Bully Ch. 09


Alicia is trapped

The end of the week had arrived, and Alicia was due back home. She was a thirty-six-year-old married woman, not an irresponsible youth. The madness had to stop! Reality had kicked in for her, but not for him, so she had to do something. He was too big to handle, so she would have to talk him around to her way of thinking.

All week Alicia had been acting like a dumb Bimbo, as ordered by her eighteen-year-old bully. It was difficult to get out of the role, especially as it had been surprisingly fun to act out. Thinking it would be demeaning and anti-feminist it wasn't something to embrace. Though, she soon found it turned out to be so easy, it was relaxing.

Men didn't treat her with respect, but with kindness. Some of them treated her well, because they wanted to get into her panties. Her bully protected her with a discreet threat, or more, to straighten them out. Most were happy in her company, wanting to just receive a smile, or a kind word.

Not seen as a threat or competitive, she was a decorative blond who laughed at their jokes. For once Alicia wasn't on edge, she was relaxed with men, and able to have a nice time. Their reactions to her were nice which was totally unexpected, and it affected her reactions in return.

For the past few days, no one had expected anything from her, except to look sexy. She could also get away with so much more without even trying, as they just laughed, and called her a dumb bimbo if she did or said the wrong thing. Men would jump to help her, and not expect anything more than a smile, and a kiss blown in their direction. They often acted like overgrown schoolboys. It was sweet!

However, she was going home, so needed to drop the blond bimbo act. For that, she needed James to debrief her. He'd started the game, and she needed his help to discard the mannerisms and silly voice. Although it had only been a week, she had picked up figures of speech, and a different way of thinking. Making friends with other blonds, reinforced the role, as they talked together and shared confidences. That's how she picked up the dumb way of thinking.

In a girly voice, she whined at James, 'Please, sir, like, I need you to help me totally, yea. Well, see, for a start, like, I need my clothes back, yea. Like, you know, my proper clothes, for going home, please, sir!'

James stared at her, wondering why she was keeping the bimbo act going. He'd said she could dump the act, but this morning she carried on talking with that terrible voice. She'd learned more than he demanded of her, from other bimbo's. They seemed to have flocked around her, like silly girls together, sharing hair, and makeup tips.

She had enjoyed being with other girls, so he was going to think up another punishment for her. He was a bully, so of course he had to keep his victim in line. To prove he was in charge he needed to show her who was boss.

Alicia knew that as far as he was concerned, he was her alpha male, and she was his submissive female, kept ready to be mated. He figured she was fertile and needed to be rutted, and to feel his red-hot seed enter her womb. The thought aroused her, so it had to be shunted out of her mind, or she would never get back home.

He'd allowed her to change from being a bimbo, but it wasn't that easy. After a week, it couldn't just be switched off. She needed him to talk her down, as the game had been played twenty-four-seven, so she had really got into being a silly bimbo.

Being stupid was so much easier than being clever. So much was expected of her at home it tired her out. Both her husband and son expected her to run the house, and do everything for them.

James came up behind her, and grabbed her around the waist.

'Hey! Like, wait, stop nibbling my ears, you know I totally love it, yea,' she giggled.

Alicia squealed for him to stop, for there were things to do, as well as pack their clothes. Not wanting him to do it to her, she tried to wriggle free. Being naked in a cabin with a randy young guy, was a distinct disadvantage. That he was her bully, and demanded obedience, made it impossible to avoid anything he wanted.

Wriggling around, trying to keep him from having his wicked way, was stopped when he slapped her bottom a couple of times. While he'd taken her breath away, she felt his cock enter her. He was big and strong, so it had been inevitable. He didn't hesitate, he rode her hard, and she didn't have the strength to stop him.

He was fucking her to demonstrate his dominance, and to emphasis her submissiveness. After awhile she stopped complaining, and began to moan. It couldn't be helped, she was submitting to her young bully. She began to mewl pathetically. The sound telling him she had been subjugated, and was his.

He spurted his cum into her, and she cried out with a wild passion in her voice. Alicia pressed back upon him, wanting to be filled with his semen, while she too had an orgasm. Nothing extraordinary this time, just a completion. The fact that she had given in to him, and had become turned on by his domination, left her feeling thoroughly defeated.

Once again he'd shown her he was a strong master, and she was his pathetic slave girl.


On the drive home he sat humming a Pink Floyd tune, which she didn't recognise. At least he was in a good mood, which mean he wasn't preparing a punishment for her. Being his bimbo all week had started out as punishment, then it became a game. Not just between the two of them, it involved everyone, and anyone around them. Making new friends had been nice, and she enjoyed herself.

It had been relaxing, just giving into being a simple unthinking blond. No decisions to make, no guilt, no anxiety. They would be home soon, and the pressure would return to dominate her life. She almost asked him to drive her back to the cabin. Maybe she was pathetic, because lots of women were successful housewives, and some had jobs.

'Get a grip,' she murmured.

'What was that?' James asked.

'Nothing, just humming, I've caught that tune,' she said.

Her thoughts meandered back to how this all started. James was bullying her son in school, so she intended to visit the boy's parents, anxious to find a solution. James was in but his parents were out, so she was going to wait for them, and take the opportunity to talk to the boy. Finding out what went wrong with him seemed like a good start.

A couple of glasses of wine to boost her courage, was so very wrong. She spilt a drink on her best dress, and didn't take the hint she'd drunk too much. Wanting to get him on her side, she let him help her, as he seemed so eager and cooperative. Before she realised what was happening, she let the boy put her clothes in the washer. Underestimating him, considering him to be just a boy like her son, had been the biggest mistake.

While she wore just a towel, he stood very close, emphasising his size and strength. By sheer force of character he manipulated her, with compliments, cajoling, and then bullying her into doing what he wanted. Before she knew what was happening, she was on her knees, sucking his penis.

Alicia looked at the boy humming tunelessly, and was happy to be driven home at last.

He had a video of what she did, and threatened to post it on social media. Like a fool she ended up in bed with him. Again he used clever techniques, to bend her will. More than that, he completely broke her will to resist. It just got worse all the time she was with him. With evermore damning video's as evidence, there was no possibility of defying him, and so she became his sexual plaything. His demands were often, and disturbing. Whether she wanted to or not, she had to submit to him.

It was difficult to admit, but the sex was so good and she felt guilty over enjoying it.

'Wake up, sleepy head. Your car. Wait! A kiss before you leave,' he demanded.

They smooched deeply. It didn't even occur to her to stop him playing with her sex. She automatically opened her legs for him to finger fuck her. Her head fell upon his chest as he expertly manipulated her naughty bits down there. He knew exactly what she liked, and what turned her into a pliable sex doll.

Alicia knew he was going to edge her on purpose, but couldn't stop him. It was so nice, she just wanted it to last.

'Oh! James, don't stop, please!' she moaned.

'Naughty girl! You've got to go home. Don't forget to open your text books, and pretend you were on a course,' he reminded her.

About to climb into her car for the short drive home, he said something. The noise of the traffic and people shopping, drowned out what he said.

'Your clothes,' he repeated.

'What about them?' she asked.

'Okay, then,' he said, and gave her an offhand shrug.

Looking into a side mirror she realised what he meant. With people walking by she suddenly felt self-conscious. The stretchy skirt was tight under her cheeks, and was rising up in the front. The cut off t-shirt showed off more than it covered. The push up bra presented plenty of cleavage.

Rummaging around in the bag on the backseat, she pulled out a business suit, more suitable to wear when coming home from a course. Damn! So used to wearing such clothes, she would have walked in at home looking like a slut. That would have given the game away.

Standing up from bending over the back seat, she held the business suit. A guy stood there with a grin on his face. Damn! He would have seen her panties while bent over!

'How much do you charge?' he asked.

'Twenty an hour,' she returned, while thinking of the course.

'That's cheap, I'll take a couple of hours,' he leered at her.

'What?' she rapidly blinked, as though coming around from a dream.

'I saw you being dropped off by that guy. The way you're dressed, it's obvious what you do,' he commented. 'My car's over there. I'm booked into a hotel, not far from here. I'm in town working.'

Alicia giggled nervously, and put a finger in her mouth. Lisping around it some nonsense about being a social worker, her voice fizzled out. The total state of disbelief froze her, rather than bringing out understandable rage and a rant. After being a blond bimbo all week, and obeying her bully, all the man had to do was be forceful with her. It would be easy to lead her astray, and she knew it. Not wanting to go with him didn't count for anything.

The man grabbed her elbow, wondering why she acted so remote, and figured she must be on drugs. He was still prepared to take her to his car, as the drugs idea didn't put him off. Taking the opportunity to screw a beautiful blond couldn't be let go, and he was a salesman away from home, needing female company. A quick screw, then another long slow screw would be perfect. If she was on drugs, she would be less likely to object to anything he wanted.

Alicia suddenly realised how vulnerable she was. Once in this man's hotel room, she would be under his control, as though he were her bully. What then? What would he do to her? She was already on edge, needing a good seeing to.

Her arm hurt, as it was torn away from his grip. The man fell to the ground, but she only saw that in her peripheral vision, for she had been pushed aside. James! He'd hit the guy, and was pushing her toward the car.

'Is he alright?' Alicia asked, with a voice sounding thin and reedy.

'Yes! Get in before anyone notices. Drive somewhere and change, then go home. Forget about this. Now go!' he told her.

Not looking back she drove slowly through the car lot, onto a major road, not knowing where she was going. She could see the road and traffic, but not where she was, or where she was supposed to be. Eventually she recognised something, and turned onto a road she knew well.

The garage doors were open, so she drove in, almost hitting the back of the garage. Standing by the car, with a ticking hot engine, she changed into the plain smart business suit. Still shaking, she entered her home. Nothing was different, which was reassuring.


A couple of days went by, and the police hadn't called, so she calmed down. All the usual routines of housework had been needed, to keep her busy and mind off things.

'You're acting different, Alicia. Has it got something to do with that course. How to be a good housewife, or something?' her husband sarcastically asked.

'The course was about reflective supervision, and coaching,' she began, but sensing she was losing him, a switch was necessary. 'It's funny you should say that. There was a session for trainees like me. They said to look after your husband and family, to help with your job. A happy home life makes the job easier,' she lied.

'Okay, then,' he absently spoke.

As usual he wasn't listening. He'd been fed, and the weeks washing started. There was no ironing, and the house was clean. What else did he want? She was treated like a housemaid, not a wife. Is that why she gave in to James, because he treated her like an attractive woman?

It was certainly easier when her husband ignored her, rather than ordered her to do things his way. To be fair, he'd noticed her hair and clothing was different, though of course he was unsure how that was. He'd noticed a difference in her behaviour, commenting on her readiness to please. He thought she was behaving like a good housewife should.

What would he have said if she came back looking like a blond bimbo? It might have perked up his interest in her as a woman. They hadn't had sex for six months, five months before James took her over.

James was a bully but he was exciting to be with, and made her experience life more fully. Sometimes too fully. He did things to her, and with her. He dressed her in expensive clothes, took her out and introduced her to new people. Though mostly he dressed her in cheap slutty clothes, yet that too was exciting. If anyone got too close, he could certainly deal with them, emphasising to her that she belonged to him.

Her son was ready to fly the nest, on his way to college. He was either out with friends, or out with his girlfriend, mostly with his girlfriend. Maybe she should warn the girl, all that attention would disappear once married. In a few years she would become a drudge.

The expensive dress, and underwear, she washed by hand, not trusting the washing machine. The dryer was too harsh. She hesitated hanging them in the utility room, then it dawned on her, no one would see her naughty underwear in there. Only she used the room, as her husband and son didn't know where it was.


The phone rang and a summons was made.

No conversation, he simply stated, 'Just get here, and make it quick. I need to fuck you.'

Alicia giggled, and put a finger to her lips. The nervous movement was difficult to stop, especially as she wasn't always aware of it. Using a little girl lost voice, though less obvious than the voice used last week, she approached her husband.

'Sir, I've been called to see a client,' she hesitantly spoke. 'Do you mind?'

'As you've asked so nicely, of course you can. I'm pleased you've improved your attitude while away,' he said, and turned back to his newspaper.

Arriving at James' home, she opened the back door, closed it behind her and stopped.

'Hello, sir,' she said, looking away from him so as not to be recognised.

James's father, Ralph, almost answered using her name. He'd recognised her the evening he spanked her. He'd mistaken the woman for a nasty tease of a girl, always winding up the boys, and setting them on each other. He spanked her hard, told her to do as she was told, sent her to his son's bedroom, and told her to please him.

Later he realised it was Mrs Lucas, moaning and groaning in James' bedroom. He'd been heavy with her, threatening to spank her again, and take her home to see her parents. Of course, she didn't want to be taken home to confront her husband, after screwing around with his boy, and looking like a slut.

He knew her from meeting her on the school board, when he had trouble with James. He'd been caught bullying in school. They'd been lenient due to the motoring accident, and the loss of his mother, and sister.

'Well, how are you?' he asked.

It was embarrassing talking to the woman, considering what his son was doing to her. It was dangerous bullying a member of the school board, and so he decided to pretend not to know anything about it. That also meant not warning his son off playing such a dangerous game. Eventually he would have to do something, or it would all blow up in his son's face.

Excusing herself, and marching into James' bedroom, she stood with hands on her hips, trying to strike a defiant pose. Looking like Mussolini instead of an attractive blond, might of helped.

'You summoned me!' Alicia said.

'You sound pissed,' James countered.

'Well, like, what do you expect?' she hissed at him.

'What do you mean? Did you want a long conversation on the phone, in front of your husband?' he sarcastically asked.

'No! You said I should hurry over to, err, well, like, you know, to fuck you,' she shyly spoke.

'So next time I should lie?' he countered.

'Well, like, yea, no, I guess not,' she shrugged.

How had she lost that argument?

'You don't look like a stupid slut. You didn't get changed as ordered. You know what that means,' he said.

'Err, like, but, you know, your dad is here,' Alicia quietly spoke.

'I know. He won't bother us. Get undressed, you know the rules,' he plainly stated.

'But, I, like, was summoned, you know, told to be quick! Yea!' she tried excusing herself.

James thought she sounded like one of the teens in school. Not one of them would be caught dead in that summer dress. It was nice, for an older woman. It was his influence, of stamping on her morals, and self worth, that she was acting this way. He watched her nervously pulling off her clothes.

This is why he'd ordered her to change before arriving. Either in a restroom, or the car, just so long as there was a change of clothes. It meant there was a break, and a clear line between the two places. Her home and his.

Mrs Lucas was naked now, looking distinctly nervous, and worried.

'You know what to do, Mrs Lucas,' he commented.

The look on her face told him how much it hurt to be called Mrs Lucas. It was a reminder of what she was, a married woman. Being stripped of her clothes on the order of a mere boy was humiliating for her. This was a simple punishment that worked upon her effectively, whereas the complicated bimbo game had been a failure.

The woman bent over his bed, with her legs slightly parted. Knowing she was to be punished was a terrible thought. This shouldn't be happening! She was a married woman, an adult, and at thirty-six too old to be spanked by an eighteen-year-old boy.

He might decide to paddle her, or just take her. If he wanted to he could slap her bottom then fuck her unexpectedly. He'd done it before. It was up to him, and she had to bear it. After a spanking he'd probably fuck her anyway. That's what she was here for. Obeying a mere boy was demeaning, and the humiliation of it all was heating her up. This arousal from humiliation, had it always been inside her, or had this nasty side of her character developed since having a bully dominate her?

He may be young but he knew how to pull her strings, and keep her in place. One moment he was complimenting her, and meaning it. Another moment he was punishing her in a subtle or blatant way. He told her where to go, and how to dress, and how to behave.

When he was pleased with her it felt so good. He also protected her like no one had ever done, not her father, or her husband. Sometimes he frightened her, and at other times she was in awe of him. Growing up in a sheltered family, then trapped in a marriage, she knew little of how exciting life could be. Then she met this boy, and her emotions took off.

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