tagNovels and NovellasBridget's Nights Ch. 08

Bridget's Nights Ch. 08


I sank back into the large tub and let the hot water begin to soak my aches and pains away. I felt slightly hungry, not surprisingly after the exertion and stress, physical and mental, of the day. Fortunately, I was used to going long periods of time without feeding. I certainly had no intentions of attempting to do anything silly with my new friends. They had already seen me, recognized me for what I am, and yet accepted me for the person I had been, and would always be. No one finds too many friends like that. Not an ordinary mortal, certainly not a centuries old vampire.

I was tempted to kick my feet in the frothing bubbles. I was even more tempted to simply relax and let the soothing water lull me into sleep. After all, it wasn't as though I was going to drown if my head slipped under the water. Not actually breathing does have its advantages. I spread my arms out in the huge tub and floated away.

My mind had drifted so far away into nothingness that I never heard anyone come into the bathroom. The first I knew was when the water level suddenly rose and I sensed someone in the tub with me. Someone warm. Someone who's fingers were brushing both of my sides, dancing up over my stomach, gently touching the curves of my breasts. Someone who had four hands.

My eyes snapped open and I bolted upright in the tub, causing water to splash up and over the sides. Linda and Sue both laughed. Unbelieving, I looked back and forth from one to the other.

On my right was Linda. Her body was just as I had imagined it; wonderfully slender, graceful and with long legs to die for. Her breasts were small, although larger than mine and tipped with pink nipples. Through the shifting water I could see the dark triangle between her legs was neatly trimmed.

On my left, Sue was a complete contrast. Her body was fuller, more obviously strong while remaining feminine. Her larger breasts had large aureole with nipples shorter than Linda's. Sparse blonde hair covered her pussy.

Linda leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were so warm on mine. "Squirm up a bit Bridget," she instructed. "Sue wants to scrub your back." She slipped around in front of me, a naughty light dancing in her eyes. Resting her back against the tub, she took my hands and scooted me towards her. "I, on the other hand, plan to scrub your front."

Oh my god. I tried to make some intelligent remark, but could only croak as Sue slid behind me and kissed me on the side of my neck. I felt her full breasts press against my back. She leaned back slightly, until only her two stiff nipples were brushing against my skin. I felt a tingling sensation along my shoulders as she spread a cool gel along my back. Her palms began to rub in what I assumed was body wash.

Linda leaned forward, one hand holding a bath scrubber. Her legs slid under mine and she giggled slightly as my feet, floating in the water, brushed past her hips. She bent her own knees as she scooted herself closer to me. Her feet slipped under my bottom and the insides of my thighs touched her waist.

"Body wash," she commanded as she held the scrubber over my shoulder. I felt Sue pause in her gentle massage of my back, and then begin again as Linda brought the sponge to me. She passed it along my right shoulder, moving it around and around as she brought it up to my neck. Her other hand went over my left shoulder and Sue's hand there stopped for a moment. I felt their fingers intertwine for a long moment.

Then Sue had returned to rubbing my shoulders. Her strong fingers worked the bath gel into suds and covered every pore in them. If I had felt boneless before, the relaxation of my back muscles made me feel even more on the verge of falling asleep.

Linda, on the other hand, was making sure I did not fall asleep. After washing my neck, she went down my left shoulder. Without any hesitation she came back to her left. This time she was lower. This time she began to gently wash my breast. I gasped deeply as the yielding material moved in large lazy circles over my breast. Lacey frills on the edges of the wash tool scraped over my nipple, exciting it to stiffness.

With no expression on her calm face, Linda plunged the scrubber in the small valley between my breasts. She rotated the sponge several times and went on to my other breast, repeating the ministrations she had given the first one. Sue's hands had worked down to the middle of my back. Between her firm touches and Linda's soft arousal on my breasts I couldn't help myself. My back arched slightly and a moan began deep in my throat.

They showed no mercy. Instead, they both moved in closer, pinning me between them. Linda held me tight with her bent legs pressing tightly on my sides. Sue's went around Linda's. Mine formed a vee, with Linda at the apex. I could feel her bumping against the junction of my legs.

As Linda moved the body scrubber down over my quaking stomach, Sue abandoned my back. Her arms slid around my waist and rose to take each of my breasts in a cupped hand. Her own breasts returned to be crushed against my back. The nipples that had occasionally tantalized me before now poked like two firm points into me. She lifted me slightly in the water and I felt her mound begin to move against my ass.

The sponge floated past my glazed vision. Linda's hands were under me, on the back of my thighs, her fingers running along the bottom creases of my ass. She pushed forward to me. Her smaller tits touched the back of Sue's hands and I felt her dark bush contact the red hair of mine.

"Help," I managed to gasp, "I'm being ravaged by fair maidens." Linda stopped my mumbling with a kiss. Her lips clung to mine, pulling my lower lip with hers and then letting it snap back. Sue's hands left my breasts to slide under Linda's arms. With a grunt she pulled both of them right to me.

I don't know how they did it. I suppose it was some sort of telepathy used by long time lovers. Goodness knows my parents managed it all the time. The simple lift of an eyebrow spoke volumes to each other. I don't think Sue and Linda could even see each other, since I was pretty well crammed between them. But they both stood up in the tub at the same time, lifting me along with them. Linda's lips never even left mine until they had carried me out of the tub and began to dry me off.

More heaven. Big fluffy towels, WARM fluffy towels. Four hands patting me with them. As one grew damp it was replaced by another. The layers of cotton drained the moisture from me, all the way from the top of my head down to between my curling toes.

All except one place. Even though two giggling women ran a towel between my legs and sawed it back and forth, almost lifting me off the stretched toes I was balancing on, my flame colored pussy was drenched. Two dry bodies pinned me again as the useless towel was dropped. A dark haired pussy met mine and a blonde one pushed against me ass.

"To bed," breathed Sue in my ear, just before she took the lobe of it in her teeth and gently bit down. Four arms circled me and I was carried to the queen sized bed I had passed earlier. The three of us fell in a tangle of arms and legs that left it almost impossible to determine who was touching whom.

As they had in the tub, they once again pinned me gently between them. I was on my left side, facing Linda. Her body pressed tightly to mine and her open mouth closed onto mine. Sue slid in behind me. One arm found its way under me, the other crept between my arm and my side. Both hands nestled back onto my breasts.

Linda's thigh pushed between my legs. I was still wet there, and the gentle friction of her smooth skin on my pussy made me gasp deep into her questing mouth. Sue pushed her mound against my ass. Her hips moved, rubbing her blonde pussy up and down along the cleft of my ass in a rhythm matching her gentle squeezing of my breasts.

Even as my passion flared, a part of my mind could not help but remark the difference between the couple I was with tonight and the pair of women I had recently been with. Sue and Linda were striving to please me, and to please themselves in the doing. Everything was soft touches and gentle caresses. When Linda slid her body down mine, dragging her tongue between my breasts and over my belly to my pussy, it felt like I was floating away on a soft cloud. Sue's lips nibbled my neck, my ears and the top of my back. Her fingers stroked my nipples in ever widening circles. I could feel her own wetness seeping along the cleft of my ass as she pushed into me. I was already shaking when Linda's lips closed over my pussy and her tongue slid inside the already open slit to plunge inside me.

I cried out. I felt Linda's hand slip past me and I realized she was fingering Sue's pussy even as her tongue curled along my inside walls. I heard Sue moan deeply at her lover's touch. A wide-eyed glance down revealed Sue's foot stretched out and her toes wigling between Linda's legs. Then all three of us were shuddering and calling each other's names. I was arching to Linda's tongue deep in my pussy and offering her the uniqueness of my woman's nectar. I felt Sue's spill on onto my ass as she held tightly against me and Linda's body spasms travel right up inside me.

When all our breathing had returned to normal, I found myself stretched out in the left side of the bed. Linda's head was pillowed on my right shoulder, her hand warm on my stomach. Sue was snuggled tightly up to her lover, her arm around Linda's waist.



"This isn't something we do." Sue was looking earnestly at me. "We're in a committed relationship. We love each other. It just was something about you. Even before we brought you back to the bath tub we had decided 'Just this one time'."

"Why is that?" I turned my head towards them. "Because I'm a vampire?" I knew that had proved fascinating to more than one man or woman over the years who had discovered what I was. A scarier thought struck me. "Or was it," I took a deep breath, "Was it because you felt sorry for me?" I tried to keep my voice and face steady. From the expression on their faces I had managed to do neither.

"BRIDGET!" Linda lifted her head from my shoulder and transfixed me with a look that showed the steel under the dancer's form. "We would never do that. Yes, we can tell you're lonely, lonelier than most people could imagine. But we decided to be with you because we wanted you, Bridget the woman. Not the vampire. Not the wanderer. Besides," and her eyes twinkled again, "You're a pretty hot little babe, and I always wanted an Irish girl anyway."

The tense mood broke with those last words and we all laughed. I started to apologize but Sue stretched over and stopped me with a kiss. We snuggled back down into the bed.

"This is pretty," I lazily commented, my fingers following the curlicues of an ornate silver hair brush lying on the bed stand. When I caught the furtive grins the two women exchanged I demanded, "Okay, what gives? Spill it!"

Sue leaned over me to take the hairbrush and hold it in the air, the light reflecting off the silver. She grinned and I realized Linda was blushing slightly.

"Sometimes Linda is a bad girl," Sue commented with a wicked look in her eyes. "A VERY bad girl. And bad girls need to be punished." She tapped the back of the brush on her hip."

"Myyyyyyy," I breathed out. Not that I was a stranger to just about any kind of sexual play, but in the already aroused mood I was in, the picture of the hairbrush descending on Linda's firm butt was erotic as hell.

Either I was concentrating too deeply on the vivid metal image or they had another one of the silent communications. Sue rose from the bed. Still tapping the hairbrush against her leg, she pulled an armless chair from the desk in the corner of the room. She carried it over to my side of the bed. She sat down facing me.

"Bridget," whispered Linda in my ear. "What you thought, about us, about why. You're a very bad girl, you know."

My throat dried up and I had trouble speaking. Sue was running the back of the hairbrush over herself. Now she was touching her breasts with it. Now she wandered down over her stomach and slipped it between her legs.

"Yes Linda," I managed to say hoarsely. "I've been a very bad girl indeed."

Sue curled a finger, motioning me to her. I was unconsciously panting for air that I didn't need. I swear I almost heard my heart beat for the first time in centuries. I was actually trembling in excitement as I stretched my body over Sue's knees, bent into a U-shape with my toes and fingers touching the floor. And of course, my ass lifted up.

Sue's hand rubbed my ass gently. Then I felt the coolness of the hairbrush's silver back replace her warm hand. Around and around it stroked while Sue murmured, "Bad girl, Bridget, oh such a bad girl." I felt the brush leave my skin. With a sudden flick of her wrist she brought it sharply down on my left cheek. "Pop." I gasped. "POP." This stroke fell on my right cheek. The burning sensation spread all over my ass and deep in my body.

I bit my lip to keep from screaming. Of course my ass didn't turn colors like I suspected Linda's did under the same treatment, but damnnnnn, I was getting so incredibly turned on. Sue would deliver a spank to each cheek and then rub her free hand over the spot the brush had just fallen on. If she was trying to massage the feeling into me, it was working.

"Oh yea," I whispered as my ass caught fire. The pain was so incredibly pleasurable. I realized that the brush strokes alone were going to make me cum without even touching myself. I was rocking back and forth over Sue's knees, trying to raise my ass even higher for her.

"Mmmm, she loves that darling," Linda's soft voice floated to me. Glancing at her, I saw she was stretched on her side watching. On hand cupped her breast, her fingers twisting and pulling on the nipple. The other was caressing herself between her legs. Even as I watched, she drew one finger along her open pussy and then raised it to her mouth. She slipped it inside and began to suck on it.

Sue answered. "She does indeed baby. I can feel her dripping on my thigh. She's such a naughty girl. And she's about to cum for us, aren't you naughty girl?" Her arm rose and fell, harder, paddling my ass with fierce strokes.

All I could force out of my tight throat was a strangled gasp. I bucked my hips up and my body tensed. Sue felt it, for suddenly she reversed the brush and drug the stiff bristles over the raw nerve endings. That did it, I screamed as the delicious pain pushed me right over the edge. My glazed eyes saw Linda jam her fingers back inside herself and cry out from the results. Then I was limply slumped over Sue's knees. When I regained some semblance of awareness, I was back on the bed with lotion being gently applied to my ass.

I felt warm breath on my face and a soft kiss. "Sleep now, Bridget. We'll wake you at sundown." There was a chuckle. "Some of have to go to work you know."

I woke to the sound of voices from the living room. From the deep male voice I guessed that Mike, and probably Pat too were here. I jumped out of bed and ran my fingers over my ass. Damn, I had experimented with some things like that over the centuries but I don't think any other time had been like that. I noted absent-mindedly that the scratches were still slightly there. They should have healed by now. My body was reminding me it needed feeding.

I firmly put that thought aside and dressed hurriedly in jeans and shirt that was a lot more comfortable and a lot less revealing than when I had last seen them all. I ran a brush through my hair, NOT the one from last night, and came out to meet the new evening.

"Hi Bridget," came a chorus. Bless her, Sue handed me a cup of coffee. Even a vampire's mind requires kick starting. I was happy to notice there were no leers from either Mike or Pat. Not that I really expected them, they obviously were perfectly comfortable with their lesbian coworkers and probably didn't care at all whether or not I had been in bed with them.

"So, any news?" I addressed that question to the group at large, but looked at Mike. I reasoned he was the senior uniform officer and would likely hear more from the patrol officers who would naturally be the first to take note of any suspicious reports.

"No nothing, he brooded. "I don't know if he's just lying low Bridget or has left. There's no reports that lead me to a conclusion either way, but somehow I think he's gone."

I was nodding vigorously in support of what he was saying, and noticing that the top two buttons on his shirt were undone, when Linda grasped my elbow.

"Bridget? Could you help me with some coffee for everyone?"

Well I wasn't born yesterday, to put it mildly. I knew she wanted to tell me something in private. So I rose and followed her into the kitchen.

Linda pulled me into the far corner, valiantly attempting to muffle her laughter. "Bridget, I swear, are you insatiable? Sue and I spent all night trying to please you, and here you are making cow eyes at Mike."

I wish I could have blushed. "I didn't know it was that obvious."

"Well Mike will never notice. The big innocent that he is, he wouldn't recognize a pass if you threw your arms around him and tried to hump him. Now Pat, she's already spotted your interest."

"Oh god." Now I desperately wanted to blush, and to hide.

"Its okay." At my surprised look she hastily continued. "Not like that Bridget! No, Mike is a one-woman man and Pat simply knows that the idea of straying is completely foreign to him. She never worries about that. She's more likely flattered that you think he's a sexy guy."

"Well he is that."

I was surprised again when a smile danced over Linda's face. "Oh, you don't even know the half of it."

I wanted to ask more, but I had a feeling that I wasn't going to get any answers. Instead, I followed her back to the living room. I shook my head, determined to get my attention back on the job. I glanced at Pat and Mike. Somehow I wasn't surprised to see a slight smile on Pat's face. Oh god, she HAD noticed. Then she gave me a wink and I realized Linda was right.

I smiled, wistfully and I'm sure with more than a hint of jealousy. It must be nice to be that sure of someone. I cleared my throat and tried to proceed with the business at hand.

"Pat, Mike, when I asked Linda why the four of you seemed so," I groped for the word I wanted, "Unstartled? What I'm trying to say, although surprised by what happened at the club, and since then, somehow, this is not your first experience with the supernatural. Most people would have freaked. You all took it in stride. Linda said I would have to ask the two of you."

"It started with a series of ritualistic murders. Pat was the lead investigator," Mike said quietly. Maybe she knew every nuance of his thinking, but I wondered if Pat realized just how much emotion was charged in that simple comment. He had been scared to death when she worked that case. "We finally discovered what was going on and attempted to intervene." He went on to describe the discovery that the two of them were cut off without support and how they had plunged into an abandoned factory to discover a coven of some kind.

"They were raising something," Pat picked up the thread of the story. "I won't swear to this day I know what." She told about the black cold figure that had appeared. "I thought we were toast, possibly quite literally, but then we got help." She told me about the old man with the cane and how he come to their aid, dealing with whatever had been summoned while the two of them handled the humans.

"That's the reason we were able to accept you Bridget," Linda told me. "They told me, I told Sue. So we're already aware that another world exists close beside ours."

A suspicion had woken deep in my mind and was trying to make itself heard. Not the angel, I had never seen any of them but I was happy to acknowledge their existence. Something about the , whatever it was, devil? Demon? Then it hit me.

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