Brooke's Debt


I answered the ringing telephone, knowing full well who it would be. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the voice on the other end.

"Why are you suing me?" Brooke inquired desperately.

"I loaned you five hundred dollars." I replied. "You were supposed to pay it back in five months after you got your income tax refund. It's been two years and you keep blowing me off. Now, you're going to have to go to court, and you will lose."

"But I don't have five hundred dollars!" Brooke protested. "You know that."

"You should have arranged to make some kind of a deal then;" I retorted, "a payment plan of some kind. It's the principle of the matter that pisses me off, Brooke."

"But if I can't pay it, they'll hold me in contempt!" Brooke wailed. "They'll put me in jail."

"You sound desperate." I responded casually. "Would you like to work out some kind of arrangement now, then?"

"What kind of arrangement?" Brooke inquired suspiciously.

"It doesn't really matter." I replied. "If you don't agree to it, then I proceed with the lawsuit and you go to jail, and may I add, lose custody of your kids."

"No!" she exclaimed. "I'll do whatever you want, then."

"Good girl." I responded. "I need my house cleaned, for starters. You owe me five hundred dollars. Due to this new barter system, you'll have to do three times that in work to equal my inconvenience."

"Three times?" Brooke shouted into my ear.

"Or jail." I replied quite simply, pulling the phone from my ear and wiggling my jaw to ease the ringing.

There was a short pause, and then Brooke finally spoke up.

"Okay. What do I need to do?"

"We'll start with house cleaning." I explained. "Be here in the morning wearing that French maid outfit you told me you made."

"Okay." Brooke replied. "How much is it worth?"

"Fifty bucks." I said, casually. "Since the balance is fifteen hundred dollars in payoff, you owe me thirty house cleanings. On second thought, make it once a week for a year; fifty two."

"But-" Brooke began.

"Listen you," I said in an irritated voice, "I've waited long enough. Consider this interest."

"Okay." Brooke replied in a terse tone. "Fifty two house cleanings."

"And all the trimmings." I added. "Make sure you wear that French maid's uniform."

"All the trimmings?" Brooke asked in a puzzled tone.

"Just be here wearing it." I instructed. "Bye."

The next morning, Brooke rang my doorbell. I opened the door and sure enough, she was wearing the tight little black outfit she had told me about.

"You look cute." I greeted her. "Come on in."

It had been quite some time since she had been to my house, but this time it was going to be much different. I closed the door and showed her around.

"Dust, vacuum, and clean." I instructed, glancing at her chest.

Brooke's breasts weren't very big, but I could see her nipples poking through the sheer black fabric, and I could see the outline of her areolas clearly. My cock began to harden at the sight, and Brooke saw me staring at them.

"You look really cute in that outfit." I complimented her.

"Thank you." she replied, her gaze drifting from my eyes to her breasts.

"But," I continued, as I reached out and squeezed her tits firmly, "I don't want you getting it all dusty. Take it off."

"But-" she protested at both my groping and the demand to undress.

"But nothing." I responded, continuing to knead her soft breasts through the thin fabric.

I pulled her top down slightly, exposing her droopy breasts, and continued to squeeze and fondle them. I pulled on her nipples, which responded by hardening, so I knew she wasn't too upset by the whole situation. Suddenly, I grabbed the sheer fabric of her outfit and tore the front of her top wide open, ripping the thin material from her body, causing her thin, saggy tits to jiggle wildly. Brooke stared at me stunned, and was unable to speak as I grabbed her tits once again, and squeezed them roughly, pulling on them until she gasped.

"I said, take it off. Bottom line is, I want you clean my house in the nude." I finally said after almost a minute of squeezing her soft tits. "Now get undressed before I rip what's left of that thing off of your body and shove your naked ass out the door for the whole neighborhood to ogle you and your saggy titties."

Brooke knew she really didn't have a choice, or I would proceed with my lawsuit, so she began removing what was left of the tight little outfit. She also had a pretty good idea of how things were going to proceed. I watched intently as she undressed in front of me, savoring the sight of the little blonde bitch stripping her clothes off until she was completely nude. My cock was throbbing by the time she was down to nothing but her black heels, which I instructed her to leave on. Brooke then looked at me uncertainly, wondering what was coming next, but figuring she was going to get a good fucking before it was over, and she was right.

I sat on the couch facing her, and gave Brooke her next set of instructions as I stared at her nude body.

"Start by cleaning all the stuff off the coffee table." I directed. "And make sure those titties of yours hang down."

Brooke leaned over and her soft, tan-lined tits hung down for me, jiggling like jelly as they did so. They were very soft and saggy, and they thinned out to two dancing strips about two inches wide and a half inch thick, as they dangled six inches below her chest. I began to play with them once again, pulling on them until they stretched almost a foot below her chest; by this time two skinny, tubular sausages an inch thick, and Brooke looked at me as I pulled on them even harder.

"This is what you meant by all the trimmings, isn't it?" she inquired hoarsely.

I nodded and unzipped my pants, exposing my huge erection.

"Forget the housecleaning for now." I responded. "I want you to fuck and suck me once a week for the next year. You're going to be my little whore, got it? Now, you can begin by cleaning my dick and balls with your mouth and tongue. Do it nice too, you little blonde bitch. I'm going to come in your mouth."

Brooke climbed onto the couch with me and began licking my nuts. She then sucked on them one at a time, running her tongue all over them. I was finally rewarded with the sensation of her warm, wet mouth sliding up and down the length of my shaft, as she continued to play with my balls. I sighed, and caressed the back of her blonde head, as it bobbed up and down on my cock. The feeling was exquisite, and I then reached under her chest and cupped her dangling tits in my hands as she continued sucking on my dick, enhancing the experience even more.

"Oh Brookie," I moaned, "that feels so good; don't stop. Oh, I love squeezing your soft little titties while you suck on my penis. Don't stop Brookie, I'm going to come. I'm going to come in your mouth, Brooke. Oh Brookie, I'm com- oh God, that feels so fucking good! Oh Brookie, I'm coming in your mouth! I'm coming in your mouth! Broo-kieeee!"

I groaned in ecstasy as my orgasm crested and I ejaculated inside her mouth, filling it with spurt after spurt of warm semen, while I massaged her soft tits in my hands. Brooke swallowed it all, and I continued playing with her droopy boobs for a while.

"That was wonderful." I sighed, as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. "You can go ahead and clean now."

Brooke licked her lips as she climbed off the couch and resumed dusting while I watched her. Her dangling tits jiggled to and fro, as she dusted in the nude.

Unknown to Brooke, I had taken a Viagra prior to her arrival, and my cock was still rock hard. After an hour or so of watching her, I was hot as hell, and ready to fuck her but good.

I stood and faced her, fondling her tits, and gave her another instruction:

"Follow me."

I led Brooke to the bedroom, where I gently guided her onto the bed. I spread her legs and climbed on top of her, sinking my hard cock into her soft, wet cunt. It felt like a velvet glove, and I began sliding in and out of her pussy, and Brooke soon began moaning my name.

"Harder!" she cried. "Harder! Oh God, fuck me harder! Fuck me, I want you so bad! Make me cum! Make me fucking cum!"

Brooke's soft tits were sliding back and forth on her chest; jiggling like jelly at my fucking, and I couldn't help but get even more turned on at the sight. It wasn't long before I felt pure ecstasy building between my legs, and I shot spurt after spurt of my hot cum into her velvety pussy. Brooke's nails dug into my back, and I felt her shudder in an orgasm as well. She howled in pleasure, as her vagina pulsed in time with my ejaculation. The truth was, she wanted it just as badly as I did, and now her secret was out.

I rolled off Brooke and lay back on the bed, panting from the heat of passion I had just experienced. I could feel her playing with my still-hard cock, and I caressed her dangling tits lovingly. We both knew this was only the beginning of something we had both wanted for a long time, and with this excuse out of the way, there was nothing to keep us from fucking and sucking each other for the rest of our days. Brooke's debt was far from over; I would see to that.

Brooke is now eight months pregnant, and that will keep her indebted to me for the next eighteen years, at the very least. Yep, I've got it made.

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