Brooke Gets Blackmailed


The man bent over, Brooke suddenly noticed his cock, three inches hard at most. That was disappointing, especially after all that muscle. How could the maker be so cruel to such an otherwise perfect specimen of manliness. The disappointment Brooke felt found it's way out of her in anger and she placed her hands on his butt cheeks and rammed the big purple cock home into him. He screamed, he screamed with all the agony that such a beautiful man must feel with such a small cock. Brooke almost felt sorry for him as she brutalised his ass. Then it struck her. "Who did you ask for me to come here?"

"You don't know?" He answered with agonised breaths

"No, I'm being blackmailed into this."

"But you seem to enjoy it, the others said you we were more than willing."

"Who," she thrust hard into him and pulled out, "is," she thrust hard into him and pulled back out, "doing this?" she slammed so hard that blood began to seep from his ass.

"You are good... fuck me you are good." Just then he screamed, more in pleasure than pain as cum filled his little frilly knickers. "It's, fucking hell I never came as hard, it's... someone you know."

"I guessed that, I've spoken about doing and having these...." and then it dawned on her. Alice. Brooke pulled the strap-on panties off and ran out of the house.


When Brooke arrived back at Alice's dorm, she burst into the room to find Alice sucking her step-father. "You were the one!?"

Alice took Brooke's step-fathers cock out of her mouth. "I thought you might like it, you admitted earlier that they were all your fantasies."

"But why go through all the photo's and... what the fuck are you doing with my step-father?"

"She's sucking my cock, Brooke." Brooke looked down, she had seen the act when she walked in but it didn't register. Her step-father's cock must've been ten inches long and thicker than any she had ever seen. No wonder mom can't keep quiet when they're fucking when they think I'm asleep. "You think you're the only one doing this little whore? This bitch is almost as slutty as you, and my dear, that is saying something."


"Well.. But what? Did you not enjoy sucking Bill's cock? Or being roasted all day long? Did you not enjoy fucking Mike?"

"I did, but... I'd've done all that without the blackmail."

"But how much more fun has it been not being in control?" Alice said.

"You slut," Brooke said and laughed. Alice took Brooke's step-father's cock back into her mouth. Brooke sat down on the chair and began to finger herself has she watched her best friend blow her step-father.

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