Burglar Surprise


When he was finished cleaning up, he went back into the living room. "Do you have a vibrator?" he asked unexpectedly.

Liz looked suddenly embarrassed. "Yes," she stammered, "it's in my purse."

"But we looked in your purse?" Colin puzzled.

She looked even more sheepish. "It looks like a lipstick. Purple. It's a Lelo, a little one." Liz swallowed, eyes downcast. "My husband doesn't think I should need a vibrator..." she trailed off.

"Ah, keeping secrets!" Colin laughed. "You'll have more than enough secrets after tonight!" He retrieved the purse and found the small vibrator. "USB powered! Clever." He turned it on, a faint buzz filling the quiet room.

Colin got down on the floor between Liz's legs, spreading them wide and nestling himself in their embrace. He bent and flicked his tongue over her clit, and she sighed, arching her back to meet his touch. He licked and sucked and lapped at her until she was juicy wet again, and then he brought the vibrator into play.

He noticed that her reactions to him had changed. Before, even if her body responded, she had held herself at a distance, somehow. Now she seemed much more at ease with his touch. He wasn't sure he liked that – it didn't do much for the fantasy. But she was much less likely to go to cops, too, if she felt some connection, so it wasn't all bad. Colin knew, if she went to the police, the video would not help him. It would likely only result in further charges. But he didn't think she knew that, or at least, hadn't had time to figure it out. So, a little comfort was probably a good thing, in the big picture.

Colin plied the vibrator with an expert touch, its tingling stimulation dancing around her clitoris while his tongue probed all her sensitive, secret places. Sometimes he would use the Lelo on her nipples while he tasted her clit; sometimes, when the little device was drenched in her juices, he would make her lick it clean, tingling her tongue and her psyche at the same time. Soon, she felt the warmth spreading through her and knew she was going to cum again. She gave herself over to it without a fight, and was surprised at the intensity of this orgasm, following so closely on the heels of the last one. She cried out as she came, and pulled his head tight between her legs, crushing his face to her pulsating slit. She felt herself gushing, the contractions of her pelvis creating cascades of her juices, which he lapped up greedily.

When the waves had subsided, he raised himself from her and moved up on the couch beside her. He used his strong hand to tilt her head back, his face hovering over hers. She could see the wetness glistening on the fabric around the mouth hole of the mask and on his lips. She thought he was going to kiss her, and parted her lips in anticipation of his touch. Instead, she felt a trickle of warmth as he drizzled juices into her mouth. Surprised, excited, she realized he had gathered all of her wetness into his mouth and held it there, and was now feeding her the mingled musk of her own pussy juices and his saliva. She took it eagerly, sucking the last droplets from his lips before he pulled away. Liz looked over and saw that Jason had returned, and was sitting in a chair quietly watching and jerking his cock slowly.

Colin returned to his perch between her legs and turned on the Lelo again.

"Oh, no," Liz said in surprise, "I'm too sensitive for that right now!"

"Too bad!" Colin cooed in mock sympathy. "I'm not finished yet." And he started eating her again with renewed energy.

Liz's poor, overstimulated clit screamed in a delicious agony, and she struggled to move away from the touch of his tongue and the vibrator. Colin only seemed to be more excited at her struggles, going down on her with growing enthusiasm. Pain fought with pleasure for a spot at the forefront of Liz's sensations until they seemed to mingle as one, but still Colin kept up his attentions.

Finally, her thrashing had gotten to the point where he was having trouble keeping the vibrator on its mark and her bucking was likely to give him a bloody nose.

"Hold still!" Colin ordered harshly. "Now!"

Liz was shocked into doing what he said, he sounded so... she couldn't think of the word. Not mean, exactly, nor threatening. Then it came to her. Dominant. She was dominated into submission. She stopped struggling and tried to be still.

Jason watched with excitement as Colin kept up his barrage on her tender pussy. For her part, Liz did her best to hold still. She no longer thrashed wildly to get away, but her stomach quivered in undulating waves. Her breasts heaved, and her back arched uncontrollably. Her hands clenched and unclenched in the fabric of the couch cushions, and a steady "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" escaped her lips. Her entire body seemed to oscillate as if she were being electrocuted. Still, she didn't resist.

Colin moved up beside her and suckled her breasts as tucked the Lelo into his palm and held it firmly against her clit, cupping her entire pubis in his big hand and sliding his middle finger in and out of her pussy. Liz's cries became one long ragged moan, broken only by occasional gasps for air. She shook from head to foot. She hurt so badly, but she was about to cum again. She could feel the fingers of white hot fire snaking through her abdomen, finally wrapping around her completely and releasing her into the throes of another incredible orgasm. She screamed out in pleasure this time, high squeals and gutteral moans loud enough to hurt Colin's ears. He held the vibrator against her the whole time, and even held it there after her orgasm had subsided. She squirmed, tears streaming down her face, but did not try to get away.

"Please stop. Please...it hurts..." she begged, so pathetically, with such resignation, such acknowledgment of his mastery, that Colin acquiesced.

He turned off the vibrator and laid it aside. Liz huddled quietly on the couch. Colin laid her out on her back, and lay atop her. She opened her legs to him, looking up at his masked face as he entered her. She was sopping wet, and he slid in easily, but she was sore and tender. He moved easily, hips moving smoothly as he leaned on his elbows, looking down at her. He wiped her tears away with surprising tenderness.

"That necklace does look lovely on you," he said, lifting the blood red stones from her breast and smoothing them out. She smiled up at him, a faint, tired smile. "It would be a shame for us to have taken it."

They lay on the couch like lovers, moving together, neither saying anything. Liz could almost forget the cruel overpowering stimulation of a few minutes ago. The soreness faded, and she simply enjoyed the feeling of his smooth long rod filling her womanhood. Colin was clearly getting closer to cumming, growing more tense and urgent in his thrusts, and she wondered that he had lasted this long. She began to run her hands over his chest, and feeling his nipples harden at her touch, she began to pinch and rub them. He moaned with pleasure, pushing deeply into her with each plunging thrust of his hips.

Colin began to shudder and his breathing grew ragged. She expected him to cum at any second, excited and frightened now that she thought about this stranger's seed filling her pussy. Suddenly, he pulled away from her and rose from the couch, cock in hand, and lurched to the glass coffee table. He aimed his shaft down at the glass, and after a couple of quick strokes unloaded his hot white semen onto the smooth surface. Blast after ropey blast erupted from his cock, gooey streamers of gleaming white that covered the glass in a viscous pool.

Liz was surprised by the disappointment that flooded in. The foolish illusion of romance was broken. Still, she was enticed, watching Colin empty himself. She had never really just watched a man shoot his load before.

Almost as soon as Colin had finished cumming, Jason leaped up from the chair and added his cum to the growing pool. He didn't cum quite as forcefully or in as much quantity as before, but there was still a substantial puddle of semen there when he finished.

"Lick it up," Colin ordered coldly. "On your hands and knees, now. Lick it all up like the little whore we know you are."

This sudden change from the almost romantic love-making of moments ago was a shock, and Liz realized this was the final humiliation. She wanted to feel hurt, to feel angry, but somewhere inside she knew she expected this all along. She didn't want a romance – she already had that. No. She wanted to be made to lick up the cum of two strangers who had used her and fucked her however they wanted.

She crawled over to the table, submissive and cowed. She looked at both of them, watching her intently. Their cocks were both still hard in anticipation of the sight at hand. Liz didn't hate the taste of semen, but she didn't love it either. Still, as she reached out her long tongue and lapped up the first mouthful, it tasted like forbidden fruit. The semen had gotten cold already and was a little lumpy, but it still held the sweetness of the taboo. She shuddered and savored the taste, taking her time, her movements languid and sensuous. She licked until the table was clean and bare. She realized she now knew the freedom of giving herself completely to someone else's wishes.

Liz sat on her haunches and watched as the two robbers got dressed again. No one spoke for a period. When they had gotten their clothes back on, they went around one more time wiping down their fingerprints. They slipped on gloves, then each took one of Liz's hands and helped her to her feet.

"No cops?" Jason asked quietly.

"No cops," she agreed.

The two men headed back through the kitchen, the way they had entered.

"Aren't you going to take the stuff?" she called after them.

"No. We got our money's worth tonight. There are other houses to rob." Colin waved and turned away.

"Thank you," she said to the closing door, with a depth of feeling that surprised her. She knew she wasn't just thanking them for leaving the valuables behind.

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