tagNon-EroticBrother Samuel: Immune to Death

Brother Samuel: Immune to Death


In the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, progress is made every day. Want to know why? Because of the actions of one man. Samuel Xavier. Brother Samuel to his friends. My job is to find the man-haters, the racists and the sociopaths ( men and women without conscience ) where they gather and to mess them up. I infuriate them. I harass them. I intimidate them. I foil their plans. And ultimately, I make them have a bad day. It's my avocation and my hobby. Their screams of pain and frustration are basically all the pay I'll ever need.

Anyone looking at me sees a big and tall, ruggedly handsome black male in his mid-twenties. They have no idea what I can do, or what I am. And that's exactly how I like it. True power is hidden. As a genuine superman in a world of mundane people, I intend to set the standard for all men to follow. There are battles being fought that ordinary humanity knows nothing about. Most people are dumb. It falls to those like me to battle the forces of evil. Did you know that an organization of man-hating women is responsible for turning the autism disease into a virus aimed at human males? They seek to weaken the male of the human species to render them docile and pliant. Call it feminism gone amok. Yeah, and they're out there. In Europe, America and elsewhere. They're connected. They're wealthy. And they're desperately trying to make the world worse.

Have you heard of the Swine Flu Pandemic that's sweeping the globe? Chances are you have, unless you've been living in a cave and haven't had human or electronic contact in ages. What you won't read anywhere is the fact that this virus was cooked up in a laboratory by a group of white men and white women who wanted to cause harm to the Hispanic population of North America. That's why the most lethal strain of this virus was unleashed in the Republic of Mexico. Yeah, racist white people know that pretty soon, they will be minorities in America so they're trying to cull the flow of Hispanic immigrants from Mexico. Why do you think this virus only kills Mexicans? It's not as if Americans have a natural immunity to it that Mexicans don't have. It's simply because the virus was designed to go after Mexicans by some very shrewd white people.

Those of you reading this story will probably think I'm some sort of conspiracy nut. Maybe. But what if I'm right? The truth is that there are lots of men and women out there with too much money and power in their hands. And their idea of a good time is to make life hell for the rest of us. Sociopaths. They're everywhere. I know these human-looking monsters all too well. You could say that I used to be one, once upon a time. Then something came along and changed me. I now fight for the good guys. But I'm genetically designed to be a bad guy. Does that make sense to you? It's my life, I guess.

I wish I could make myself clearer but I can't. What bothers me about most human beings is the fact that they're sheep on two legs. For example, there is a red-haired white woman working in the Brockton Community Library who's a closet racist. She hates men and racial minorities. Her name starts with an L. Let's call her Miss L, shall we? Most people who frequent the library think of her as a nice if sometimes high-strung person. I see her for what she is. I see the disguised disdain in her eyes when she's talking to a black person, a Hispanic person or a person of the male persuasion. The only people that are okay in Miss L's eyes are her fellow white women. Maybe she thinks of white women as idealized womanhood. For she certainly doesn't like minority women, though she tries to hide it. I often shake my head at the foolishness of the black women and Hispanic women who work at the library besides the notorious Miss L. If they only knew what she thinks of them.

I've known so many monsters in my life that it's not even funny. They're everywhere I look. My uncle Louis is a cheap, passive-aggressive bastard. My aunt Gabrielle is a sociopath. The woman has no conscience whatsoever. My sister Anne is another sociopath. My father Francois is a psychopath of the worst kind. And my mother Elsie along with my cousin Shelby, the most naïve guy I know, are Familiars. What is a Familiar? A person who's naturally pliable. They make perfect servants for the sociopaths, the men and women without conscience who secretly rule this world. The vilest servant in the history of modern literature, the notorious Igor has nothing on the Familiars. These naturally pliable men and women are devoted to the sociopaths and follow every order given to them without question or hesitation. Every sociopath has at least one Familiar.

There is one thing I haven't seen, though. I've never met anyone like me. I am stronger than any man my size has any right to be. I'm more resilient than most people. I never get sick. I can spot a sociopath just by looking at him or her. Normal humans can never see a sociopath for what he or she is. They can't pierce through the veil of lies and deceit with which the sociopath moves invisibly through human society. I am the author of hundreds of short stories and forty four books, published through a self-publishing website that's quite well-known around the world. I can do things ordinary men can only dream of. I'm a defender of men's rights. I speak up for fathers rights and the rights of male victims of abuse. I defend the ordinary man's right to be natural and to refuse the barbarism of vasectomies and circumcisions. I oppose evil wherever I see it. I protect animals from those who are unnecessarily cruel to them. Like doctors who neuter these defenseless animals for no reason and cruel technicians who perform lab tests on them. I'm all that and then some. For these reasons, I'm forever alone. There is no one else like me out there. I'm a species of one. A superhuman in a world of mundane people. I truly walk a lonely road in this life. Maybe someday there will be others like me. Or perhaps I'll be the one to create them. Brother Samuel, the Progenitor of a new race of supermen. That would be fantastic, don't you think?

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