tagText With AudioBTST Gets a Warm Reception Pt. 01

BTST Gets a Warm Reception Pt. 01


Copyright © 2013 Charlie the Wanking Wanker and Kingswoman

Written by Charlie the Wanking Wanker. Voiced by Kingswoman.

Note from Charlie: I would just like to say thank you for the response to the 'Big Tits Sex Therapist' story and audio that Kingswoman kindly voiced. This story is a follow-on story about Mrs Alltits and Janet the receptionist. Charlie the Wanking Wanker makes a guest appearance via a phone call to Mrs Alltits. Enjoy.

Nota Bene: this is a big one. So make sure you are sitting comfortably and have plenty of lubricant ... I mean TIME! at your disposal.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

There was a sad emergency in the practice earlier this week. A lad who has been a longstanding patient of mine had a relapse. He was found in his bedroom lying on his bed, with his cock out and in a big spunky mess.

He is one of my patients with wanking problems. He was taken to hospital and I'm pleased to inform you that he and his cock are doing well. I had been giving him twice weekly sessions to try to help out with his wanking problem but clearly this is not enough. I must tell him to come up and see me more often, once he gets out of hospital.

Thank you, things are going well in the practice. There has been a dramatic increase in the workload recently. All sorts of wankers, perverts and just generally filthy fucking bastards are finding their way to me with their dreadful wanking problems. I like my hand job, I mean JOB, JOB! and I get a lot of satisfaction out of giving these fucking dirty perverts what they deserve, I mean helping these poor bastards with their troubles. Most of my clients seem to be doing well, responding in big spurts to my methods and treatments.

Although, I'm afraid Charlie Bigcock ... uh, SORRY! I mean Charlie Allcock remains on my books. (No, no not literally, that's just some of my lunch from yesterday.) I haven't been able to let that big fucking bastard off the hook, cwoar, what a fucking huge cock that fucking wanker has got! Uh, I mean what a terrible problem he has, I haven't been able to sign the dirty fucker off yet. That fucking dickhead is the most severe of cases: a big challenge. Sorry, I am just in the habit of licking my lips when talking about my work, which I enjoy so much. If you're interested, I'll give you a run-down on my methods of treating that wankpot Charlie another time.

You remember my new receptionist, Janet? She's gone down well on the clients, er I mean she has settled in nicely. I often open my office door to find a row of clients and Tony the caretaker watching her change the lightbulb above her desk, Janet standing up there on the desk in her very short skirts with her shapely legs and fantastic arse on full display. That light does seem to go curiously often, I must speak to Tony about his bulbs.... Sorry, where was I.

Janet is an accomplished receptionist and I get it on with her very well. Sorry! Sorry, I mean we get on well. She is very hard-working and a joy to have around the office. Especially in those short skirts .... Oh whoops! I dribbled a bit there, hehehe, I will just wipe that off my ample bosom.

I have a five drawer filing cabinet in my office where I store the files of current clients' paperwork, for ease of access. Uh, ease of access to the files, I mean! not the clients of course, ha ha ha. I maintain a strictly professional attitude to my clients at all times. All times of the night and day -- you never know when you may be overcome by the urge to respond to some poor fucker's emergency, so I keep their numbers handy on my phone in case I need ... I mean I feel that they need my assistance.

The bottom drawer of the filing cabinet wasn't being used so I put some of my personal effects in there. Janet comes in in-between patients whom I am seeing to put away the files I've been wanking on ... er, I mean working on! working on.

Well, for the past two weeks Janet's skirts seem to have been getting even shorter, judging by the state of clients when they make it past her desk into my office. I have been getting quite a show at filing time. Janet goes over to the filing cabinet and bends over, giving me a good view up her very short skirts at her sexy stocking clad legs. Her skirt rises over her beautiful arse cheeks as she opens and closes the cabinet drawers. I get a great scenario of her skimpy panties stretched tightly over her cunt.

I have to say since I've been getting these up-skirt views of Janet's sexy legs and incredible arse, I have been fingering myself when I go to bed at night and I often think of these images of her fantastic well rounded arse before falling asleep. Purely in order to consider what effect they have on those poor bastards, my many fucking wanker clients, of course. The fingering and the use of my Pirate's Katsuni Revenge of the Sea Rabbit vibrator just help me sleep better so I can rise fresh and bright, ready to embrace whatever dirty perverts are on my appointment list for the day.

Well, today is Friday so the practice isn't that busy. I spent the morning entertaining myself with a few clients - and getting a sexy panty show from Janet in-between their therapy sessions.

It's lunchtime now and I only have one more appointment this afternoon. That appointment is with Charlie the wanking fucker. Knowing that he is a big tits obsessed bastard I have dressed extremely carefully so as to ensure maximum effect on his huge fucking knob, I mean so as to ensure I can really get a good seeing to before the weekend, I MEAN TO ENSURE HE IS PROPERLY SEEN TO. I'm wearing black seamed stockings, slutty red come fuck me shoes, suspenders, short skirt and the lowest cut top that I have in my wardrobe.

My top is struggling to contain my enormous knockers; I even noticed Janet taking an interest in my colossal cleavage. While she was going over the list of the morning's clients, she seemed unable to take her eyes off those bulging motherfuckers supported by the black and red satin FF cup bra partly visible in my low cut top.

I was finishing writing up the case notes on my last patient when the phone rang. I could hear it from my office but Janet wasn't answering it. One thing I have noticed with Janet is that she goes off to the ladies toilets rather a lot. I can't complain as she keeps on top of her load. Uh, workload. She keeps on top of her workload.

I picked up the call on my desk phone. It was that fucking wanker Charlie. I could tell the lazy fucking bastard was going to bail out on me -- with the weekend coming and my last client having staggered off already having merely had a tit-fuck instead of the full treatment, as I was saving myself for Charlie's marquee pole.

"Hello Mrs Alltits, it's Charlie the wanking bastard," Charlie says.

"Oh hello Charles and how the fuck are you today"? I reply politely.

"Not that well actually, that's why I'm calling. Something's come up," says the fucking cunt. (I fucking knew it!)

"That wouldn't be your fucking cock would it"? I quip, in the faint hope that he'll say he needs a double session.

"Well ... I had a load of porn that I've ordered come through the post this morning," the dirty prick continues. "And I've been wanking the fuck out of my cock. Now I've had to go to hospital with wanker's cramp. The nurse is bandaging my hand up," Charlie whines pathetically.

I'm so cross ... because of my anxiety about him not getting the necessary treatment he deserves that afternoon, that I can't say anything for a moment. That bastard is lucky he isn't in my office right now, I'd give him a fucking spanking for wasting all his spunk on some filthy load of porn instead of saving it to spurt over my big tits.

"Are you still there Mrs Bigtits?" Charlie asks.

"THAT'S MRS ALLTITS, YOU ARSEHOLE!" I scream down the phone at him. Possibly in my anxiety about Charlie missing his treatment I might have raised my voice a few decibels above the strictly professional level. I felt a twinge of satisfaction when I heard him saying: "Ow! that hurt my ear."

"You fucking wanker," I scold him. "I suppose you're going to have to cancel my appointment with you this afternoon now."

"Sorry, Mrs Alltits," the pervy jerk simpers insincerely. "By the way, the nurse is asking if my therapist is Luce Alltits who came and gave them a course recently. She says send best regards from Bertha Boobalicious."

(Yes, my name is Luce. That's spelt L.U.C.E., but not pronounced 'loose' of course. It's pronounced 'Lucy' -- as in 'juicy'.)

"Oh," I say. "You're in the hands of Nurse Boobalicious are you?"

"Yes," says Charlie.

"Well, Nurse Boobalicious is very well-trained," I say. I know this because I trained her myself. We went shopping together afterwards -- poor Nurse Boobalicious is a 38K cup and I had noticed that her humungous funbags were straining at the inadequate support provided by a tacky Wonderbra. I took her to my own hammock store, I mean outsize lingerie boutique, and she has been a devoted friend ever since. "You are in good hands, Charlie, Nurse Boobalicious has a great set of tits ... I mean qualifications."

"YOU BET YOUR JUICY WET CUNT SHE HAS MRS ALLTITS!" the randy bastard howls happily.

"Ok then Charlie Janet will send you a new appointment in the post," I say as I put the phone down.

[What will poor Mrs Alltits do now to satisfy those amazingly strong professional urges she gets to help her poor depraved wanking clients? To be continued ...]

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