tagLoving WivesBrock and Judy Ch. 04

Brock and Judy Ch. 04


In the week that had passed since I told Judy I wanted to be a father and that I wanted the mother of my child to live with us to raise it; Judy had been different around the house. She moped about and the only time she seemed happy was when we were in our bedroom and she could be the slut that we both enjoyed her being. We were still having sex every other day, but the one time I tried to make tender love to her, she had resisted and we ended up having a session of hard animal sex. I had asked her what was bothering her, but had done it when we were not in the bedroom because I wanted her to answer me because she wanted to and not because she had to. When I tried to make tender love to her the next time and she resisted, I got angry and forgot about needing to know as the loving, caring husband and let the anger out on her.

"I've tried to be understanding and let you tell me what was wrong without forcing you to, but you haven't done it so now you'll tell me or I'll make you tell me your choice, bitch!"

"Brock, please don't do this now! I promise to tell you when I'm surer of myself."

"NO! You'll tell me now! I'm tired of you moping around the house, tired of you not trusting me enough to talk to me, and I'm going to have answers today one way or the other! Now tell me or suffer the consequences!"

"I'm afraid still, Brock! I love you and don't want anything to spoil what we have. You and another woman fucking turns me on, but you and another woman making love to start another life inside her scares me. What if you love her more than you love me after the baby is born? What if you enjoy her body more than mine? I can't lose you to another woman even if she is living with us!"

"You won't lose me, Judy! I'll always love you! Didn't my not leaving you when you cheated prove how much I love you? We don't have to do anything that you don't want to do! You need to talk to me when things like this are troubling you instead of keeping them in and making me angry by not talking to me! For the way you've acted the last week, I think you need to be punished so open the bottom drawer of my dresser and bring me what you find there!"

Judy went to my dresser and opened the bottom drawer. I heard a tiny gasp of surprise from her before she pulled the object of her punishment from the drawer, a wooden paddle I had gotten from the adult store when I got the lube and 9" dildo on the day she fucked Mark in our spare bedroom. I had snuck it into my dresser when she had been out showing a house and since there were no clothes for her to put in that drawer she had not found it since that day.

"Give it to me and lay across my lap ass up, slut! I've threatened to turn those beautiful ass cheeks red and not done it, but today I'm going to do it!"

Judy handed me the paddle and lay across my lap. I slammed the paddle down onto her left butt cheek hard enough to leave it red from one swat. I did the same to the other cheek and gave each cheek two more swats. Judy had screamed out in pain from the first two swats and each proceeding swat. I pushed her to the floor and stood above her as she cried huge sobs at my feet.

"You caused this by not talking to me and acting like a spoiled little girl! When you've stopped crying come and find me downstairs! Come naked or you'll get a couple more swats!" With that being said, I stepped over her and stormed downstairs to get a strong drink and to try and calm down.

Judy found me in our living room sitting in my recliner with a second glass of Jack Daniel's black in my hand. It was still mostly full and I had calmed down from my outburst.

"Brock, I'm sorry and I promise to talk to you from now on about whatever I'm having difficulties with whether at home or at work. Can you forgive me for being a stuck up bitch this last week and come back upstairs and make love to me? I love you and need you to show me you still love me."

"I love you and always will! I forgive you and you know that was what I wanted tonight instead of another slut session. Let's stay here and make love on the rug, okay?"

"Whatever you want, my love!"

I made gentle, caring love to Judy on the bearskin rug in our living room. She whimpered in pain a couple of times from her sore ass rubbing against the rug, but the pleasure I was giving her while I ate her pussy, over rode the pain. When the orgasm I had given her had waned, she motioned for me to lie down and straddled me in cowgirl position, impaling her dripping sex on my rigid 6" pole and riding it to two more orgasms before I loosed my seed deep into her body. We cuddled on the rug kissing and hugging each other until we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. Judy's mood did a 180 after that and everything returned to normal between us. I didn't mention my desire to be a father again and thought that I would have to live with never being one. My beautiful, loving wife had other ideas which I would find out about four weeks later.

"Brock, where are you?" Judy yelled to me as she came back from a showing.

"Relaxing in the kitchen with a glass of iced tea, baby!"

I could tell that Judy was excited from her flared nostrils and the rosiness in her cheeks. I also knew it was greater than the excitement she showed from making a sale and wondered who had caused it. Judy rushed to me and flung her arms around my neck before plastering her lips to mine and giving me the most passionate kiss she had ever given me. I broke the kiss after a few seconds and pushed her away to arm's length so I could look into her face.

"Who got you so excited?! I know it was someone because you've never acted like this from a sale before! It had better be another woman or I'll have to hurt you and him!"

"Yes, Brock it's a woman and I think she's the one to be the mother of your children!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! I thought that ship had sailed. You acted like you couldn't handle it so I figured it would never happen. What's changed all of a sudden?"

"I've been thinking about it since you spanked me and I realized I want to do anything and everything I can for your happiness, Brock. Once I made that realization, my anxiety went away. I love you and want you to have anything you want. I can handle it, I swear!"

"Well then, who is this woman you've met and why do you think she's the one?"

"Her name is Gwendolyn Henley and she wants to be a mother almost as bad as you want to be a father. She's divorced and the reason for the divorce was her wanting children and her husband being adamant that there would be none. When he got a vasectomy without telling her, Gwen divorced him."

"On a first name basis already, I see. Just because she wants kids doesn't mean she's the one. What does she look like, how much does she know about what we want, and what makes you think she's up for it?"

"She looks a lot like me. 5'7" instead of 5'8", blond hair, green instead of blue eyes, 34C breasts, a small belly roll, and the same long legs as mine. She has a very beautiful face and is very sexy! I was aroused by her looks from the first moment I saw her. After she explained why she was looking for a small house to buy, we got to talking and I mentioned that you wanted to be a dad, but I couldn't give you children and we were thinking about finding a woman that could. When she asked if we were looking for a woman to be a surrogate, I didn't think before opening my mouth and told her exactly what we were looking for. She was shocked at first, but began to understand it better after I explained it to her. She admitted to having had a relationship with another woman before she got married and was interested in maybe having another. When we got back to her car, she said she'd like to meet you and maybe we could go from there. I hope you won't get mad, but she's coming to dinner tonight about six."

Judy's confession about the day's events surprised me greatly. I had never known her to be so open and honest with someone she had just met. I glanced at the clock on the stove and saw it was 4:30 and I needed to clean the day's grime from off my body before our guest arrived.

"Baby, I'm not mad at you, only surprised. If you saw something in Gwen that makes you feel she could be with us for the next few years, I'll trust in your judgment. I need to go shower and shave before she gets here. There's a roast already in the oven and it should be big enough for three. Will you please fix some sides to go with it?"

"Yes, my darling and thank you for not being mad."

I went to the master bath to clean up thinking how much I loved my wife and if I really wanted to go through with my idea of being a father. I didn't want anything to damage the relationship that Judy and I now enjoyed and was running all the things that could go wrong if we went through with this through my head. I decided to relax and enjoy the evening and to wait to see what the future might bring.

Gwen arrived promptly at 6 and I welcomed her into our home. Judy wasn't exaggerating about her beauty when she had described her to me earlier. If anything, Gwen was more beautiful than Judy's description. Judy was still the most beautiful woman I had ever met but Gwen was a close second.

"Good evening Gwen. You're even more beautiful than Judy described you to be. Come in and make yourself at home. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Good evening to you and thank you. The picture of you that Judy has hanging behind her desk doesn't do you justice. You're much better looking in person. I'll have bourbon on the rocks, if you have it."

"I hope Jack Daniels black is okay because it's the only bourbon allowed in this house!"

"That would be perfect! I love your home. Where did you get that bearskin rug? Did you kill it?"

"No, I didn't kill it. I found it hanging on the wall of an old country store and talked the owner into selling it to me. Judy and I both enjoy laying on it while watching TV or enjoying a warm fire in the fireplace. Here's your drink. I'm going to go check on Judy and dinner. Feel free to look around while I'm gone."

"Judy, she's almost as beautiful as you are. I'm not sure she's who we're looking for. She can get almost any man she wants with her looks. I can see her being attracted to you, but why would she want me? Are you sure in your judgment of her or was your sexual attraction to her what made you think she could be the one?"

"Brock, relax and be yourself. Gwen has had the same experience with handsome men that I had. You know you're a better lover than eight out of ten of those men. Gwen is really down to earth and a lot like I was when we first met. Let's enjoy the evening and if nothing else develops between us and her, we'll at least have had that."

My loving wife was right again and we had a wonderful evening sharing a meal, talking, and enjoying each other's company. I found out that Gwen was 28 years old and a registered nurse working in the larger of the two hospitals in our little town. Her divorce had been final for a few months and she wanted to have a home and get out of the tiny apartment she was living in. She had agreed to not take alimony from her ex-husband in exchange for a speedy divorce. She still had feelings for her ex, but his actions had doomed their marriage. When I escorted her to our door almost four hours later, she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and that same feeling I had the first time Judy had kissed me went through me again. I stood in the door and watched her as she got in her car and drove away. I rushed back to the living room to tell Judy what I had felt.

"Oh no, Judy, Gwen gave me a quick kiss on the lips and that feeling I felt when we kissed for the first time came over me! Do you think that means what I think it means?"

"Yes Brock, I do! I felt that same feeling when she kissed me this afternoon. That was why I was sure she was the one! Brock, I think we've found the perfect second woman for our family! Now let's get upstairs and you can dampen this fire that's been in my pussy since she kissed me earlier today!"

We ran upstairs like teenagers and were both naked by the time we reached the bedroom door. Judy and I made passionate love to each other until the wee hours of the morning and finally went to sleep in each other's arms. We began our courtship of the beautiful Ms. Gwen. I had gotten Gwen's phone number from Judy so I called her the next day.

"Hello Gwen, this is Brock. I was calling to say how much Judy and I enjoyed your company last evening and hope you enjoyed ours also. We would like for you to join us for a picnic Saturday about noon if you're free. Call us back to let us know whatever you decide. Bye for now." I said into her answering machine.

Gwen did call back and Judy and I talked to her over the speaker phone feature on the phone in our den later that evening. Gwen gladly accepted our invitation for Saturday and I advised her to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for a walk in the outdoors. She admitted to loving the outdoors and both Judy and I glanced at each other knowing that Gwen was sounding more and more like the perfect woman for our plan. After the call with Gwen, Judy and I hurriedly undressed each other and I fucked Judy to two orgasms for her to my one bent over the desk in the den. We retreated to our bedroom and made love to each other before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Saturday was bright and sunny and the temperature was perfect for a day outdoors. Gwen arrived at our farm (which was 200 acres now since our purchase of the 150 acre farm that had surrounded our original fifty acres) at 11:45 AM. She was very beautiful in her Daisy Duke outfit, but quickly changed into a long sleeved blouse and blue jeans she had brought when I explained that the path through the fields and woods on our property still had plants close alongside it that could scratch bare skin. Judy and I divided the food and drink for our picnic into two backpacks and let Gwen carry extra water. The isolated pool of deep water Judy and I enjoyed picnicking next to was almost dead center of our farm and would take about thirty minutes to reach on foot. Judy led the way along the single track path while I admired the sway of Gwen's butt while bringing up the rear. We walked along at a pace that allowed us to talk and we learned more about Gwen's present and past life. Judy and I both assured her we would explain to her in great detail what our intentions were later in the afternoon when she asked why we were being so nice to her and what we wanted from her before we reached the tiny clearing beside the pool we were headed to.

Gwen had a typical life up to the time she met Judy and me. The difficulties all teenagers face as they move from childhood to adulthood; sexual exploration with both boys and girls in high school, a couple of boyfriends during the latter years of high school, a girlfriend her freshmen year in college, the same girl with a guy thrown in most of her sophomore year, a new boyfriend her junior year who got her pregnant when she missed a couple days taking her birth control pills and dumped her when he found out about the baby, giving the baby up for adoption, meeting her future and now ex-husband senior year, graduating with her nursing degree, marrying the man she thought was Mr. Perfect, then finding out he wasn't, getting divorced, then meeting Judy and me.

Judy and I had built a picnic table and placed it in the shade of a couple of large trees beside the pool. Gwen stood and looked at the beauty of the picnic area Judy and I had worked together on the first summer after we had bought the additional acreage. The two beautiful women that were standing at its center only intensified that beauty for me. I began to feel that not only my dream of being a father was going to come true, but something even more than my wildest fantasies was also about to occur between the three of us.

The three of us were hungry and thirsty after our little hike, so we sat at the picnic table and ate the food that Judy and I had both prepared for our meal. The conversation was light and easy as we talked about everything but the one thing Gwen was interested in. Except for a little tension in the air, it felt like we were old friends instead of a couple and a young woman who had only met for the first time earlier in the week. After we three were done eating, Judy and I told Gwen the answers to most of her earlier questions.

"I told you what Brock and I were looking for so that he can be a father. I haven't told you the feeling that went through me when you kissed me that afternoon back at your car. I've only felt that one other time and the person that caused it is sitting beside me right now."

"I felt that same feeling later that evening when you kissed me as you were leaving our home. We both think you're the woman that we both can love for many years to come if you feel the same way. Judy and I want you to join our family and allow us to love you while I make babies with you. You and I would raise our children as a loving couple and Judy would help with that. Judy will always be my first love and you would always be second except when it involves our children. You would be first then because you would be their mother. I would be the head of the household and if there are disagreements between any of us, I will make the final decision and expect it to be respected and followed. Judy is my slut and when she's in slut mode must obey me without question or hesitation. I don't share Judy with other men and won't share the woman we find to join us as our lover and the mother of my children with other men either if you're not her. I won't treat you like a slut like I do Judy unless that's what you want. If you join Judy and me and cheat with another man, I'll kill you and the authorities will never find your body. I know that's a lot to take in right now so we'll give you a few days to think about it."

Gwen sat there with a stunned look on her face. It was a full five minutes before she regained her composure and said her first words since Judy and I began telling her why we were interested in her.

"I don't need a few days to think about it! I thought I was imagining that feeling I felt when I kissed you both that day! I have never felt that feeling before not even with my ex-husband! Yes, I'll join you and Judy if you want me!"

"We've already told you we want you! Let's start right now making you part of our family!"

Judy and I went around the table and held out our arms to Gwen. She rose from the table's bench and walked into our arms. The three of us spent the next fifteen minutes kissing and caressing each other as we slowly undressed each other. Judy and I led Gwen to the small lean-to shelter with the padded raised platform that backed up to the picnic table and laid her down on the platform. Judy began to lick and suck at Gwen's clean shaved pussy while I sucked on her beautiful breasts. When Gwen came from Judy's oral ministrations on her wet sex, I motioned for Judy to lie down and for Gwen to get on all fours with her face in Judy's crotch. I had no trouble thrusting my hardened cock to the hilt in Gwen's hot pussy with one thrust and began stroking in and out of her with long, gentle strokes. I began to fuck Gwen harder and faster when she began driving her pussy back onto my dick. The orgasms the three of us had were so close together that they seemed to occur simultaneously. I held my hardness deep inside Gwen's body and felt her shudder each time my bulbous head pulsed with my release. Judy was moaning continuously as Gwen continued to suck at her cunt. When our peaks had crested, we lay against each other gathering our breaths. All three of us were covered by a fine sheen of sweat from the heat of the afternoon and our physical activity.

When we had recovered enough to move, Judy and I led Gwen to the deep pool where we played naked in the water for about an hour. Still naked, we went to the picnic table to finish the food and drink leftover from lunch. All three of us had huge smiles of joy and gleams of contentment in our eyes. After we had finished eating, Gwen and I gave Judy the same attention that Judy and I had given her earlier. We again had orgasms so close together to be indistinguishable as separate occurrences except my cock was buried deep into my loving wife's snatch the second time. After rinsing off in the pool again, we dressed and walked back to our house. Gwen spent the night with Judy and me and got her first glimpse of Judy as my slut when I made love to her while Judy had to watch from the armchair in our bedroom. Judy didn't hesitate when I ordered her to clean mine and Gwen's combined juices from my cock and from the outside of Gwen's pussy. I told Judy not to suck my come out of Gwen so it would have a better chance at impregnating her.

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