tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 01

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 01


"Your ticket Ma'am?"

Jessica took a deep breath and passed her ticket to the well-dressed man on the tarmac.

"Looks like everything is in order here," he smiled, then gestured politely up the stairs to the sleek private jet on the tarmac, "enjoy your flight Ma'am." She returned his smile, accepted her ticket back and climbed the stairs to a new beginning.

She was greeted at the top of the stairs by a smiling flight attendant, who helped her with her luggage and guided her to a comfortable leather seat. Jessica stowed her purse and carry-on bags in the cabin above and turned to look around. The plane was luxurious. There were passenger seats for twelve, two of which were already occupied. One with a young man, the other with a girl who looked to be a few years younger than Jessica – no more than twenty years old.

"Hi, I'm Aaron," the young man half-stood up from his black leather chair and offered his hand.

"Jessica," she replied with a nervous smile.

"I'm Melissa," the other girl offered. She seemed very shy, but offered a polite smile.

Melissa had the look of a high fashion model. She was unusually thin, with a boyish figure with small breasts that barely made bumps in her shirt. Her skin looked pale and soft and her hair was cut short like the models on the runways of Europe – but she seemed to lack their confidence.

Aaron was cute in a boy next door sort of way. His hair was brown with blond streaks from the sun. His body looked strong from working outside but he would easily have disappeared in a crowd. His eyes were his best feature, they were blue.

"You look like you're here with the agency too," Aaron continued. "I mean, you're very pretty so I just assumed." He blushed a little and retreated back to his seat.

Jessica was pretty. She had done some catalog modeling in high school. Her auburn brown hair fell just past her shoulders and framed a beautiful face with green eyes. She thought her breasts were a little small but she was proud that she was in pretty good shape. She was modest and hid her slim body and long legs beneath clothes that were usually too big for her.

Still standing, Jessica answered awkwardly, "Oh, well yes, I hope so anyway. I've come this far at least."

She was interrupted by the flight attendant.

"Alright everyone, please take a seat for take off." The flight attendant checked that all the baggage was secure and that everyone was buckled properly before hitting a switch to signal to the pilots that they were ready to leave.

The plane took off quickly and the flight attendant began passing out blankets and pillows.

"Try these," she offered passing Jessica a cup with two pills and a glass of water. It's going to be a long flight, these will calm you down and you can get some rest." She smiled.

Jessica took the pills and dropped them to the back of her throat. She hated taking pills they made her gag. The water washed them down. She stretched out in the spacious cabin covered in the blanket as the flight attendant distributed pills and water to Aaron and Melissa as well.

Jessica drifted off to a deep sleep and began to dream about the circumstances that had led her to get on the plane. A lot had changed over the last two weeks.


For three years Jessica and Matthew had lived together. They had first met at a bar when her friends had introduced her and then abandoned her so that he had to drive her home. They'd talked and gotten along amazingly and over the next several months they dated intensely. Matthew made Jessica feel comfortable with herself and he was a gentle considerate lover.

They moved in together and things had gotten routine. They had begun to act like a married couple even though Matthew had yet to propose. Every day became predictable. Jessica would go to work as a receptionist at a local law firm and Matthew would go to work as an engineer at a technology firm in town. Every evening they would come home, eat dinner together and talk about their day. Then they might watch some T.V., or go to a movie. They rarely made love anymore.

It used to be something that caused fights. They had started off strong but the honeymoon phase wears off and sex had become routine. They would usually argue about whose fault the lack of sex was, forgive each other, have make up sex and then repeat the argument all over again two weeks later because they had dried up again. When they did have sex Jessica insisted that the lights be off and the sex itself was usually missionary and quick.

Then about 6 months ago the fights had stopped. Matthew had stopped complaining about the sex and the stress level had eased up. They got a long much better and Jessica believed that Matthew had come to his senses and realized her libido wasn't as active as his. She needed romance and time to warm up.

Four months passed before Jessica began to worry that Matthew didn't seem interested at all anymore. She brought it up with her girlfriend from work and she gave Jessica a knowing smile.

"Jessie, he's probably having an affair. There aren't many reasons why a twenty-six year old man would suddenly stop wanting to have sex with his beautiful young girlfriend, unless there's another girlfriend."

Jessica didn't believe it. They were almost always together at home and unless his mistress was crawling into his office at home, where he spent most of his time, there wouldn't be any room in his schedule even if he wanted to cheat on her. The words burned into her though. She watched Matthew at home that night. He seemed happy and things seemed as usual.

That night as they crawled into bed, Jessica leaned over and whispered into his ear.

"Do you want to have sex tonight, baby? It's been awhile."

Matthew rolled over sleepily. "We don't have to Jessie, I know you love me." He closed his eyes and adjusted his pillow. He was asleep and snoring gently in a few minutes.

Jessica tried to pretend that was fine. Deep inside her mind was screaming though. "It's been like four and a half months since we've had sex, why isn't he ripping my pajamas off and getting on top of me?"

She rolled over and tried to go to sleep. She would have to find out what was causing his sexual restraint. The next day she called into work and took a personal day. She dressed for a day at the office and kissed Matthew as he left for work.

Then she locked up the house, got into her own car and drove to his office. Parking down the street she walked to his building. Taking out her cellphone she called Tracy, Matthew's receptionist. "Jenson, Phillips and Morrison, how may I help you?" Tracy answered the phone smoothly.

"Good morning Tracy, it's Jessica calling."

"Oh hello Jessica! Matthew just got into the office a few moments ago and is in the morning briefing. Is there a message for him?" Tracy was a fantastic secretary and Jessica had met her several times at Matthews work events. She definitely wasn't Matthew's type though, she was probably old enough to be his mother.

"Actually Tracy I was hoping I could talk to you," Jessica stammered she wasn't quite sure what she was going to say. "I, um, have been thinking about surprising Matthew with lunch this week and was wondering if you could let me know what his schedule looks like."

"Well you're probably fine any lunch hour, to be honest, for the last three or four months Matthew has been having lunch delivered to him in the office and only rarely going out to lunch when he's invited by one of the senior partners. I don't see any of those meetings this week so you're likely fine any time."

"So Matthew hasn't had any outside lunch meetings recently?" Jessica questioned trying her best to sound casual and uninterested.

"No I'm afraid he's been pretty boring lately, he could probably definitely use a lunch out with you," she replied cheerily. "Would you like me to pencil something in? I can keep it a surprise!" She sounded excited.

"Maybe later Tracy, I'll have to see when I can duck out myself. I'll give you a call back l when I have something concrete." She tried her best not to sound suspicious and hung up the phone after saying bye to Tracy.

Jessica took a seat in a coffee shop across from Matthew's office. When he didn't leave for lunch, as Tracy had said he hadn't often over the past few months, she decided it was silly to suspect him of cheating on her and walked back to her car.

She wracked her brain on the drive home. There was definitely something wrong in their relationship. Matthew used to be insatiable and much more sexually aggressive than her. He always wanted to try new positions that she wasn't comfortable with. Why couldn't he be gentle and romantic all of the time? She needed to go slow, to take lots of time to relax and feel pampered before she felt ready to have sex and then he used to ruin it by asking her to tell him how it felt during sex, or trying to twist her into other sexual positions.

Now there was nothing. The arguing was gone but so it seemed was Matthew's desire for her.

She pulled into the driveway, walked into the house and collapsed on the couch. She didn't know what to do. She'd offered to have sex in bed last night and he had turned her down. They'd eaten dinner earlier that night and Jessica had sat in front of the TV while Matthew went to his office to work.

He had been spending a lot of time in his office lately. If he was cheating, the evidence was probably in there. That was his private place though. They never really talked about it but she rarely went into that room. When they started renting the house Matthew had let her do all of the decorating. The only room she had left entirely to Matthew was his small office on the main floor. He filled that with comfy but ugly furniture and all of his favorite junk from his days at college. It was a mess and she always closed the door to hide it away whenever guests were over.

It was her room. And now she felt like she was trespassing as she stood inside. It would be four hours before Matthew got home, she thought she could take a quick look around.

The drawers were full of random gadgets and knick knacks. Everything from a fish shaped corkscrew to novelty neck-ties were strewn around the room. The air smelt like dust and Matthew. It was a very masculine room. The shelves had nothing on them that would suggest a mistress. The desk drawers were also empty of anything useful.

Jessica was careful to make sure everything was placed back exactly as she found it.

Finally she spotted a post-it note on the side of the monitor. It had a phone number on it and a short note underneath.

"Futons and More"

Why would Matthew have a phone number for a store called Futons and More on his desk? She glanced around the room. The furniture was kinda ratty but Matthew had kept it for sentimental reasons or so he had told her when she tried to get him to throw it out.

Maybe he's changed his mind, she thought. She'd never heard of the store before though. She flicked the computer monitor on his desk on and opened the browser to Google.

She rechecked the name of the shop and started to type in the name of the store.

"Fu..." She stopped and her mouth hung open. The browsers auto complete had filled in the phrase "Fuck Sluts" into the search bar. Someone had searched for the term before.

What had Matthew been up to? She wondered. She felt guilty now looking at his private computer but she was now too curious as to what she would find. She opened the browser history and was confronted with a long list of sites.

"Fuck Sluts"

"Sex Dolls"

"Tight Young Cunts"

The history was full of these kind of sites. She browsed through them quickly. Matthew was definitely looking at porn sites that featured filthy sex acts with young women who begged and pleaded with men of all shapes and sizes to be fucked.

Jessica was horrified. Instead of making sweet romantic love to her, her boyfriend had been spending months visiting disgusting pornography web sites.

A window popped up on the screen followed by a soft beep that caught Jessica's attention.

A message flashed "Sarah is online." Beneath it were two buttons, one said "Join" the other said "Close". What the hell was this and who is Sarah? Jessica was furious. She clicked on Join and the screen expanded to fill the window.

On one side was a chat room on the other a young girl was naked except for a leather collar around her neck. She was on her knees and moaning loudly as she thrust a cock shaped dildo in and out of her pussy. It drooled onto her thighs making them shiny for the camera.

Jessica stared in shock. There was a conversation going on in the chat room. People with weird names were cheering the girl on and suggesting what she do with her body. The young girl moaned out the chat participants names and licked her lips before bringing the fake cock to her lips and tasting herself. She responded to their questions and directions with a low sultry voice that oozed sexuality and confidence. She called out to her audience that she wished she had a real cock for her pussy.

Jessica was horrified. She clicked on the "X" in the top right corner and closed the browser. She was in tears. Her boyfriend was a sick pervert. How could he do this to her? She had been a fantastic girlfriend who was always there for him emotionally.

Sobbing she ran out of the office knocking over a few stacks of boxes on her way. She didn't care if Matthew knew she'd been in there. She wasn't going to be here when he got home! She couldn't live with someone who was more interested in dirty sluts then he was her.

She quickly grabbed a few suitcases worth of clothing and items she'd need, loaded them into her trunk and drove an hour and a half to a friend from college, Cindy's house. Matthew started calling after he got home from work and found her gone with no note but she didn't answer his calls.

When she arrived at her Cindy's house she sent him a text message. "Don't call me you pervert. How could you sneak around on me with that disgusting porn." She sent the message and turned off her phone.

Cindy and her husband Mark asked questions but when they didn't get answers they just assumed that she and Matthew were having a particularly bad fight and stopped asking. Jessica called up work and told her boss that she wouldn't be in for several weeks. She needed a vacation for personal reasons. Her boss was less than thrilled but reluctantly explained that they'd "manage" without her for now.

She felt betrayed. After three years with a man she loved, this felt like a stab to the back. She felt like he under appreciated her and objectified women - she was furious. She started looking in the local paper for projects to occupy her time. She couldn't go back to the city and face Matthew right now, she wasn't sure if she'd ever want to.

One ad caught her eye.

"Caucasian models wanted for trip to Asia. Experience the orient, all expenses paid and $25,000 for two week trip. Models will be showing off North American clothing lines and passing out literature at events."

She thought back to her catalog modeling days in high school. The money sounded fantastic and it would give her a chance to get away from her life and Matthew for a little while. Maybe he would come to his senses and she could forgive him if she had time to work things out.

She called the number on the ad and a polite sounding woman made arrangements for an interview the next day. "There's a trip leaving at the beginning of next week if you're interested," she said. "I know it's short notice but we're short on qualified applications and we'd be willing to offer an extra $5,000 signing bonus if you meet the requirements during our interview and are willing to leave right away."

That sounded fantastic. The sooner the better Jessica thought. Sulking around Cindy and Marks house for two weeks wasn't helping her situation and Matthew had stopped calling to ask what was wrong.

"Tomorrow, 10:00 A.M." The woman gave her the directions to the studio. Jessica promised she'd meet her the next day.

Jessica woke early and tried to find something complimentary to wear to the interview. She settled on one of her favorite pant suits that clung to her figure. She was determined to make a good impression. She spent much longer than usual on her hair and make-up. This was after all a rather important modeling interview and she didn't want to blow it.

She arrived at the office early and was greeted by a short pretty Asian woman who introduced herself as Lynn. Lynn was the woman who Jessica had spoken to the day before to set up the interview. They took a seat in a large open lounge and Lynn began asking questions immediately.

"What size are your hips? Breasts? Waist?" Lynn went through all of Jessica's measurements thoroughly. "Is that your natural hair color?"

Next Lynn delved into her personality. Was she outgoing? What did she normally do for a living? Who did she live with? Lynn nodded sympathetically when Jessica mentioned she had recently moved away from her boyfriend after a bad fight and was looking for a change.

"Well Jessica, I think we can help you with that change. You seem a perfect fit. Let me tell you what we do. We hire Caucasian and Black women to be sent to do modeling work in China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and much of the rest of Asia.

In these countries our North American models are considered exotic so we get paid a lot more money to place them there. It is typical clothing fashion with some auto show and other convention work occasionally. All of your meals and lodging are taken care of by the agency and we release to you $5,000 a week in spending money and pay the remaining $15,000 at the end of the contract.

At the end of your two weeks, you may choose to sign on for another tour if you like, or we'll fly you back home when you choose.

Are you ready to sign on?"

It sounded fantastic to Jessica.

"This sounds just like something I need right now," she said, signing her name on the contract. "I've never been to Asia and this sounds like just what I need to get away from my problems at home."

"Fantastic," Lynn gave her a smile and produced a ticket from her pocket. "This is your boarding pass. Take it to the airport on Monday. The flight leaves at 3:00 P.M. It's a private flight so it won't leave without you but please try and be on time."

"I'll be there," Jessica shook her hand, grabbed the pass and went home to explain her new plans to Cindy and Mark.

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