Bro Rubs Suntan Oil on Naked Sister


He saw me look around and he kind of jerked in surprise knowing that I saw his erect penis. He mumbled something and dropped the bottle of lotion. Something came over me and I knew I had to get a better look at his penis or at least feel it's huge hardness. His penis was very large. Much larger than any of the penis's I'd ever seen. I told him to throw his leg over my back so he could reach my other shoulder and arm. He fidgeted around for the lotion and mumbled, "No, I probably shouldn't.... I don't think I should."

"Don't be silly, you're just putting lotion on my back. Go ahead and throw your leg over my back and use both hands to put the lotion on."

I then nudged his knee with my hip, crowding him and almost forcing him to get better balance by lifting up his leg and planting his knee on the other side of my back. His skin was hot and I could feel the hair on his legs against my back and my sides and the upper part of my bare butt. My brother must have been holding his huge penis up and away from my body because that was the only thing I couldn't feel, and I wanted to so bad.

I said, "OK, anytime now." I felt him squirt some lotion out and start to rub it in with one hand.

Sure enough, he was afraid to let his penis come in contact with me, and he apparently had a hold of it with his other hand. I told him to use both hands to apply the lotion and he just mumbled, "But can't." "Yes, you can, Todd. Go ahead."

After a couple of long seconds, I felt and heard the plop of his large, erect penis bounce against the middle of my back as he began to use both hands with the lotion. I felt the hair of my brother's balls tickle my lower back. When the lotion was drying up, I told him to put more on. He grabbed the lotion and I heard, "Oh, shit!... sorry, too much came out of the bottle."

"That's ok, silly... just rub it all over and try to get my lower back, too." I knew if he tried to rub the lotion into my lower back that he would invariably get plenty of that lotion on his penis. I was loving the feeling of my brother's hands on my bare skin and the way his huge penis bobbed and bounced against my lower back.

I could feel him trying to rub all that lotion around my back. His hands kept bumping into the giant hard-on he had sticking out over my lower back, and I could tell it was making him uncomfortable. I knew my brother's penis was probably getting very coated with lotion, as I could feel it bounce and move from side to side with the erratic movement of his hands.

I was concentrating so hard on his penis bouncing up and down on my back that I didn't here him mumble, "I can''s in the way." I realized that he had worked his way down my back but still had more to cover. The problem was that his penis was in the way and he didn't know what to do about it.

I can only imagine that he was overwhelmed by the situation and was having a hard time making his brain work! I understood and told him, "Just scoot down, honey... get more on my lower back....I need some lotion on my butt, too"

When he did this, I could feel his penis slide right down into the crack of my butt, like a hot dog in a bun. I spread my legs apart just a little bit to allow my brother's penis to fall between my butt cheeks and felt his balls bounce against my moist, shaven vulva. I was squirming ever so slightly under the feeling of Todd sitting directly on my plump butt.

I was resting on my elbows and my head was hanging down. I was starting to lose control and began moving my butt around in a circular motion under my brother's penis. I was causing his balls to rub against my vulva. The combination of hot sun, lotion, and my brother rubbing me while his giant penis was logged between my butt cheeks, had caused my pussy to get very wet.

He lifted up just a little, in response to my squirming, and in doing so gave me room to wiggle and bounce my round butt under my brother's hard penis.

He stopped rubbing my back and was trying to say something, "D-Darla... wait a minute... Oooohhh gawd.... I can't... my p..."

I wanted to feel my brother's big, hard penis against my pussy so bad, I pulled forward a little and arched my back. I stuck my butt up as far as I could, causing his penis to lay right against my soft, wet pussy lips. I began to bump and rub my pussy against the underside of my brother's penis. I could feel the extra lotion on his penis was doing a great job of lubing our contact.

I was concentrating so hard on doing this that at first I didn't hear him mumbling, "Please d-don't d-d-do that. Oh, gawd Darla...don't." At this point I didn't care what I was doing or who saw it. This feeling was so erotic and hot that I couldn't help myself from squirming under Todd, lifting my butt against him. Moving forward and back, feeling his penis slide up and down the length of my pussy lips.

Just then I heard Todd mumbling again, "Oh gaw, D-Darla...I so sorry... Ooohh... I can't...." He sat up on his knees like he was going to get up off of me. I snapped back to reality and was wondering what the hell was wrong, so when he lifted up, I quickly spun around underneath him to see what the problem was. In doing so, my lotion covered breasts bumped into my brother's fully erect penis. His penis bounced up, and back down, right in between my tan, lotion covered tits. Todd looked down and grunted. His arms to his sides, his eyes wide open and glassy, his mouth agape and grunting out incoherent mumblings, "Oh, gaw Darla... you so beautifuh.... I s-sorry... I can't help it."

Then I looked down and saw Todd's penis jerk and twitch between the cleavage of my two breasts. Just then, from the end of my brother's gigantic penis, a huge stream and glob of cum spat out and hit me under my chin. I squeaked and let my hands reach for his tight, round butt cheeks. When my hands found his ass cheeks, I forced my elbows to my sides in order to push my breasts together. My breasts are so firm and round, that they have no problem standing up even when I'm laying down.

I pulled his butt towards me causing his penis to slide along my cleavage and then back out. His penis spat out another glob of cum just as it had pulled back from my breasts, buttering my cleavage. When his penis jutted forward, now with no help from me, it slid right over the large pool of cum. Todd's hands were hanging to his sides. He was staring down at this amazing sight with glassy eyes and mouth agape, and his erect, spurting penis wasn't letting up. He kept saying, "Oh Darla, I...I'm so sorry... so sorry. Oh god. Oh my gawd, D-Darla!"

At one point, when he jerked forward, his penis popped out of my cleavage, sprang up and shot a huge glob of cum on my face. He saw it and said again, "I'm so sorry, I...I... can't... Oh fuck....Oh jeezus." I wasn't saying anything, I was too into the moment of having my newfound brother hump his beautifully large penis between my big, round breasts. I was groping his fine ass and pulling him towards me with every jerk of his penis between my tits.

When his orgasm subsided, he stopped cumming and suddenly bolted up to his feet, muttered yet another apology and ran off down the beach. I looked back and saw him run for the water. He dove in, got out and ran back to where he came from. I lay there for a second with cum all over me. Some of the cum that hit my face had dripped down to my mouth and I could taste it with my tongue. I decided to get cleaned up and head back to the hotel to see if Todd was ok.

I got back to my room and sat there for a second taking in what just happened. It was like a dream and I didn't want to wake up. I wanted more of my brother and I wanted him now. I wanted that beautiful penis inside me. I removed my bikini top and slipped on my sexy little robe. I was still wearing my bikini bottoms but left the robe open as I decided what to do next.

I went to the adjoining door and softly knocked. Todd came to the door wearing his trunks - he hadn't showered - and he smelled of sand and the beach mixed with his cum. It was intoxicating. "Come in for a bit and lets talk." He came in and I sat on the end of the bed with my robe open just enough for him to see all of my cleavage and a good portion of my breasts, my belly and my bikini bottoms. As he stood there beside the bed I noticed that his trunks were slightly tented. He was excited and so was I.

I suggested we have a drink and talk, "Why don't you go down the hall and get some ice, I have a bottle of wine and I think we could both use a cool drink. How about you?"

"OK," he said, and out the door he went. I decided to jump in the shower and wash off some of the beach and Todd's cum before anything else.

I just finished washing my hair when I heard Todd holler, "Where are you?"

"I'm in here!...Hey, could you wash my back for me?"


"Todd?... Are you out there?"


"Come in here and scrub my back real quick."

The shower was a large walk in type and had just enough room for two with a little bench inside. The glass in the shower door was not totally clear, but I could see Todd walk around the corner into the bathroom and stand there. I opened up the door and he froze. His eyes were wide and roaming over my entire body. "Oh, sorry," I said, "... I just figured you had already seen plenty at the beach, so it shouldn't make any difference now, right?" He wouldn't take his eyes off of my breasts. I said, "Todd?...Why don't you get in here with me, then we won't get water all over the floor."

I saw him swallow hard and carefully step into the shower and close the door. I turned to get the bottle of soap and the scrunchy, making little attempts to bump my butt into his tented trunks. I backed up and bumped my butt right into my brother's covered erection. He let out a little gasp and I ignored it, going about squirting some soap on the scrunchy. I handed it to Todd and he proceeded to scrub my back. When he got down to my butt I turned to face him and said, "Why don't you scrub yourself down while I rinse off."

He scrubbed himself while I rinsed, making every effort to bump into him. When I finished my rinse, I said, "Todd, yer gonna have to take those trunks off... they're filled with sand."

He slowly reached for the waistband of his trunks. While he stared at my tits, he shrugged his trunks off and over his ever growing erection. When his penis popped out, it hung down for only a brief moment. When his trunks were down to his feet, he kicked them off. By then his penis appeared to be fully erect. It was truly massive. Framed by his strong sinuous thighs and washboard stomach, the shaft of Todd's penis was enormous. I knew I wouldn't be able to get my hand around it. The head of his penis was a large, pointed mushroom shape that seemed to give the whole thing lift. It simply stood out as proud and hard as ever a penis could.

I found myself staring at it while he washed himself. I looked up and told him, "Here, let's trade places so you can rinse off." He was so nervous, he was about to turn his back to me to pass by me when I started to go the same way. We lightly bumped face first into one another, making little apologies as I danced around to let him get under the shower head. The feeling of his erect penis against my belly was electric. I was now trembling with excitement.

When he was finished rinsing and turned back around to face me, I reached around him with both arms to turn the water off. When I did, it was like I went to hug him, causing our wet bodies to come together. My breasts pushed against his washboard belly. My chin rested on his chest and I looked up in his eyes with a smile. I could feel my belly forcing his huge penis to lay flat up against his abdomen. I took my time turning the water off, thoroughly enjoying the feel of our wet, naked bodies.

When I stepped back, his penis was pointing right at my breasts, only inches away. Todd looked from my tits to his hard penis and took in a deep breath with his mouth agape. He was shaking from head to toe. I thought he would jump if I reached out to touch his penis, and I was going to touch his penis. Until now, I had not deliberately touched it, and I wanted badly to feel it in my hands. I heard him moan as I reached out with my left hand, placed it under his extended penis and wrapped my fingers around it as far as they would go. "Oh, Todd... you've got a very beautiful penis... may I...?"

I took my right hand and wrapped it over the top part of his shaft, just below the head. I barely gave it a squeeze and smiled at how warm and soft his skin felt and how hard he was. I didn't move my head up, but my eyes looked up at Todd again as I smiled. He was looking at me and I said, "Jeezus, Todd, it's a big penis," as I started to stroke my brother's massive erection laying in my hands.

"Oh D-Darla... jeezus.... oh, fuck, I'm so sorry." I felt his penis jerk in my hands. I looked back down and saw it shoot a long stream of pearly white cum at my belly. Todd's whole body was shaking. His mouth wide open, his eyes again had that glassy look as he stared right at his penis jerking out cum in front of his sister's breasts and soft, wet belly.

I stroked Todd as more and more of his cum came hurling out at me. I pointed his penis at my breasts and let him spurt its warm cum all over my nipples and inside my cleavage. His legs were buckling as his orgasm came to an end. I stroked his penis with both hands while we stood there in the shower.

When he was done, we both cleaned up and got out of the shower. I helped him dry off while he was kind of shaky, not knowing exactly what to do or what to say.

As I was drying myself, I could see Todd still trying to check me out. I made a point to move my body in ways that I was certain would get another rise out of him. I wasn't done teasing him and wanted to get his penis good and hard for what I was about to do next.

While drying off, I arched my back and stuck out my pretty, round butt... at one point only inches from his face as he bent over to dry his legs. We were watching each other and I could see that his penis was starting to grow again. I had finished drying off but acted like I was still busy as Todd finished up. When he was done, his penis was sticking straight out from his groin. He looked around, trying to figure out what to do next.

I dropped my towel and looked at him. He started to use the towel to cover himself, but I walked up and grabbed the towel from his hands. I was standing a foot away from him, naked, as he was with his very erect, very large penis pointing right at my breasts again.

I looked down at his penis and back up at his face, "God, Todd, does that thing ever take a break?"

He just shrugged his shoulders and grunted something like, "I... uh... sorry."

"Don't be sorry, silly.... you're lucky to have such an... enthusiastic penis. I'm flattered."

"Really?" Was all he could grunt out.

"Of course I am, silly. Look at it standing there!... it's huge." Todd's mouth jerked open a little, and he trembled. I said, "Come on, silly boy," as I took his hand and guided him into the bedroom.

Todd said, "I better get some clothes on."

"What for? we might as well stay this way... it's more relaxing, don't you think."


I stood in front of Todd at the foot of the bed. His large, erect penis was pressing up against my belly, reaching up and straining to enter my cleavage.

Then, to my surprise, Todd said, "God, Darla, you've got the prettiest tits I've ever seen."

"You like 'em, Todd?" I looked down at my breasts as both my hands reached up and softly caressed each one. My fingers reaching the soft, puffy pink areolas and my pointy pink nipples on top.

"Oh, yeah." My brother's penis was twitching again. The pounding of his heart was sending blood pumping through his veins causing his erect penis to pump up and down with every beat.

"You can touch them if you want to." I let my hands drop to my sides and looked up in Todd's face with my big blue eyes. His body was turning me on so much, I wanted to feel his big, young hands on my breasts.

He bent his knees to get better access and reached up to place both his hands gently on my breasts. As he hunkered down, his penis stroked down the length of my belly. The head of his penis lodged itself right between my legs, the tip of it touching my clit. I gasped, "Oh Todd." My head lolled back with my brother's hands on my breasts as I began to move around against the head of his hard penis, causing it to stimulate my clitoris.

He was grunting and moaning about my breasts, "Oh, fuck... Oh, Darla, I can't believe how beautiful your tits are... Oh, god, they're so pink and soft." I could feel him stick out his tongue and lightly brush my sensitive nipples.

I reached out to grab the huge penis that was teasing my clit and used it to rub a little harder. My pussy had already become wet with all this stimulation, and my clit and vulva were very hot and moist.

With Todd giving my breasts gentle, loving attention and my hand on his long, hard, penis, using it like one of my dildos, I was starting to let go. All I could do was sigh, "Oh, Todd.... oh my god, Todd... you're so hot... you're making me so horny."

I wanted to cum so bad, I began pulling on my brother's hard penis with purpose. Pulling it into the soft, wet folds of my pussy lips as he grunted, "Darla, oh fuck, my... Darla.... oh my god... Darla... you're gonna make me cum again."

I didn't care, I was so close. I wanted to cum with the head of my brother's penis rubbing my clit.

He was squeezing my breasts, forcing the nipples to point up as his lashing tongue was sending shock waves through my entire body. At this point I stood up on my tip toes and placed my hands on Todd's shoulders. He was thrusting his hips forward, causing his huge penis to easily sliding in and out between my legs, tantalizing my swollen clit to no end.

I was frantically gasping for air and standing on the tips of my toes when I felt my brother's penis grow a little larger. He was on a mission and was humping his penis against my clit. I started to scream, "Aaaahhh, ohhhh.... yes! Todd... keep stroking me there... oh, yes!"

Todd was cumming, "Oh Darla.. oh you're so sweet.... you're tits are so fucking sweet... ohhh my god, Darla.... oh fuck." His face now buried in my breasts. His mouth wet and his tongue going crazy over my nipples while his pumping penis was spurting cum in between my legs and behind me when his penis would poke all the way through.

My own orgasm was so intense. I wrapped my arms around Todd's neck and held on tight as he stood up straight and grabbed both of my legs and brought them up on either side of him. I arched my back causing my clit to rub on my brother's erect, pumping penis. He was thrusting his groin against mine.

All of a sudden Todd fell back on the bed and took me with him. As we landed, I quickly raised up to find the head of his penis at the entrance to my wet, orgasming pussy. I sat back on it and felt it plunge deep. I let out a scream and started to ride him like there was no tomorrow. He was grunting and telling me how beautiful and sweet my pussy felt. He was finished cumming but I was still going after a hard cum that was just around the corner.

I put my breasts in front of Todd's face and he began to lick and nibble my pink sensitive nipples. That was it for me. The feeling of my brother's extremely large penis ramming in and out of my wanton pussy pushed me to the edge. I was thrashing and shaking. My breasts banging into my brother's wet lips and tongue.

I slammed my butt down hard on Todd's penis, causing my orgasm to send shudders of pleasure throughout my entire body. I rose and fell a couple more times, then slammed down for the last time and stayed there. My whole body tensed and sweating. I was gasping for air and sighing over and over. I fell forward onto Todd's chest and breathed deep and long.

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