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He came out of nowhere. Pushing her forcibly against the wall just inside her apartment. Surprising her totally as she entered her own safe environment and hissing into her ear.

"Don't make a sound!" he ordered. In total shock, all she could manage was a half gasp before his hand covered her mouth. "No sound, I said!" he growled more angrily this time. After a while he seemed ensured about her cooperation, and turned half away and locking the door. The sound startled her and made her aware of the situation she was in. Alone with a rather large and brutal male. This was not good, she thought.

As if reading her thoughts, he exclaimed "Good," in a slow drawl, as if being content with the present situation. She tensed and tried instinctively to remove herself from his body. He slammed her against the wall again.

"I said, don't move!" he hissed into her ear. Her hand hurt after the impact with the wall but she refused to acknowledge the pain. She would have to bide her time, and catch him by surprise later, she thought. In the mean time she felt the attacker's body close behind her own. He was rubbing his abdomen against her back. She could feel the hard body almost envelop her own, and she worried how good a chance she had to escape this one.

Now she felt another movement in her lower back. Something was sticking into her, and it was increasing in size. His cock. He was getting aroused and larger by the minute, by the feel of it. Her panic grew, and she stopped breathing. Then a gasp came out, and she managed to calm herself to wait her time. Her attacker now pressed his arousal against her, while moving his hands along her ribs on each side of her body. He was almost caressing her, and suddenly touching the side of her breasts.

"No sound remember?" he repeated. "If you are a good girl you will not be hurt. Nod if you understand!"

She nodded, while trying to collect her erratic thoughts. What was he going to do? He continued moving his right hand along her hip, then downwards along her thigh. He gripped the lower end of her skirt and dragged it upwards in a quick motion. A ripping sound was heard and she tensed completely. He removed the rest of her skirt and threw it away.

Now, his hand was caressing her bare thigh and touching the rim of her panties. She waited for the next ripping sound, but he simply dragged her panties downwards. The air felt cold against her naked skin, but soon he returned and the cotton material in his trousers was caressing her bottom. The feeling was somewhat arousing, although she banished the thought straight away. Her lower body was completely open to him, and she felt more vulnerable than ever before. Oh God, he's going to rape me, she thought errantly.

His left hand snaked around her and cupped her breast. He circled her nipple, before aiming and squeezing the hungry flesh. She yelped, not sure whether the pain or the pleasure was worst. He ripped off the blouse and continued cupping her breast. His large hands enclosed it completely and the heat was almost streaming from his body to hers. He moved his other hand around her and cupped the other breast.

The feeling was peculiar and she barely had time to think before his hand moved downwards over her stomach, and heading straight for her mound. She tensed, while his hand moved through the curls and gently stroking her clit. She gasped from the instant pleasure and was suddenly aware that she was getting wet. Oh no, she thought. I cannot enjoy this, she pleaded with her body.

Her attacker chuckled, "Getting hot, are you?"

She squirmed but he held her firmly in place moving his legs so that his surrounded hers. He continued stroking her clit, and she heard slurping sounds as she was getting wetter and wetter. It was arousing having to stand here and take the pleasure without being able to prevent it. Her heart was pounding loudly in her chest, and she had to open her mouth in order to get enough air.

A moan escaped her but the sound did not make her as ashamed as it should have. Just before he'd pushed her over the edge, he stopped. Her breathing was erratic. Her mind focused on the orgasms she had missed. She felt frustrated. He chuckled again, but just stood there for a while. Waiting. After a while his hand again moved to her clit. Her muscles tensed. Now, finally he would finish her, she thought.

But instead he gave the knob a small pet, before moving away again. She gasped. Before her protest could be voiced, he slapped her left bottom cheek. She jumped by the surprise and the unexpected pain.

"What are you doing?" she gasped. She was not into spanking, she thought. Now she would surely stop being aroused by this stranger's doings.

"Be quiet," he repeated.

Again he slapped her bottom. This time he slapped the other cheek. She jerked again. Then to her utmost remorse, she felt warmth spreading in the juncture of her body. She tensed her muscles in anticipation of another slap. It didn't come. Instead she felt his hands moving away, and the sound of a zipper was heard.

He had opened his trousers and returned to rubbing himself against her. This time naked skin met hers, and she could feel the outline of his erection straining against her lower back. The skin was silky smooth, and the pain on her bottom was abandoned for the anticipation of this hot member inside of her wet cunt. She shivered and a naked need was curling through her body. She needed a man inside her. Now.

Her body was strung and tightened and totally focused on getting the release it craved. No matter whom the man was or what he was doing here, she craved his touch, his hard member inside of her warmth. He seemed to understand the need, because he snaked an arm around her and lifting her against the wall. She spread her legs.

Suddenly, his cock head was touching her wet centre and locating the opening of her pussy. She shivered in anticipation of what was to come and wanted him to push inside of her as soon as possible. Still, the size of the globe felt too large to be pleasant. He angled himself at her opening and started to push inside. She gasped and tried to relax her vaginal muscles. His cock was coming inside, almost forcibly, while her inner walls were stretched painfully. She could feel an inch being pushed inside, accompanied by some heavy breathing from both parties.

"Jesus, you're tight," her attacker groaned out.

Still, he kept pushing another inch inside of her. He was still holding her up from the floor, and it felt almost as if he tried to push her down onto his enlarged cock. She felt filled up, and still he had inches to spare. She wondered how to fit the whole member inside of her, but holding on to the wall with both hands, she could barely concentrate for the pleasure surging through her entire body. She pushed backwards. Wanting him inside her as soon as possible.

He seemed to agree and suddenly jerked forward, pinning her flesh onto his cock. She screamed, but the sound was muffled by his hand closing over her mouth. Her insides were burning and the pain in her cunt was drowning the pleasure she felt earlier. She moaned, wanting him to leave her body. Instead, his hand was moved to her clit and he circled the bud, before aiming several strokes directly at her clit. Her body was straining and she felt herself becoming wet. The lubrication smeared his hand and he oiled her skin with her own liquids.

The pain diminished and she pushed backwards again. His hand was now coated with her wetness, and he pulled out his cock, coating it with her liquids. Then he placed his cock at her entrance again and pushed inside. This time the pain was lesser, and she felt herself being filled more completely than before. But this time the feeling was simply exquisite, and she felt her body tingle as he moved forward and further inside of her. He started moving with slow, leisurely movements. First retreating almost all the way out of her body, then pushing his hard cock inside of her again.

"Faster," she gasped. "Oh, harder, please."

He complied and moved roughly in and out of her cunt. She felt ripped inside from the sheer pleasure, and her hips were shaking with the effort of standing up. His hand moved towards her clit again and she could feel her orgasm lurking just a few strokes away. She collected her last strength and tightened her muscles around his cock while pushing back at him.

He jerked forward, inserting himself inside of her while rubbing her clit remorselessly. She screamed out her pleasure and her entire body erupted into total oblivion filled with warmth and contentment. He grasped her hips with both hands and pounded into her a few more times before spilling into her with a loud moan. He sagged into the wall in front of them, leaning against her for a while.

After a few minutes he left quietly. She still had not seen his face, and she wondered who he was while sinking to the floor and falling into an exhausted sleep.

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