Brooke Ch. 02


Brooke would have laughed if the woman had revealed she thought of this as a kidnapping. The two young women simply thought this rich bitch wanted an adventure, a distraction in her mundane shopping life, a bit of rough play.

"Now crawl over here and lick my fingers." Brooke told her. She nodded at Carlene who was waiting eagerly behind the woman. She crawled over to Brooke and started to lick the hand that was shoved into her face. Brooke sat with the dress up around her waist, legs open in anticipation.

Sandy was mortified to be naked in this stranger's apartment licking her own juices from their fingers. It was as though it was a nightmare and someone else was pulling the strings; she wasn't responsible for this lewd act.

Her mind rebelled and she was about to protest when someone touched her from behind. Smooth hands caressed her bottom and thighs. It was delicious. From the moment she had stripped in that awful room extraordinary sensations had caught her off guard and now she was succumbing to them all over again.

Brooke lifted her legs over the arms of the easy chair spreading them wide. She moved Sandy's hand between her legs with the woman's lips still licking away at them. Pulling her hand away the woman's face dropped into her crotch. With a hand gripping Sandy's hair Brooke thrust her hips ensnaring Sandy's face into her crotch.

Carlene moved in on queue and sucked at Sandy's lips nudging her asshole with her nose. She grabbed the woman's breasts and squeezed. Sandy made bubbling noises between Brooke's pussy lips; the sounds were muffled words and groans of illicit pleasure.

The light shone through the window on the scene with the three women's bodies locked together, locked into their own little world of pleasure. Sandy, unused to such an onslaught upon her body soon came, but wasn't released.

The two young friends' had played this sort of game many times and knew how to make the pleasure last.

Carlene's tongue and fingers worked her skilfully with an enthusiasm that came from a desire that it would be her turn soon. With such devilish illicit sensations spurring her on Sandy delved deep into Brooke with teeth grazing the young woman's bud, almost gnawing on it in animal lust.

Brooke's orgasm was less physical and more mentally satisfying from teaching this rich bitch not to look down on her. If she saw her out shopping in the future this woman would know to lower her head in shame. Or, maybe something more, maybe the woman would look at her with lust in her eyes.

That was an interesting idea. "Ok bitch you can start on Carlene now. First, what do you say? Thank you . . ." Brooke looked down at Sandy on all fours the woman's head pinched between her thighs. Brooke squeezed in way of encouragement.

The woman looked confused and a little distraught. 'Funny thing an orgasm it affects every one differently.' Brooke mused. "Well? What does my little white bitch have to say for herself?"

"Thank you, mistress." She whispered.

"After all that effort a little more enthusiasm is called for." She said while gesturing with a hand to Carlene.

"Owwww!" Sandy yelped. Carlene raised her hand to slap the woman's ass again but was stopped by a look from Brooke.

"Your little white bitch says a big thank you for making me cum sooo much, mistress." She said looking up through the neat fringe with big wide blue eyes.

Brooke smiled at the tone of voice. This rich woman was talking like a little namby-pamby rich girl to her daddy expecting an expensive present. Well that was cutting no ice with her.

"You're dismissed bitch. Crawl over to Carlene and learn something."

She watched the woman's white ass wiggle across the room and wondered if it was too tight for one of her toys. 'Hell! Why not? She could leave if she didn't enjoy the rough treatment. That's what she's here for isn't it?' She thought while grinning at the look of anticipation on Carlene's face.

Sandy whimpered uncontrollably into the girls' pussy sending vibrations of pleasure over the sopping lips. At least she wasn't being suffocated as before as this one had spread her legs wide. She could feel tongue and jaw aching now the orgasm had waned.

The tingling was still there but at least she could now think straight. She had never ever experienced such powerful feelings; they had taken her over so completely it left a serious doubt about her sexual preferences. Disturbing doubts.

Carlene leaned back into the sofa with a pleasant smile upon her face. The technique was lousy but she could stand it all day if necessary. A bit of playing around being submissive with her friend was one thing but this rich pampered woman was beyond the pale. 'Why was she debasing herself like this? Who cares anyway?' She thought.

"Oh!" A muffled yelp from Sandy sent an added vibration into Carlene.

"Hey! Don't blow in me I don't want to be pussy farting the rest of the day." Carlene complained.

Sandy tried escaping into the young woman's crotch from an unexpected attack on her ass. She hardly noticed the soothing feel of oil being applied to her crack. When a hard something pressed her asshole the pain caused her to react.

She froze and needed prodding by Carlene to continue the delicious labour of licking and sucking and probing. She was learning but wouldn't earn full marks yet.

Brooke sat back in the arm chair with a remote control in one hand, her pussy in the other and a devious smile plastered across her face. Pressing a button made the dildo in Sandy's ass wriggle. Sandy yelped involuntarily moving forward pressing her face into Carlene's pussy causing her to groan from the extra stimulation.

Another button was pressed and Carlene felt teeth sawing across her on button and let out a groan. Brooke sat back twiddling her swollen lips, pressing buttons, watching the two women reacting.

First one would push forward with a yelp then the other would groan or bark or whimper. It was both amusing and sexy to watch. Brooke pinched and pulled at lips and rubbed her clit in time with the two of them motivated by the remote control she held.


Sandy collapsed on the floor unaware her tormentors had fallen asleep. Just before she too fell into a troubled sleep disturbing thoughts roamed her mind. She hoped her boyfriend paid the ransom quickly.

'I've never had so many deep orgasms in my life they are turning me into a sex fiend. They've already made me so submissive I can't think straight. I can't stand much more of this humiliation otherwise I'll never be the same again.'


Brooke noticed a shadow loom over her. The outline of a large man in a suit was all she could see. How long had he been watching them was the first thought that came to mind.

"Get up Sandy." He said calmly. His deep commanding voice was casual but somehow it resonated with menace.

She watched another man pull Carlene off the sofa by her hair and dump her in a heap on the floor. Brooke couldn't move. She lay back in the easy chair with her legs spread where she had been busy on her pussy. It glistened in the sunshine wet and slippery.

In a panic she drew her legs together and knees up to her chest to protect her nakedness. "Who are you? What are you doing here? Get out!" She shouted.

The panic drove her anger but before she could act a slap across the ass and another across her head stopped her cold sending a shiver of fright through her body. She sat there realising they meant business what ever it was.

One of the men pulled both arms up above her head while the other ripped the dress clean in two leaving it to slither to the floor.

"You keep quiet and your friend doesn't get hurt." He said. The matter of fact tone to his voice told her this was his trade and he knew what he was about. She looked across at Carlene crumpled into a ball on the floor and nodded her head.

Brooke saw there were three of them. One had dressed Sandy by pulling the dress over her body. Another had a hold of Brook's arms behind her back. The other pulled Carlene off the floor holding her by the arm dangling her off the floor like a toy.

"Stand up woman or you'll hurt your arm." He told her. If he shook her while holding her like that he would dislocate her shoulder. Eventually she extended her legs and touched the floor with her toes.

"We're ready to go." The tallest of the three strangers said.

They all wore black suits with black wraparound sunglasses hiding their eyes. With black highly polished shoes and deep-bronzed tans the only other colour about them was the bright white shirts. No personality had been revealed just the quiet controlled menacing voice meaning Brooke should not mess with them, or else.

Two by two they left the building. Carlene was partly dressed but Brooke was manhandled naked out into the street. Her shapely figure was noticed immediately and a three-man crowd cheered.

It was choked off on focusing on the big man gripping her arms. If there had been more support the young men would have assaulted the three white men just for being there let alone roughing up one of their own.

Even so they made a move then thought better of it when the three stopped dead and stared at them in unison like a wall ready to fall upon them. Before Brooke could plead for help a slight shake shot a stabbing pain through her arms. She felt like a rag doll in the hands of petulant child.

Pushed into the back of a Cadillac she fell to the floor and was stamped on by Sandy as she too was pushed in after her. She looked up at the legs resting on her and almost sobbed. No she was not going to give in as the other two had. Given the chance she would fight.

One large shape slid behind the wheel and one beside Sandy with is feet holding Brooke to the floor; where was Carlene? The muffled thump of the trunk answered her question. The third man slumped down into the passenger seat up front.

He turned to the back and slapped Brooke on the rump. "Keep your head down. We are going to deliver you to the boss. He wants a word with you." He said.

The perfect diction and callous disregard for her condition spelt professional. Brooke wasn't going to test the idea by arguing or even opening her mouth. She was in trouble and would find out what kind soon enough.

On the ride she wondered what she had done over the last few weeks. There hadn't been anything exciting or too over the top recently. Was it something remotely connected with a trick or game she had played on someone?

The car slowed to a stop and she contemplated trying for the door handle. Before she could react Sandy grabbed it and rattled it seriously, violently, desperately pulling at it. Neither of the guys up front nor the man holding her down reacted. They were serious guys knowing their business and of course it was locked.

Sandy sobbed silently, her shoulders humping up and down being the only clue.

Brooke heard the spatter of a gravel road and considered this was their destination. Either they were out of town in the country and this was a one-way trip or they had arrived at a rich someone's home. 'Who?' She thought 'Or should it be whom?' She felt like asking them to drop her off at the college library to check it out.

Brooke was right about the second guess this was a rich mans home. The three women were ushered out of the car and trunk, this time a little more decorously. The three men gave them time to pull their clothing together. Watching the other two Brooke became even more embarrassed and wrapped her arms tighter about a naked body for maximum coverage.

'This is no way to enter a rich mans home.' She thought. A giggle almost broke from her lips but it turned into a dry sob before it could become hysteria.

'I will not be scared!' She told herself.

The six of them marched into the house, through shadowy corridors and out into the sunlight once more. Brooke was impressed with the luxury of the house. It wasn't so much a house as a well-appointed mausoleum. Stone statues and marble were in plentiful supply out by the pool too only on a grander scale.


A man's bald shiny head appeared over the edge of the pool.

Shiny head was obviously the boss and he didn't look pleased to see them. His smile directed at Sandy was a grimace. He obviously knew her so that answered the mystery as to what this was all about. Sandy was keeping a low profile as though she could hide out here in the sun beside the pool.

The largest of the three suites bent over his boss then gave up trying to bend his iron frame so got down on one knee. They talked quietly all the while Mr Shiny looked at her with a look of a barracuda eyeing lunch. They both looked at the three women and the bald man grimaced. As usual no expression registered on Mister Black Suit number one.

"So you're the bitch who kidnapped my friend. She is, or was my personal assistant. Very personal! I'll have to go to the trouble of finding someone new." He said while shaking his head slowly attempting a look of sorrow and failing. It didn't seem as though this man was familiar with personal pain or the concept of not getting what he wanted.

"I'll be your personal assistant. I can be very personal. I'm good at very personal." Brooke blurted out trying to bat her eyelashes at him. Maybe this would work out after all. He was appraising her body like every man she had ever met. When she met his eyes a cold shiver cancelled out the suns warmth.

There was a nice view over the valley and the pool was designed to look as though it spilt over the edge. She made a wish but as usual nothing happened. Maybe if she had a coin to throw in the pool it might help. There was no point in patting her pockets she had none.

"Nice try but not good enough. If it had been my wife you would have been dead by now. For what you did to Sandy you will be punished. No one touches what belongs to me." The boss told her.

Two of the black suites dragged a heavy chair over, its legs squealing annoyingly on the dry surface of the marble. They just as casually walked behind Brooke and took her arms in a firm grip. The two suits stretched her over the back of the chair to tie her wrists to its arms.

Number one suit appeared before her undoing his leather belt. In the limited vision she had, bent over the chair, she watched him slip it from around his waist like a snake uncurling. He straightened and flexed his muscles like a wall heaving in an earthquake.

'Damn him and damn them all.' She thought. She hung her head in shame knowing what the punishment was. She was mortified at the thought of it.

They intended to thrash her in front of everyone, before her beloved friend Carlene. Her legs squirmed uncontrollably. There was no escape she would have to take the punishment and try not to give them the satisfaction of screaming.

The sound reached her brain as a muffled sound as though far away for she was desperately trying to separate her self from the awful humiliation happening behind her. The pain quickly followed and she bit heavily on her bottom lip. The boss watched her closely so she closed her eyes in defence.

He was just a couple of feet away looking up at her smiling adding to the humiliation with his own brand of enjoyment. He was branding her soft cheeks without even leaving the pool.

She was surprised it had ended so quickly. They may be experts in exerting pressure on men, as their look was enough to curb dissent, but here her stepfather could have taught them a more effective technique.

Number one suit stood to one side where she could look down at his shiny black shoes while he buckled his belt. 'Was it really over?' She thought. 'They didn't seem so tough.' She decided. One of the other two suits silently pulled the buttons of his fly open. A zip would have been heard and understood giving Brooke some warning.

Brooke felt a large pair of hands grip her hips and something hard prod her lips. At last she understood the punishment had seriously begun. "No!" She yelled. The sound escaped her lips without thought before she could clamp her mouth shut. The boss stared at her with grip she couldn't shake.

She tried to shake her head free of the fear coursing through her body. She told herself to relax and make it easier on her poor pussy. She watched the boss nod and felt the hard throbbing cock shaft her. It plunged in all the way seeming to stretch tight muscles.

He was big but she had taken Carlene fitted with larger dildos. He wouldn't hurt her but she had to try and relax. A little whimper escaped her lips for she had just realised how excited her body had become. This was a nightmare but her body was responding to it. The boss was smiling benignly at her as though watching a favourite bitch being mounted.

The bosses face swam in her vision as the big black suit rocked her back and forth with her head nodding in rhythm. He was rough riding her and she could feel every movement and the occasional deep thrust hitting the entrance to her womb. She felt everything in a detached mood except her breathing was now ragged with gasps every time he rubbed the spot.

The bald man continued his amused gaze, which she tried to return with equal calm. It was a game she was destined to lose but she was determined.

A final pounding and he stopped. She felt the quivering shake as he spurted deep into her. As though her body had been lying to her, just fooling all along that she was in control it gave in to a sudden small orgasm. She moaned a little gasp partly in surprise. Her whole body shivered. It was not a pleasant thing as with someone she wanted, it was a release from an ordeal endured.

Brooke watched another pair of black shiny shoes walk around the side of her and when they stopped she closed her eyes tight. The third black suit had taken up position behind her. Her arse was pointing up at him exposing everything but it was his disinterest that was so humiliating.

She gritted her teeth no longer able to play the bitter game with their horrid boss. She closed her eyes in shame. "No!" She squawked. This time it was a plea for mercy rather than a shout of defiance.

She felt his hard cock nudge her in the wrong place. She opened her eyes in anguish looking at the bald man languidly leaning on the edge of the pool before her. She cried out again abandoning any hope of keeping up an appearance of strength. "Please! Not that. You'll hurt me." She pleaded.

There wasn't the slightest trace of pity in those eyes. Trying to unclench her cheeks in anticipation of the pain and the indignity, she braced herself. With the last remaining strength she summoned the will to relax. It would be less painful if she could just let him in.

The head of his penis pressed against her dry arse hole. A last desperate plea was summoned as she gazed into the boss's eyes begging for release. It was a forlorn hope. The man looked over her shoulder and nodded his head. She felt the penis thrust in, more slowly this time for she was so tight.

Her poor tight arse felt hot with pain. It was being stretched wide with his hardness pushing ever deeper. It seemed to go on forever deeper and deeper into her body. "No! Please stop. No more. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." She whimpered.

One more time she opened her eyes to plead with her tormentor only to see a sardonic grin without the slightest shadow of pity on his face. The relief at feeling the hard thrusting rhythm slow then stop was short lived as he jerked on an orgasm. The relief turned to great shame as she felt his hot sperm warming a deeper part of her anal passage.

The monster had given her a sperm enema. Tears formed in her eyes on feeling the indignity of what he had done to her. She collapsed in a heap over the chair unable to believe she could stand any more of this abuse.

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