tagBDSMBuilding a New Home Ch. 01

Building a New Home Ch. 01


Raul thank you for helping me write out my ideas.

Chapter One

Sometimes making all the decisions at work really drains a man. Raul's week had been hard so he needed this weekend. He hoped his wife would understand He needed some space and something other than the usual chores that popped up with amazing frequency.

His company had been in trouble for awhile but with some fast thinking and some very difficult choices, he had pulled it through. But he was now drained, both physically and emotionally. He was tired of being strong; he needed to relax, to collapse, to not be in charge for awhile.

He approached the door to his home reversing his mind from work to the plans he and his wife Heather were making for their new home. Their lives had been consumed the last two months with planning their new home. Heather had magazines displaying beautiful model homes, computer programs with layouts of homes with way more rooms than they had money for. Fabric and paint swatches spread out on the couch. Most of her dreams had been unattainable, at least until today.

The home they shared now was nice but very simple, only what they'd lived in since they first married. Heather deserved better. Today he could tell her that the time had come to start contacting the contractor to start building. His leadership and wisdom in saving the company had not gone unnoticed and he walked out of the office with a raise and a bonus that would go a long way towards a down payment.

Raul felt the briefcase slip from his fingers as he opened the door but he did nothing to catch it before it fell. The view in front of him chased all other thoughts away. Heather stood before him leaning against the wall, looking into his eyes. The whole outfit he didn't recognize but a piece here and there he did.

His first thought was to move towards her swiftly and make love to her quickly on the living room floor. He slowed down his thoughts. No, this would be better enjoyed slowly.

She didn't speak or move so he took his time looking over the dark leather boots that came almost half way up her thigh with lace topped stocking peaking out of the tops. Up higher her torso was cover in clothing that resembled strips of leather that hugged her sexy curves. Enough milky flesh was exposed to give his eyes a warm feast. Long gloves covered her arms past her elbows, teasing him. He noticed the cat-o-nine tails he bought for her Halloween costume a few years earlier. Something shined on the top of her head but it didn't quite look like a hat.

A grin spread over his face as he wondered what brought on the new attire. She had enjoyed controlling him in bed before but tonight he wondered if he was in for more. He was filled with anticipation and licked his lips. He wondered if the proper reaction would be to fall as her feet in adoration.

She allowed the sides of her cheeks to form into a smile but then just as quickly her straight face returned. She lightly teased her thigh with her whip. Then she started tapping it lightly against her boot as she reached up and started to slide what he now saw as a mask on top of her head over her face to cover her eyes. Her head tilted slightly to the side as she finally spoke, "I've decided that our house plans are missing something very important." He noticed her mostly naked breasts heave with the effort of her words, as if he wasn't even worthy of hearing them.

He has always loved his wife's breasts, adored, even worshipped them. But now he was seeing them in a whole new light. He was seeing her in a new light as well. He had to shake his head to clear it, to focus on what she had just said. "What is it that you think we've overlooked my dear?"

A frown immediately sprung to her face. She stood tall now not leaning any more, as anger spread over her face. "No! Let's clear this up right away. I don't think you understand. This is not about what I 'think'; this is about what I know. This is about you forgetting something very important in our plans, which has to end now. I will try to give you a few hints to see if you can figure it out."

"Honey, I've had a long day, I'm tired." even though he felt long lost energy returning to him "I don't really feel like playing a guessing game right now."

"Well I'm not too tired to play, and I'm not your honey tonight!" she barked with a look of indignation as she slammed the door shut. He felt a smile growing across his face enjoying his wife who always kept him guessing. The smile changed when he heard a loud click. He leaped up the stairs to find the door had been locked he sighed as he pulled his keys out of his pants pocket. He smiled again as he realized his wife's act had turned his cock hard. His fingers slowly wrapped around his shaft as it twitched. Just then his cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket thinking he would turn it off but he saw that it was Heather.

"Your keys won't do you any good my Dear." Heather's voice breathed into the phone. "I've put the chain on the door as well. You're locked out until I let you in. I'm not letting you in until you guess what is missing."

"But Dear..."

"Don't dear me!" she interrupted. "I've put a lot of thought into this today and this is what I want. Of course all this thinking about it has also made me quite horny". Then she let a small gasp escape her lips into the phone. Raul knew the sound very well. He loved making his wife gasp. Her pleasure has always heightened his. Pleasing her pleased him. He'd do just about anything for her. "Move to the front window," she said, "I want you to watch me..." Her voice trailed off as another moan replaced it.

"Watch you what?" he whispered into the phone. He glanced around wondering if any neighbors were watching or within earshot.

"Go to the window to see for yourself," she breathed.

"But I'll have to climb over the shrubs, flowers and..."

"Do you want to stay outside all night? Cause that will be your punishment if you don't get over there right now!" She growled into the phone.

Raul shuddered and started scurrying towards the window. He started to wonder to himself what had gotten into his wife and why was he doing as she had just asked. "Asked?" he thought to himself, "More liked barked." He stepped off the walkway, over the edge of the flower bed, carefully stepping his way over the flowers that Heather had lovingly planted. He carefully picked his way as far as the shrubs. "This is as far as I'm going to go, I can see from here." he thought to himself. "Besides, I'm still in my suit I'm not ruining a su..." this thought was interrupted by what he saw through his window.

There sitting in his recliner was Heather with her legs over each arm of the chair. Her hands moving slowly up and down her inner thighs. "Do you like what you see now?" she panted into the phone? Raul could only nod as his eyes were glued to his wife. Between her legs he focused in on her wet, naked pussy. He could see the lips of her slit throbbing as her fingertips moved up and down her thighs getting a little closer to her prize each time.

She could see that she had his attention, "Don't you wish you were in here now kneeling between my legs?" she asked as she touched her clit for him, she smirked as she reached down and spread her pussy for him. She moaned again and he wondered if she felt a drop of her juices escape her pussy and begin to travel.

"Answer me!" she commanded as her breasts started to heave with her building passion. She smiled as her fingers moved one last time down her thighs. Her hand covering her slit as she moaned deeply into the phone, her legs trying to pull themselves closed around her hands. But she forced herself to keep them spread for him. She looked out the window at her husband and said "So...?"

Raul stood in the flower bed, transfixed in a trance. What ever had gotten into his wife, he liked it. No, he was starting to love it, and so did the cock hardening in his trousers.

"So what?" he asked. His mind still numb with most of the blood now rushing to his other head.

"You have to guess what I want in the new house" she moaned into the phone as she slid a finger into her pussy. "That is if you want to cum in and join me" she winked at him.

"Maybe I should give you a hint" she grinned smugly as her free hand reached over to the end table grasping her small cat-o-nine-tails whip. "Any ideas yet?" she asked as she started to lightly tap her inner thigh as her finger slides into her pussy and her mouth opened with a silent gasp of delight.

He tried to clear his mind to think. She waited quietly but decided to get more comfortable. She wanted to torture him as much as possible, being outside and unable to get relief in any way. She moved her ass in the chair, in big slow exaggerated movements so he could see. She reached for a pillow for her head. She took a long leisurely drink of her cool drink that she had beside her.

He sheepishly replied, "A baby's room?" She sighed as she reached her hand back into her pussy. She knew she didn't have to explain that he was wrong but instead chose to describe how wet she was as an answer to his question.

"I'm imagining how your cute ass cheeks will look after I spank them with my whip. I'm imagining you naked on your knees in front of me and it's making me slipperier. Let's see how wet?" she said as she playfully slide her finger back over her pussy. "My middle finger spreading my moisture around. It's filling my whole pussy. Oh, I'm getting wetter as I tease myself, it tickles my skin as it spreads over me. I feel it swelling with blood. Should I tease my clit?" It was her long answer that was his cue to give another guess.

He was physically reacting to what he was hearing and seeing. He licked his lips imagining his tongue on her clit. His pants were holding him in a place that didn't want to be held. Raul needed to touch himself. Again he reached into his pocket, he needed to grasp his manhood.

"Where is your hand Mister?" She asked as he noticed that she hadn't closed her eyes completely. "It's not in your pocket playing with your cock again is it?" she cooed into the phone.

"No dear."

"Don't lie to me," she growled as she slapped her whip against her thigh "and don't call me dear. I want you to call me Mistress tonight" her voice trailed off into the phone as her hands went back to rubbing herself. Both her stinging thigh and her burning pussy needed attention. "Now let me see both hands Mister."

Raul groaned as he followed his wife's command. He slowly released his cock from his grip. His eyes closed and he moaned softly into the phone as he felt his cock go back to straining against his trousers. His hand came out of his pocket and he held it up for her to see. "Is this better?"

"Better... what?"

"Is this better... Mistress?"

She moaned as her hand rubbed her pussy harder. Raul could tell that his wife was getting more turned on by just being called Mistress.

Then he felt the strain again against his pants as it grew yet again, as it grew it slowly slid across his boxers. He felt the head of his cock become sensitive as it slid across the fabric. That's when he realized that his free hand was still up in the air. He wondered what passers-by would think of him so he put it in his hair like he was straightening it.

"Take it out for me." He heard come from the phone.

"What?" he asked.

"I want you to take your cock out for me. Unzip yourself and pull your throbbing cock for me. But you're not allowed to touch it once you pull it out."

"Yes Mistress" Raul said as he started to move into the shrubs.

"Where do you think you're going sir?" Heather asked as she stopped playing with her pussy? "Did I say you could move from where you were?"

"No Mistress," he said as he quickly moved back to where he had been standing.

"That's better" she said as her hand moved back to teasing herself. "Now pull your cock out for me."

Raul looked around quickly then slowly unzipped his trousers, pulled open his boxers as the head of his cock escaped its prison. He moaned as the cool air caressed the taunt skin of his head and down his shaft as it slid farther from it's restraint. Although his own hands weren't allowed to touch it, the leaves from the shrubs rubbed against it as he moved.

He proceeded to tell his new Mistress of his new sensation. Then...

"Hey Raul! What's the matter?" he heard from behind him. He looked over his shoulder to see his next-door neighbor Phil. "Get locked out?"

Raul fought his first instinct which was to rapidly lower his hands to cover up his manhood. Because he also knew that this would give away his secret and that the bushes hid his lower half. So he just stood there with one hand holding his cell phone and his other hand still in his hair pretending to be frustrated. "Yeah Phil. I'm talking to Heather now and she's heading home now to let me in."

"Is Phil out there?" Raul heard Heather say in his ear.

"Yes Mistress." He replied.

"Hmmm Do you think he can see you cock?"


"Do you think you can stroke it for me while he's standing there?"


"I think you would like to stroke it for me especially if you look in the window now and see what I'm doing."

Raul wanted to snap his head back around to see what his wonderful new Mistress was doing. He also didn't want to do anything that would make Phil suspicious. After all he was loving this new game, this new side of his wife, and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it.

"That Heather you're talking to now?" Phil asked, "Tell her I said Hi."

"Sure Phil" Raul said as he slowly turned hoping he wouldn't be perceived as rude.

Phil was a good guy and a nosy neighbor. He was always borrowing tools, stopping by, trying to talk, and bringing his wife's cookies over. Not that Raul didn't like Phil, just the opposite, he liked Phil and always knew he could count on him for just about anything. Just Raul didn't have the time. Raul hadn't had time for a lot of things for the past year or so.

"Oh honey, Phil says Hi"

"Tell him your mistress says hello back." she said softly.

Raul cocked his head slightly to the side and half yelled, "She says hi too Phil" This time he was able to look into the window as his head came back around without being to obvious. His jaw dropped open as he say Heather was now on her knees with her ass facing him as she slid a dildo in and out of her pussy for him. She was glancing back over her shoulder and when she could she that he was watching again, she started tapping herself with her little cat-o-nine-tail.

"Tell Phil I'm also playing with my very wet pussy." she said with a wicked grin on her face.

"No!" Raul said sharply.

"Then tell him your rock hard cock is sticking out of your pants for me right now. That it's poking into the shrubs and being teased by the leaves for me."

"NO! Never." Raul growled into the phone.

"Well you two are talking about a matter that I shouldn't be part of." Phil said as he started to back away. "Raul, just holler if you need anything before Heather gets home."

"Thanks Phil."

"Never a problem, neighbor." Phil turned and walked away.

Between his wife and neighbor Raul felt tortured. His neighbor was breaking into the dream-like state he was slipping into. His wife was causing this state in such intensely provocative way. His hand getting tired from holding his phone, but not wanting to miss what his wife was saying he wasn't going to rest his hand. The breeze blowing his cock, but it was torture not being able to touch it. He was locked out of his own house by his own wife. He had never been so turned on without even touching a woman before. He hoped he wouldn't get disrupted again. He wanted to focus his energy.

He looked at his wife. She was obviously getting angry waiting for him to get his attention back where it belonged which is also where Raul wanted his attention. She was still enjoying her dildo.

"You lied to your friend Raul, which is a deed that will need to be punished later." Her voice sounded angry but she was smiling as she spoke.

"I'm sorry Mistress Heather, I will accept your punishment." Raul responded meekly.

"And,...the answer?" She inquired. "Repeating the question begins to tire me."

"Oh, you are forcing me to think even in this naturally drugged state. I will have to guess that you want your own craft room," he responded.

"Wrong again, I will just have to continue enjoying myself in here while you remain outside. Keep thinking! "After saying this she placed the phone down, sat back up in her chair and picked up a feather. She lightly brushed her skin with it. She started by touching the skin of the inside of her arm. Her eyes closed as she felt the sensations. Next, she tickled her neck.

Raul saw her mouth open as if in a moan but couldn't hear anything. Raul's mind raced as he imagined his wife's moan causing his cock to throb against the leaves of the bush. The taut skin of his cock brushing the leaves and twigs of his shrubs excited him. He'll never be able to trim the shrubs again without getting excited, and he has his new Mistress to thank.

Raul's attention turn back to his love as he watched her take the feather and slowly work it down her neck towards her breast. Slowly teasing her way over the leather straps that make up her outfit, she moved lower. The leather straps surrounding her mounds made them look even bigger then they were. They then swept down to wrap around her lovely waist. The straps that covered her pussy were now unhooked, the dildo still buried snugly deep into her. He watched as she caressed the feather over her breast. Her mouth opened wide and her chest heaved as she reached her nipples with the feather. He knew that if he was in the room he would hear her gasping. He gasped too as his cock throbbed again for her.

Raul took the opportunity to slowly lower his hand and with his fingers began to massage himself since his mistress's eyes are closed. He holds back the moan that is on his lips. His hand started caressing a little faster.

Heather opened her eyes, and anger returned to them as she sees Raul no longer with his hands up. She quickly grabbed the phone, and yelled, "Let me see your hands, NOW!" He apologized, "I was disobedient Mistress. Would it please you for me to describe how my penis is throbbing for you, to appease for my mistake?"

"It certainly would bring a small level of appeasement," She quickly responds, "and after that I will need another guess."

"My cock feels so good in my hand when it's this hard, the taut skin tingling, the veins forming ridges. You tell me that you love those little ridges as they pass over your lips." He breathes a deep sigh as he longs to touch it again. "It's been quite awhile since my cock has been this hard. It's aching with every throb. The head is throbbing with every beat of my heart. With every throb my cock brushes against this bush. Every leaf teases and taunts every nerve. I need to touch it again Mistress." He says as his breathing slowly comes quicker. Almost panting he asks the question, "May I touch it for you now... my Mistress?"

"No!" she quickly barked into the phone. "But I do love the way you describe your wonderful cock to me. It sounds like you could cum without even touching it." She then let out a deep moan into the phone that just further pumped blood into Raul's cock making it throb even more for her. "Now there's an evil little idea," she purred into the phone, "Let's see if you can cum without even touching it. I want the shrub to continue to tease you till you can't take it anymore and you cum all over it." She moans again "Just like when you cum all over me!"

Raul moaned out loud at the thought. The leaves seem to come alive now as his imagination takes flight. Maybe this is what Heather is dreaming of, he wonders. She wants a room that we could keep our toys, a room where we can play uninhibited, a room where she could be queen.

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