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Buffy: Lust For The Slayer


Faith nervously trod the centre of her motel room, chewing aggressively on her thumbnail. She could still taste the blood in her mouth, and her wounded body, bloody and weak, was sore with the savagery of battle. But she felt no pity for herself or pain for her wounds. All she could think of was Buffy.

'Where are you girl?' she said to herself loudly. 'Please don't be dead.'

Suddenly, there was a ferocious banging at the door that made Faith jump in fright. She drew a stake from her weapons belt and hopped in panic from foot to foot, as if the ground beneath her had, in that moment, become like fire.

'Wh..Who is it? She yelled, the fear evident in her voice.

'Buffy' replied a familiar voice, weakly. 'Open the door!'

Faith ran quickly to the door and let Buffy in. Buffy staggered into the room and, before Faith could stop her, fell like a stone to the floor.

'Buffy!' Faith screamed. She ran to the fallen slayer and knelt beside her on the frayed and dirty carpet. Buffy was badly hurt, and moaned in pain as Faith lifted her head off the ground and cradled her in the safety of her arms.

'My god, Buffy! Are you ok?' Faith pleaded. 'What happened out there? Is the battle over? Buffy?' The slayer looked weakly at Faith, and grimaced in pain as she managed a comforting smile for her worried ally.

'The battle's..over. All dead' Buffy whispered, the life in her seemingly fading fast. 'All dead...'

Slowly, she closed her tired eyes and fell into a restless sleep, her weary limbs becoming as limp and useless as a rag doll.

Faith looked down at Buffy and gagged on the sickness in her throat.

'Who's dead Buffy?' she cried. 'Buffy? Where's Angel and Spike? Buffy? Who's dead? Tell me please!'

Faith, once so fearless and brave, could not hold back her emotions a moment longer. As she held Buffy tightly in her arms she opened her heart and wept. She cried like she had never cried before, her emotions suddenly overwhelmed with all the repressed feelings that she had kept secret from Buffy, but that had always been there. Feelings of love, friendship, fear; fear of loss, of death, of losing someone that you never told what you truly felt for them. Feelings of lust, desire, sex...

Faith cried for all of these things and more until her tears were spent of her empty heart. Overcome with emotion and fatigue, she lay down beside Buffy and undressed; and then, as everything went suddenly dark, she wearily pulled a thin blanket over them both and slept until morning.


When Buffy woke the following day her body ached all over, and the wounds that she had suffered in battle were sore and painful to touch. Faith lay naked beside her, holding Buffy close in her arms and for a moment Buffy panicked as to why they lay so intimately. She was confused of many things. Unsure as to why she could not help but feel safe and protected in the sanctuary of Faith's embrace, and why she did not move for fear of losing the tenderness she felt from this silent expression of love.

She snuggled closer into the enveloping warmth of Faith's body and was at peace. The moment alarmed Buffy for its intense sensuality was something she had only ever felt with Angel. But lying with Faith felt so right, and she closed her eyes to keep the spell from breaking. Buffy prayed never to wake from this magical moment where everything felt safe and glowing. Her clothes were damp still from the night before, but lying there on the floor, her body pressed tight against that of Faith, Buffy felt nothing but radiant sexual heat.

She looked down upon her young body and noticed that her tight sports vest had become frayed in battle, leaving her right breast exposed, and Faith's hand now lay still upon her naked bosom. Her internal organs stirred excitedly at the proximity of Faith's hand against her naked flesh, and though she lay quietly still, Buffy's chest rose and fell sharply with excitement. Her breathing was ragged and her throat dry, but Buffy felt incredibly horny and felt her tiny pink nipples swell like grapes, straining to be touched.

Buffy lay her head down next to Faith and stared blankly ahead, afraid to move, afraid that Faith might wake up and end the dream. She was shocked by these sensual feelings, as a young woman might when her sexuality confounds her. But her confusion could not restrain the feeling of complete and utter arousal. Buffy wondered what was happening to her? She was so attracted to Faith at that moment that it hurt. Buffy desperately wanted to touch her, to have Faith undress her and make love to her like only another woman can.

Even as she struggled vainly to find the answers she craved, her hand was drawn inexplicably downward like a sensual spider to her erotic core that burned between her thighs. Her fingers traced the toned definition of her belly with measured strokes, caressing and anticipating her sensual flesh, until they nudged at the hem of her jeans. Then, carefully, so as not to disturb Faith, Buffy popped open the button of her jeans and slowly forced the zipper down. She slid her hand into the secret garden of her panties and moaned softly. Her nimble fingers, touching, feeling, and caressing, stirred the warmth between her thighs that became wet and tangible as she gently fingered her desire.

Buffy sighed inarticulately, her bushy mound fired with passionate sex, and she bit her lip so as not to scream as her fingers rolled over her juicy pink clit. Her passions, once dormant, were now intolerable as her hand glided rapidly between her thighs, and Buffy felt the inexplicable rise of passion inside her as she moaned, louder now, her gestures becoming more explicit and unrestrained.

As if in a trance she masturbated her pussy, unrelenting in her attentions as her climax grew and grew. She pressed against Faith, imagining they to be naked, imagining without shame this hot girl between her thighs, licking, probing, and exploring with her tongue the untapped lesbian pleasures that her pussy might yield.

Now she was near, unable to hold back! Buffy looked down at her breasts, so pert and lovely, and cried out in pleasure. Faith's hand rested still on her chest, and Buffy placed upon it her own and squeezed tightly against her naked breast. The palm of Faith's hand grazed Buffy's nipple, and in that moment her body became a separate entity that she could no longer control. Her passions engulfed her, like a sexual volcano exploding from deep within her female core, and with a final flurry of stroking between her thighs Buffy cried out as her body knife jacked in spasmodic raptures, and she was consumed wholly by a powerful and raging orgasm.

'Oh Faith! Faith! Oooohhhhhh!' she shrilled as she climaxed repeatedly in Faith's arms, suddenly waking the other slayer who until now had been oblivious to Buffy's glorious predicament. But now she saw clearly the twisted look of ecstasy on Buffy's face, the movement of her hand inside her jeans as she pleasured her teenage mound, and Faith was amazed that it was her name that Buffy cried out as she reached her climax.

'Could this really be happening?' she thought. She woke to see Buffy bring herself to orgasm in her arms, with her hand upon her own as she caressed the sensitive flesh of her breasts, and through it all it had been Faith that Buffy had wanted to taste the uncharted water of her sex. Faith realised this now, and she smiled forever as beside her Buffy trembled gently in ecstasy like an autumn leaf. She had pleasured herself in Faith's name, and the relief she sought was found ecstatically.

Faith lifted her head up ever so gently, propping herself up one elbow as she looked down upon a glowing Buffy, radiant in her sexual afterglow. The slayer lay with eyes closed, her pleasurable hand still jammed tightly between her grateful thighs. Her moans were now barely audible as her climax subsided, but Faith was oblivious to this as she looked upon Buffy's naked breast, the nipple stiff and erect, her own hand still open upon it. Faith gasped in ecstasy, the position and the proximity of their bodies as sensual to her as it had been to Buffy. She looked at the slayer who, at that moment, was at the dawn of her sexual awakening, and sighed again. She could not let this moment pass! Boldly, Faith squeezed Buffy's breast, then released the bosom to place her mouth upon the pert mammary, flitting her tongue rapidly about the nipple. At the same moment she jammed her fingers inside Buffy's panties, grabbing her hot cunt and vainly trying to stick a finger in.

'Oh Buffy!' she moaned as she ate her breast. 'I want you!' Buffy jolted forward suddenly, taken off guard by the suddenness of Faith's caresses. She pushed her away from her chest and stared wildly at her slayer companion.

'What the hell do you think you're doing?' she demanded, her face contorted with rage. Faith looked back at her open mouthed, and was momentarily lost for words for the first time in her life.

'I'm doing what you want' Faith reasoned eventually. 'Didn't you just masturbate, calling out my name as you came?' Buffy looked at Faith blankly, unable to comprehend the complexity of her words, but realised then that what she said was true. As her thoughts became clearer, so did her vision, and instead of an enemy she saw before her a woman that she lusted after and desired. She realised then that was why they were always fighting, never got on. It was because of sexual tension, because of the spark that was paramount whenever they were together. They were meant to be lovers, but the enormity of that enlightenment had kept them apart until now. Buffy narrowed her eyes and gazed adoringly into those of Faith as the reality of her sex engulfed her. They would be together this day, she knew that now. She and Faith would be lesbian lovers before the night drew its dark veil once more across the world.

But still she was afraid! Buffy grimaced in fear and spat at wildly at Faith.

'Are you crazy!' she demanded. 'What kind of a girl do you think I am?'

As she made to move away from Faith, the other slayer lifted her arm and restrained Buffy to the floor. She frowned angrily at Buffy and raged at the slayer to clarify their predicament.

'Only the kind of girl who masturbates when she's turned on by another girl. I heard you call my name!' she vented.

Buffy froze like a rabbit caught in headlights, and as she did so Faith lunged toward her and planted a hot kiss upon her succulent lips. Buffy could not resist her this time. She opened her mouth wide to receive Faith's attention's, moaning loudly as her tongue darted deep into the back of her throat, and as she passionately tongued Faith, Buffy grabbed her ass and forced her fingernails into the fleshy rump.

'Oww!' Faith cried as Buffy sunk her nails deep into her ripe buttocks. But then Faith, unperturbed, raised her bottom in hope, wanting for more than a pinch in the cheeks. She wanted to feel Buffy's fingers deep inside her tight little asshole. Faith loved nothing more than to be taken up the ass, but as Buffy kneaded Faith's cheeks, her fingers gravitating toward her entrance, Buffy felt the pain of battle coarse through her wounds. Buffy cried out in agony, clutching her sides as Faith looked on bewildered and disappointed that her ass had missed a fingering.

'What will I do?' asked Faith while holding gently onto Buffy.

'Nothing' Buffy grimaced. 'I need to get out of these clothes.'

With that Buffy stood up unsteadily and made for the bathroom. Faith followed Buffy as obediently as a dog sniffing for a bitch on heat. As Buffy collapsed into the shower room, Faith steadied her and helped her to undress.

Faith whipped off Buffy's torn vest then unfastened the brassiere that had been forced off her breasts and that lay crudely beneath her chest. Buffy sighed as her firm tits were freed of their cruel restraint. Buffy now stood topless before Faith. Faith licked her lips and sighed. She really wanted to suck Buffy's' tits! But instead she took hold of Buffy's flanks and yanked her jeans down, making sure her panties went south as well. In her fevered state Buffy did not object to Faith's roughness, but instead leaned back against the cool tiles of the shower room as Faith quickly undressed her.

It was then that Buffy offered herself to Faith. Her pussy was wet and glistening, and as she walked into the shower completely naked, Buffy fluttered her eyelids like a butterfly, then disappeared like a nymph behind the shower curtain. The message was clear to Faith what Buffy desired.


Buffy stood naked in the shower cubicle and turned on the soothing jet of warm water. The gush of spray enveloped her teenage body and in an instant she was revived. The water splashed all over her breasts, belly and flanks, saturating then her thighs, pussy and ass. Buffy adjusted the shower so that it sprayed directly downward, stimulating her blond pussy, and she moaned so loudly in ecstasy that she didn't notice a naked Faith creep in behind her. Faith forced her arms between Buffy's sides, cupping her breasts and holding the slayer close against her horny body.

'Ooh!' Her breasts were squashed tight against Buffy's shoulder blades, and as she thrust her dark cunt against the slayers asshole Faith kissed Buffy's neck passionately, licking the sides of her delicate neck. Buffy writhed like a snake in ecstasy.

'Aahh!' The hot water engulfed them both as Faith caressed Buffy from behind, rubbing her tits while kissing her neck and gyrating her own pussy against Buffy's virgin ass. If she had been a man, then Faith would have now been delivering a nice big cock to Buffy's asshole. But she restrained her temper and instead reached for the shampoo that she then smothered generously into Buffy's hair. Buffy moaned loudly as Faith sensually massaged her scalp, running her fingers through her hair, then washing her clean with the full jet of the shower.

Buffy sighed. She felt Faith reach for the shower gel, to squirt a generous amount onto her fingers.

'Oh Faith!' she exclaimed. 'You don't know how long I've been waiting for this.' With that, Faith placed her soapy hands on Buffy's naked breasts and kneaded them tenderly. Buffy moaned pleasurably then titled her neck backward to meet Faith's lips with her own as the renege slayer caressed Buffy's breasts. They kissed passionately, lovingly, as Faith dropped her hands lower to touch the smooth concave of Buffy's stomach, and then – at last!- the jutting mound of her pussy. Faith then nuzzled against Buffy's delicate shoulders, kissing and licking her there as she pleasured Buffy's clit with tender lesbian strokes.

Buffy moaned in the height of pleasure as Faith stood behind her in the shower and masturbated her blonde, finely haired pussy. Their bodies were red with heat, and Faith quickened her administrations as Buffy jutted her breasts forward and sighed loudly as Faith wanked her off.

Buffy leaned into Faith as she masturbated her hot cunt, her climax fast approaching,. But then she spun round as if on wheels and demanded a new satisfaction from the fallen slayer!

'Go down on me bitch!' Buffy demanded. 'Eat my pussy!' With that Faith dropped to her knees, salivating over Buffy's breasts, belly and flanks as she went down on her. She kissed the slayer passionately on her thighs, tracing her tongue across the smooth flesh of her insides until Buffy moaned at the brink of orgasm. Now Faith's tongue was jammed deep inside Buffy's pussy, her nose aggravating Buffy's clit as she thrust against her yawning hole, speeding Buffy onward to a rapturous climax.

'Oh my god Faith! Faith! Aah!' Buffy cried as she grabbed hold of her lover's head and bucked her aching pussy into her face, her whole body surging as Faith orally pleasured her toward nirvana.

'Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Oh!' With that Buffy climaxed wildly against Faith, her female ejaculation glossing the slayers lips and chin as she buckled and came onto the beautiful teenagers face.

Buffy looked down at Faith, her face buried deep between her thighs, and sighed. It was all she ever wanted, to be making love freely to another woman, and now it was happening she could not control herself. As the water coursed freely upon their naked bodies, Buffy lifted Faith upward until she was merely inches from her face. Then she looked at the slayer with female cum on her lips and whispered sexily.

'Make love to me.' Faith need not be asked twice. Without hesitation she pulled Buffy away from the tiles and led her out of the shower. She carried Buffy across the motel room then forced her down onto the bed, spread-eagled, with her legs spread wide open.

Faith collapsed onto Buffy, lying squarely between her thighs, and they kissed. Their hot tongues rolled together as their hands explored each other's wet body, their passion now pure animal sex. Faith reached down and found Buffy's wet cunt, spreading the lips wide with her fingers. Then she rubbed the clit hard and Buffy moaned even louder than before. The slayer lifted her head off the bed to kiss Faith's neck and chest, so Faith quickly grabbed her left breast and forced it into Buffy's mouth. Buffy sucked hard upon it, lolling her tongue around the nipple as she caressed Faith's bare backside, finding her hot little asshole and pushing a finger inside.

'Oh Buffy, that feels so good!' Faith sighed as Buffy fingered her pert little ass and sucked her tits. Faith rubbed Buffy's clit harder, and together they soon reached orgasm. Faith came first, pogoing her asshole onto Buffy's finger as she removed her hand from Buffy's pussy and briskly rubbed her own clit. She cried out loudly with eyes shut tight, then fell down into Buffy's arms as she came. Then Buffy removed her finger from Faith's throbbing anus so that Faith could crawl down the bed and place her head between Buffy's wanton thighs. Her breasts had grown hard with desire and were dully painful as Faith took hold of them, manipulating them with her fingers as she ate Buffy's pussy. Faith lapped at her there like a dog drinking water from a bowl, her tongue flitting rapidly upon her lips and clit for as long as it took to get Buffy off. In a moment Buffy came, tearing at the bed sheets as she thrust her groin upward, Faith's tongue jammed rigid inside her flower. All Faith could hear as she climaxed was the euphoric sounds of Buffy's pleasure.

When it was over Buffy collapsed against the mattress, her breasts arched up and her body weak with pleasure. She sighed immeasurably as Faith lay down beside her on the bed, propping herself up on one elbow and looking down at Buffy, so sexy and relieved. Both were exhausted, but Faith still placed her hand on Buffy's stomach and traced her fingers along the toned definitions of her tanned, lithe body as they rested. Her own taut stomach was giddy with butterflies as she looked into Buffy's pretty green eyes and spoke.

'Oh Buffy, that was great. I didn't know you had it in you.'

'Neither did I', Buffy replied. Faith studied her expression, then her cute little turned up nose, and smiled.

'You're so pretty, Buffy. And a great lay.' Buffy laughed.

'Well, you aren't so bad yourself. If I remember correctly, it was you that made me come twice so soon. Even Angel couldn't manage that!' Faith grinned proudly.

'Yeah well, if you're gonna come, do it with a girl. No one can make a girl come like another girl.'

'Evidently', Buffy smirked. Then she rubbed her lean tummy. 'God I'm hungry.' With this, Faith bent down and kissed her lightly upon the lips.

'So am I Buffy. But only for you.' Buffy raised her hand and softly touched Faith's cheek, stroking her tenderly there and smiling lovingly. Then her expressions changed as Faith silently dropped her hand and tickled the blonde curtain of hair between Buffy's open thighs. As Buffy closed her eyes her mouth fell open, and a whisper of a sigh floated from her cherry red lips.

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