Brothers and Sisters Ch. 04


"So basically if we jerk each other off then you'll get naked and masturbate for us?" Kevin asked.

"Indeed." Kate said winking at her brothers. She could see they were tempted. She knew she would have got naked for them anyway but she might as well get something for it.

"Give me a moment to confer with my colleague." Kevin said as he grinned at his topless sister. He was keen to do this she could see. He definitely wanted to see what her tiny little panties were covering.

Her two brothers quickly began whispering and although Andy seemed a bit sceptical it seemed like Kevin was winning the argument. They finally nodded and Kevin turned to his sister.

"Ok we will but you've gota go first." He said grinning to which Kate just clapped her hands and let out a whoop.

"I was hoping you would say yes!"

The blonde girl slowly stood up her large breasts standing out from her chest drawing her brothers' eyes and slowly started swaying to the music from the dvd that was playing almost forgotten. She then turned and bent over slowly at the waist as her tight panties stretched across her ass winking at her brothers who looked like they were about to melt. She then moved her hands to the tops of her panties then slowly started to slide them down. She knew exactly when her pussy came into view as both her brothers gasped and let her panties slide down to her ankles letting her brothers soak in the sight of her tight ass and pussy peaking at them then stepped out of her panties, leaving them on the floor and sitting on her seat her legs together. She grinned at the looks of utter lust on her brothers faces and she could see precum slowly building on the tip of Kevin's penis. From what she could tell both her brothers' cock's were a little longer than Jake's but not as thick around. They still made her mouth water.

"Ok boy's, get going." Kate said as she slowly opened her legs letting her brothers' eyes feast on her shaved wet little pussy. She was pleased at the way they gasped again at the sight of her cunt and couldn't wait for the moment when they started to jack each other off.

Kevin at least seemed to remember what they had agreed, looked up at his brother, down at his cock then slowly moved his hand and grasped it. All three siblings in the room shivered at that taboo touch for their own reason and soon Andy had moved his hand over to his brother's cock and slowly grasped it. Both brothers were shooting looks at the porn and their sister who had slowly moved her hand down to her pussy and was now slowly rubbing her hard little clit in circles. Both had yet to really look at what they were doing but as they talked both their eyes were drawn to their hand moving up and down on their brother's cock. It was an intense feeling. Andy then decided to break the silence.

"You owe me money Kev, I told you sis was shaved."

"You two dirty bastards betted on whether I shaved my pussy or not?" She laughed then continued. "You should have known I wouldn't walk around with a big bush, that's so gross. I'm disappointed you would think that of me Kev."

"By shaved Andy means he thought you were bald and I thought you might have a landing strip. We knew you wouldn't leave your pussy untended. You're probably sexy enough to pull off a bush though." He said grinning and he winked at his sister as he watched her grin back then slid her middle finger into her pussy with a sexy little sigh.

Both her brothers hands immediately sped up their up and down movement and Kate could now see they had found a rhythm and were enjoying the feeling and asked as much.

"Yeah it feels good." Kevin said shooting a shy glance at his brother who grinned back.

"Yeah it's great. And watching you finger yourself is fantastic too. You enjoying it?"

"Well I'm really enjoying watching you two jerk each other's cocks off, it's really hot and as you can see," Kate said pulling her finger out of her pussy and showing her brothers how it glistening with her juice, "My pussy is super wet so yeah I'm enjoying fingering myself for you guys too." The blonde girl blushed at her brazen words but it was hard to see as she was so flushed as it was from the sexual tension.

The smell of their excitement was swirling around the room and they all could feel how it charged them all. They all continued to watch the porn and themselves for a while longer when Andy broke the silence this time.

"How is it that you have no tan lines at all. Anywhere?"

"Well Carmen, Cindy and I kinda tan naked at her place, her parents are away." Her explanation was greeted with silence for only a moment.

"All three of you lying there naked?" Kevin said staring off into the distance. "Wow I would kill to see that. Carmen is just so fucking hot. And Cindy is the perfect little Asian fantasy."

"And me?" Kate asked as a joke and Andy answered.

"You're fucking hot, have tits better than any porn star and a smoking body. You three fit well together." He blushed a little then continued to jerk off his brother who resumed jerking him off.

"My my, flattery will get you far Andy." Kate said as she swopped hands, sucking her finger into her mouth and now putting two fingers into her pussy.

"Fuck, you like your own juice?" Kevin asked amazed and his sister just blushed a little.

"Yeah it turns me on, Kev." She laughed then thought about something quickly. "What would you guys trade for naked pictures of Carmen and Cindy?"

"Absolutely anything. Especially if there were a few of you in the mix." Andy said breathlessly, this whole situation was getting to him. Watching porn with his naked sister while she masturbated was taboo and hot enough but having his twin brother jack him off in the process was more then he could handle.

"I'm going to cum soon." He managed to say as he started to hump his hips up into his brother's hand and felt his brother tighten his hold on his cock.

He sped up his own pumping and soon they could feel each other's cocks swelling getting ready to shot their cum all over themselves. Kate watched astounded as her brothers started to hump their twins' hand and she sped up her hand, two fingers sloshing in and out of her drenched pussy while she rubbed her clit with the other.

"Fuuuuck I'm cumming!" Kevin grunted as he pumped his cock through his brother's hand and started to let loose.

Andy felt the cum rushing up his brother's cock and felt it swell further in his grip and he clamped down with his hand as the cum began to shoot all over his brother's chest. Andy followed his brother's lead spewing cum up into the air where it felt down to coat his own chest.

"I'm gona cum too!" Kate squealed as she felt her cunt clamp down around her fingers and she started to rock back and forth on her hand as pussy juice flowed around her fingers. She had a hard time keeping her eyes open as she orgasmed but had to watch her brother's cocks explode all over themselves. Finally it was too much and she shut her eyes and let out a train of squeals and grunts.

All three siblings finally started to come down from their orgasms with Andy and Kevin still slowly sliding their hands up and down on their twins' cocks, their hands getting coated in the last few shots of cum that oozed from their cocks. Kate finally removed her hand from her pussy as the last few shocks wore of and went about licking the back of her hand and then sucking her two fingers into her mouth and she tasted her sweet pussy juice. Seeing this Kevin couldn't help but groan and shoot one more rope of cum onto his brother's hand.

"Wow that was really hot, I came soooo hard." Kate said as she looked over at her brothers who were drenched in their own cum. She was so turned on by the fact that it was two guys and then even more turned on by the fact that it was her 'little' twin brothers.

"Yeah I don't think I've ever cum that much." Kevin said as he looked down at his chest, his stomach and his cock where his brother's hand was still slowly stroking. Everything was splattered in cum. He looked over at his brother and saw he was in the same situation. Andy looked up and laughed then removed his hand from his brother's cock.

"Wow that was more fun than I would have guessed." Andy said looking at his hand that was covered in his twin brother's cum. It was insane.

"Yeah it was cool." Kevin replied glad that this hadn't seemed to affect his relationship with his brother. Truth be told he would be willing to do it again. He loved girls and would never stop doing stuff with them but this was something so different.

"Ok I think both you two need to go get washed up, that's a shit load of sticky cum you have all over you. Thanks again for letting me watch, if it was half as good doing it as it was watching it then it must have be awesome."

"Ok sis. Maybe we could watch each other again sometime?" Andy asked hopeful.

"Of course!" Kate said as she picked her panties up and went off toward her bedroom. She hoped that they would do more then watch each other in the future but all in good time.

"Hey sis." Kaeda said as she walked into her sister's room.

She had been so shocked to see her older sister standing in her doorway as she had been in a 69 with Hannah but when she had winked at her and left she had been so turned on she couldn't help cumming all over Hannah's face. The girl had asked her what had gotten her so worked up as she usually didn't cum that hard but she had just shrugged and kissed her, mixing their pussy juices with their tongues.

Cindy didn't know what to say as her younger sister sat on her bed. She had been caught staring at her sister 69ing with her best friend and then winked. Her sister hadn't tried to keep down the volume of her orgasm soon after but she still though her sister might be a little weirded out.

"Hey. So what you been up to?" She asked and as it left her mouth she realised how stupid it was. Her sister had just been getting her pussy eaten out while she ate out her best friend's pussy. She blushed but her sister took pity on her and laughed.

"Ok, the big elephant in the room. You caught me and Hannah."

"I did, I'm sorry I really didn't expect it."

"I guessed as much. I knew you wouldn't be mad though, I just wanted to make sure things are cool in case."

"How do you know I wouldn't be mad? Not that I am but I'm interested." Cindy said a little confused, especially when Kaeda started to blush.

"Well I've got a confession to make. I used to spy on you and Jaime doing it. That's kinda where I got the idea. Hannah's always been into girls but after watching you and Jaime it made me wanna try cause you two looked so hot." Cindy was shocked but suddenly turned on a little by the thought of her sister watching her and Jaime lick each other's pussies and getting turned on.

"How much did you watch?" Cindy asked.

"Well after I first caught you, every time I could. I'm sorry." Kaeda said looking down and ashamed.

"Don't worry Kaeda. Seriously I'm glad you can tell me, I don't think we need to have any secrets you know?"

"Ok Cindz. I love you." Kaeda looked up and pulled her sister into a hug and they both felt better. "Oh and I've been copying your porn onto my pc for ages."

"You little bitch!" Cindy laughed and slapped her little sister. "I hope you have some to give me in return then?"

"I do indeed. I've even got a few pix of Hannah and I, it'll make up for the one's I took off your pc of you and Jaime." She looked up at her sister blushing again.

"Kaeda! Wow, you're really sneaky. You must have really had a thing for Jaime." Cindy said blushing as she remembered what some of those pictures showed. Pussy licking and one or two of Jaime's finger or tongue in her ass. She blushed even more.

"Yeah Jaime was hot." Kaeda said but Cindy had the feeling she wasn't saying something.

"Well if you were keen you should have told me. Jaime had a fetish for Asian girls I think so I'm sure she would have loved a go at you."

"Well..." Kaeda hesitated for a moment then continued. "That would have been great but I would have liked to join both of you." Cindy didn't really know what to say because honestly the idea seriously turned her on.

"You would have had a threesome with Jaime and me?"

"Yeah, I think it would have been incredible. And I know maybe it's wrong but the thought of being with you really turns me on. All my guy friends want to get with you and Hannah definitely does too, and I completely understand, I mean you're incredible looking." Kaeda was blushing furiously but was determined to tell her sister the truth.

"Wow, thanks baby sis, you know I think you're amazing yourself. I remember Jaime sometimes used to say if she could have both of us at the same time she wasn't so sure who would be who we look so much alike so maybe that means we're both hot." Cindy winked at her sister wondering whether she was going to follow this conversation where she thought her younger sister was trying to take it. She knew she was turned on by her sister but she wasn't sure she would go through with her desires but Kaeda had her own idea's as she stood up and stretched Cindy eyeing up her lithe sixteen year old body.

"I think I'm going to go have a shower, do you want to come help me wash my back?" The request was relatively innocent enough though Cindy hadn't showered with Kaeda for some years. The reality was that in light of the recent conversation it meant much more and Cindy knew that.

"I want to but should we?" Cindy asked after a moment.

"Yes we should." Kaeda said simply, holding out her hand for her sister to take it.

Cindy looked up into her sister's beautiful face and when their eyes met the decision was made for her. She could see the love she had for her sister echoes in her eyes and she knew that whatever happened it could only strengthen what they already had. Cindy reached up and took her sister's hand and they both made their way to their shared bathroom. The older girl stood watching her sister switch on and test the water feeling nervousness wash over her.

"Cindz come on, relax I'm your baby sister I've idolized you for ages there's no need to stress, we love each other." Kaeda didn't add on 'And this is going to be awesome' but both girls knew that's what she was thinking.

It was the exact thing that would have made her relax and Cindy giggled a bit to herself then slipped her top over her head then followed by slipping out of her bra. Her nipples were at full length and nice and hard and the Japanese girl couldn't help but tweak firs her right then her left then followed it up with sliding her pants and panties off in one movement. Her younger sister then turned and gave her a very deliberate once over then winked at her.

"Nice, very nice." Kaeda exclaimed as she looked over her sister's small pert boobs down her perfect flat tummy and to her shaved pussy with only a small landing strip. Her sister's body was a little bigger than her own and she had shaved an identical landing strip on her pussy. She quickly lost her clothes and jumped into the shower. Cindy followed her as she looked over her baby sister, a perfect little doll.

"You also have a landing strip?" Cindy asked as she motioned for the soap then started to wash her sister's back.

"Yeah in the pics I got of you and Jaime I saw that you had yours like that so the next day Hannah and I shaved each other."

"Wow that must have been fun." Cindy said as her hands had lathered up foam all over her sister's back and almost as if of their own accord they moved towards Kaeda's bum and slowly started kneading her cheeks to which her younger sister gave a contented little moan. "Is Hannah red down there too?" Cindy asked as she knew Hannah was a real red head even though she dyed her hair more metallic to look like her favourite pop rocker Hayley from Paramore.

"Yeah it is actually, we took before and after shots I must show you, her pussy looks really hot with a little red landing strip." Kaeda turned around and took the soap from her sister as they swopped places and she began to lather up her older sister whilst she thought about the hot alternative red head and her red landing strip.

"Have you been with another girl other than Hannah?" Cindy asked as her sister's hands moved onto her ass and in a more forceful way started to knead her bum.

"Nope, Hannah's my only girl on girl experience. And you?"

"Well Jaime had this friend called Nicole, she looked kinda like Carmen but not as hot. We hooked up once or twice when Jaime left town but no one else since then."

"Mmm, Carmen is so hot, and Kate with her big boobs. You've got hot friends." Kaeda said as she kissed the back of her sister's neck as her hands moved around to her older sister's stomach then up to her pert little titties.

Cindy couldn't help moan a little as the touch shot electricity straight to her pussy. "And how is it you have no tan lines anywhere?" Kaeda asked as she ran her hands down to where Cindy's tan line should have started, her hand hovering above her pussy slowly sliding her hand around.

"Well Kate has kinda got the three of us into tanning naked at Carmen's place while her parents are away." Cindy knew the thought of the three of them tanning naked would really turn on her horny little sister and she was right.

"Fuck that sounds so hot." Kaeda replied and moved her left hand onto her older sister's pussy for the first time and sliding her middle finger into her tight little hole and moving her right hand to her breasts. She slowly started planting small little kisses on her neck.

Cindy shuddered at the touch then realising it was her little sister sliding a finger into and out of her pussy, fondling her breasts and planting little kisses, it was so taboo and so sexy she moaned loudly as she started cumming on her sister's finger. Kaeda immediately dropped her hand from her sister's breast to rub her hard little clit and Cindy moaned further as her orgasm intensified. Cindy continued to ride her little sister's hand until she slumped against her as she was held up. Kaeda slowly turned her around then looking into her eyes slowly moved forward to kiss her.

Cindy knew this should feel wrong but besides the idea of taboo and the lust surrounding their actions, it felt so right as she leant forward and her lips met her sister's for the first time. The water cascaded down around them as they lost themselves in the most sensual kiss they had both ever experienced. Their pleasure seemed to swirl around them morphing slowly into lust and soon their tongues had gone from slowly caressing to battling inside their mouths. Kaeda finally pulled away and Cindy could see her own lust echoed in her little sister's face, so similar to her own and she could still taste the subtle deliciousness of her sister's mouth.

"I think I'm done showering." Kaeda said and Cindy nodded as her sister turned off the water and quickly left the shower.

She grabbed a towel and quickly yet caressingly dried her sister's body and then her own, obviously eager to take the next step but still wanting to enjoy every part. Cindy was lost in her own thoughts and actions and came to as her sister gently pushed her back onto the bed and slowly crawled up to her to embraced her again as their lips met. Cindy just managed to think that there was no hesitancy and a feeling of rightness when she kissed her sister but then all thoughts were blown out of her head as she focused on her sister continuing to kiss her.

Kaeda again broke the embrace and both girls were panting for air as she slowly starting kissing down her neck then to her collar bone and finally around her pert little breasts. She was teasing her older sister, licking around her hard long nipples that were begging for attention. Cindy noticed for the first time that they were in her sister's room but then she looked down and saw her sister slowly planting kisses around her nipples, her own breasts looking perfect with her hard nipples and as she looked down her sister's back to her beautiful and naked bum. Even these awesome sights were blown from her mind as her sister finally latched her lips onto her left nipple and started to tongue and pull at her nipple. Cindy let out a guttural moan and put a hand on the back of her little sister's head moving it to her other breast. Her little sister's hand however went in the opposite direction moving over her tummy, her middle finger sliding down her landing strip and finally ending up by cupping her older sister's tight little Asian pussy.

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