentucky up to Washington, D.C. I had parked a few blocks away from the J. Edgar Hoover Building and walked to a little used entrance on the side of the building. I had shown my Agency credentials and finally been let in after several phone calls and a 20 minute wait. But then the Agency/Bureau feud goes all the way back to the 1940's. When I was in the OSS I once got caught in the middle of it, but that's a story for another time.

I was shown into a windowless office. From the pictures, knickknacks and the nameplate that read "Special Agent R.A. Dale", I figured out it was Robert's office. I sat down behind his desk and put my feet up on it, just in time for him to come in.

He was talking over his shoulder to a gaggle of standard G-Men, neatly-dressed white men in their 30's. I caught a glimpse of a really cute Asian female in the hallway but I was diverted by Robert's warm greeting.

"Get your feet off my desk." Suiting actions to words he caught my ankles and dumped my legs on the floor. He never even commented about what great legs they were, darn him. He waved a folder at the table set up in the middle of the office and introduced me to his associates. They didn't seem happy to meet me. I wasn't sure if that was because I'm a vampire, or because I'm CIA.

Some people are very leery about working with vampires. I suppose you can't blame them. After all, when was the last time you got a solid recommendation from anyone about us? However all of these guys looked as comfortable as one could expect sitting in a room with one doorway and two of us between it and them. Perhaps its because Robert has been with the FBI for around 60 something years and I guess enough agents have worked with him to feel like he's one of the guys, just with a peculiar requirement for nourishment. Its different at the Agency, but we run through a lot more people.

Robert doesn't often waste words. He didn't tonight either. "Gentlemen, this is Bridget O'Brien. She generally works for another branch of the government but has been attached to the Bureau to assist us in seeking out the killer who's been doing this." He passed around a series of photos. Even I turned green at what had been done to some of the women in the pictures.

"Just so its clear to all of you," Robert continued, "We're dealing with a vampire gone wild. That's why I'm running this operation. It takes one to catch one." Heads nodded around the table, proving that everyone there was both acquainted with Robert and unfazed by what he was.

One of the agents looked at me. "How about her? Is she..." he let his question trail off.

"Yes," Robert said flatly. "She's completely trustworthy." He let his stone face crack for a second. "At least as much as we can trust a spook." He winked at me. I appreciated the remark. I knew he had done it to make me seem "more human" to them.

For the next 30 minutes Robert summarized the case. Someone was killing young attractive women up and down the East Coast. The bodies showed all the classic symptoms of a vampire attack. The plan was for me to act as bait. I was close enough in appearance to fit his favorite type of target. Using a female agent had been ruled out as too dangerous. I, at least, could meet the killer on relatively even grounds.

"Bridget? Are you in?"

I didn't see as if I had any choice. If we didn't catch this guy, guy being a supposition right now, than other means would have to be employed. And those means could be noisy, messy and jeopardize our biggest secret and safeguard, that we exist. The fact that most of us are solid, tax-paying citizens would not keep a witch hunt from digging us all out and burning us at the stake. Sensitivity training doesn't include the undead.

Besides, Robert had saved my life once while he was working undercover in the 60's. Woodstock had seemed like a great place to relax, finish my healing from a spectacular explosion in Southeast Asia and listen to some great music. And incidentally to get laid and sample the various vintages of O positive available.

It had gone great for most of the festival. Since a lot of people slept, or were passed out during the day anyway, it wasn't obvious that I was only seen at night. I had been having a great time. Sex, rock and roll, and warm blood, in very small amounts from any one person. The next to the last night, a girl I knew only as Flower had invited me to her place. I had met three other people, forgetting all their names in the process of shedding our clothes.

I do have to admit that as great as the 60's were for casual sex, I missed seduction, whether I was being seduced or doing the seducing. But there advantages to suddenly having four nude bodies, both sexes of which I enjoyed, pulling my clothes off. I had a choice to make, I thought, guy or girl first?

As it turned out, they made the decision for me. Since I was already stretched out on a blanket after the impromptu "Undress Bridget" party, Flower pulled my head right in between her legs. She started humping her pussy on my face. Well I know when I'm wanted. I rolled on my side to get a better angle and began to rapidly stroke her open pussy with the flat of my tongue.

While I was eating Flower, I felt two more bodies settle on each side of me. Who they were, sex wise anyway, was answered when I felt one hard cock bump against my belly and another one slide down my back. One pair of hands settled on my tits and the other pair pulled my cheeks apart. I was about to become the filling in a Bridget sandwich. Not that I minded it a bit, although I hoped the guy about to put his rod up my ass had lubed it with something.

Judging from the back and forth touch of the two guys, the missing other female was providing that. The groans, moans and remarks like "Suck it baby", indicated she was down below somewhere blowing each of the guys in turn. So when the first guy lifted my right leg in the air, wiggled his cock against the lips of my pussy and gave a heave, it went right in me. All the way in me. Damn, he must have been, well, I don't rate my lovers by their length but his was just right. By the time he had given me a dozen thrusts his cock was already deep in my cervix and the head was touching my G-spot.

I responded by growling deep into Flower's sweet, open pussy. When the second guy's swollen head forced its way through my anal ring I almost bit her right where I was licking her. My fangs did drop and graze along her labia before I could get myself under control. I concentrated on the taste of her juices already running down over my face as number two finally popped his head inside my ass and took that as a sign to see if his cock could meet the first guy's somewhere inside of me.

The guys settled down to seriously fucking me. First one would slam home in my pussy as the other one's hips pulled back. Then the cock in my ass would drive in until his groin slapped against my ass cheeks and the first cock almost, but not quite, pulled out of me. Every thrust drove my tongue farther up inside Flower's soaking cunt until I thought my face would disappear inside her. Its a good thing I don't need to breathe.

As wild as I was, I wanted to use everything on everyone. I slid one finger past my tongue inside Flower, wetting it. I trailed the trickle of her wetness until my questing finger found her puckered hole. She must not have been as used to ass fucking as I am (hardly a surprise, after all, I've been taking cocks and dildos there for centuries) because her ass tried to keep my finger out. It didn't manage that and my hand bumped between her globes as that finger speared her. She responded by forcing my face even deeper in her pussy. I hadn't thought it was possible. It was. I swear my tongue must have been reaching her liver by now.

The question of where the missing fourth person had gone to was answered when she caught up my free hand and put it right on her pussy. I had to do very little as she arranged my hand so my thumb was on her clit and she directed three fingers up inside her. That was good, because by now I was so lost as to whom was doing what I couldn't have given myself a proper fingering, much less someone else.

The guys had lost their rhythm, then regained it. Instead of going back and forth now though, they were meeting each other as though the objective was to flatten me between them. I was sure that both cock heads had to be touching when both of them buried up in me at the same time. I was completely lost and didn't care if they continued all night and day.

They couldn't of course. First one cock emptied itself in me, then the other. I must have been awash in cum because when they both finally fell away from me I felt it all over the place. Flower drowned me at almost the same time, and the other girl locked her muscles so hard on my fingers that I thought she was taking them with her for souvenirs. In the midst of all that cumming I'm not sure anyone even noticed that my orgasm was quite spectacular in itself.

Once everyone had settled down, actually passed out, I sampled each of my new friends in turn. I wasn't really hungry, it was more like having a sandwich and coke after sex to regain your strength. I took just small amounts from each one, being careful not to use the same place to feed. Once you understand anatomy, there are a number of places beyond the neck to draw blood from. It makes it much less likely they would all wake up later and say "Hey, we've all been bitten by a vampire." Not that I was sure they would even care.

It was only a short time later that I began to feel really peculiar. My head swam and I started hearing voices. A beautiful sunrise seemed to be in the offing, along with the swirl of colors and sounds I was experiencing. I staggered outside the tent and wandered off to tell someone about the wonders of my fingers and toes. Then it really got strange and I must have passed out.

I woke up with an incredible headache and the sight of Robert glaring down at me didn't help. I did giggle at the sight of my usually neatly groomed old friend in a beard and sandals. The giggling hurt.

"You dumb bimbo." Nobody but Robert could call me a bimbo and have it come out both as a term of endearment and a stinging rebuke at the same time. "What did you think you were doing?"

"What do you mean?" I croaked. With a disgusted look he handed me a glass of ice water and four aspirins. "I found you strolling around the grounds up by the bandstand, singing and announcing to everyone 'I can FLYYYYYY'. The sun was already on the horizon and you were so stoned you told me I should watch it with you because it would be 'outta sight, man'." I winced. He didn't let up. "You should know better than to feed from drunks, or from people on a variety of illegal substances."

I should have. As it turned out, the quartet I had such a splendid time with had also been using LSD. I saw purple clouds and heard really weird music off and on for 20 years.

I jerked my attention back to the present. Everyone was looking at me. Robert had a calm expectation in his eyes.

"Okay, I'm in," I replied.

So that's how I came to be in this club, wearing spray-painted-on pants and a vest that wasn't doing a very good job of holding even my modest set of boobs in.

I could feel Robert out there somewhere in the crowd and was reassured as always by his presence. I knew he was probably blushing whenever he looked at me. The two guys had me sandwiched now, pinned between them and all three of us moving back and forth as one. Both of their rigid cocks were practically already inside me. I don't mind a crowd, especially if I'm the center of attention but this might be too much, at least right now. I wondered if I could get their phone numbers and arrange a menage-a-tois some other time.

Then I caught it. The faint odor of blood. Fresh blood. A human could have never picked it out from the myriad of other scents even had it been a hundred times stronger, but I could tell. I lifted my head and breathed deeply, trying to determine direction. It was there, off to my left. I racked my brain. What was in that direction?

The answer hit me and I was moving. Both guys went sprawling. I didn't even have time to apologize as I forced my way through the heaving crowd. I snatched the tiny hidden mike from inside my vest.

"Robert," I all but screamed, trying to get through the noise of the club. "The back door and the alleyway."

When I dressed like a rogue vampire slayer (how ironic I thought, after all, it was one of my favorite shows), there had been a debate about the mike. I agreed to wear it but refused to wear an earpiece. No matter how good its concealment, I'd be so close to people it would have stood out like, well, a vampire in church. So I had no idea if Robert had heard me. I could only pray.

I managed to get through the crowd. There were some big strong people there but no one who could match my greater than human strength, coupled with my determination. I reached the loading door and saw the wires that should have set off the alarm were torn away.

The blood scent was incredibly strong now. I gave one glance behind me. Nobody there. I threw the door open and rushed outside.

I looked both ways and then saw him. I was sure it was a him. He had a dark haired girl I had seen earlier pinned against the wall, his face at her throat. She was still alive, her hands striking feebly at him but I could tell it wouldn't be long. After all, he didn't care. He wasn't trying to judge how much blood he took and err on the side of caution. He was there for a kill.

I jumped him. He was so enthralled he didn't know I was there until I tore him away from her and thrust him down the alley towards the street.

He attacked back. "Bitch," he growled as one arm all but flattened me as it caught my shoulder. I shook my head. Damn, that HURT, I thought, as I flung myself back on him. I ducked my head and tried to wrap him up in my arms. With any luck I could hold him for the few moments that I hoped were all that would be required until the cavalry arrived.

I couldn't. To say that he was inhumanly strong seems to belabor the point, but his strength was as far beyond mine as mine was above a normal human. In one motion he slammed me against the wall so hard I saw stars. he reached for me and I thought I wasn't going to see the end of my 5th century. Then he was running down the alley as Robert and two human FBI agents poured out of the door to the club.

Our unknown vanished in a hail of gunfire. If any of the wooden bullets the three agents were using took effect, I couldn't tell. I had a problem of my own. I had fallen against the woman he had been feeding from. My face was against her neck, right where the blood was still trickling and the scent was overpowering me. My head ringing from the blow of the brick wall, I unconsciously extended my fangs and dropped my head to her.

"NO! Bridget, stop. She can't take any more blood loss." Robert pulled me away in one not ungentle move. He threw his arms around me and held me until I was able to regain control of myself. I was shaking and refusing to let myself weep. I hate losing control like that.

In short order we had an ambulance there to take the victim to the hospital. The area was cordoned off and a careful search started. Most of the agents involved had worked with Robert before and knew to be very careful even before when he explained how the attacker had manhandled me. They knew I was a girl, but they also knew how strong even a female vampire is, and that physically they were no match for him.

"They won't find anything. DAMN," I cursed. "I had him and I couldn't hold him."

"I'm just glad you were in time and that you're going to be okay," Robert assured me. He studied his notebook. "The description is vague, Bridget. Caucasian male, apparent age around 30, 6 foot, three inches, dark hair and fair skinned. Any thing else? how about his eyes?"

"Gray," I answered. "Like looking through a mile of ice they were so cold." I looked at my friend, partner and sometimes lover. "Robert, he scared the hell out of me. And I don't like that. We're going to find this son-of-a-bitch and he's going to be toast."

(To be continued)

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