tagFetishBurden and the Beast

Burden and the Beast

bya real jrkoff©

The Purchase-

Milton Winker was drenched in sweat. The droplets trickled slowly over his wide, hairy belly and tickled their way down to nestle in his coarse wiry pubic hair. A wide single leather strap bound his large balls and forced them down from the base of his penis. He was a young man- only 21, and he was built like a pig… fat and hairy. His whole body, covered in thick black hair seemed to make him look almost animal-like. Martin winced as another woman pinched at his sac with her small leather clad fingers. Although he had already been purchased, he knew it was the right of those assembled to take “liberties” with his privates… so long as he didn’t make a mess. Around his neck, he wore a chain that locked to a large glass jar. The insides of the jar were smeared with sticky wads of sperm that were collected during his punishment milkings. The jar was three quarters full- with his white chunky semen. A potential buyer only had to glance at the jar to see what kind of pervert she was buying. The more cum… the more he had been punished. The less volume meant that this was a “good boy”. Constance didn’t want a “good boy”…she wanted a milker.

Constance Liebman was a rich woman with impeccable tastes. Her entire appearance dripped of money and class. She was fifty years old and kept her figure as cared for as any of her things. She was a beautiful and bitchy woman… and Constance always got her way. She made her way to the front of the auction room to the stalls where the “male cows” were kept. Her high heels sounded like gunshots due to her confident stride, and this was accompanied by the enticing hiss of expensive, antique stockings. Only the finest things for Constance.

Two widowed socialites with whom Constance had had business dealings in the past were spanking her new boy across his bare bottom. This made her smile. He was an adorable brute. Fairly disgusting to look at with his hairy ass and his grotesquely big balls, but so easily embarrassed! A very cute personality trait, she thought. Constance had to have him… and his cock. For you see, while Milton was somewhat manly in his appearance… he had one shortcoming. He had a penis the size of a child’s. It measured perhaps (and Constance promised herself their would be measuring), a very thick 4 inches long. It was laughable. It would bring many titters to the Ladies Luncheon Society, and Ms. Liebman couldn’t wait. Emerging in front of the male cow, she greeted the two widows. “Sondra and Elaine, what a pleasure to see you both”. Constance extended one hand clad in tight kidskin leather and shook the ladies’.

“Connie! Your boy is delightful! His ass is one of the sweetest things I have ever seen!” She giggled and the sound made Milton’s balls ache. The cruel woman couldn’t resist a barb: “and such a big, manly penis!” Both women roared with laughter as Milton turned crimson with embarrassment. “I mean… what is that, a whole 4 inches? My goodness!” More laughter. Constance snapped her fingers and a curvaceous black woman appeared with a paddle. “Are you ready to take him home, Madam?” she asked. “Yes. Have him washed and put something on him that covers that huge penis of his.” The black woman smirked at Milton. “Certainly, Madam.”

Thirty minutes later the blushing Milton reappeared clad only in a pair of girl’s pink cotton tights. The three women giggled at him and made humiliating remarks: “What an adorable pair of tights!” and “You look absolutely precious in pink!” Milton thought it might never end. That he would simply have to stand there in front of these cruel older women and absorb their mean spirited remarks. Constance seemed to sense this, and playfully scolded the young man. “Oh… such a sad face! The ladies are only playing with you. You had better get used to it.” He nodded and his disgraceful sperm jar echoed the movement, sloshing its disgusting contents in agreement.

One hour later, Martin found himself in an entirely different situation. He was completely naked and bound to two wooden posts. His legs were spread their widest, and his wrists were locked snugly into place above him. A buttplug had been rudely inserted up his ass and to add further humiliation… it sprouted a fake pig’s tail from the rear. “There”, said Constance. “You look all ready to meet my Ladies Social Club. They are going to see your great big penis shoot lots and lots of nasty cream. Your only job is to show respect and obedience at all times. Do you think you can remember all that?” She was deliberately mocking him. Her words, the way she was dressed, his own nudity… it all made him feel so little and small in her presence. “Yes Ma’am.” Came the one reply he was allowed.

Laughter, Tea, and Tears-

The assembled ladies had one thing in common- antique stockings. They were all dressed beautifully in smart gloves and matching hats, elegant dresses, expensive jewelry, and wicked high heels. This was the purpose of the male cow, after all. The Ladies all agreed that perverts were good for one thing: to have their sperm used as a stocking preservative. From a very early age, Milton had been a hopeless masturbator. He was addicted to the perverse form of self-abuse. And now, these women were here to actually milk him for their entertainment and stocking-care needs. They all believed that a pervert’s semen made an ideal cream to be used to keep their very expensive stockings in top condition. Gerta would, of course, be doing the honors.

Gerta Vasquez was originally from Brazil. She was 47 years old, and had a large, muscular frame. She was all curves, and had an ass to die for. Constance had explained what she would need to do in her position, and Gerta had difficulty sitting still as it was all outlined for her. Yes… this would become Gerta’s greatest passion. Upon completing her description, Connie had hired her on the spot for the special duties she would assume as her employee. Her official title was “Milk Maid”, but the cows she milked were the two legged variety. She loved her work and was an especially skilled masturbator. She was very fond of rough, firm stroking when it came to getting the job done.

Constance led the Ladies into the tearoom where poor Milton was on naked display. His full scrotum hung in silent, agonized testimony to the heavy load he was carrying. Upon seeing him, several of the Ladies gasped, and covered their mouths. A few of them burst openly into catty laughter. “oh god, Connie! He’s got a little piggy tail up his ass!” Stella Doran was always the one to point out the obvious, in an effort to lighten the mood. The effect on Milton was a pitiful groan as his little cock began to stiffen up ever so slightly. “Please, take a seat Ladies… our little pigboy has quite a show he would like to perform.” Without further delay, Gerta was summoned. She emerged from the kitchen…and she was a haunting fetish vision. Her hair was up in a tight bun, and her glasses perched precariously on the end of her nose made her look like a very cross schoolteacher. Her body was bulging out of a white dress that was so sheer; her black satin corset was plainly visible. My god! Thought Milton… Those tits! So big! Gerta’s firm legs were clad in filmy black stockings that sported wicked reinforced heels and toes. The skirt was so short that the garter straps that hooked to her dark stocking tops were completely visible.

Constance was delighted in her appearance. “Gerta… you are SUCH a cockteaser!” Gerta smiled at the compliment. Milton trembled in his bondage and Gerta smiled confidently. She stood next to him and produced a ruler. The Ladies chuckled. “My, my… such a big boy!” Gerta was having a wonderful time humiliating him. “Let’s just see how big this fat little penis is… would you like that, Milty? Would you like it if Aunt Gerta checked you between your legs and showed all the nice Ladies here how manly your…ahem…cock is?” There were soft feminine giggles all around the room now. The sweat was back on Milton. His skin- hot, from the assaults on his dignity. Gerta tightened her grip on the ruler and laid the unforgiving numbers alongside his penis. “Oh my!” she exclaimed, with mock surprise. “Why Milty! Your penis is only four and a half inches long!” She looked back up into his eyes and smiled. It was a mean smile. “Do you get any dates with it?? Do ANY women look at your little…penis… and not laugh?” She paused for a moment, and looked down between his legs. “Big balls, though.” She reached down beneath his cock and squeezed them firmly but gently. “And such a big mess in there… tch tch tch”. She scolded him like a mother would scold a child for a messy room. “I’m afraid this is going to require a strong milking, young man… very strong.” Milton’s cock began to erect at the words.

A laundry basket was at Gerta’s feet, filled with dirty stockings and panties and all sorts of women’s underthings. The Brazilian cockteaser reached down into it and withdrew an old well-worn black stocking. “These are a pair of my favorite stockings. Behave yourself while I dress you properly.” Holding it open she slipped the head of Milton’s penis into the reinforced toe and slowly slid the wrinkled hosiery down to the base and over his large balls. Once she had smoothed the silk and pulled here and there, she examined her work. Milton’s little cockhead was pushed snugly up into the toe of the stocking, while his balls fitted nicely into the reinforced heel. She reached into the basket and withdrew a coffee colored stocking. This one, she tied around the base of his cock and balls- making sure to pass them between, separating his testicles. The hosiery truss, complete with leash, left Milton feeling terribly aroused. His tight asshole suckled at the buttplug in his ass and his baby-penis waggled around in front of all the Ladies. There were more giggles from the audience as Gerta asked him if he was ready. The woman reached under his balls and lightly scratched them with her fingernails as her other hand lightly smacked the head of his stockinged cock.

“Naughty! Naughty little dickie!” She admonished. Prudence, the 21 year old maid had just entered with her serving tray of teas and looked over with mild disgust at the young man with the pigtail. Milton made eye contact with her just as his cock was solidly gripped and a tugging motion began. “ughhh” he moaned. It made Prudence snicker. Wait till she told the girls at school. They would be in laughing fits for weeks! Gerta had a very firm grip on his penis at its base, and was using her other hand to smoothly fist it up and down. Her eyes were locked on his and she had a smirk of determined concentration on her face. The way her hand tightly gripped his cock as it moved back and forth caused the fabric of the stocking to slide with it during each stroke… the friction was wicked. Milton gave high-pitched whimpers much to the delight of the audience, throughout his milking. He was making quite a spectacle of himself. If Gerta so muched as sensed ANY dignity in the young man… she would have none of it. A milkboy had to learn his place. To increase his shame, and his offering, she began to use dirty words and scold him. “Do you have to go potty for Auntie Gerta? I don’t think you have to pee, do you? I think you have something else you would like to squirt from you penis, no? Dirty little boy! I know what dirty little boys do in the bathroom. You’ll do it here, in front of the Ladies. Gerta will help you make your nasty mess.”

Prudence had just finished serving tea to the women and had to cover her mouth with her hand to stifle her laughter. This was the funniest thing she had ever seen! None of it was funny to Milton, however. The young man was awash in his lust. His eyes never left those of Ms. Vasquez. Through bleary eyes he watched her. He watched her shoulder moving brusquely up and down in a determined pumping rhythm. He was so excited by the feeling of the lady’s stocking that had trapped his penis and was being forced up and down it with each and every stroke. The jerking made the heel of the stocking pull teasingly at his balls with each pull of her hand, and that caused his asshole to spasm around the evil buttplug. Gerta’s skilled hand was going to pull a great deal of semen from his sac. She smiled as she glanced down between his legs where her hands were busy jacking and teasing. She had now begun tracing a long-nailed finger up and down the skin between his balls and asshole while her other hand lay still and rhythmically squeezed the base of his cock. His balls stung with the increasing enormity of the load and his cock bounced stiffly in front of him. “ohhhhh” he whined.

Constance set her tea down on a nearby table and came forward, her stockings hissing as she did. “What was that, Milton? Do you have something to say to the Ladies? Speak up!” He looked at his Mistress pleadingly. “Beg, boy! I want to hear you say it.” She demanded, through clenched teeth. He uttered the words in feeble agony. “Please, Ms. Constance. Please may I cum?” The room was bathed in feminine laughter. “Oh, puh-leeze. You can do better than that, pervert.” Gerta had shifted her position and now stood to his left side, allowing the Ladies a completely unobstructed view. Her right hand had seized him tightly in a no-nonsense grip and she stroked him off hard and fast. The speed and severity of the new milking technique caused his fat, stockinged balls to slap hard against her pumping fist on each downstroke. The “slap, slap, slap” sound filled the room. Constance turned to her maid. “Prudence, dear… there is a jar on the table in the kitchen. Please fetch it for us.” Prudence curtsied and offered a “yes, Ma’am”, before going on the errand. As she left, she looked over at Milton and saw that Ms. Vasquez had actually begun to spank him while she masturbated him. Milton was delirious with pleasure. Despite his outrageous humiliation, he was stiffer and harder than he had ever been… and the load in his balls had become so huge, that he had begun to leak. His sticky cockhead had stained the reinforced toe of the stocking to a grayish-white. The spanking continued while Gerta scolded him.

“Shame on you! Dirty, dirty, dirty!” Milton began to cry in front of all the Ladies- who began to soothe him with humiliating baby-talk. As usual, Stella was the most vocal of the group. “Awwwww…poor baby… does your bottom hurt?“ This brought giggles. “You got Ms. Gerta’s stocking all icky with your tiny little pee pee, and so you got a spanking. Naughty, naughty little baby!” The Women were screaming with laughter, even as they watched his penis being heavily jacked off in front of them. And then the unthinkable happened. The milking stopped.

The Burden-

Constance had Gerta help him out of his bonds and then bend over to have his embarrassing plug removed from his asshole. She had just begun pulling it out when Prudence returned… with his sperm jar. She was holding it out in front of her at maximum distance and gripping it with only her first two fingers and her thumbs. She wore a look of absolute disgust as she looked at the thick, milky semen in the jar. “Here is his… stuff, Ma’am.” She said, obviously embarrassed to be holding so disgusting a package. She quickly set it down on a nearby table, and stepped several feet away. Constance smiled at the girl’s look of obvious revulsion. Then, she looked back at Milton. “An icky mess… just like the stuff in those big hairy balls. Prudence, fetch the underpants I purchased this afternoon.”

Milton was being helped back into an upright standing position, his enormous sac swaying as he did. His cock was still embarrassingly stiff in front of the women, and he blushed with shame. Prudence returned shortly with a brand new pair of white cotton jockey briefs. She smiled as she handed them over to her Mistress. Constance held up the garment for all the ladies to see, and explained her purpose.

“Dignified men tend to wear a variety of undershorts. Mostly boxers, but occasionally sexy bikini briefs in a variety of exciting colors and materials. When they are small, however, and their mothers buy their underpants… they can expect white cotton briefs just like these. I can think of several reasons why a milk-boy should be required to wear these. One- because it brings him down to little-boy status. Two- because the tight cotton has a tendency to reveal his boner to watchful ladies. Three- because the tight pouch squeezes his balls to remind him of his Mistress. And four- because he looks adorable in them when contrasted to the finer lingerie that Ladies wear.” She handed the underpants to Prudence, who took them with a grin. “Prudence, if you would be so kind”. The young woman stepped forward in front of the blushing Milton. She crouched down and forced one foot, then the other into the elastic leg openings. Then, she slowly pulled them up by the striped waistband… up over his bloated balls and raging hard-on. She let go of the elastic waistband and it snapped into place against his belly. She couldn’t resist a giggle. Constance Liebman came forward again to address the young man.

“Now, you will wear those little underpants in front of the ladies, and you will see to their needs. Understand?” When he was slow to respond, she slapped him across the face. Hard. “Do you understand me?” Milton held his cheek where her red handprint was quickly forming. “y-yes, Ma’am.” Over the next two hours, Milton performed various acts of stocking foot worship and shoe licking, and a few other things much too shameful to be documented. The Ladies had a delightful time prodding the soft white diamond pouch of his cotton briefs, often using just the sharp points of their shoes. Fortunately for Milton, the little underpants were quite absorbent like a diaper- he was leaking a great deal. As Milton was forced to serve the ladies, he was horribly aware of the burden he carried between his legs. His balls had never felt so full before. The teasing had left him humiliated, but also agonizingly aroused. As he scurried about in just his white jockeys, he would feel the occasional slap to his bottom. This was often followed by a caress of his cotton-covered balls. The worst came when Gerta called him over for a foot rub. “Come on, doggy… crawl to mamma. That’s a good boy!” She shoved her stocking feet in his face and made him lick them clean. Then, as he was bent over, his ass sticking up in the air… she reached forward to seize the waistband of his briefs and deliver a powerful wedgie. The thin cotton slid up his ass and burned against his still tender asshole. His ballsac had been forcefully pushed up tightly against his cock and he gave a panicked moan: “oooooohhhhh…. Please, don’t!” But, of course it was too late to stop the pain. Milton wondered if his childish humiliation in underpants would ever stop. He had to cum very badly. Gerta knew the young man’s state of arousal all too well. She made him carry his load for another two hours, while they teased him.

The Beast-

“Awww… are the mean ladies hurting your feelings, Milty?” Milton heard the words as if from a great distance. He was in a trance of intense desire and desperation. His cock was on fire and his tortured load of sperm was fanning the flames. It was Gerta speaking to him he guessed. She was so beautiful. And her hands knew him intimately down there on his penis. “Do you need to make a dirty mess for me?” YES! He thought! Yes, Ms. Gerta! I need to make a dirty, nasty, awful mess for You and all the nice Ladies! These words were not spoken aloud, but in his head, Milton Winker had finally lost the last of his fragile dignity. He had been transformed into something darker. Something pitiful and pathetic and beast-like. He would do anything now to squirt his cum. Greta liked them like this the most. Her keen senses had told her that he was finally ready to be fully milked off.

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