tagErotic CouplingsBrown Out in the Elevator Ch. 03

Brown Out in the Elevator Ch. 03


Author's note: my undying thanks goes to Copperbutterfly for editing all three chapters of this story and for helping me make it readable and understandable; mostly I am grateful to her for her friendship and encouragement.


The morning after I spent that first night in bed with Carrie, I awoke to a strange feeling. It took me a few seconds to remember that Carrie had invited me to spend the night and I was still in her bed ... actually her mother's bed but they had swapped for the evening so Carrie and I could have some play time ...and I was still naked.

I opened my eyes facing the left side of the bed to see Carrie in the early morning light, sitting in a wooden rocker, still naked and with her babies arranged in her arms so that one was nursing on each of her big milk-laden tits. One look at the loving scene ... and her exposed breasts ... and I was sporting a new hard-on.

Only then, upon hearing a soft expelling of breath, did I realize that someone else was on the bed with me. I turned toward the source of the sound to see Stacy, Carrie's mom, sitting on the side of the bed staring at my erect cock. I turned red with embarrassment and searched for a sheet or something to cover myself with; but there was nothing.

I heard Carrie say, "See, I told you he was big."

"Mm, hm," Stacy responded.

"Go for it," said Carrie.

Stacy's hand closed around my shaft and for the next few minutes, her fingers played havoc with my libido as she covered every square inch of my flesh, both cock and scrotum. Unable to say anything and watching for Carrie's reaction, I simply lay there and luxuriated in the wonderful electric impulses coursing from one "head'" to another.

Then like a sea-going ocean liner in the midst of capsizing, Stacy rolled over and the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. Carrie smiled and said, "Its okay, honey. She's really been so very horny since daddy died. Let her do it if you don't mind."

Mind? Who, me? Hot damn! It felt so fantastic. She was an excellent cock sucker who not only pushed her head down onto my shaft until the head was in her throat and her lips clamped around the base of my tuber, she also swapped out and stuffed all my of ballsac into her mouth several times and sucked on my nuts.

When I could get my gaze away from Carrie, I noticed that Stacy was dressed in some sort of very flimsy nightgown that did not guard her assets all that well. Her boobs, every bit as big as Carrie's although a little on the sagging side, were more exposed than hidden. Her legs were at least 80 percent available to my gaze and even what was covered could be seen through the gauzy material.

With Stacy's broad round butt just inches from my face, I reached out and pulled on her until she threw one leg over me and straddled my form. I pushed the hem of her nightgown up to her waist, completely exposing her ass. She never missed a beat on my cock as I began to lick up and down her slit and then sank my tongue into her pussy.

There is always something unique about each pussy and, although the taste of Stacy's cunt was similar to others, there was just as slightly unique flavor and odor to her delicious pussy. Like with her daughter, I felt like I wanted to lick her forever but having been without sex for some time she turned out to be so sensitive that she could not last more than a few minutes before she jerked her head off my cock, clamped her thighs onto the sides of my head and climaxed, shooting a little stream of creamy cum against my tongue.

As I was lapping up the fresh treat, Stacy jammed her head back down onto my shaft and vacuumed my guts out through the eye of my Cyclops ... at least that's what it felt like as my balls gave up their treasure. She licked it for at least two minutes after the last drop had oozed out, just to make sure she didn't miss any.

Stacy rolled off me and said, "I'm sorry, sugar. I came in here to tell you that you'd better get ready if you're not going to be late opening your shop this morning."

I glanced at the clock and knew I'd never make it in time. Jumping into my clothes, I kissed both Stacy and Carrie good bye and told Carrie I'd call her. I was nearly five minutes late getting to the shop, lucky not to have gotten a speeding ticket, and was greeted with a strange grin from my one employee.

Two days later I invited Carrie and her entire family out for dinner and they accepted. I took them to a nice family restaurant and then afterward invited them to my place for coffee. Actually I wanted Carrie to see my house, which is a modest three-bedroom but certainly nicer than the government subsidized housing they were in. I suppose I wanted to impress Carrie.

I had to get them back home fairly early so Carrie could get the babies fed and put to bed. Unlike the previous occasion, Carrie did not swap beds with her mother but after the babies were fed and asleep, she and I wrestled in her twin sized bed until we were exhausted and well-satisfied. This time I dressed and went home so I'd be ready for work the next morning.

As days passed, it seemed that I had opened the shop at a time when people needed that kind of help. Right from the beginning, my shop had a fairly steady stream of walk-in customers. After just two weeks, I hired an additional mechanic and even lost some work because I had more than we could handle. My relationship with Carrie developed just as successfully. She was as horny as I was and always willing to go another round or two, sometimes taking the lead in getting it started.

On the Saturday in the third week of what had turned into a whirlwind relationship, Stacy and Carried had again swapped beds and Carrie and I had concluded another very satisfying bout of hide-the-sausage. We were lying together kissing and whispering sweet nothings when Carrie got really quiet. After a few minutes, she asked, "Do you like my mother?"

"Yes, of course. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I just wondered." There was another long pause before she asked, "Did you like eating her that time?"

"Yes, I did, but I'd rather eat you."

She smiled and pecked my lips. "Would you like to ... make out with her?"


"You know ... would you like to fuck her?"

"Well, sugar, she's a very pretty woman but I'd rather have you."

:"Oh, you'd have me. I mean you could have both of us. Would you do it?"

"Wow! Are you serious?"

"Absolutely. Mama has been so lonely since daddy died and she won't go out and meet men. I just know she'd be so much happier if she got laid sometimes. I think you could take care of both of us if you wanted to. Would you like to do that?"

"Do you want me to do that?"

"Well ... yeah, I think I do."

"Are you sure it wouldn't have a bad impact on you and me?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I've been thinking about it for some time now and I think ... well, I know my attitude is so much better when I get laid regularly and I'm sure hers would be too. And if you did it for her, she wouldn't have to go looking for some guy and taking a chance ... you know ...?!?"

"Baby, I wouldn't mind if you and she don't."

"Good. Stay here."

She got up and padded off into the hall.

I had almost dozed off when I heard Stacy call softly, "Gene? You wanted to see me?"

"Yeah, Stacy. Come sit over here."

I made room on the side of the bed. She sat down and I realized that she was again wearing the short, shear nightgown I had seen her in once before.

"Did Carrie tell you what we had discussed?"

She hesitated before softly saying, "Yeah. I don't know ... if you want to ..."

I sat up and pulled her to me until our lips met. She didn't react at first, even rejecting my attempt to slip my tongue into her mouth but then the tension seemed to flow out of her and her mouth gingerly opened, letting our tongues entwine.

As Stacy loosened up, she let me pull her gown over her head and then settled up in the middle of the bed. I pulled her over to face me and we cuddled for quite a while as I kissed her, occasionally making forays down to her breasts or along her arms. After a bit her hands found my cock and stroked it until she tugged me over on top of her.

As I poised above her with my spear at her now wet opening, I noticed the slightly sweet fragrance of her perfume mixed with the smell of arousal, odors that seemed to inflame my brain for want of her. I had the urge to ram myself into her and plunder her treasures until I gave her my own, but I also wanted to make this last, to know her for as long as possible to prolong the magic I knew awaited me. Common sense prevailed and I eased my cock into her little by little, letting her natural slick moisture coat my shaft until I was slowly sliding in and out of her velvety vagina in long strokes that left us pressed together deliciously.

Since I had cum in Carrie not too long before, I really didn't have a problem making it last, as long as I didn't speed up too much. Such was not the case for Stacy though and she had her first orgasm less than five minutes after I first worked my cock into her wonderfully tight little pussy. She shivered and shook and tossed her head back and forth and mumbled incoherently for several seconds before she expelled a long pent-up breath and seemed to float back to the mattress.

With the muscle around her opening noticeably looser, I resumed my stroking in and out, making sure to rock on her mound each time we came back together. Several minutes later Stacy again stiffened up, shook and mumbled through another climax and then later another before I picked up the pace, pumping hard and banging our pubis' together until my testicles reached a heavenly release, filling Stacy's twat to overflowing with sticky hot cum. That seemed to set her off once more and I kept up my pace until she dropped back to the mattress with arms and legs splayed out akimbo.

When my deflated member plopped out of her less than gracefully, I carefully worked myself over to lie beside her, winding up lower in the bed than she was.

Stacy turned to me, put both arms around my neck and hugged me to her huge hooters and whispered, "Thank you, honey. That was soooo good! SOOooo good! I had forgotten how good it could be to have a hard cock inside me. Thank you."

I was already on the verge of unconsciousness. My last thought was about how nice it felt to have my head cradled in two such soft pillows.

I awoke at 3:44 according to the digital clock on the nightstand, my bladder telling me to get up. I eased out of bed and shuffled out to the bathroom to take a leak.

When I came back, the magnificent sight of Stacy's big round bottom high in the air, supported by her knees and her chest on the mattress, greeted me. She whispered, "Want another piece?"

I climbed up behind her, my cock inflating with fresh hot blood as I moved. By the time I worked myself up behind her on my knees, my cock was already probing for a warm place to hide.

Stacy guided my dong to her slit. It pressed her lips aside and entered her easily this time so I knew that she had been thinking about screwing again long enough to generate quite a bit of lubrication. I dearly love the doggy position because the feelings are unique as my pubis presses a woman's soft round buttocks. It just seems to ignite a whole new set of fires in my brain, and Stacy was no exception.

Holding onto her hips for leverage, I began to stroke in and out, feeling her inner muscles clench around my shaft every so often. When I felt her fingers begin playing with my balls, I knew this was not going to be a prolonged coupling so I worked a hand around and between her legs until I could get a finger into to top of her slit and tease her clitty. Sure enough Stacy made me cum before her but I kept plunging into her depths, struggling against the burn of the adrenaline rush in my muscles until, just as I was about to give up, she began to quiver as the waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Spent at last, we collapsed to the bed together again.

With the next morning being a sleep-in day, I wasn't surprised to wake up to find the sun's rays filling the room. I was surprised to see Stacy lying on her side facing me, her head propped on one hand as if in contemplation.

"Good morning, sleepy head," she said with a smile.

"Good morning, beautiful lady," I replied.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Better than good. And you?"

"Good ... and horny."

That brought a smile to my face. "Oh, yeah?"

"Uh, huh. I got an itch and I was just wondering if you could scratch it."

"Where is it?"

"Probably not where you'd think."


"Yeah. George and I ... well, over the years we had developed a liking for something a little different. Some people don't like it but we did. Have you ever screwed a woman in the ass?"


"Did you like it?"

"No ... I loved it."

"Oh, really?" Her eyebrows rose. "Would you like to try it ... with me?"


"Oh, goody!" she replied, showing me the tube of personal lubricant she held in her hand, obviously hoping for a positive response.

Stacy poured a generous dollop of the lube into her hand and slathered it onto my cock, which had grown rock hard during our conversation. When she was satisfied, she got back into the doggy position she had used in the night.

I climbed onto my knees behind her. She had either been confident of my answer or very hopeful because Stacy had lubricated her anal valley before I even woke up. Now I carefully placed the tip of my cock at the center of the puckered area and, holding onto her hips, very gingerly eased forward. I watched the whole area form a depression at first but then the muscle began to pull back, letting my probe inch inward and then with an inaudible pop, my helmet disappeared and her anus closed around the shaft.

Stacy grunted and wiggled her bottom, then said, "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

I pulled back just a fraction, watching the area around her anus return to a more normal position, then I reversed and watched a bit of my member enter her, over and over ever so slowly while my tube sank deeper and deeper into her tight ass.

Stacy just mumbled, "Uh, huh ... uh, huh ... mmm, yeah ..."

At last we were pressed together, not unlike we had been in the night when I fucked her pussy in the same position. And yet the sensations were extremely unique, as her powerful anus squeezed my dong much tighter than her pussy had. But Stacy seemed to be in ecstasy, telling me, "Ohmigawd, baby ... that feels sooo good ... don't stop, honey ... fuck my ass" in a running string of encouragement.

Not that I needed it. The feeling of tightness was milking my cock for sperm and I knew I wouldn't last long. I fondled Stacy's boobs for a while, massaging and squeezing them and rolling her nipples in my fingers before moving down to her clitoris and teasing it. Then just before my balls exploded, Stacy shouted, "Yes, baby, I'm cumming!" and proceeded to begin shaking like she had the chills. Just a few seconds later the first stream of cum shot out of my cock into her bowels, to be followed by six more.

I thought Stacy had been grateful for the satisfaction she received when I fucked her pussy. That was nothing compared to the loving she lavished on me after I fucked her ass. It was as if she had found a gold mine ... I knew I had!

In the next couple of months, Carrie and I slept together nearly every night except for twice each week, when I slept with Stacy. While I fucked Carrie's pussy every time we got together, more often than not I fucked Stacy's ass, because that was her preference and I happened to love it. The kids grew used to seeing me around the apartment and greeted me each evening with hit-and-run hugs and kisses before they were off to play again. It seemed like we had become a family so ...

I invited Carrie and her entire family to move in with me. Carrie and Stacy and I talked it over and they decided that the few downsides were greatly overshadowed by the advantages. Although Carrie and Stacy both would have to give up their part-time jobs, I could make up for part of that at least because I was desperately in need of someone to work in my office part time and I could pay a little better than either was currently getting.

Over the course of two weekends, we moved all their things out to my house and they let the apartment lease lapse. Carrie moved into the master bedroom with me, we set up one of the other bedrooms with a full bed for Stacy and the third became the kids' room. All in all it was an improvement for everyone.

As far as work, Carrie and Stacy worked out their own schedule. They decided that Carrie would feed the babies a little earlier than had been their custom and then get ready to go to the shop when I did. She would stay until about 12:45 when she would drive home for their one o'clock feeding. Stacy would drive to the shop and handle the office until closing time, when she would go home with me.

Since I could now concentrate on mechanical jobs instead of taking phone calls and setting up appointments, we were able to push more work through to completion, which was good for the bottom line. However occasionally that didn't work out quite the way I envisioned it.

Thursday of the second week of the arrangement was a case in point. Just after one, I sent Artie, the younger of my employees, to a parts wholesaler to pick up some parts. Glenn, the mechanic, went to lunch about the same time, leaving me in the shop and Stacy in the office.

I was just cleaning my hands when she came strolling into the shop. To my surprise, she bent over the fender of the car I was working on, pulled her skirt up to her waist to reveal a bare bottom, and teased, "See anything you want, sailor?"

When I nodded and pulled out my other set of tools, she spread her legs and my cock slid smoothly up into her wet pussy. I was tempted to grab her big tits but knew I would leave a greasy handprint on her pretty white blouse so I contented myself by holding onto her hips with one hand and playing clit teaser with the other until she shrieked, "I'm cumming, baby!" I followed soon thereafter, shooting my load of cum into her sweet twat.

I was finishing my tune-up job when Glenn came back from lunch. He sniffed several times and said, "That's an odd smell. Did you spill something?"

I just shook my head.

Carrie continued nursing her children three times every day. After their second birthday party, I was watching the loving scene where the two tykes were latched onto her faucets sucking away and I realized that Carrie's tits had grown noticeably since the elevator incident. I suppose that the children each required more of their mother's milk as they grew larger and then I wondered where it would stop.

I asked, "Carrie, have you thought about when you would wean the children?"

"Yeah," she said. "I talked to my doctor about it and I've read a lot of stuff. They get a lot of important things from my milk and I'm going to let them nurse just as long as they want to. If that means right up till the time they go to school, that's okay with me. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Absolutely not, sweetie. I was just curious."

"Of course," she said a little coyly, "that might all change if I get pregnant again."

I went over and gave her an awkward hug that included the little ones. "And are you trying to get pregnant again?"

"Well ... not yet. But maybe ... someday. You just never know."

I sat down and contemplated that. And then another thought entered my mind. Wouldn't it be weird? ... strange? ... a hoot? ... if mother and daughter both became pregnant at the same time? By the same man?

The End

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