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Buckle Bunny


Here's one for all you cowpokes.


I'll never forget the first time I heard about them. I was just a teenager and my dad had taken us to the rodeo. I'd learned what the fairer sex was not long before, and I couldn't help but notice this pair of young girls who were hanging out over by the gate where the cowboys exited after their rides.

They were cheering the cowboys on, waving their hats and such. When a cowboy'd had a really good ride, they'd even blow him a kiss when he left the ring. They were the two cutest girls I thought I'd ever seen -- big smiles, tight jeans, big cowboy hats and cowboy boots. They were way out of my class, older than me and so pretty and lively that I was embarrassed just to be thinkin' the thoughts I was a-thinkin' about them. But that didn't stop me from lookin'.

Dad noticed me paying a little too much attention to those fillies, and he gave me a little nudge, speaking in his 'just-us-guys' voice.

"So, you like what you see?"

I tried real hard not to look embarrassed, but I knew that if I didn't answer him I'd be in for a big load of teasing, so I tried for a change of subject.

"Why are they doing that?"

Dad chuckled a little bit at my ignorance. "Them's just a pair of buckle bunnies. They wait to see who wins the most money and the biggest buckle and then they find him after the rodeo and have their way with him." Dad saw the confused look on my face. "Kinda like rock and roll groupies, only for rodeo riders."

Now that I understood. I felt my face blush as I mulled it over for a minute. "They're awful cute," I said.

Dad chuckled at me. "You should be so lucky." Dad never liked to show too much faith in my abilities, but I know the old codger loved me.

As the years went by and I grew into a young man I never forgot seeing those two buckle bunnies and learning what they were up to. After Dad told me about those first ones, I started watching. Damned if there weren't a few at every rodeo I ever went. One or two, sometimes a whole giggle of 'em -- cute little cowgirls watching the show and then leaving with the winners. I never told anybody this, but catching me one of those little fillies was one of the biggest reasons I got my PRCA permit and joined the rodeo circuit.

Course I ain't no Ted Hedeman, or even Joe Alexander. But I had enough luck and talent to work my way onto the Mountain States Circuit. We'd have a competition in a little one horse little town like Cody, Wyoming on one day, and then we'd be off to Windsor, Colorado the next. It's called payin' your dues, and the idea was to get enough skill and wins to allowed to ride in one of the big shows -- like the West of the Pecos Rodeo in Pecos, Texas, or maybe even to the very top -- the National Western Stock Show in Denver.

So I drove from town to town, me and my horse Joker. That's the cowboy life these days - stayin' in cheap motels, eatin' cheap food and racing to the next rodeo. I hardly ever won much though, and those buckle bunnies left every night with some other guy. Sometimes I wondered if I'd chosen the right thing to do with my life. I think maybe Joker thought the same thing.

But I slowly got better at bein' a rodeo cowboy. I learned show a little more style in my riding. Not that I never got thrown off or nuthin'. Man, I remember limpin' out of that arena a whole bunch of times. But eventually it was like I could start to feel what the horse was going to do before he even knew it, and then my scores started to rise. I was getting closer to winning, and closer to catching my very own buckle bunny.

We were riding in a little county rodeo in Eaton, Colorado when I met her. I was kind of surprised at the size of the crowd, given that the town couldn't have held more'n a couple thousand, if you count the horses. When I first saw her standin' near the entry gate all the other people kind of melted away for me, as if she was the only person there.

She was the prettiest damn cowgirl I'd ever seen. She had short blond hair and a big white hat. But what really kindled my spark was her smile. It just lit up her whole face, and her eyes were merrier than the twinkling stars in the nighttime sky over Rabbit Ear's Pass.

She waved and flashed that smile at ever' cowboy there, cheering our weary hearts and egging us on to ride better. She didn't seem to care who won, like she wanted us all to do well. But we all knew that only one of us was going to take home this prize. And the promise in her eye for the winner of the biggest purse was enough to make us all ride a little harder than usual.

But I wanted her in the worst way -- way more than any of those other fellas. Most of them had already had their share of buckle bunnies, and she was just another little ranch girl in just another little town. I can't exactly describe the attraction I felt for her -- some kind of longing down in my gut. And not just in my gut, if you know what I mean. I was gonna win that big old belt buckle today for that little girl or die tryin'.

Lucky for me I got to ride old Tiger, 'cause I'd ridden him a couple times before. He and I went way back, and even though most of the other cowboys thought he was the orneriest stallion on the circuit, we'd developed that kind of rapport that makes for a high scorin' ride.

My little blond bunny had found herself a seat right by the chute. When I climbed up on old Tiger she leaned up over the rails and smiled that 10,000 watt smile at me. I tried to look like I was concentrating on getting my rigging wound around my hand just right, but all I could really feel was her standing close. I don't know if I was shaking more from my usual pre-ride jitters or just lust for that little filly.

"You ride that pony good, cowboy!" she said, an unspoken offer in her voice. I gave her a tip of my hat and tried not to look too interested just like I'd seen the other guys do, and then it was time to go.

Old Tiger and me put on a hell of a show. I thought right at the first that I didn't have my spurs over his shoulders when his front feet hit the ground, which will cost you the ride. But I must've got it right. He bucked, he kicked, he snorted and in general put on a hell of a show. I hung on, draggin my stirrups down his shoulders like you're supposed to. I know that the crowd could see daylight between Tiger's back and my butt, which isn't the way I usually ride.

Honestly 'bout all I remember 'bout that ride is tryin' to look good for that little girl. It was as if I was doin' better by not payin any attention to what I was doin', you know? My 8 seconds went by in a heartbeat.

The crowd went crazy when my score was announced -- a 91! They cheered and screamed and threw their hats in the air. I knew I was pretty much a lock to win right then, and I looked over at that little girl. She smiled at me from under those blond locks and her white Stetson. She looked me back right in the eye, and I could see that she knew it too -- tonight she was gonna be mine.

I didn't see her again until after the rodeo. I'd gotten my prize check and my belt buckle in the winner's ceremony. Then the crowd left and most of the cowboys too, rushing down the road to the next rodeo in Gilette. Maybe you know the old rodeo saying, "If the ride don't kill you, then the commute probably will."

I was carrying my saddle out to my truck when she sauntered up to me, her hands in the back pockets of her tight fitting jeans and a kind of line dance wiggle in her walk.

"Hi," she said. She fell into step beside me smiling that incredible smile up at me from under her hat. I couldn't believe that such a pretty young thing was interested in me. I thought I was gonna melt.

"Howdy, ma'am." Now that I finally had my very own buckle bunny payin' me some attention, I wasn't exactly sure what to do. I kept walkin' past some of the corrals towards my truck, tryin' to carry my saddle like it didn't weigh nuthin'.

She said, real casual like, "Saw you ride."

"Yes'm." Couldn't I come up with anything better to say? All of a sudden I was as tongue tied as a tenderfoot. We walked together for a little bit and then reached the corral where Joker was waitin' for me, and I threw my saddle up on the rail.

"So you won the biggest purse of the night?"

"Yes'm." I took out my handkerchief and rubbed some dirt off my saddle. Joker saw us standing there and came over, hoping for a lump of sugar. I couldn't believe it -- I finally had my very own buckle bunny standing right there next to me and I was practically speechless. Course, I was never no good at makin' speeches nohow, but you know what I mean.

"And the 'Best Cowboy' buckle?"


She glanced towards the ground shyly, like she was about to ask some really private question. "Can I see it?" I had a sudden vision of me pulling out my branding iron, if you know what I mean, and letting her see that. Then I realized that she meant my brand new buckle. I was hoping that I wasn't blushing.

I reached into my pack and pulled it out. It was big and silver, and it had my name engraved on the bottom and "Best Rodeo Cowboy, Eaton Colorado 2003" on the top. She held her hand out and without a second thought I gave it to her.

She smiled as she looked at it and said, "Gosh. I don't think I've ever seen anything so pretty." As she gave it back to me she said, "I'm Briana. I know your name, cause it's right here on the buckle." She waited, like she expected me to say something, but it seemed like she'd somehow caught my tongue. All my brain was occupied with lustful thoughts of peeling off those tight jeans. "You don't say much, do you?"

I was kinda surprised, lost in my imaginings and picturing that taut little butt naked. I almost didn't realize that she'd been talking to me. "No ma'am," embarrassed that I couldn't think up something funny to say. But she didn't seem to mind my being tongue-tied at all.

"Is this your horse?"

"Yep. That's Joker." At the sound of his name, Joker gave a little whinny. Briana climbed up on the rails so that she could lean in and scratch my horse on the nose. "He sure is pretty." She was right about that. Joker and I went way back, and I still think he's 'bout the prettiest pinto I've ever seen.

She petted him for a minute and Joker loved every bit of it. He gave me a look like, "Why can't you pet me like this?" After a couple of minutes of pettin' and scratchin' she said, "You know, a girl can never get her fill of ridin'. I sure do love horses."

Now I may have been just some dumb cowboy, but I knew what she was angling for. And that gave me an idea or two of my own. Briana scratched Joker's neck while she waited for me to speak up.

"Would you like to take him for a ride?" There! I did it! I was kinda proud of myself for spittin out a whole sentence. Maybe there was hope for me yet.

She allowed as how she wouldn't mind a ride, but I told her ol' Joker jest wouldn't cotton to a stranger on him, even if she was such a purty little thing. She laughed, and I suggested that maybe if we rode double Joker wouldn't be so bothered. Course that wasn't true -- Joker's tame enough for any tenderfoot to ride. But she didn't know that and I figured that if we were riding double we'd be doin' a whole lot of touchin'.

Anyway I threw his blanket and saddle on him, and then I gave her a leg up. Man that pretty little butt was so close to my face I just wanted to take a bite right out of it. I managed to resist that temptation, but my shootin' iron was sure loaded and ready for action.

I swung up into the saddle behind her. Now my saddle wasn't made for two riders, and we were forced to sit pretty close. Way too close, if you catch my drift. 'Course, that was my plan. As we started a slow walk around the corral her butt was pressed up against me, rockin' back and forth gently in time to Joker's gait. In no time at all I was harder than a '73 Winchester, and I know that she could feel it. But she didn't seem to mind. Fact is, she seemed to be pressing herself against me.

I put one hand on her hip while I held the reins with my other. She was swaying gently with the ride. I don't think that before that moment I'd ever realized just how much the motion of riding a horse was just like the motion of sex. After we'd been around the corral once Briana spoke up. "Faster, please," she said.

I took my hand off her hip and wrapped my arm tightly around her waist. I gave Joker a little nudge with my spurs, and we started going around in a slow trot. Briana was bouncing up and down, and she put her hands between her spread legs so that she could hold on to the horn of my saddle.

As we bounced around the corral on Joker's back, I realized that my little bunny was bouncing a whole lot harder than I was. She was pinned between my rod and my saddle horn with her legs spread wide, wiggling her hips and grinding herself into my saddle. I realized with a shock that that little girl was using me and my horse to play with herself!

"Ohmigod," she said in between gasps for air, bouncing up and down on my saddle. I took that to mean that she was enjoying her ride, and I moved my hand up to gently grip her titty. Her nipple was hard as a bullet under my fingers, and she began rocking herself even harder against my saddle, all pretense of a horse ride gone. She was having sex right there on the back of my horse in front of God and everybody.

I don't know for sure if she came or not, but as we bounced around the corral she panted and wiggled and said "Ohmigod," over and over. Sometimes she said it kinda soft and breathy, and other times it was almost a scream. I'd been a cowboy and bronc' rider for some time, and I sure as hell never had a ride like this one. My rod felt stallion sized, and the motion of her butt sliding up and down against me had me about to shoot off.

Since I didn't really want to fire into my pants I pulled Joker over to the gate and slid down off him. Then I put my arms up to help Briana down. She was such a little filly that she hardly weighed anything, and I gently lowered her to the ground. She had a faraway look in her eyes and her breath was still ragged. She was so far into the sensations between her legs that it was like I was hardly there.

When I let go of her she turned away from me and began stumbling towards the wooden rails of the corral. She was unsteady on her feet and her legs were shaky as she tried not to fall off the heels of her cowgirl boots. I could hear her whispering, almost to herself, "Ohmigod. Oh please. Ohmigod. Oh please." She seemed to be fumbling with her belt buckle as she wobbled towards the rail.

I figured out what she'd been doing when she finally got her pants unfastened and shoved them down to her knees. Still lost in her own world, Briana bent over at the waist and grabbed on to the rail in front of her. That gorgeous curvy ass was poking out at me, naked as a jaybird. I could still hear her murmuring to herself, "Ohmigod. Oh please. Ohmigod. Oh please."

Now I may not have had a lot of experience with girls, but I knew when a girl was offering herself to me. I stepped up behind her, freeing my branding iron from my jeans. Happy to finally be free it stood up tall and proud, ready to make its mark on this little filly.

I grabbed my six-shooter, took aim and slid myself deep inside my very first buckle bunny. Right away she began panting like a stallion after a rough ride. She arched her back and began thrusting against me, impaling herself on my rod over and over. I think she began to come almost right away. After about a half dozen good pushes she shoved herself onto me and froze right there as she let out a low squeal and her orgasm overtook her.

Damned if this wasn't the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. I'd just never thought that making love to my very own bunny was going to be this good. And standin' up hangin' on to a corral and everything! Her warm insides seemed to be drawing my fluids right out of me as she came. Not to be outdone, I gave a last hard shove of my own and released my seed into her.

After the first waves of pleasure passed through her, she began sliding herself around me in little circles, milking my seed right out of me as she made her own orgasm last as long as she could. Her wet little insides massaged me in ways I'd never known existed. I shot my revolver into her, only this time it was more like an automatic pistol. I don't remember ever getting off more shots all at once - bullet after bullet of hot seed shooting into her warm insides. I was beyond heaven -- I totally forgot where I even was. Our squishy wet privates fit together like we was made for each other. Gradually she stopped gasping for air and her moving slowed as I emptied my tank into her tight hot box.

She leaned forward reluctantly, causing my rod to slide out of her. Still facing away from me she tucked her shirt back in and zipped herself up. As she turned back to face me she smiled that big smile of hers and said, "God -- I needed that! She took off her Stetson for a moment so she could run her fingers through her curly blond hair.

I was amazed. Here I'd just ridden this little filly like a stallion in heat and you couldn't even tell. She put her hat back on and looked at me with a funny little hint of lust in her eye. Aside from her satisfied gleam and a little flush on her cheeks she looked just like she did when I'd first spotted her.

I'd gotten my pants fastened back up, but I wasn't at all sure that I didn't look like I'd just been rode hard and put away wet. I really hoped that my first buckle bunny experience wasn't over, but I didn't exactly know how to ask for more. I tipped my hat and I couldn't help but grin right back at her. "Glad to help, ma'am."

"Oh, I ain't done with you yet," Briana said. She took my hand and led me towards one of the stables in the back, giggling as she pulled me along. When we got inside I saw the usual bunch of horse stalls, and some even still had horses in 'em. There were several big piles of hay made up of smaller bales, and some tack and such hanging on the walls. In short, it looked pretty much like every other stable. She left me standing by a stack of hay so she could take a quick look around.

"Nope! Nobody here but us chickens!" Briana smiled and sauntered over and reached up to curl her arms around my head. She tipped her head back so that our hats wouldn't bump and I saw that her eyes were the bluest of blues, deeper and more colorful than the skies of Montana on a hot summer's afternoon. She gave me a long deep look and I swear that right then I began to fall in love with her. She whispered, "Kiss me, cowboy."

Now I ain't never been one to turn down a pretty girl, especially when her wishes so closely match my own. Kinda felt funny about it, seein' as how we'd already made love and all but never even kissed. But I forgot everything else when I felt her kiss. Her lips were firm and pliant all at the same time, and when we touched it was as if a little electric shock passed between us. It was my turn to feel all dizzy and wobbly.

If I hadn't thought she was something special before, I sure did now. Her soft but demanding kisses melted my heart. I even had a thought right then of spending the rest of my life with her.

While we were kissing she reached between us and unbuckled my pants. I felt the blood rushing to my member again, and by the time she got it out it was hard as steel and rarin' to go again. I was still all slippery with her juices and mine and I felt bigger than a stallion. She held me in a loose grip and began sliding her little hand slowly up and down. "My cowboy really wants some more, doesn't he?" she whispered into my lips.

I don't think she really expected me to answer, and it was a good thing 'cause I'd gone back to bein' tongue tied. She put her hand on my chest to hold me in place as she took a step backwards. She stood there for a moment smiling up at me. Then she did something that surprised the livin' hell out of me -- she bent over at the waist and took me into her mouth! I mean I'd heard of girls doin' this (you know how cowboys talk) but I never thought in a million years that a girl would do it to me. It was like bein' inside her before, but only different. Her tongue did things to me that her insides just couldn't, and I think I went into a coma from the pleasure of it all as she licked and slurped on me.

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