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Buffyverse: Continued Ch. 04


Obviously, this is totally unofficial and based on Joss Whedon's Buffyverse. This is in no way an official story; I'm simply borrowing Joss' characters for a while. I hope he won't mind and with any luck I'll return them all in a few instalments time in one piece.

I will give most new characters that I introduce a description in the text, but I may also suggest at the beginning of each story who would be the guest star to play them if it were a real T.V. episode. For example: Holly/Quetzonatl would be played by Shannon Elizabeth as she appeared in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

This is set in an alternate Buffy verse. All of the events that have happened in Buffy have still happened in this Buffy verse with the exception of the death of the slayer Kendra who survived after series 2 but 'died' after Drusilla cut her throat in that her heart stopped, calling Faith. Events following this have been different in so far as they now include Kendra. She recovered in Sunnydale and remained there when Buffy fled to Los Angeles. She returned again after Faith's turn to evil and fought alongside Buffy against her, capturing her alive. Together, they brought her back around and the three slayers fought the mayor together at graduation. She then returned to her home and returned only sporadically after that, notably during the fight against Glory and the battle against The First's minions. Faith meanwhile went to Los Angeles to help Angel Investigations, returning to aid in the fight against Willow when she turned to evil, in which Faith was almost killed. She returned to Los Angeles again to fight evil after Angel's move to Wolfram and Hart, then returned to Sunnydale to fight The First Evil.

In this instalment, the slayer Caridad (played in season 7 of Buffy by Dania Ramirez) appears along with a new slayer not seen on Buffy. For description purposes, Hope is being played by Alicia Witt.


Kendra sat in the passenger seat of Wood's rental car in silence as he drove them towards his hotel.

The atmosphere was more than a little tense and Kendra was more than a little apprehensive. Although she would never tell anyone, she was still a virgin. Buffy knew that she had only had two boyfriends in the time that they had known one another, but even she did not know that Kendra had only kissed them and now she was on her way to a hotel room to have ritualistic sex with principal Wood.

The thought of what she was about to do both turned her on and terrified her, but externally she kept her cool.

Wood kept his eyes on the road, his face a mask of concern. He had remained alone since Faith had cheated on him almost a year ago, ending their short, but intense, relationship. For a while he had allowed himself to believe that she might really be the one he'd been looking for.

It turns out it was just your old penchant for bad girls taking hold all over again.

He sighed and shook his head. 'What is wrong?'

'What? Oh, nothing Kendra,' he gave her a weak smile. 'I'm just tired and confused is all.'

'Yes, it is an uncomfortable situation.'

'Yeah, awkward to say the least, still it's got to be done I suppose.'

As he turned his head to speak to her, he noticed for the first time how firm her breasts looked through her shirt, tied in a knot below her chest, her firm abdominals on display. Her tits pressed against the fabric and he appreciated her curves from the corner of his eye.

Kendra pretended not to notice that he was eyeing her chest, but she blushed and her ears burned. She felt a tingling between her legs as she felt his eyes on her and she pushed her knees closer together. A feeling of mixed apprehension and excitement was building in her stomach as Wood pulled the car off the darkened motorway and the large green sign of his motel marked the next turning.

Pulling into the parking lot, Wood gave her his room key and she took her small backpack and headed up to the room, leaving him to run some errand.

The room was nothing fancy, but still luxurious to Kendra's spartan eye. Although Buffy had spent a long time trying to get Kendra to appreciate the finer things in life, she still liked to keep things as simple as possible when she was able.

She dumped her bag underneath the desk and stood for a second looking at the double bed, unsure of what to do next.

She opted to go into the bathroom where she unclipped her hair and washed her face, then pulled her top off and stood looking in the mirror for a few moments. Her bra was simple and grey, the same fabric that had made up her shirt. She pushed her chest out and turned side on to the mirror. Her nipples were hard already.

'Don't be stupid,' she spoke aloud. 'dis is only a ritual, it is nothing beyond dat. You are better alone.'

She pulled off her pants and stood facing the mirror. A small dark patch on her red underwear marked the signs of her arousal. She quickly removed her panties and stepped into the shower. She washed herself clean between her legs then used a hand towel to dry up before replacing her panties. As she did this, she heard the hotel room door open and close outside the bathroom.

Her heart began to race and she quickly seized the comb on the counter and quickly combed her raven-black hair before taking a deep breath and leaving the room.

Wood was standing by the desk, a small plastic shopping back open on top of it. He turned as she entered. She saw that he was shirtless, the well-defined ebony skin of his torso looked delicious to her and she fought to retain her composure, feeling her pussy twitch in anticipation at the sight of him.

'Ok I suppose we should get this done then huh?'

'I suppose we should.'

Kendra climbed on to the bed and crawled towards the pillows. Her firm ass swayed before him, moving slowly as she crawled sensuously like a tiger. She lay on her back, her legs apart and facing him.

He watched her, but she noted with a feeling of interest and a little disappointment that his eyes were on her face, not her body. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. She was surprised to see that he was naked beneath them.

'So how does this work?' he asked.

'Well, I believe we just have to both achieve an, an...'

'An orgasm?'

She flinched at his words.


'Ok then, we'd better get started.' He turned momentarily back to the desk and removed something from the bag; a small foil packet which he tore open and she saw him begin to rub himself, his penis hardening. He turned to look back at her and she saw with a feeling of satisfaction as his eyes flickered to the cleft between her thighs. She felt herself rapidly moistening.

He began to roll a condom onto his erect cock, his eyes still on her body.

'No dat will not be necessary.' She said as she realised what he was doing.

'I believe in safe sex.'

'No we cannot. Our fluids must combine for de ritual to be successful. Don't worry, I have been taking contraceptive tablets for the last year, procreation is not a risk.'

He chuckled to himself at her technical terminology but pulled the condom off himself and instead walked slowly to the edge of the bed before crawling towards her, his body hovering over hers. He looked into her eyes and Kendra felt her heart racing. Gently, he leaned his head forwards and brushed her lips with his, then pulled back, his eyes searching hers.

Kendra waited. He lowered his head again and Kendra rose to meet him, her mouth opening and her hands reaching around to his back as their tongues met and they kissed slowly, softly but deeply, their tongues searching each other's mouths. Then she felt his hands on the waistband of her panties, pulling them gently down her thighs.

She was disappointed at the lack of foreplay, when he had looked into her eyes, she had believed that he might actually feel something for her as she had realised she did for him. The ritual was important, but she had to admit her disappointment here had proved to herself that she sought something more from him.

His mouth left hers as he rose and moved backward to pull her panties down her legs, his eyes taking in her neatly trimmed bush and creamy milk-chocolate brown thighs. She saw his dick twitch as he looked at her naked sex.

'Wood, er, that is to say, Robin, I...'

'Kendra, let me say something first. I know this is awkward for us both and it's something we need to get through but,' he took a deep breath. 'It has thrown this all into sharp relief for me and I think I really like you. This really isn't the best way for us to start anything, but after this I would like to take you for dinner sometime if you would let me. That is, if we survive what's coming.'

Her eyebrows raised in shock. She continued to play it cool.

'Robin,' her voice was low, 'I tink I like you too but, erm, it is just dat, what a mean to say is I, well, I've never done dis before and I was hopin' dat der would be more to it dan just putting it in...'

His face broke into a beaming smile at her words.

'Oh believe me Kendra there is. I have so much to show you.' He finished pulling her underwear clear of her legs and said, 'first of all, you just lie there and I'll get you ready, then I'll show you a thing or two.'

Tentatively and almost trembling, she spread her legs for him. He leaned in to her shaved snatch, his breath on her was warm and moist and filled her with a tingling of anticipation. Then she felt his warm hands on her stomach, tickling her as they slid toward the bottom of her bra. His hands passed under the fabric to cup her breasts at the same moment as he extended his tongue to lick up and down her wet slit. She threw her head back and a sigh escaped her.

The tip of his tongue found her clit as his fingers began to tickle her nipples which were now standing bolt upright.

'I'm ready now,' Kendra whispered, 'put your penis into me, I'm so wet for you, make me come Wood.'

With his face in her vagina he smiled but said nothing and continued to lick her slowly.

Kendra felt a warmth in her begin to rise in her belly, an intense feeling building in her stomach and moving lower. Her muscles began a gentle rhythmic spasm in her abdomen and her pussy began to contract in bursts as she came onto his tongue. Her first orgasm washed over her and it was powerful but somehow serene in her mind.

Wood spread as much of her juice around her labia with his tongue as he could, then rose to his hands and knees, his cock hard and ready. He held her ankles together and lifted her legs up at a right angle to her body, keeping them together and pressed himself up against her entrance. He could tell her virgin pussy was tight but he wanted her to really feel so he kept her legs together as he gently pushed the tip of his cock against her opening.

Slowly, bit by bit he began to work himself inside her. She was incredibly tight but so wet. He found himself revelling in every fraction of an inch he was able to slip inside her squirming cunt.

Kendra lay with her eyes closed, her hands clasped to her chest and her mouth open in a grin of silent ecstasy, the only sound escaping her were shallow exhalations as he drove into her slowly. Kendra felt no pain from his entry, only a delicious friction and warmth as he filled her tight hole. She had often tried to reach orgasm by her self and had even broken her own hymen but had never achieved one until now. Still, as he worked himself within her, Wood realised it was going to be very difficult to do her the way he wanted.

He pulled out of her and rose. Her eyes opened and a look of disappointment appeared on her face.

'I'm sorry I..' he silenced her by pressing his finger to her lips and looking into her eyes. Then he lifted her gently from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He entered and sat her on the counter top, before turning and starting the shower. The warm water flowed and he picked her up, this time with her legs around him, his cock tantalisingly close to her pussy lips.

He put her down standing and they began to kiss deeply as his hands found the bar of soap. He began to lather this on her body, her hips, her ass and her thighs. She pulled off her bra, soaking with sweat and water and threw it out of the cubicle. Whilst she did this he lathered soap onto his cock and the sight of his hands sliding sensuously up and down his cock brought her again to full arousal. He placed the soap back in the holder and gently turned her around. She steadied herself against the cold tiles with her arms, her cheek pressing against them as she stuck out her ass, her legs dutifully together. Wood began once again to slide into her and the soap did the trick as he was at last able to fully fill her from behind.

He began to fuck. Kendra felt herself filled by a warm cock for the first time and as he began to slide in and out of her incredibly tight cunt she began to moan louder and louder until she was wailing. She felt his hand snake around her hips to find the nub of her clit and begin frantically rubbing it. His increasing thrusts pressed her to the cold tiles and the feel of them on her breasts drove her to new heights as she came thunderously again.

He felt her pussy begin to milk his cock as her muscles worked in concentric rings from her outer lips to her depths and it took all of his resolve to hold back, but he did as her orgasm abated. He placed his hands on her ass and Kendra understood. With a graceful show of slayer athleticism she raised one leg and with him holding her, she spun on his cock until she was facing him. He lifted her up, her back now against the wall and he pushed his tongue into her mouth as he renewed his strokes. Soon, her pussy began to tug on him again and he could not hold back. They broke their kiss to both cry out as they came, her pussy milking his cock as he shot jet after jet of cream into her.

As their orgasms subsided their eyes met through the jet of warm water.

'So,' Wood asked, 'was it good for you?'

'Oh my God,' Kendra said breathily, 'dat was incredible.'

'So would that satisfy the ritual?'

'De ritual?' she asked confused. 'Oh, yes a tink it would.' Her face fell. 'We can get dressed if you...'

He silenced her again with another deep kiss, his cock, still inside her, beginning to harden again.

'No, I don't think so,' he said with a slow smile, 'I still have a lot to show you...'

Caridad was sure she could hear sounds from elsewhere in the hostel. The whole place was fairly crazy. An army of several dozen slayers all under the same roof was starting to grate on her nerves.

They had been in this close proximity for almost 18 months now, first whilst fighting the first then on the road rounding up the last few slayers they had missed.

They were fairly sure their list was now complete and they could soon begin dispatching the trained slayers back to their homes or where they were needed to begin fighting the world's vampires and demons again without constant supervision.

Caridad felt that she and most of the slayers whom she knew had been ready for this for a long time.

In all the time with the slayers, she had also not been able to satisfy her lusts. She felt too awkward to attempt to enter into a relationship with anyone in this close constant proximity to all the other slayers and was far too conscious to have a one night stand when she was expected to report in with the other slayers every evening.

But now she was nearing the point where if she didn't have sex soon she was going to explode.

Caridad had never been with another woman before. It wasn't something she had ever given much thought to. She had had several boyfriends in her past and they had been enough for her then, but now she was feeling urges even towards the other slayers.

She guessed it must simply be their proximity and her horniness playing tricks with her and had written it off as nothing more. Lately though, her attraction to one slayer in particular had been growing.

Hope had been flitting throughout Caridad's dreams more and more often of late.

Her fiery red hair and pale, milky white skin had been the source of many dreams that had awoken Caridad panting and sweating in the middle of the night.

In fact, her absence from the dormitory this evening confused her.

They had been talking earlier and had separated briefly. Caridad had hoped to find her again later to continue where they left off but she was nowhere to be found.

Now Caridad found herself wandering around the hostel looking for any of the older slayers she knew.

Most of the younger slayers had gone to a local dance music club, taking advantage of the age 18 European drinking limits but many of the more veteran slayers hadn't bothered.

Caridad still found it hard to believe that in a mere 18 months since she found out she even was a potential slayer she now considered herself to be among the 'veteran' slayers.

Wandering into the kitchen area, she heard noises from the corner of the room, shuffling and moaning. She saw only an outline of two figures writhing around on the floor and hurried quietly from the room.

She shook her head, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves except her.

Walking out into the corridor she found herself face to face with a woman, the slayer she recognised as being Holly. The woman was totally naked, her highlighted brunette hair flowing free, her legs crossed as she leaned with one arm on her hip and one extended above her head against the wall, her face twisted into a seductive smile.

'Hello Caridad,'

'Holly! What are you... you should put some clothes on!'

'No, no I shouldn't.' Holly licked her lips, 'In fact, I think just the opposite. You should take your clothes off.'


Caridad had stopped a short distance from Holly, her eyes wandered across the other slayer's taught body, the curve of her voluptuous breasts and hips, her long legs and the tiny strip of dark hair visible between her thighs. She could even see the edges of Holly's engorged pussy lips between her closed legs and she could smell her, a seductive mix of perfume, sweat and come.

'Don't deny it Cari, I know you've lusted after me. If you come with me I even have a surprise for you. Someone would like to see you I think.'

'I... no what am I saying, I can't. It's just wrong and Buffy is here somewhere and the other girls are...'

'Occupied.' Holly moved away from the wall and stepped toward Caridad, she did not step back. 'They are all having their fun, come and share ours.'


'Oh yes, Hope has been very responsive so far.' Holly's tongue snaked out and across her lips. 'Very responsive indeed. I think we need some fresh juices to complete the party though, and I know she would appreciate it if it was you.'

Caridad was flabbergasted. Her jaw dropped open. Holly leaned in quickly and before Caridad knew what was happening, Holly was kissing her and her tongue was inside of her mouth caressing her own.

In that moment, Caridad surrendered to her passion and her needs. Her own hands were suddenly on Holly's body, caressing and squeezing gently as her tongue intertwined with the other girl's.

Dimly she was aware of the buttons of her blouse being undone quickly and of hands loosening the garment and reaching inside. As the fingers of the hands touched the warm flesh of her chest it raised gooseflesh across her and she felt her crotch tighten.

Holly's hands continued to wander up and down Caridad's body, squeezing her ass cheeks then sliding down the backs of her thighs, reaching around to caress her inner thighs. They then began to slide upwards towards her crotch, stopping just short of the edge of her underwear through her tight tracksuit pants. Holly's tongue continued to work in and out of Caridad's mouth, their tongues sliding and rolling over one another.

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