tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBus Stop Surprise

Bus Stop Surprise


It is late in the afternoon. You have finished work for the evening and have gotten changed and are waiting at the bus stop because you are planning on catching the bus to see your boyfriend. You can't wait to see him and to feel his cock slide deep into your hungry pussy. You are dressed in a short black skirt and a t shirt and you know that once you get to his place you won't be wearing them for long. You have on your favorite panties and they are already a bit damp when you think about how good your boyfriend is at licking your hot cunt. You are imagining his hot body against yours.

Time is dragging so slowly because you are so eager to get to your guy's place. The bus seems to be taking ages.

Suddenly a car pulls up to where you are. You are all alone at the bus shelter and wonder what is going to happen. You are a bit frightened because you are in a fairly rough part of town. There is a breeze blowing and you realize you are cold as your nipples poke against your t shirt. You have no bra on. You realize you look like a slut who needs it bad. You feel so sexy.

A young guy steps out of the car and walks up to you. He looks you up and down and looks you right in the eyes. He's a bit thin, but there is something about him you think looks a bit attractive. He sits down on the bench right up close to you. Before you say anything he puts his hand on your bare leg just beneath your short skirt. Somehow you just can't seem to move away. You get goose bumps and you know he can feel them. You feel and almost hear your heart beating fast. At first he was softly stroking your leg but now he is holding your leg firmly. He has a good grip on you. You feel almost under his control and helpless. This excites you and frightens you at the same time. "Stand up", he says to you. But you still have some semblance of strength and you tell him to fuck off and leave you alone. All you want is your boyfriend to be here to help you.

You shouldn't have told him to fuck off though. He grabs you by your wrist and pulls you over to his car. You don't even think to scream. He holds you by the waist and pushes you against the side of his car and leans himself into you. You can't help but to surrender to his body. You can feel a bulge from the front of his pants pressing into you between your legs. It surprises you that instead of being disgusted you can feel your slit getting wet.

He reaches in and you feel his surprisingly soft lips and tongue move all over, up and down your neck, kissing you soft and hard and sucking on it. You then realize you are melting in his arms. It feels good to have your hard nipples rubbing against him. He moves away from you a bit and opens the front passenger door and tells you to get in. You are so excited you can feel yourself dripping. You don't even want to stop yourself as you climb into the front passenger seat of the car and he steps in the other side. You realize he even smells kind of hot.

"Where are we going?" you ask in your usual sexy voice, but he harshly tells you to shut up and to take off your panties. You are frightened for your life so you do so slowly. You can feel your juices clinging to them as you pull them down. He then tells you to hand them to him and you do. You are embarassed that they are so wet. He shockingly licks the wetness from them and throws them out the window. You can't help but imagine his tongue directly on your pussy and you almost moan at the thought of it. In fact you realize you are no longer thinking of your boyfriend at all.

"You won't need those anymore", he says to you when you look down and realize your pussy is bare in a car with a stranger and all you can think of is that you hope you get some release from anyone at all! He goes to the glove box in front of you and pulls out a rubber coated vibrator and hands it to you without saying anything. It's fairly big and feels just like a cock. He just looks into your eyes and you instinctively turn it on and rub it against your pussy without any instruction from him to do so. You already feel like such a slut. More sluttish and hot than you already look. He tells you to lift your skirt up and you do. You see him glancing down every now and then at your wet shaved cunt and the vibrator sliding in and out of it really deep and slow. You can't help but moan. You are masturbating in a stranger's car while he is driving somewhere and you don't even attempt to escape. You want to show him what a slut you really can be. You know this excitement is something your boyfriend can't give you.

You almost cum just as the car stops with the vibrator on full, buried inside your hot, smooth, hole. You have no idea where you are. He gets out of the car and walks around to your door. He pulls you out of the car and holds you up against it. Gravity makes the vibrator slide out of your cunt and as it moves out it sends a shiver all through you. With the both of you out on the curb outside his house he slowly starts fingering you before taking you inside the house.

As soon as you both get inside he locks the door behind you. You look around and notice the house looks clean and kind of nice, expensive. He goes to a shelf nearby and brings some hand cuffs over to you and cuffs your hands together. You just stand there feeling your cunt drip like it has never dripped before. You feel so turned on and vulnerable - so desperate. He also has a blindfold that he puts on you. Now you can't see anything, only blackness. He also gags your mouth with a scarf. You feel so helpless you don't know what to do. You only hope he fucks you so good. You don't care about anything anymore except to be satisfied and excited.

Then you hear him walk off and come back to you. You then feel him grab at your clothes. You hear a strange sound of metal clicking together. You soon realize he is cutting up the clothes from your body, slowly till you are naked. You can feel your body getting hot all over and where it is exposed you can feel the air of the room hit you. Tears fall from your face you are so scared but so very horny at the same time. You feel his tongue lick all over your body except for your nipples and your pussy. You really need to touch yourself in those spots but you know you can't. He walks you over somewhere, pushes you down and you land on what seems to be a bed. He ties your arms and legs to the four corners of the bed. You are naked and blind in front of this stranger. But somehow you have forgotten all about your boyfriend. All you want now is this stranger's cock inside you.

The stranger takes the gag out of your mouth. Before you can say anything though you feel the guys cock slide in your mouth past your hungry lips. It feels so big and warm and you hungrily start sucking on it. You love feeling a strangers cock in your mouth. You want him to cum in your mouth and all over you. You know how good you are at sucking cock and you make sure you do a good job on him. It has pleased you so much that he has given you this experience. His cock feels and tastes so different to your boyfriend's cock. This one is so fat and so yummy. It's just so different. It's the fact that it isn't your boyfriend's cock that turns you on so much. And the fact that you are tied up and blindfolded makes it extremely hot for you. You can hardly believe it's real. You have always wanted to be used by someone. You soon feel he is close and you realize how empty your cunt feels without it being rammed by a cock. You beg him to fuck you and to use you like his own fuck toy. You are desperate to be his whore. And that is exactly the dirty sluttish thing you say to him. As you hear those words come out of your mouth you feel more juice escape from between your legs.

Just as you say this he takes off your blindfold. As your eyes adjust you then look around and see there are three other guys in the room with him! Your eyes grow big when you see them standing around you naked with their big hard cocks pointed at you and the looks of lust on their faces.

They guys untie you and you are so turned on that you quickly hang your legs over the edge of the bed, with your pussy on the very edge, while one of the guys finally, slowly slides his thick hard cock into your waiting hole. You moan uncontrollably as it slides into you. It feels so good to have one so thick in your needy pussy. But just as you are getting used to this sensation and are bucking against him to match his rhythm and to savor the deepness that all cocks enter you when you position yourself like this, one of the guys shoves his long cock down your throat and you start sucking quickly. This almost sends you over the edge having two cocks. Your whole body shakes just at the thought of being unable to move by being used in this way. You are out of control. You are a total slave to these strange men and loving it.

With your hands you grab the cocks of the other two guys and start jerking them off. You can't believe how amazing it feels to have four guys use you like this. It's almost like all around you are cocks and all you can sense are cocks and fucking and sucking and stroking. You want to be covered in their cum because you know how much of it there is bound to be, the cum of four different guys blending together and covering you so you can taste them all at once. You also hope they take turns in letting you fuck and suck and jerk each one. It feels amazing to have different cocks fucking you all over. You can feel the different strength of the guys as they use different amounts of force on you. You don't care about anything now except the feeling they are giving you. You cum so many times you soon feel so exhausted.

You look down at your body and see you are totally covered in cum, all over your body, in your mouth, and up your wet pussy, in your hair - everywhere. You are now so well fucked that you can't hardly say thank you as the three guys leave you with the guy who took you from the bus stop and you sigh when you hear their cars drive off.

You still want more and you just know this guy can give you what you want all the time. He tells you that you are to be his sex slave. You can only moan when you hear those words come from his mouth. You love the excitement and you realize that without even trying you have lived out your ultimate fantasy. You want to be pleasured all the time and need the feeling of his cock in your pussy and your mouth, along with anyone else he has over to use you and please you at the same time.

He then takes you into another room where there is a modern large screen TV and video player. He sits you down on the couch. You feel really used as you are still so dirty and covered in cum. But you watch as he hits play on the VCR and you then look in shock as you see yourself on the bed, surrounded by the guys. Looking at yourself you never realized quite how hot you look when you are wriggling about and moaning and being such a dirty whore. You wish you could show this video to your boyfriend and let him see you being used. Watching yourself like this gets you horny again. And you can't wait to find out what happens the rest of the night and after that.

And that is the end of the story so far.

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