Brother's Dick: A Virginity Lost

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Virgin sister addicted 2 masturbation caught by brother.
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Summary: Virgin sister addicted 2 masturbation caught by brother

Note 1: This is a 2016 Winter Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, Dave, and Wayne for editing this story.

Brother's Dick: A Virginity Lost

Go ahead and judge me.

I don't care... I've been judged my entire life, and almost always by careless and unobservant people tossing me into superficial boxes that fit me only vaguely.


The smart one.

The teacher's pet.

Goody-two shoes.


Church girl.

1950s child.

Just to name a few.

Each as superficial and generic as the other.

Of course each description has a grain of truth to it, as all judging does.

Nerd or the smart one... although I don't perceive myself as a nerd since I actually do a lot of things that aren't academic... I just have a photographic memory... truth be told I don't do any studying...I'm just smart. I mean the kind of smart that results in the fact that even though I haven't yet completed my first semester as a senior in high school I've already been accepted into Harvard on a full scholarship.

Teacher's pet... a perception because when no one else answers, the teacher looks at me. Which, in truth, it's rather unfair that teachers pick me out in such a way... although I assume the idea that it's unfair never occurs to them.

Goody-two shoes... such a generic descriptor. I don't get into trouble because I respect certain rules (not all rules) and I don't get hammered at parties. By the way, I have gone to a couple of parties, even had a couple of drinks while there, but labelling is based on things usually decided before you even hit high school, and just continued out of habit. I'm certain that most cheerleaders and jocks can't even spell 'intellectual laziness'.

Feminist... this one I suppose is actually true. I believe women should be treated the same as men and I even wrote an essay for my advanced-placement college-level English class on the topic... a feminist is definitely something I'm not embarrassed to be called.

Church girl... tough for me to argue this one. I go to church every Sunday, sing in the choir, and lead a youth group... of course I have no choice: my father is a minister.

1950s girl... for quite a while I didn't understand this one at all, but eventually it became obvious. I dress in skirts or dresses every day primarily so I can wear pantyhose... thus apparently that makes me a little like a fifties girl... conservative and proper

All these trite descriptions are more humorous than anything else... especially because I've never cared what people thought... something I learned at a young age studying the Bible.

That all said, appearances can be deceiving.

I am all the things others perceive me to be... but I'm also a whole lot more.

All of the above was true at the time and it pretty much still is, but it's now time for me to switch to past tense so I can tell my story.

Although I was a virgin, I was a very sexual being... in the privacy of my bedroom.

Hearing whispered stories at Bible camp between my junior and senior years in high school where I was a volunteer counsellor made me curious. Sex sounded wonderful... yet my dad had made it clear to me and to his parishioners on many occasions that premarital sex was a heinous sin.

Once I had even walked in on Amy, a fellow counsellor, sucking another counsellor's penis while a third counsellor had sex with her from behind, and a fourth counsellor (me) watched in amazement for a couple of moments.

I quickly scurried out, none of the three actually seeing me, but I was very excited. I found myself trembling for more than ten minutes afterwards from the sudden rush of unspent adrenalin. I couldn't get the picture or the sounds or even the smells out of my head for weeks, and it awakened my inner sexuality from a dozing teddy bear to a ravenous panther roaming a deserted forest searching for sustenance.

I was eighteen when I started my senior year (I'd started school a year late as our family had done a year's missionary trip to Africa when I was five) and suddenly was very curious about the sins of the flesh.

I tried to push the insistent thoughts away. I was, after all, a good Christian girl, but they seemed determined to remain embedded in my consciousness with catlike determination. Every night... yes, every single night... while trying to fall asleep I would vividly recall Amy bobbing on that penis, while simultaneously moving back and forth onto another penis... as if she were a rocking horse... and I constantly wondered what that would feel like. You could apply a new superficial label to me... obsessed... and in this case you would be absolutely accurate.

What had made it more intriguing were Amy's heart-felt moans... clear expressions of how much she was enjoying the same pleasure that I had always been told was wrong.

And no matter how much I resisted, I became more and more desperate to learn what that pleasure would feel like to give... and to receive.

What would it feel like to have a penis in my mouth? It seemed so dirty and yet I couldn't get the visual out of my head. I also wondered if Mom ever sucked Dad's penis. If so, did they consider it 'dirty'? Did they ever pray while they had sex, or did those two activities occupy very carefully segregated portions of their life?

What would it feel like to have a penis in my vagina? Obviously I understood that this would be a pleasurable experience and one the Lord approved for the purpose of procreation... and one that was fully supported when a man and woman became one... but it was supposed to be only with someone you loved.

Yet, love or not, both these acts were considered a sin for an unmarried woman.

This led me to going online on my laptop and reading articles about sex.

Not having a boyfriend, I immediately gravitated to articles about masturbation. I originally began by reading about the moral views of Christians on the act. The categories ranged from a) never appropriate unless you wish to burn in hell to b) a marginally acceptable way to avoid committing greater sins to c) an ecstatic blessing our loving God created for all His (or on rare occasions Her) followers, to enable us to feel the true glory of the Lord's breadth of pleasure created for us. This was a very wide range!

I then began reading articles on the act itself.

This led to lists of a variety of things that could be used as masturbatory aids... from fingers, to sex toys, to more unorthodox objects like vegetables and household items. Some of these shocked me: cucumbers, pop bottles, plungers, wooden spoons, running faucets, a running washing machine and strangest of all... a vacuum cleaner.

Oddly, my vagina tingled as I read these and after resisting what I guess could only be called temptation, at least in category a), or on the other hand denying myself a bounteous blessing from God according to category c), in any case after delaying for as long as possible, I moved my fingers to my private area. As I read instructions on the best way to get yourself off called 'THE TEASE & PLEASE', I tried to replicate the act.

1. Just gently graze over your labia... awakening your nether region.

2. Continue the tease by using one finger to run soft circles around the clitoris without actually touching it.

My entire body trembled at my own touch... instantly wanting more.

3. Soon, but not too soon, progress to using your finger to criss-cross over your clitoris and down your labia and back up.

4. Use a finger, maybe two, to part your pussy lips and move up and down.

5. Tease your pussy hole by circling your finger around it... even move the tip of your finger inside yourself for one quick moment.

I had been moaning softly throughout as I followed the instructions, then slightly louder when my finger first touched my clit after the excruciating tease, but when my finger just barely slipped inside me I let out a loud, "Ohhhhhhhh,"

6. Return to your clitoris and gently graze over it.

As I did, I felt the intensity that had been growing inside me suddenly build further, making me want more, and want it urgently. I constantly restrained myself from progressing through the instructions too quickly, feeling my urgency increasing to a tantalising, delicious torture.

7. Tap your clitoris once.

My entire body convulsed with the single tap. My shoulders jerked forward.

8. Again! Again! Again!

I did, each tap making my entire body tremble... making me feel pleasure I hadn't fathomed existed. My mind became mush even as my body took control.

9. Pull your outer labia together and rub your clitoris through the folds of skin.

"Ooooooooh," I again gasped, yet another unique pleasure... this one less intense and yet seeming to stir the flames within... as the pressure intensified my inner lust even more.

10. Two options:

The outer orgasm: Tap and rub your clitoris rapidly until your orgasm erupts through you.

The inner orgasm: Slide your finger inside your lubricated and desperate vagina and pump it in and out rapidly, pressing strongly upwards all the while until you can't take it anymore.

Once I felt the full spectrum of the pleasure my vagina could experience from the slow burn awakening, to the slow increasing tease, to the sudden urgency for intensity, I was overwhelmed.

I couldn't decide, but loving the intensity of the clit pressure and wanting more, I began tapping and rubbing my clit. Instantly, the flame that had been flickering inside me raged into a forest fire of pleasure, and in seconds I felt myself transcending reality as a pleasure so intense that I lost all awareness of my surroundings, enveloped my entire core.

As I lay in the afterglow of heaven, I was convinced the Lord had created this pleasure for his followers... no way would he create a body that could experience this much pleasure and not want us to feel it. I was an instant convert to Category C)!

I began masturbating a couple of times a day, including using my fingers inside me which was a whole new realm of euphoria, especially when I fingered myself with one hand while simultaneously tapping my clit with the other.

I became so addicted to the pleasure that I couldn't even make it through the school day, so I often snuck into a bathroom during lunch... if I didn't, eidetic memory or not, the urgency of unrequited orgasm distracted me from my learning.

Of course, eventually curiosity again took control and I wanted more. My fingers could only go so deep and widen me so much. So, home alone one Saturday afternoon, I interrupted my masturbation session, daringly went naked through the house to the fridge and grabbed a cucumber. I examined it, a good twelve inches long, and wondered how deep it could go inside me. Measuring it along the outside of my body I realized it could penetrate way past my belly button! It was a thin cucumber, but still wider than the three fingers I had inserted inside myself the last couple of times.

I scurried to my room, locked my door in case my parents came home early, my brother safely at college down south, and fell onto my bed.

I opened my legs and moved the cucumber to my vagina. It was already slightly damp in anticipation. The coldness of the cucumber sent a chill up my back, and I realized I should have pulled it out a couple of hours earlier to bring it to room temperature.

That said, the coldness did nothing to cool down the heat that was now inside me at the anticipation of fulfilling my curiosity.

I rubbed the end of the cucumber up and down my nether lips, creating excessive wetness, preparing my vagina for the thick vegetable that was more than four times longer than my fingers.

I closed my eyes, and slowly pushed the green makeshift penis inside me.

My eyes opened as the cucumber stretched my vagina, creating a slight pain that was tempered by an equally slight pleasure.

"Ooooooh," I moaned to myself, as I slowly slid the cucumber deeper inside me... far deeper than my fingers could ever reach.

My eyes remained open as I watched the long green shaft disappear inside me. I was in awe that my vaginal canal could possibly take something so long and thick with such relative ease.

I kept pushing, expecting my vagina to push back, to have an end point, yet before I knew it the entire cucumber was inside me... only the last half inch poking out of me, barely enough for my fingertips to grasp.

I just lay there in my bed, filled to the max, enjoying the surreal situation of being so completely filled.

Finally, my vagina bubbling with homemade lava just underneath the surface, I pushed the cucumber out a bit with my vaginal muscles and reached for it.

I again closed my eyes and began pumping the cucumber in and out of me... slowly at first. New pleasure, more intense than I could possible create with my fingers grew rapidly, and I began pumping faster... wanting more... craving more.

The pleasure escalated rapidly and, bubbling inside me, reached a fever's pitch in under two minutes.

I let out a primal scream as my most intense orgasm to date exploded out of me, "Yesssssss, fuck!"

As I came and came, then pulled the cucumber out of me, allowing my abundance of cum to flood out of me, I realized I had just used the 'f' word for the first time in my life! I instantly felt guilty, yet the word had flowed as naturally as the homemade lava did.

I just laid back and allowed the orgasm to consume me... to rocket me into a universe previously unknown.

A few minutes later, my orgasm finally winding down from its lengthy journey through me, I got up and felt another gush of cum leak out of me... mixed with blood, so I had obviously broken my hymen. The experience of that huge green vegetable gliding up inside me had been so intense that I hadn't even noticed!

I picked up the cucumber and wasn't sure what to do with it.

I ended up going outside and tossing it in the garbage then coming back inside and throwing my sheets in the laundry, praying I could get the blood out (which I did, thank God... am I allowed to thank Him for that?).

That night Mom was trying to make a salad and asked where the cucumber had gone. I shrugged that I had no idea... which was definitely the first time I had ever consciously lied to my mother.

I felt terrible, but the idea of telling her where the cucumber actually was and why, superseded the lie.

I told myself I would no longer masturbate, as obviously this uncomfortable situation was God's way of telling me I was sinning.

Yet, after resisting the temptation for a couple of days... I pleasured myself with my fingers... yet it wasn't enough anymore and I glanced over to an empty Coke bottle, one of the old glass ones that were suddenly popular again... my dad stressed Coke tasted better in a glass bottle instead of a plastic one or a can.

Truthfully it tasted the same either way, just like I couldn't tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi... which my dad teased me was almost as blasphemous as cursing the Lord's name in vain.

I grabbed the bottle and moved back to my bed, it was thinner at the top than the cucumber, but thicker at the base... although definitely not as long. I moved it to my by now, sopping wet vaginal lips and rubbed it up and down... loving the way I was teasing myself until I mentally begged myself to fuck the hell out of me.

I wouldn't allow the 'f' word to escape my lips again, but I loved thinking the word. I had begun reading sex stories online... and was at first shocked with the use of language... especially words like 'fuck' or 'cunt' or 'slut' or 'cum bucket'... all such taboo words. I was even more shocked by how the use of the words in stories stirred emotions inside me.

The idea of being 'fucked' in the 'cunt' like a 'slut' until I was used as a 'cum bucket' really turned me on.

I'm not sure why.

Maybe to break the goody two shoes image.

Maybe to break the church girl image.

Maybe to break my own feminist values regarding being a sex object I had always believed in and defended....

I don't know, but these ideas had my 'cunt' burning when I was in the mood. Of course, once my orgasm had finished swarming me with unbridled euphoria I scolded myself for thinking of myself in such a demeaning way.

I was a young woman of dignity and accomplishment, I was not a 'slut' or a 'cum bucket'.

Yet, each time I pleasured myself these were the fantasies that controlled me.

I often pictured myself losing my virginity at summer camp to one of the college boys... Mike was usually the one to seduce and deflower me, although I often rotated the guy... but no matter who, they always seduced me and then turned me into their 'slut'.

Another frequent fantasy was getting a 'facial' by Mr. Johnson, the school's very hot guidance councillor.

Getting 'fucked' by Joey in 'Friends'.

Getting 'spit-roasted' by two guys from the soccer team.

Being a 'cock sucker' to the entire football team.

Getting a 'bukkake' from the guys of the opposing debate team.

Each of those fantasies was naughty and each time they got nastier as I revelled in the thoughts that I was a 'cock sucking, cum swallowing, bimbo slut'.

I furiously fucked myself with the bottle, imagining it was a real 'cock' fucking me like a real 'slut'.

Until I came like Niagara Falls.

This cycle of mental sexual submission and intense orgasms followed by guilt continued into December even as I got more brazen with my sexual discoveries.

Using online shopping, I ordered a vibrator called a 'rabbit', a suction cup dildo (I had been startled to discover that you could attach a 'great big dick' to a wall, but warmed to the idea very quickly), a bottle of lube and two pairs of thigh high stockings (in black and mocha), which I had read about in stories and thought sounded sexy.

The day the package arrived to a post office box I'd rented, I was giddy with excitement. To my disappointment, only the vibrator was in the box as were the nylons and the lube, the dildo out of stock. Regardless, I went straight home, inserted batteries, used the lube, and discovered a new heaven.

The vibrator created new, even more intense orgasms, as the vibrations inside me were liberating in a way I can't explain. Mixing these with the vibrations on the outside that landed directly on my clit, it was like the heavens had opened up and baptized me with pleasure.

I had to bite my lip not to scream and alert my parents downstairs, as rapture cocooned me in its all-enveloping embrace.

The rabbit became my new best friend. I woke up and had an orgasm. I started coming home at lunch to have orgasms on days I wasn't attending club meetings. I had an orgasm as soon as I got home and I soothed myself to sleep every night with my fourth orgasm or more of the day.

The last day of classes before the holidays, the dildo finally arrived.

My 'cunt' gushed as I returned home, excited to try the much bigger dildo... although it didn't vibrate. But the idea I could 'fuck' myself was exciting. I'd considered buying a vibrating wall cock but the cheapest was over a hundred dollars... which I was already saving up for.

To make matters better, my parents were gone for the weekend as my father was presenting a guest lecture at a church a few hours away.

So, I got home and hurried to my room, dying to try out my new toy.