Bringing The Family Together Ch. 01


"You could have the same, you know," Suzy told her, with a husky laugh, "Or even less ... you'd look stunning."

Kathy laughed at the time, but wasn't the least bit surprised when ten minutes later Suzy said that she was going to fetch them a drink, but instead came back with a grin on her face and her hands behind her back.

"What?" asked Kathy, recognising the look on her sister's face. She was up to something.

Suzy reached out her hands, showing Kathy the towel she'd brought down -- and the razor, gel and baby oil.

"Come on, Sweetheart," she told Kathy, "Lie back for me."

Giggling, Kathy took her gown off and did as she was told. She lifted her ass slightly so that Suzy could slide the towel under her. Leaning forward, she planted a soft, wet kiss on Kathy's pussy. Remembering she needed some water, she ran out to the kitchen. When she got back, Kathy was rubbing her clit. She looked up, pulling her hand away.

"Soon," Suzy told her.

Kathy drew her knees back, exposing herself to her sister. Suzy stared for a moment, and then set about shaving her sister. She took her time, enjoying touching and feeling Kathy, running her hands softly over her mound, and lower, time and time again to make sure that she was smooth. Kathy loved the feel of what her sister was doing to her, of her hands on her, and she longed for more.

When she was at last satisfied, Suzy reached for the baby oil. She poured a small amount into the palm of her hand, and smoothed it all over Kathy's bare mound, rubbing it gently -- and slowly -- into her soft skin. Suzy moaned quietly, her wet pussy juices mixing with the oil. Some of the oil trickled down between Kathy's cheeks, and Suzy's fingers followed it, teasing, caressing, the tip of her finger sending a moan shuddering through her sister as she eased it inside her.

Before they went any further, Suzy sat back on her heels and admired her sister. Her pussy looked naked and vulnerable, her plump mound now starkly white against her suntanned body. Suzy told her how beautiful she looked, before leaning forward to kiss her.

She kissed her briefly on the mouth, and then on each ripe nipple, running her tongue across each of them. Then she kissed each breast, and into the deep valley between them, before kissing her way slowly down Kathy's flat tummy. She paused at her belly button, using the tip of her tongue on Kathy, making her wriggle with pleasure. And then she kissed her way down further.

Kathy rubbed her own breasts as Suzy planted a soft kiss at the top of her pussy. Kathy felt soft and smooth as Suzy kissed along her sister's slit, nibbling and licking at her clit and lips. She kissed the insides of Kathy's thighs, nipping at soft flesh, before making her way back to her pussy.

She teased her with her tongue and her teeth, sliding her hands under her to squeeze and caress her ass. Her tongue moved everywhere before probing deeply into her sister's hot, wet pussy, scooping Kathy's juices into her mouth. She slipped two fingers inside her, fucking her with them while she sucked on her clit.

Kathy felt like she was floating. Her pussy had never felt so sensitive, so on fire - and Suzy had learnt exactly how to make the most of it. She reached down and held her sister's head, pushing her pussy up to meet the agile tongue and probing fingers that were sending her wild. She screamed out as she came, as her body trembled with the force of her pleasure. Suzy held her tight, hugging her as they shared that pleasure.

They held each other for long minutes until Kathy had calmed down. Only then did Suzy move to get back on the settee next to her sister. They kissed again and sat close, their bodies pressed together, their hands reaching for each other.

Kathy jumped up a few minutes later, and ran naked upstairs. When she returned, it was her turn to stand with her hands behind her back. Before Suzy could ask, Kathy held out her hands to show her what she had been to get -- a long vibrator.

"Your turn," Kathy told her.

"How long have you known about that," asked Suzy.

"Long enough to know I want to share it with you," Kathy responded with a grin.

Suzy lay back on the settee, her gown thrown open. Kathy lay down beside her, leaning over her for a kiss. As their lips and tongues played, Kathy switched the toy on and ran it over Suzy's body. Suzy shuddered as small waves of pleasure followed the toy around her body, as Kathy pressed it against her breasts, her nipples, her clit.

Breaking their kiss, Kathy moved down a little, watching as she pressed the vibrator against Suzy's pussy. She watched as the thick, plastic cock disappeared, and as Suzy reached down to rub her own clit, her fingertips massaging herself with a circular motion. Kathy reached for her sister's breasts, for her nipples. She sucked a ripe nipple into her mouth, feeling her sister moving beneath her.

She fucked Suzy with the vibrator, pushing it deeper and deeper into her body as her orgasm hit her. As she came, Kathy pulled the toy out and pressed it along Suzy's slit, pressing against her clit and lips, the end just inside her. Suzy cried out again, holding Kathy tight, loving what they could do to each other, what they shared.

They calmed down gradually, holding each other close. Suzy sat up, and Kathy moved between her legs, lying back against her sister's soft, sexy body, her head resting on her breasts. She pulled a gown up over them. Before long their chatter ceased as they dozed off, the TV forgotten.


It was weeks later when they were laying in the bath together that things moved on again. Suzy was sat between her sister's outstretched legs while Kathy washed her hair, slowly massaging the foamy shampoo into Suzy's head, her hands wandering downwards whenever the mood took them.

"Happy?" Kathy asked.

"You bet," Suzy replied, wriggling sensuously back against her sister.

"How about you?" she asked, a few moments later.

"Mmmm ... I'm great," Kathy told her.

"But?" Suzy asked, "I can hear a but ..."

It was only later, as they lay in bed relaxing in each others arms, that Suzy wheedled out of Kathy what the "but" was.

"Kathy!" Suzy exclaimed, "We can soon fix that!"

A few minutes later they were staring at the computer screen, searching for just the right website. Kathy's eyes opened wide as she saw what Suzy had in mind.

"Yes!" she breathed, gripping Suzy's arm so tight that it hurt.

And that was why Suzy had dressed hurriedly and rushed out as soon as they had had a phone call to say that their parcel was at the depot awaiting collection.


Suzy led Kathy by the hand into the bedroom. She undressed quickly, aware of the need, the lust, in Kathy's eyes as she watched her.

As Suzy stood naked, her breasts heaving with excitement, Kathy stepped in front of her and reached for the hem of her long tee shirt, before pulling it up slowly. Suzy cupped her own breasts in her hands, tweaking her swollen nipples gently as Kathy exposed her naked mound to her gaze. Suzy's eyes flicked briefly across to the mirror behind Kathy - to her almost perfect ass -- and then back to her breasts, big and firm, as her sister stood posed, her arms high above her head.

They stepped into each others arms, kissing, slowly, deliberately, as they pressed their bodies together, then harder, deeper, as their need, their desire, for each other took over. Suzy eased Kathy towards the bed, watching as her sister lay down and held out her arms to her. But Suzy ignored her, instead climbing onto the bed to kneel between Kathy's legs, her eyes roaming over her sister's naked body once again.

Suzy never tired of looking at sister, of drinking in her nakedness, of touching her. She felt a surge of hot wetness to her own pussy as she leant forward and licked slowly across Kathy's belly, her own breasts dragging across her sister's thighs. She drew Kathy's nipples into her mouth one at a time, moaning as she tasted her sister, as she felt her nipples hardening, as she caressed the rubbery flesh against the roof of her mouth with her tongue.

She leant forward and kissed Kathy softly on the mouth before kissing and nipping and licking her way back down her sister's body, over her breasts and nipples, over her belly, her tongue swirling around her belly button, and then lower until she was lying flat on the bed, Kathy's glistening pussy just inches in front of her.

Kathy moaned as she felt Suzy's hot breath on her pussy, and automatically drew her knees up, exposing everything to her sister's stare, to her touch. She moaned again as she felt Suzy's tongue flick across her clit, and then again as her tongue swept downwards, from her clit to her ass and then back again, caressing, touching, tasting, probing.

She reached for Suzy, her fingers becoming entwined in her hair as she pulled her tighter to her pussy. Suzy's tongue plunged inside her, quickly being replaced by a finger as she moved and swirled her tongue around Kathy's erect clit. Kathy gasped as her pussy throbbed against her sister's eager mouth and tongue.

"Now?" Suzy asked.

"Yeeesss..." Kathy gasped, reaching for her own breasts as she watched Suzy quickly kneel up and reach for the parcel that still lay on the bed beside them.

Kathy's body was on fire as she watched Suzy ripping open the parcel, her breasts swaying as she moved. It seemed like an age as she watched, her eyes glazed with excitement and lust, but it was probably only seconds before Suzy was kneeling over her again, the long cock jutting from her more life like than either of them could have imagined. Kathy reached out as Suzy tightened the Velcro fastenings before joining her sister in stroking the long shaft, feeling the ridges, the contours, the shape.

"Yeeesss..." Kathy hissed.

And then Suzy was inside her, slowly at first, sliding her cock into her sister's wanton body, and then harder, faster, deeper, as she fucked Kathy to an orgasm that left her weak, until Suzy came from watching her sister's pleasure, from the pressure of her cock against her clit and pussy every time she drove her hips towards her sister.

Later, Kathy explored every inch of Suzy's body with her hands and mouth before reaching for the strap on cock they'd bought for their pleasure. As she strapped it on, pulling the straps tight around her, she felt an overwhelming surge of lust. Slowly, she stroked her hands along her cock, imagining it throbbing beneath her touch, feeling its heat and strength, the desire in her eyes matching that in her sister's.

She shuffled forward, her eyes locked on Suzy's as she rubbed the tip of the thick cock up and down her sister's hot, wet pussy, barely hearing Suzy's whimper of need through her own lust before she plunged her cock inside her sister.


After that, time seemed to fly by. The sister's found new dimensions to their love making, enjoying and fulfilling each other more and more. They slept together, usually in Kathy's bed, but sometimes in Suzy's, only sleeping apart on the odd night that Jason was home from College. Even though his room was on the far side of the house, Kathy wasn't prepared to take the risk of Jason seeing them together. Even then, the door between their rooms was rarely closed. As summer arrived, the only cloud on their horizon was the long weeks that Jason would be home for the summer break.


To be continued -- look out for chapter two, and find out what happens when Suzy catches Jason sunbathing naked.


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