tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBrooke's Fantasy

Brooke's Fantasy


Brooke was a wild child and she grew up to be a wild woman. Brooke was a blonde haired green eyed beauty. She had grown up with money and had been spoiled rotten. She had rebelled and done drugs, got tattoos and multiple piercings much to her parents' dismay. She loved to experiment sexually and if she enjoyed the experience she would try it on friends and lovers. Brooke had a body that both men and women enjoyed. She worked out regularly to keep her body tight and fit. She had a sweet ass and an ample bosom.

Brooke had a couple of steady boyfriends and a couple of steady girlfriends too. She liked to hang out with a rough crowd and usually ended up at biker bars hanging with the locals. She usually would go home with a least a couple of guys. She preferred to have three at once but would settle for two.

She was hanging out at the local bar having a beer with a friend when a biker gang came into the bar. Brooke turned on her stool to watch them all come in. She was licking her lips and sighing as a couple walked past her. She looked the men up and down slowly as they passed and they checked her out. She stuck her finger in her beer and put it in her mouth and slowly sucked on it and then pulled it out.

One of the bikers watching her do this, swore and stopped in front of her. "Damn girl, you need to get laid or something."

Brooke looked up at him through her eyelashes. "Yeah, laid and something." She laughed and looked him over. He was tall and had long dark hair, he had the most beautiful twinkling blue eyes that Brooke had every seen. She noticed how muscular his arms were and all the tattoos. Yummy, she thought to her self.

He sat down next to her and ordered a beer. "What's your name sweetheart?"

"Brooke and this is my friend Jazz," she leaned back so he could see how beautiful Jazz was too.

"Hello, Brooke, Jazz. I'm the leader of this here gang, they call me Big John."

Brooke looked him over and focused her eyes on the bulge in his pants. "You don't look that tall to me." She slowly came back up his body to look back into his eyes.

John laughed. "I'm six four honey, but that's not why they call me Big John. Would you like to come back to the hotel with me and a couple of my friends and I'll show you how I got my name?" He raised an eyebrow and looked over his beer at her.

Brooke looked over at Jazz hopefully.

Jazz shook her head; "no way, this is all you." Jazz got up and left.

Some of the other gang members came up and around the back of Brooke. She looked around and sighed again. "I'm in hog heaven."

They laughed at her and sat down to have a couple of beers with her. They had a couple women riding with them too. They were sitting at a table watching the fiasco going on at the bar.

Brooke asked John why they didn't join them.

"They're a couple, they aren't into men." He raised his beer to toast them. They flipped him off. He laughed.

Brooke leaned over to John and whispered in his ear. "I don't mind if they join us." She looked into his twinkling blue eyes hoping he got her meaning.

John laughed, "well aren't you just full of surprises? I can ask but they may not want to be around when all this testosterone starts flowing. How many of my friends do you want me to bring?" He took a sip of his beer and looked over at her, his eyes twinkling at her.

"Do I get to pick them out?" Brooke turned on her stool and looked into all the hopeful faces surrounding her. She put her finger in her mouth as she studied them.

"You can do anything you want baby girl, but you need to stop doing that." John finished his beer and ordered another. He was watching Brooke look the guys over. She was wearing a flimsy little shirt that barely covered her large firm breasts and a tight pair of jeans. Oh yeah she was looking for trouble and she definitely had come to the right place.

"Why?" She looked at him innocently.

"Because you're making them all hard and some of them might not wait until we get you back to the room." John arched his eyebrow at her and took another sip of his beer. He was watching her in the mirror.

Brooke leaned over and whispered in John's ear, "I want the ones that are packing. Do you know which ones those are?" She leaned back and put her finger back in her mouth as she looked innocently at John.

John chuckled, "yes unfortunately I do. There are five guys that are large but smaller than me. But then I'm on the extra-extra large side." He looked at her watching her reaction.

"Okay five guys, you and the two girls. But can we go up first and get acquainted alone for awhile." Brooke asked hopefully.

"Yes ma'am, you want to go now." John finished his beer.

"Yes please." She was almost giddy with anticipation.

John stood up and told her to go wait outside.

Brooke did as he asked.

John went and told the five guys to come up to his hotel room in about an hour. He went to talk to GiGi and Brenda. They agreed to come up in a couple hours.

John went out and grabbed Brooke's hand and led her to the hotel across the street.

He took her upstairs and opened the door for her. Brooke walked in slowly and turned to watch John come in.

John backed up and closed and locked the door watching her. Brooke walked slowly up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply. She looked up into his eyes, "you have beautiful eyes."

"So do you." John wrapped his arms around her and picked her up to carry her to the bed. He laid her down and laid down next to her. He ran a hand down her body and kissed her deeply.

Brooke started unbuttoning his shirt. She ran her hands inside his shirt feeling his muscles in his chest tighten as her hands caressed his nipples.

John rolled on top of her and kissed her deeply. She parted her lips and he devoured her mouth, sucking on her tongue and exploring every inch of her mouth with his tongue. Brooke kissed him back in kind, devouring his mouth and sucking his tongue out of his mouth.

John groaned and pulled back from her. "You're a wild one aren't you? We're going to have a real good time." He pulled her shirt off and sighed when he saw that she had no bra on and had beautifully large breasts. Her nipples were pierced with a chain between them and he put his fist in his mouth and bit down. "Damn girl do you want to be my bitch?"

Brooke laughed and kissed him again. "Let's see how this goes."

John chuckled and unbuttoned her jeans. "I promise you won't be disappointed." He unzipped her jeans and got up to pull them off. He looked down at her shaved pussy and saw another piercing and a couple tattoos. "Oh baby, you're going to be mine. What else do you have pierced?"

"My belly button and my tongue, I don't have a ring in my tongue right now. But if you want I can put it in. Some guys like it during blow jobs. Women love it." She giggled.

"So you go both ways," John pulled his shirt off and started unbuckling his pants.

"Yeah, but nothing compares with a big hard dick throbbing in my pussy." Brooke jump up off the bed and came over to take his leather pants off. "I want to see what's hiding in here."

John chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest.

Brooke knelt in front of him and unzipped his jeans. She rose up on her knees and pulled them down around his ankles. "I see you don't like underwear either." She knelt in front of him and just stared. His cock was almost down to his knees. "Geez, how much bigger do you get when you're hard."

John pulled her up off of her knees, "you'll see." He pushed her back down on the bed and laid on top of her. "Are you scared?" He ran his hand down her body. He pulled on her chain.

She moaned loudly. "Oh hell no." Brooke pulled his face down and kissed him deeply.

John pulled her on top of him and brought her up to him. He leaned her over and sucked on her nipples. "This chain's in the way, take it off."

Brooke sat up and unhooked the chain. "Anything else?"

"We'll see as we go." He pulled her back down and sucked hard on her nipple and caressed the other one and switched back and forth. He bit down on her nipple ring and tugged on it. She screamed as she came.

John pulled her up further and feasted on her pussy. He stopped, "take this one out too."

She sat back and pulled it out.

John rolled her over and went down between her legs. He munched and lapped and bit her sweet soft folds. He thrust his tongue into her and she screamed as she came again. He sucked her folds into his mouth and bit on them in his mouth. She came again.

"Oh god you're great at that, really great." She pushed his head down into her sweet soft place. "Eat me baby."

"No, I think it's my turn, you come suck my dick." John rolled over and laid down to let her have access to his tool.

Brooke got up and went between his legs. She sighed, "oh Big John." Brooke licked him up and down his long shaft and played with the large tip. She sighed again as she took him in her mouth and began sucking on him. She took him all the way in her mouth and deep throated him.

John groaned and pushed her down further onto him. "You're a wicked little bitch aren't you? You like sucking my dick don't you baby?"

Brooke looked up into his eyes and mumbled something with his dick her mouth.

John groaned and arched up, "damn baby talk to me some more."

Brooke laughed and just about sent him over the edge.

John groaned and pulled her off of him. He got up and stood next to the bed. "Come here."

Brooke came and sat in front of him.

John pushed his dick into her mouth. "Open wide baby." He held her head and fucked her mouth. He pushed in further and further. "Take it all in baby girl. Daddy wants you to suck his whole dick." He started going faster and deeper.

Brooke was grasping his ass cheeks and taking him into her mouth. She dug her fingers into his ass and made him arch forward pushing his dick further into her mouth. She moaned and sucked him hard. He groaned and pushed her head down on to his dick. "Oh baby you have a sweet mouth and you can take all of daddy in it, you bad girl."

John pushed her down on the bed. "You want it in the ass first or the pussy?"

"Pussy first," she pulled him down on top of her.

John thrust hard into her, she screamed as she came again. He lifted her hips and thrust deep into her. Brooke tried to relax her muscles to take him completely in her. She had never had a man so big.

John didn't wait for her to relax. He went deeper and harder into her. "Damn sweetness you're really tight."

"Oh god, please fuck me hard Big John." Brooke pulled him down to kiss him hard.

John laughed and plunged deeper into her. "You almost have me all the way in you baby. Hold on." He thrust the rest of his enormous cock into her.

Brooke screamed as pain and pleasure shot through her body giving her a mind blowing orgasm. Her whole body shuddered and took him all the way into it. She felt herself relaxing as the orgasm subsided only to be replaced with another one on its way. She felt the burning from her center burning out to her fingertips and toes. She screamed as she came again. He thrust harder and deeper into her. Brooke was thrashing and screaming on the bed.

There was a quiet knock on the door. John continued thrusting into her. "Give me another hour."

Brooke laughed. "Another hour, baby."

"Yeah, you think you can hold up that long." John leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth as he thrust deeper and deeper to her. She screamed as she came again.

"Baby you have no idea. You'll wear out before I do." Brooke looked up at him.

John chuckled, "don't bet on it. Once I cum I've been known to be able to last all night after that." He leaned down to look into her beautiful green eyes. "Do you want me to cum now so I can fuck you all night?"

Brooke answered by arching her hips up into him and pulling him down to kiss him, she bit his lower lip and thrust her tongue into his mouth. John moaned into her mouth and continued pounding into her. Brooke kept up with his rhythm taking him up and over the edge. She bit his tongue as he shuddered with his orgasm. She could feel his warm juices filling her to overflowing.

John pulled out and lay next to her. Brooke sat up and looked at him. She stuck her finger in her pussy and pulled it out with his juices and hers on it. She stuck it her mouth and sucked on it long and hard, pulling it out slowly as she watched his reaction.

John's eyes widen, "you're just a little freak aren't you."

Brooke giggled, she leaned over him and cleaned his cock with her tongue. She went down and licked every bit of her and him off of his balls too. She saw he was starting to harden again and chuckled.

John pulled her up and lay her on top of him. He pulled her down and kissed her deeply, tasting himself and her in her mouth. "Oh god baby, you are making me crazy. I've been with lots of freaks but no one like you."

Brooke kissed him and moved back to slide onto his now hard throbbing cock. She took him into her easily and rode him like he was a bucking bronco. John watched as she rode and ran her hands up and down her body. She stretched and pulled her hair up over her head and screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body.

John pulled her down to feast on her breasts. He pulled her nipple rings, sending another orgasm shooting through her. He sucked and bit and drove her over again and again. He pushed her off of him and came up behind her. He pushed her down on all fours. "I like you tat back here." She had a beautiful tribal tattoo on her lower back right above the crack of her ass.

John thrust his dick into her pussy and pounded her hard.

Brooke arched up and leaned back against him. She reached down to feel him entering her and played with her clit.

John groaned and caressed her nipples, pulling the rings when he knew she was close to another orgasm. She would scream every time. John continued to pound into her deeper and harder. He pulled out.

Brooke cried out in protest and turned to look at him.

John got up and got some lube. He held it out to her. "Are you ready for this?"

"Oh god please yes. I've never had someone as big as you and especially not in my ass." She came again with the anticipation.

John chuckled, "I think I'm going to keep you angel." He came up behind her and laid down between her legs. He started licking her pussy and thrust his tongue up into her. She screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. "Baby you sure know how to eat pussy."

John chuckled and moved up to lick her sweet little asshole.

Brooke jumped, she looked back at John. "Nobody's ever done that before."

"Hmm," he licked her little hole and thrust his tongue into it. She screamed as she came again. He continued licking and thrusting. He got up and spread the lube on his fingers and then started rubbing her sweet little asshole. She cried out as she came again.

There was another knock on the door.

"Go away. I'll call you when I'm through." John yelled at the door.

They could hear laughing going down the hall.

"Now where was I?" John thrust a finger into her little hole. He moved it around and then stuck another one in.

Brooke screamed as she came again. She looked over her shoulder. "I need your cock in me now."

"Okay baby, just be patient." He put another finger into her opening her up for him.

Brooke couldn't take anymore. She pulled away from him and got off the bed. "Come to the edge of the bed."

"Yes ma'am." John laughed and came down to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Now hold your dick up while on slide on to it." Brooke looked at him.

John had an eyebrow raised and looked like he didn't believe she was going to do this.

"Just do it Big John." Brooke ordered.

John raised both of his eyebrows and did as she had requested, holding his dick up so she could slide her sweet ass down on to him.

Brooke gave him one last glance and started lowering her self on to him. She cried out with pain as his dick first entered her. She rode him slowly.

John reached around to play with her nipples and clit. She moaned.

She took more and more of him into her ass slowly. She could feel her body opening and relaxing taking him into her. It felt like he was up to her belly button. She finally took the last bit of him in and dropped down on him. She shuddered as the pain and pleasure gave her an earth shattering orgasm. She screamed his name. She slowly rode up and down his shaft.

John watched in amazement as she rode him all the way up and down his shaft. He groaned and grabbed her hips pushing him self further into her. She screamed again as another orgasm shot through her. John was arching up to meet her rhythm and take himself deeper into her sweet little ass. "God baby this is so tight and feels so good. I could fuck you like this for the rest of the night."

"What about your friends?" She glanced back at him.

"Fuck them." John snarled.

"That was the general idea." She laughed.

John stood up and pulled out of her. "Okay bitch later, get on the bed on all fours and get ready for your punishment."

"Punishment for what," Brooke looked at him not really caring.

"For bossing me around," John smiled at her evilly.

Brooke did as he requested.

John climbed up behind her and thrust his cock into her ass again hard. She screamed out in pain and pleasure. He pounded into her deeper and harder. Then he started whipping her ass with his hand. She glanced back at him and smiled.

"Oh you like this don't you. Yeah you're my bitch." He continued to spank her as he fucked her ass. She screamed his name as she came again, "harder."


"Both baby," she laughed.

John laughed and thrust harder into her and whipped her harder.

Brooke saw a leather glove on the night stand and handed it to him.

"Oh, I've died and gone to heaven you little freak." He took the glove from her and whipped her with it. She screamed as she came again.

John pounded harder and deeper into her. He leaned down and bit her ear. "You want somebody else in here?"

"Umm-hmm," she sighed dreamily.

"I'll let the others in but I'm the only one that gets to fuck that pussy. They can do anything they want to you including anal but the pussy is all mine." He bit her ear again. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Big John."

"I need to clean up, I'll be right back. Don't move from there." He ordered.

Brooke laid down on the bed and stretched, she felt completely and fully fucked. She really didn't need the others but she wouldn't let John know that he could fulfill her all by himself. She liked group sex and needed a woman every once in awhile. She watched as John came out of the bathroom.

John looked over at her as she licked her lips. "You hungry for something baby?"

"Yeah, your dick," she moved over on her stomach to the edge of the bed.

John walked over and she took him in her mouth again. He groaned as she took him fully down her throat and began blowing his brains out. He placed a hand on her head and ran his hands through her hair. Truth was he didn't want to share her.

"Do you want me to call the guys or the girls or both?" John looked down at her sucking his cock.

Brooke started talking again with her mouth full.

John groaned and pushed further into her mouth. "Oh god talk to me baby."

Brooke looked up at him as his eyes closed and started having a conversation with him.

John moaned and arched and cried out as she mumbled into his dick. He pulled out and she sat up. John crawled up over her making her lay back on the bed. "I don't think we need the others." He bit her nipple and pulled the ring.

"But I like having a more than one dick in me at the same time and I especially like women eating my pussy. Please big John, I won't fuck anybody but you." She pleaded

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