tagIncest/TabooBrooke's Fantastic Adventures Ch. 02

Brooke's Fantastic Adventures Ch. 02


Chapter 2: White Meat

My name is Brooke, and I'm a 22 year old black woman with a fantastic body who has asked George to tell you about my adventures over the last year.

After the first month during my first year in community college, my white classmate Carlee and I have been having a nice lesbian affair. We get together and "study" about three times a week and usually spend Friday nights at either of our homes.

While Carlee left one Saturday morning for a standardized test, Carlee's mom approached me and we began having sex about once a week. I have not told Carlee about this, as I'm not sure how she would react to this news.

Meanwhile, with no evidence of drug or drinking, my step-father is slowly letting loose the tight reins he has had on me since I returned from six years at a private school in Switzerland. He has allowed Carlee and me to attend school events, like football and soccer games and the Friday night school dance.

My step-father told me that he had a business trip to San Francisco and he would be gone from Wednesday until Monday, but he trusted me to host Carlee at our house this Friday. I promised that I would abide by the rules and act like he was present.

When Carlee heard the news, I could immediately see her mind churning with a plan. I tried to find out what was on her mind, but she would not reveal it. She just told me that I would find out on Friday all about it. I punished her after school on Thursday by teasing her clit but stopping before she came. Carlee's mom Beth asked me to stay for dinner, but I told her I needed to get home before my step-father called to see how my day went.

I walked home, and my step-father called right at 6 pm. After asking about my day, I then laid out my schedule for Friday, which was going to school, then watching the women's soccer game after school, Carlee and I grabbing a bite to eat then going to the football game, then going to the school dance and being home by 11 pm with Carlee staying overnight. He approved of my plans, and said he would call me at 11 tomorrow.

I made something to eat, and then went into the study to actually write a paper that was due on Monday. About 7 pm, the door bell rang, and after looking through the peephole, I saw it was Beth. She told me that she was suppose to be at some club meeting, and had until about 10 pm to play with me. We went quickly to my bedroom and got undressed.

When she took off her bra, her sagging breasts revealed a chain clipped to both of her nipples. I grabbed the chain, and pulled her down between my legs, where she started to eat my bald pussy. After eating me to a great orgasm, she pulled out an eight inch dildo out of her bag with some straps.

I just lay there watching her put on the straps, and then attached the dildo to the front of it. It looked really kinky for a 42 year old with breasts sagging to her stomach and a c-section scar with a cock sticking out of her hairy pussy. I spread my legs, and she got between them, inserted the fake cock, and began to fuck me. She fucked me really, really hard.

I came a couple of times, and then she pulled my legs up on her shoulders, and put the head of the dildo against my rosebud. I generally prefer lube, but tonight she was dominating me and I really did not care about the pain. Thank goodness the dildo was a little slick from my pussy juices, as she just pushed it in and it really did hurt a lot, and she just started to pound my asshole.

Slowly, the pain subsided and I began to feel that incredible pleasure of having something so big up my butt. While she fucked my ass, she bit and pinched on my nipples. I started rolling and had three anal orgasms one after another.

Beth finished and lay on top of me. I told her I still had not told Carlee about us and we agreed to keep it a secret for now. I told her that Carlee was planning something for Friday night, but Beth did not have a clue what that might be. I have figured out during the six times I have fucked Beth that she is a voyeur and I did promise to give her a full account of tomorrow's events.

Beth left a little bit after 9:30, and I went back to work on that paper, though I only got about five of the ten pages done before 11 pm. I went to bed, pretty tired from fucking Carlee this afternoon and Beth tonight. School was way too long, and each hour I kept trying to think what Carlee was up to.

I got no clue from her as we went to watch the women beat our rivals in soccer. We had sandwiches from the fast food place; then got to the stadium to watch the game. Since now that I have seen five games, plus my step-father giving me a five hour lecture on pro football one Sunday, I know know a little bit about football. We actually won with a field goal on the last play, and then Carlee and I walked over to the gym to the school dance.

Tad and Bob met us as we arrived, two cute white sophomores who could not keep their eyes off of my 36D tits. Carlee and I danced with both of them in turn, with each of them rubbing their hard cocks against my legs while we danced slowly. About an hour at the dance, Carlee then whispered something to Tad and grabbed my hand.

We headed to her car, and quickly drove over to my house. As we got out of the car, a vehicle pulled up to us, and the passenger window came down revealing Bob with Tad driving. My heart skipped a beat with the thought of a little cock with my pussy tonight. To give the reader some background, I found that I really love hard white cock since I turned 18.

My parents sent me to a private school in Switzerland when I was 14, and I returned last year to go to community college. I have been having lesbian affairs with Carlee and her mother, and had not had a cock to play with for about two years (a flight attendant, but that was just a blow job and a quick fuck on a trans-Atlantic flight when I was 20).

Anyway, the four of us went into my house and I steered everyone to our media center with the big flat screen and music system. Carlee had a porn DVD, and put it in the machine and soon we watched two studs play with a young woman in the pool. Carlee and I paired up, with me getting Bob and she grabbing Tad's hand and taking him to the couch.

I sank to my knees as Bob sat in the stadium stuffed chair and reached up and undid his belt and began to unzip his fly. He definitely had a nice package inside, and I quickly got it freed. I licked my lips as he had a nice sized cock that was uncut, about seven inches long and quite thick.

I quickly put my lips around the head as my hand ran up and down the length of his dick. I began to give him a blowjob, but I'm not able to do deep throat so I could only take about half of him in my mouth. Bob did not seem to mind, sitting back into the chair and closing his eyes. I started to rub his balls, and about thirty seconds later I felt the sac start to contract and was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet tasting cum. I swallowed and looked at Bob, and he at me.

I then looked over at Carlee and Tad. Tad was on top of her pushing his cock into her bald pussy. Because of the angle, I could not tell how big it was, but I could tell he had a condom on. Good thought. I then proceeded to undress and then pulled Bob's jeans off and began to pull his sweat shirt over his head.

When his nipples were revealed, I started to suck on them. I bit them a few times, but he pulled me up and began to suck on my tits. I told Bob to bite them and he did, but he was not very good at that.

I looked over towards Carlee, who was now on top of Tad. I saw a condom wrapper so I got up and tore it open. I started to put it on Bob's cock, but I was not doing a very good job, and Bob stopped me and then rolled it down his cock. Bob told me to get on my hands and knees, and he pushed his thick cock up into my pussy from behind.

He pushed into me hard, but I was only fucked hard for about two minutes before he shouted that he was coming. Darn, I had not even cum once. Bob got off my ass and asked me where the bathroom was. He walked out of the media room holding the condom on his soft cock.

Carlee was still on top of Tad; apparently he had a whole lot more staying power. I walked over to the couch, and decided to plant my pussy on his mouth. Right from the start, this guy knew how to find his way in a pussy. His tongue licked up and down my slit and his lips found my little button and he began to lick, suck and bite on my clit. Before you knew it, Tad had Carlee and me coming.

I did not notice Bob's return from the bathroom, he walked past us and sat on the chair. When I came down from my orgasms, I looked over to see Bob watching us and playing with his dick. Carlee got off of Tad, and walked over to Bob and began to suck his cock.

I reached over and started to unroll the rubber off of Tad's cock, when I realized that he had not cum yet. I then started to beat his meat, and started to suck on his nipples. My attentions were rewarded as his cock got hard. It was about six inches long, but a little thicker than Bob's dick. I asked Tad where he wanted to fuck me. He told me in my ass, so I lay over the arm of the couch and offered my butt to him.

Slick with Carlee's juices, he put it at my entrance; then I pushed back a little. I was still a little sore from ass fucking from Beth last night, but I wanted a nice fat cock in me again. He moved slowly, and I pushed back again.

After a few minutes, he was deep within me and started to slowly move in and out. When it started to feel good, I told Tad he could fuck my ass harder, and he did. After a couple of minutes, he started to grunt and groan and I could feel the condom fill up in my ass. He fucked me a few more times; then I reached around to grab the condom as he exited my ass.

I had the condom in my hand, and Carlee asked me what I was going to do with it. I walked over to her, who had just had Bob cum in her mouth, and poured the rubber's contents down her throat. Before she could swallow, I bent down and kissed her, and we shared the spunk in her mouth.

I'm not sure what would have happened next, but the phone rang and I realized it was 11 pm and my step-father was calling from California. I answered the phone and was talking to my dad when Carlee grabbed the phone.

I was really afraid she was going to tell him something inappropriate, but she just told him that while the soccer and football teams had won, the dance sucked and we had been watching a movie and about to go to bed when he called. He chatted a few more minutes, and then we said good night.

Probably the guys must have thought my parents were on the way home or something. While Carlee and I were on the phone, Tad and Bob got dressed. The mood was broken. They asked if there was any alcohol to drink, but since my step-father watched me like a hawk on that, the liquor cabinet was locked up and my step-father probably inventoried it before he left on his trip. But that did not stop the guys from going into my dad's study to see if they could find the key.

After searching his desk, they could not find the key. But my step-father's computer monitor came on, and the boys said something about looking to see if my dad surfed porn sites. They sat there for a while, made some comments about the business crap sites they found, and noticed a bunch of pictures.

I said enough was enough, and the boys got off the computer and said that they were going to go out drinking if we wanted to come along. Looking at Carlee, we both decided to let them leave. Carlee and I escorted them to my door, and I locked it.

Carlee and I went back to the media room, taking the porn DVD out of the machine and cleaning the place up a little. And I finally flushed that condom that I had been holding in my hand since pouring it down Carlee's mouth in the toilet.

We were going to walk upstairs to my bedroom, when Carlee asked me if I was going to look at those pictures on the computer. I then admitted to Carlee that I did not know how to use a computer, because of the private school did not let us use anything electronic, that I had even wrote my paper last night in longhand.

Carlee laughed at me, and grabbed my hand and we headed for my step-father's study. Carlee sat down in the chair and I stood over her. She opened up some folders and found about a dozen with lots of pictures.

One group was some really old photos from my mom, and I recognized that some of them were from a birthday party I had when I was seven as my father was still alive. Carlee got to see pictures of my mother doing various things, like being at the beach with my dad and then raveling with my step-father.

And there were a few pictures of me growing up doing stuff. Then Carlee clicked on another folder and opened up a picture of my mother with three black men, with one fucking her while she sucked another and beat the other's cock.

Carlee then proceeded to open other pictures, some of the same night with the foursome in different positions. Then there was a picture with my mother and two of the black men who were now joined by one white guy.

"Wow, that is your step-father," Carlee said as she clicked on another picture with my step-father sucking on one of the men as my mother sucked on the other. We opened more pictures; some showed my step-father getting fucked in the ass.

"Well I will be damn, it must run in the family." Carlee commented on one picture that showed my mom pouring a filled condom down my step-father's throat. We both laughed.

"That could have been tonight," I said. Carlee closed the pictures and turned off the monitor.

"I don't know about you, while those boys' cocks were fun to play with, I really did not cum near enough for tonight, so let's go upstairs and fuck."

We left my step-father's study and went to my bedroom, not waking up until almost noon. We talked about the pictures that we had seen of my parents.

I asked Carlee if she had ever seen her parents do anything, and she admitted to listening to them several times fucking over the last year. She also admitted to being turned on and having fantasies of fucking each of them. I decided not to mention that her mom and I had been fucking for about a month. The conversation did get her really hot, and we fucked and sucked again.

I asked her who was she fucking – her dad or mom, and she admitted she had more kinky thoughts about her mother then her father. I decided that I would talk to Beth about this later. I had visions of a mother – daughter threesome in the future.

Well Carlee actually stayed Saturday night, and I managed to finish my paper on Sunday and went back to the media room to clean it to remove any evidence of the boys.

If I had knew any better, I would have cleaned up the electronic trail that the boys and then Carlee left on the computer. My step-father arrived Monday morning after catching a red eye flight.

He was on his way home just as I was leaving the house for school. My teacher liked my paper, though she suggested that I need to learn to use a computer prior to going to four year college. I came home after school, and my step-dad was working in his study.

I said hello, he said something about ordering Chinese food and said he was catching up with a pile of work that accumulated during his trip. I spend the afternoon studying; then heard the doorbell ring as the delivery boy brought my sweet and sour pork.

My step-father joined me in the dining room, and we caught up on the last week's events. I studied some more, talked to Carlee on the phone; then went back to the study to tell my dad I was going to bed.

I was almost asleep when my cell phone rang, it was Beth. She asked me to tell her what Carlee and I had done last weekend, so I spent the next hour giving her the blow by blow, while she masturbated (as did I).

I decided to skip the details of my mother's and step-father's group sex activities, but did mention the fantasy fuck that Carlee and I had, while I played her mother.

This got Beth really excited and she promised to try to get her husband out of the house one weekend in order to set up a threesome.

I went over to Carlee's after school on Tuesday and we "studied" and came about five times apiece. I also mentioned that I was planning a surprise for her sometime in the next few weeks, something akin to what she did last Friday.

I came home, and my step-father had prepared lasagna for dinner. While we caught up on our days, my step-father asked me if I had used his computer while he was gone.

Not wanting to lie to him, I explained that Carlee was trying to show me how to operate a computer, and had discovered some old family photos when I was little.

Then I said that we then found some more recent photos of mom and him. He paused, and I told him we found some really kinky pictures. He gulped. We finished dinner in silence, and then he asked me to come into the study.

He went to the computer and then turned the monitor. "I suspect that you saw this picture?" It showed my mother and step-father both sucking cocks. I nodded my head, feeling busted.

"Did you see this picture?"

I looked at the monitor, and realized it was from the media room. And you could clearly see Carlee and me sucking on Tad and Bob.

"No, I never saw that photo before, but I do remember the evening well," trying to make a joke.

"Your mother and I had much of the house wired for audio and video about five years ago, in case someone got out of hand, but mainly to produce many of the pictures that you saw on my computer. We would sometimes watch the videos and entertain ourselves reliving those pleasures."

"Your mother's family completely disowned her when she married me, a white man. At first, she really did not care, and probably figured that they would not hold the grudge that long.

One day, about six months after we married, she admitted to me that she harbored a desire to have sex with other men, specifically black men. And I admitted to a desire to watch her have sex with others.

So we put two and two together, and started to have parties here, inviting my clients, almost all of them from the black business community, and selecting a few each weekend to fulfill both your mother's and my desires. The parties, and especially the after party activities, cemented many a business deal for me."

"When we first started, I would watch her have sex, then after the men left, we would have sex. I discovered that I got a thrill out of it, and I loved the taste of the other men's semen, whether lapping at your mother's pussy or sucking it directly from the source. Your mother enjoyed watching me, as I explored my bisexual side."

"Unfortunately, pressures from her family and the introduction of a very good looking and charming black client were too much for your mother, and she ran off with him, to wherever they went. And she took much of our assets with her.

"And I have discovered over the last six months, your mother was an important asset to my commercial real estate business. Her willingness to entertain certain clients enabled me to close many a transaction and make a lot of money. And it had the added benefit of satisfying my needs."

"Well I also know about Carlee and your activities. Your bedroom is not wired, but you two have been caught in other rooms in the house and it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on."

"I guess I suspected from the start, and I allowed it because it was better than you having sex with boys and risking getting pregnant or worse. Being bisexual, I can accept your bisexuality."

"I do not want Carlee involved in what I am proposing to you, and I want to make it clear I am not blackmailing you in any way. You are free to continue to have Carlee over after school and every other Friday night, and you are old enough to continue to have sex with her as you please. And you may stay over at her house and go there after school, as long as there is no drinking or drugs."

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