tagIncest/TabooBrother Sister Ch. 01

Brother Sister Ch. 01


Bec stared at her brother, lost for words.

"You want me to do what?" she asked, stunned.

"I need you to wash me. Geez, didn't Mum talk to you about this before she left?" Matt asked, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

"No, she bloody didn't or I probably wouldn't have agreed to stay home and look after you!"

"Crap, I thought that she would, I mean it's the last thing I want to have to ask you to do, believe me, but I can't go for three weeks without washing myself!"

Bec eyed her brother. She could see that he genuinely was embarrassed.

"Fuck, I can't believe I have to do this, but ok," she replied reluctantly.

"Thanks Bec, I'll owe you and I promise, I won't tell anyone about it if you don't."

"You'd better not!"

Matt had managed to crash his mountain bike in a race a couple of weeks earlier and his right arm was in a cast due to a break in the fore-arm. He had also done significant damage to his left hand, requiring it to be pinned. So it too was in a cast.

Bec hadn't really thought about what this meant for him in terms of bathing, but was vaguely aware of her mother having assisted him in the process.

Their parents were away for a month on a European vacation and Matt's casts weren't due to come off until the last week that they were away. Because of this, Bec, the younger of the siblings at 18, had been asked by her mother to take care of her 19 year old brother. She'd said that she would, knowing just how much her parents had been looking forward to the holiday and knowing that they couldn't afford to cancel it and go another time. But she obviously hadn't thought through all of the implications of her decision.

"So what happens?" Bec asked.

"Well, we can either do it in the shower or the bath," Matt advised. "I have to put my arms in plastic bags to keep them from getting wet and so I can either sit in the bath with my arms out or stand in the shower and hold them up out of the spray."

"What's more comfortable?"

"The bath," Matt replied.

"Then I guess we'll do that," Bec said, reluctantly following her brother upstairs from the living room to where the bathroom that had the bath in it was located. She wandered in behind her brother who started to undress. "Maybe I should wait outside. When you've run it, get in and drop this over your um, you know, your dick," she said, handing him a face washer.

Matt eyed it sceptically but said nothing. Bec went outside to wait for her summons. She heard the water running in the tub and waited. As she did so, she considered that she was about to go in and wash her older brother. She shuddered a little at the thought. But then she considered what her friend Jess had said the other day.

They'd been in her room chatting and Matt had come in to ask for some help opening something because of his temporary disability. Jess had suggested that given how hot Matt was, if she had him in that condition, she'd be taking advantage of his inability to defend himself.

Bec considered her brother critically from memory. He did have a nice face. It was almost chiselled. All the men of their family had that well honed and defined jaw. He had dark hair and dark eyes that could brood, kill or sparkle with delight in a matter of moments. She supposed that when it came down to it, there was a host of reasons why her friends would be enamoured of him. She even smiled to herself when she thought about what Jess would say if she were given the opportunity to see him in the bath.

Matt called from within the bathroom and nervously, with a strange leap in her stomach, Bec opened the door to go in. Matt was reclined in the bath, his hand and arm held out of the water so that the plasters and bandages wouldn't get wet. She tried to avoid glancing at his crotch and pretend that she was a nurse or something, someone with the ability to do this in a nice detached way so that she wouldn't consider that it was her brother lying naked before her.

"There's a couple of plastic bags and some tape on the counter Bec, if you could put them over these it will just help protect them a bit more," Matt said to her as she looked around for soap to start.

Bec strapped his hands into the bags and then rolled up the sleeves of her long --sleeved top before picking up the cake of soap that she found on the edge of the bath.

"Lean forward," she instructed her brother. Bec dipped the soap into the water and splashed some of it up over his back so that she could start scrubbing him. She couldn't help but notice how broad his shoulders had become in the last few years. They were well muscled and defined and on another man, Bec would have been more appropriately impressed. Once finished with his back, she had him recline back in the bath again, this time taking the soap to his chest. He had a little chest hair and his pecs were as well defined as the muscles of his shoulders. As her hands passed over them, kneading slightly with the soap, she found herself focussing not on the fact that this was her brother, but on the texture and feel of his skin and the tone of his muscles. She was embarrassed to discover that her insides were starting to react in a most inappropriate way to the washing of her brother's body.

"Leg," she said simply a few moments later, tapping his right knee. Changing the focus of where she was washing meant that her gaze travelled down his body from his chest and past his crotch. It was impossible to ignore the state of his cock. It had to be close to fully erect, the wash cloth now failing to cover its entirety. She could see his balls and the base of his thick shaft, but the top two-thirds remained covered, the cloth floating on the water but clearly outlining the shape of his manhood.

As Bec began the process of washing Matt's right leg, she tried desperately to avoid looking back at what she knew was floating so close to her. But given how impressive it was, she couldn't help but keep stealing glances. Though each time that she did, she ensured that she didn't meet her brother's gaze, not sure what to think and unwilling to see where he might be looking.

Matt, for his part was as embarrassed as his sister was, though unaware of the effect that the bath had been having on her. From the moment he'd started undressing, he'd been fighting to keep his cock from becoming erect. His sister was a beautiful girl. He knew it. He'd spent plenty of time admiring her curves as she'd acquired them over the last few years and now, at 18, it was hard to believe that she'd ever be more perfect.

He glanced at her as her hands now caressed his left leg. It was slightly uncomfortable for him as she'd pulled his leg across his body so that it was easier for her to wash, but that meant that he was crushing his balls slightly.

Bec's brown hair was tied in a pony-tail behind her head that hung down to her shoulders. She was wearing a long sleeved, pink top that clung to her breasts, which sat wonderfully on her chest. "Nice handfuls," Matt found himself thinking, "Not too large and not too little." Her waist was thin and her hips flared a little without being 'good child bearers' as his grand father used to say.

Her legs were hidden from view at the moment but that was of little consequence as he had completely lost the battle with his erection the moment that his sister had started washing him.

At last the torture was over and Bec was standing, having finished as much as she was prepared to wash it seemed. Matt wasn't about to start asking for more as he wasn't sure if he could take it.

"Can you get out all right?" Bec asked him.

"Um, Actually, that could be a problem," he admitted. Thinking about it, he suggested that she pull the plug so that he'd have a dry bath to contend with rather than a tub full of water.

Bec reached down between his legs to get at the plug and tried desperately to ignore the fact that her fore arm brushed against her brother's scrotum. It was difficult to pull the plug and she had to fish around a bit, but eventually she managed it. As she stood up, she groaned, her back ached from having had to kneel on the bathroom floor and lean over the tub for the time that it had taken to wash her brother.

Having completed her task, she fled from the bath room to the safety of her bedroom, waving off her brother's thanks.

Bec lay on her bed, confused by her body's reaction to what she'd just done as a task to assist her invalid brother.

Matt managed to get out of the bath without incident, dry himself eventually and dress. The thing that he couldn't do much about though was his raging hard-on. It just wouldn't go away and he couldn't do anything to relieve himself.

He lay on his bed and tried not to think about the profile of his sister's body as she'd washed him. He especially tried to avoid thinking about what might have happened if she'd decided that his cock needed washing because that did nothing to relieve him.


Matt left his sister alone the next day, unsure as to how things would go down when he'd have to ask her to do it again. But he was used to washing daily and he didn't think that he could go another day without a wash and so as they sat down to dinner, he broached the subject.

"Bec, I know you don't like me asking you to do this, but could you help me wash again tonight?"

Bec sighed. She'd know that this was coming and had been trying to think what she might say when the time came. She knew that she really had no option.

"Yeah, I guess I can. But this time I think it will need to be in the shower, because my back was killing me after the other day," she replied.

"Ok, whatever is going to be easiest for you," Matt said. They finished their dinner in silence. Bec did the dishes and Matt went upstairs, trying to mentally prepare himself.

When Bec had finished the dishes, she made her way upstairs, cursing the lack of help that her brother was in his current state of disability. She found Matt in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the bath, waiting. After strapping his hands and arm into the required plastic bags, Bec turned the water on for him and adjusted it until it was nice and warm. Matt undressed as she did so.

Bec stepped out of the way and allowed him to get into the shower, rolling up her sleeves and retrieving the soap. With Matt under the water, the splash from his body started to get her wet.

"Hang on, I'll be back in a sec," Bec said, abandoning him to wonder what was going on. Minutes later, Bec returned and Matt could do nothing but stare. His sister had come back wearing her hot pink bikini. It left little to his imagination, her gorgeous figure was barely concealed. He tried not to notice the fact that her nipples stood out like diamonds against the top, but there was no avoiding it. His cock leapt to attention. He saw Bec glance down as it grew and there was no way he could do anything to hide it.

"I didn't want to get my clothes wet, so I figured this way I could wash you and not have to worry," Bec offered. She stepped into the shower with her brother and closed the door. Matt had to turn away to prevent his erection from making contact with his sister's stomach.

Bec grabbed the soap and turned him away, using her hands roughly, ensuring that the message was that this was a no-nonsense occasion. As she washed his back and shoulders, she was glad that he couldn't see her. She was watching the water and soap bubbles skim across her brother's tight arse and was embarrassed and confused. The sight turned her on! Her hand drifted down across his lower back and briefly caressed his left buttock. It flinched and tightened. Well at least she wasn't the only one feeling uncomfortable!

It came time to turn around and she had Matt face the glass screen with his hands resting on top of it. She reached in from the side and washed his chest and stomach. She could feel the washboard that were his abs and had to bite her tongue to keep from complimenting him. His massive erection pointed skyward and she didn't want to give any reason for him to think this was anything other than a chore for her.

"I'm sorry about that, its just an instinctive thing," he mumbled when he caught her looking at his cock.

"Um yeah, I know," she said.

Matt couldn't help glance down toward his sister's body. She was a foot shorter than him and from this angle he had a beautiful view of her breasts, straining as they were against the tight wet confines of her bikini. Beads of water glistened against her olive skin and ran in trickles down her cleavage. Her nipples were standing firmly against the fabric.

Bec was feeling very confused. She knew that this was her brother and that there shouldn't be any reason for her to get excited, but she patently was. She was just glad that female arousal wasn't as overt as that of her brother, who could do nothing to hide his erection. She wondered what he would think if he knew that her pussy was melting as she touched his nakedness.

Rubbing the soap on the back of her brother's leg, Bec squatted down in the shower so that she could wash it properly. She was staring at his hip, all too aware of the fact that her face was now level with her brother's raging penis. As she moved her hands up and down his left leg, she brushed his scrotum with her left hand. Matt flinched and turned slightly. His cock nearly hit his sister in the face.

"Sorry," she said huskily, not looking up."

"Its ok," he mumbled, "Caught me off guard." As Matt looked down he couldn't help but imagine his sister turning to his cock and taking it in her mouth. She was at the perfect height. He was surprised to note that there was a drop of pre-cum nestled in the little slit at the tip of his cock, just sitting there against all expectation. Geez, his cock hadn't even been touched! He couldn't believe how horny he was.

Bec knelt on the floor now and moved her hands on her brother, getting him to turn so that she could wash the other leg. There wasn't a lot of room with her on her knees and as Matt turned, she had to move her head out of the way to avoid his erection. By the time that she was finishing up washing his right leg, she was in a state of arousal that she would never have credited her brother with being capable of causing. She knew that if it were anyone else in here with her right now, she'd have their cock buried in her mouth, sucking hungrily upon it.

In the end, it was that thought that caused her to grab it. She'd started watching his cock twitch and bounce as she rubbed at his leg, washing it and she'd become transfixed. She wondered just how hard it was and without even really thinking about it, reached out with her right hand and wrapped it about the shaft.

God it felt hard. It was like an iron rod covered in a soft flesh sheath.

Matt moaned. Bec's hand moved up and down slightly, still soapy and a little slippery.

"Oh fuck," Matt said, staring, transfixed by the sight of his sister's hand moving ever so slightly up and down his cock.

"Fuck!" Bec said suddenly, realising what she was doing. She quickly got to her feet and shut the water off. Bec grabbed a towel and dragged it over her body before throwing one from the rack at Matt. She fled the room without a word, ignoring her brother's pleas for her not to.


Bec dropped the towel on the floor of her room, her mind awhirl. She'd grabbed her brother's cock! God what kind of a pervert was she? It had been so hard! It was big. She squeezed her legs together, feeling her body's natural reaction to what had been happening.

"What must he think of me?" she wondered. She pulled at the tie of her bikini, letting the two triangles of fabric fall away from her breasts. Her nipples stood out further than she thought possible. She cupped her breasts in her hands, feeling the diamond like points pressing against her palms.

Without even thinking about it, she squeezed her breasts. Then she released her breasts just enough to allow her palms to graze her nipples. She shuddered before releasing them and peeling her wet bikini bottom down her legs.

Grabbing her panties from where she'd tossed them on the floor, she commenced dressing herself again. She didn't bother with her bra, just slipped a t-shirt on and then collapsed on her bed, thinking.

But no matter how much she told herself what she'd just done was wrong, her body belied her objections with its arousal. As she lay there, the image of her brother's erection filled her mind and she remembered the sensation of holding it in her hand. Her fingers wandered down her body until they had slipped inside her panties, gently caressing her pussy lips, slick with her arousal.


Matt sat downstairs watching TV. His cock had barely subsided from the extended teasing that he'd suffered. He couldn't believe that Bec had grabbed his cock. He really couldn't believe that he wanted her to do it again; desperately.

Nothing in his life had been as arousing as having his sister wash him in the shower and he dearly hoped that it wouldn't be the last time that she did. He knew that he shouldn't be having these thoughts, but given he'd been unable to relieve his tension for weeks now, it wasn't taking much to get him worked up. It sure was taking a lot to get him to settle down again.

He just wished that he could manage to wank. Maybe then he would get the image of his sister's wet bikini clad body from his mind.


Bec's fingers worked over her clit, back and forth, back and forth, circling it, rubbing it, sending pleasure coursing through her body. She panted as she worked closer and closer to the point of orgasm.

And the entire time that she masturbated, the image of her brother's cock filled her mind until she was imagining that she actually had taken it in her mouth and felt the smooth warm flesh slide over her tongue. That thought was enough to send her over the edge and she exploded, her body twitching and convulsing with spasms of pleasure.


Matt looked up to see Bec coming into the room. He started to speak, but Bec cut him off, "I don't want to talk about it yet Matt, can we just watch TV?"

"Sure," he said. He allowed her to have her way, but his eyes followed her body closely as she walked into the room. She was wearing a pair of baggy track pants and a t-shirt. From the way her breasts moved under the t-shirt, he could tell that they weren't restrained by a bra. Instantly the realisation sent his cock stiff again. He almost groaned, but settled for adjusting his position.

All night he sat there, taking surreptitious peeks at his sister, wondering what she actually did think about the fact that she'd grabbed his cock. She hadn't been coerced, she had done so of her own volition. That fact alone drove Matt mad. It made him horny.

Eventually Matt couldn't stand it any more and said goodnight to Bec, standing to make his way upstairs to his bedroom.

As her brother rose, Bec followed his crotch with her gaze. God, he was still stiff. His erection stood out against the shorts that he'd pulled on after his shower and there was little doubt about its state. Part of her wanted to rush over and yank his pants down. But the sensible part won out and she watched TV as he departed the living room.


"I guess you'll need washing again tonight?" Bec said to him over breakfast the next day.

"Um, yes?" Matt answered, surprised that she'd been the one to bring it up. He was trying not to get excited about the fact too, but his cock was already hardening.

"'Cause you've got that charity walk right? And so you'll be all sweaty?

"Oh yeah," Matt replied. He'd been hoping that she just wanted to wash him again, but it turned out she was just on top of his schedule.

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