tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch.06

Business Liaisons Ch.06


-= Chapter 6 - Consummation of the Deal =-

Reg had returned home well after midnight and Cyndi was fast asleep. He thought about waking her for a quickie but decided to settle for just snuggling against his wife's naked body. Cyndi stirred slightly, but only shifted to her side allowing Reg access to her tits. Normally he could have continued with his fondling of her body, eventually rousing her enough for sex. Unfortunately Reg quickly drifted off to sleep still cupping Cyndi's breast. When Cyndi's alarm went off the next morning, she and Reg were still lying in the same position. Cyndi slipped quietly out of bed to shower. She couldn't even rouse Reg to remind him to get home on time for his 'surprise' that evening.

As she drove to work, Cyndi couldn't stop thinking about the previous evening with Sean. When Reg had first told her about his fantasy to watch her having sex with other men, Cyndi was anything but enthralled with the idea. She had eventually warmed to it, but never had expected it to go beyond being a bedroom fantasy that she and Reg shared.

After the fucking Sean had given her last night though, Cyndi couldn't wait to do him again while Reg watched. She was pretty certain that Reg would enjoy seeing his fantasy come true this evening but only time would tell. Even if he didn't though, Cyndi was certain that she'd still make arrangements to get together with Sean on a regular basis.

Apparently Cyndi had drained more than just a couple of loads of cum from Sean on their 'date'. When he had dropped her off the night before, Cyndi got quite a bit more than just a goodnight kiss. What started out as a simple kiss, turned quite passionate just inside Cyndi's front door. Sean had pulled Cyndi close to him and she could feel his cock hardening and pressing against her pubes. He hiked up her skirt as Cyndi freed his cock from his pants and ended up doing her doggy style right there. With his cum still oozing out of her pussy and dribbling down her thigh he finally kissed her goodnight and left.

Cyndi half expected Sean to be waiting in her office the next morning and was surprised when he didn't arrive at work until well after 8:00. When he finally showed up, he smugly commented that he needed a little extra rest since he wanted to be at his best for their performance that evening.

Between taking a new lover and the anticipation of fulfilling her desire to take on multiple cocks at the same time, Cyndi found it hard to concentrate on her work that day. Sean certainly wasn't helping matters either as he kept finding excuses for her to help him, where he managed to cope a feel or two when no one was around.

By mid afternoon, Cyndi couldn't stand it anymore and decided to go home and prepare for Reg's surprise. She couldn't help but wonder who was going to enjoy this more, her or Reg. As she drove home one hand fell between her thighs and found a large damp spot in the crotch of her panties. As horny as she felt right now, she wondered if two cocks would be enough to satisfy her.

Before she left the office, she had dropped by Sean's desk and arranged for him to be at her place at 5:00 sharp. Reg usually arrived home about 5:45 and Cyndi wanted to make sure that she and Sean would be warmed up and in bed when he got home.

Cyndi picked out a very short and figure hugging red mini-dress along with a pair of white seamed thigh-highs and a pair of red platform 6" 'fuck-me' heels. As a final touch she added a pair of large gold hoop earrings and a heavy gold chain for around her neck. After a leisurely soak in a nice hot bath she dried off, wiggled into what little there was of her dress and put on make-up. She went a little heavier and darker on her eye shadow and mascara and added a little extra blush to her cheeks. She put on some bright red lipstick to match her dress.

She carefully pulled on her stockings making sure that the seams were perfectly straight and put on her heels. After giving herself a quick glance in the mirror, Cyndi smiled wryly. She certainly looked like a hooker in this outfit. Even standing straight up, her dress barely covered the tops of her stockings. If she bent over just the slightest bit, her pussy peaked out!

She lowered the shades in the bedroom and turned down the bed. She wanted to be able to just jump into bed when she brought Sean upstairs. When she went back downstairs to wait for Sean, it was just a few minutes before 5:00. She gave Reg a call to make sure that he would be home on time as she waited.

"Did you want to go out to dinner first Cyndi? I'd certainly enjoy having you 'forget' your bra and panties and wear a nice blouse and skirt."

Cyndi smiled as she thought about how she'd done just that with Sean the night before.

"Well sweetheart, I've already gotten dressed especially for you" Cyndi purred. "And I don't think I could wear this outfit anyplace but the bedroom."

Reg stifled a groan "And just what are you wearing?"

"Oh my little red dress."

Reg glanced around the office to make sure that no one was in earshot "And that's all?"

"I do have on some white seamed stockings and those 6" platform shoes you like so much. Will you be home on time tonight?"

"Well I have just a few more things to wrap up here, but I guarantee I'll be home before 6:00."

"I'm not sure if I can wait that long darling, my pussy is already dripping." Cyndi paused for a moment and then cooed, "I might have to get started before you get home."

Reg groaned again as he thought about his beautiful horny wife rubbing her nipples and fingering her cunt waiting for him to come home and fuck her. She didn't masturbate in front of him very often and he really enjoyed watching her pleasure herself. "So is that the surprise you promised me?"

"Well you're just going to have to get home quickly to find out!"

Cyndi was just hanging up the phone when she saw Sean pull up in front of the house. She opened the door as he started up the front walk and Sean practically ran to the door when he saw her all dolled up like a whore. Cyndi pulled him inside quickly and rubbed the bulge that was quickly forming in the front of his pants.

"I take it from this that you approve of my outfit?"

"Wow Cyndi, you look sensational, you've certainly got my cock at attention!"

Cyndi unzipped Sean's fly and unbuckled his pants allowing them to drop to the floor. She knelt in front of him and pulled his briefs down and wrapped her lips around his still stiffening dick. Sean pulled off his shirt as Cyndi sucked him to full hardness. She then removed his shoes and socks and added them to the pile of his discarded clothing. Sean couldn't believe how quickly he was naked having his cock sucked by this hot lady. Cyndi squeezed his nice tight butt as she once again inhaled his cock.

"God Cyndi that feels great, I hope Reg is late tonight so I can have you all to myself for a while."

"Sorry Sean, I just got off the phone with him and he'll be home soon. I wouldn't worry though, as horny as I am right now I think I could satisfy a dozen cocks tonight."

She continued to suck Sean's appreciative cock for a couple more minutes.

"Take it easy on me Cyndi, if you keep up this pace I'll end up cumming before Reg even gets home!"

Cyndi stood up and wrapped her hand around Sean's nice thick tool.

"Now that you're cock is nice and hard, why don't we adjourn to the bedroom so you can stick it in my hot pussy."

Cyndi led Sean by his cock upstairs to the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs nice and wide for her young lover. One glance at her pink and puffy pussy and Sean knew that no warm up was needed. He climbed between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock through her now very wet cunt. Cyndi quickly reached around grabbed the cheeks of Sean's ass and pulled him towards her to impale herself on his tool.

"Fuck me now Sean, my husband will be home soon and I want him to 'catch' us with your cock deep inside me."

Sean didn't need any additional encouragement; Cyndi was so hot and wet that he quickly slipped all of his cock into her. After a few minutes, Cyndi shifted their position on the bed so that when Reg walked into the bedroom all he would see would be Sean's black cock fucking in and out of her pussy. She would also be able to see the look on his face. Sean settled into a nice leisurely pace of fucking his co-worker.

"Just lay back and enjoy the ride baby."

Sean hooked his elbows behind Cyndi's knees and eased the straps of her dress off of her shoulders exposing her pert titties. Cyndi's nipples were hard and just begging to be sucked. Sean bent down and lavished each one with a few tentative licks before sucking them in earnest.

Cyndi was soon moaning with delight with every thrust of Sean's cock in her pussy as he sucked on her tits. They were both so thoroughly absorbed in their fucking that they didn't hear Reg coming up the stairs. Reg at first wondered why his wife hadn't greeted him at the door and as he walked into the living room he heard her telltale moans from upstairs.

He thought that she was upstairs with one of her toys 'warming up' for the real thing when he noticed the pile of Sean's clothes by the front door. His heart began beating faster as he quietly climbed the steps. When he peaked into the bedroom he couldn't believe his eyes. There was his wife with her legs splayed wide apart obviously enjoying the fucking she was getting from her young black stud!

He kept quiet for several minutes as he enjoyed the site of Cyndi's stocking clad legs topped off with her 'fuck-me' heels sticking straight in the air as she was being penetrated. The site of her pussy being ravaged by Sean's black cock was incredibly stimulating for him. Hearing her moan with pleasure as she was being taken by another man completed the scene, it was exactly like they had fantasized about it for all of these years except now it was actually happening. His darling wife had remembered all of the details and had even made sure that she and her lover were lined up with the door for a perfect view of the action.

As he moved closer for a better view, Cyndi finally noticed him watching and jumped slightly, causing Sean to turn as well.

"Oh hello dear" Cyndi cooed mockingly "I hope you don't mind but Sean and I just couldn't wait to get started."

She pulled Sean closer to her, burying his cock to the hilt in her cunt.

"Keep fucking me stud, based on the bulge in his pants, I think he's enjoying this as much as I am."

Between the smile on Reg's face and the obvious hard-on he was sporting, Sean returned to his nice slow fucking of Cyndi's very willing pussy. As he did, Cyndi motioned for Reg to come into the bedroom.

"Why not come in sweetheart and get a closer view. Sean's cock is doing a wonderful job in my cunt don't you think?"

Reg could only nod and quickly obliged his wife and sat by the side of the bed watching Sean and Cyndi fuck. He stared intently at Sean's black cock fucking in and out of his blushing bride's very wet pussy for a few more minutes. When he looked up to watch the expressions on Cyndi's face, she was staring back at her husband smiling.

"So is this what you wanted to see darling?"

"My god Cyndi, this is even better than I thought it would be. The contrast of that big black cock in your pink pussy is incredible. ... You certainly seem to be enjoying it as well."

"Sean's cock feel's great inside me, he's soooo nice and hard. I thought you'd enjoy this, though I have to admit that it's even more exciting having you here watching."

Reg gave his wife a mock puzzled look, "What do you mean 'even more exciting'? How long have you been fucking him?"

Cyndi giggled and gave Sean a wink. "I guess I should introduce you guys. Sean, this is my husband Reg. ... Reg this is Sean, the young man I've been mentoring at work. I think you guys have met once at InterCore a while back."

As he continued to fuck Cyndi, Sean extended his hand and Reg shook it. "Pleased to meet you Reg, and I'm even more pleased to help you two out with your fantasy. I have to admit that I've been dying to get into Cyndi's panties for some time now, but we only got together last night for the first time. Cyndi wanted to have an 'undress' rehearsal."

"Did she now." Reg gave his wife a big smile. "So you weren't just fantasizing about setting up a date last night."

"Enough of this chit-chat, Reg why don't you get naked and join in. I'm more than hot enough to handle you both at the same time!"

As Reg took his clothes off, Cyndi had Sean lie back on the bed while she took off her dress and climbed between his legs. She started to pump her hand up and down Sean's thick tool, which was still coated with her pussy juices.

"Look at how nice and hard I made Sean's cock get Reg. ... Sean, do you like fucking me while my husband watches?"

Sean did little more than moan as Cyndi took his cock into her mouth. Reg finished stripping and slowly stroked his raging hard-on as he watched Cyndi sucking Sean's erection. Reg felt as if his cock would explode watching his Cyndi suck another cock just like she had his for all of these years. Cyndi smiled around Sean's dick as she saw how turned on her husband was.

"How about sticking that thing someplace that will do us both some good honey"

Cyndi slowly wiggled her ass to encourage Reg to fuck her while she gave Sean a blowjob. Reg climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind his wife. He quickly buried his cock in her sopping wet cunt as she continued to suck Sean's dick.

"She certainly is a great cock-sucker isn't she Sean, and thanks for warming her up so well. I love it when her pussy gets so wet."

"My pleasure Reg, I think she sucks even better with you fucking her at the same time though."

Sean groaned as Cyndi continued her oral ministrations on his swollen member as she fondled his balls.

"Reg, if you want sloppy seconds though, we'd better switch places. She's going to make me cum in her mouth if we keep this up."

"Don't worry about his sloppy seconds, neither of you guys can cum until after I do." Cyndi chimed in.

As they rearranged themselves so that Sean could have access to her pussy and Reg her mouth, Cyndi glanced in the mirror on her dresser to take in the view. She couldn't believe she was finally having her fantasy of multiple penetration fulfilled. Seeing those two hard cocks so ready to service her was just too much. Cyndi turned around as Sean got on his knees to fuck her doggy style as Reg laid back waiting for her to suck his cock at the same time.

"My god Reg, your cock looks bigger and harder than I've ever seen it before!"

"I've always wanted to find out if your cock-sucking got better or worse while your pussy was being fucked and now I going to find out."

As Cyndi wrapped her lips around her husband's familiar cock, Sean eased his into her pussy. After just a few minutes, Reg had to agree with Sean that Cyndi's oral techniques were definitely much better with her cunt filled. A couple of times Reg had to slow his wife's oral ministrations before he shot his load in her mouth. As much as he enjoyed cumming in her mouth, he knew their fantasy always ended up with Cyndi taking one cock in her pussy and a second one in her ass. After a few more minutes, Cyndi pulled herself off of Sean and sat between her two lovers taking a cock in each hand.

"So are you guys ready to help me fulfill my fantasy?"

"You mean one in your pussy and one in your ass?" Sean asked.

Reg knew exactly what Cyndi wanted and got up to get some lube for her ass.

"So who do you want where sweetheart?"

Cyndi pushed Sean back onto the bed and straddled his big black dong and quickly had it buried inside her pussy. Sean pulled her close, pressing her tits against his chest. As they frenched, Reg applied some of the lube to Cyndi's tight asshole. He then applied a bit more lube to his cock before climbing on top and nudging the head against Cyndi's rosebud. She tensed slightly as her husband slowly began to sink his dick into her ass. Soon she relaxed and had Sean slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy as Reg continued his deliberate assault into her ass. As Reg buried the last bit of his cock into her tight asshole Cyndi felt a slight ripple as she had a small orgasm.

"God Reg, how does she do that with her cunt muscles? She's squeezing my dick with that hot pussy of her's!"

"I think she's having a nice cum herself Sean. When we've done this with a dildo before, Cyndi usually has several small orgasms leading up to a nice big one. Are you cumming Cyndi?"

Cyndi moaned confirming Reg's theory and asked both of her studs to start fucking her harder. Soon Reg and Sean had a nice rhythm going and Cyndi's breathing quickened as she approached her 'big one'. Reg really started pumping her ass as she stiffened between them as she had an incredible orgasm. Reg held his cock deep in her ass and told Sean to slow down a bit as Cyndi came down from her cum. As good as it had felt being stuffed with both cocks, Cyndi's ass was getting a bit tender and Reg reluctantly pulled out.

"Roll her on her back and try fucking her now Sean. She loves it hard after a big orgasm like that. As hot as we got her, it'll be hours before she comes down completely."

Sean quickly had Cyndi on her back with her legs straight up in the air and was pounding her pussy nice and hard. Cyndi was moaning unintelligibly as he slammed in and out of her.

"She's even better after she comes, don't you think?"

Sean could only grunt his agreement as he fucked Cyndi for all he was worth.

"Why don't you slow down a bit Sean, I have to wash off my cock so I'm ready for my sloppy seconds. I want to watch when you cum inside her."

Cyndi wrapped her legs around her young black stud as he slowed his pace. Reg went to the bathroom to wash off his cock so that he could fuck his wife for the first time with another man's cum in her. When he returned to the bedroom, Sean and Cyndi were kissing passionately as Sean slowly reamed Cyndi's cunt. When Cyndi saw that Reg had returned, she started asking Sean to fuck her harder.

"Okay Stud, show my husband how well you can fuck me. Give me every inch of that big black cock as hard as you can. I'm not going to let you out of my cunt until you fill me full of your cum."

Sean quickly picked up the pace and was now fucking Cyndi so hard that his balls were slapping against her ass with each stroke into her now sated pussy. Her pert titties were jiggling in rhythm as well and Cyndi continued to encourage Sean to shoot his cum deep inside her.

"Oh yes Sean, fuck me hard. Let Reg see you cum inside his slut wife."

Cyndi's taunts were all it took as Sean started pumping his hot seed deep inside her, Cyndi held Sean deep inside her as he started cumming and looked over at Reg smiling.

"Get ready dear, ... for sloppy seconds."

With each spurt of his sperm, Cyndi squeezed her cunt muscles on Sean's cock and informed Reg.

"Oh yes, shoot it deep inside me Sean, fill me nice and full of your seed. ... Oh my god Reg, he's still shooting his cum in me."

After several big spurts, Sean collapsed on Cyndi as his cock began to slowly soften. Cyndi wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him to her for some more french kissing. The two lay there for what seemed an eternity to Reg who was dying to see just how much of a deposit Sean had put in his wife's pussy. Soon Sean's cock had softened and shrunk enough to finally slip from Cyndi's cunt. Reg stared intently at his wife's still gaping pussy expecting to see a flood of Sean's cum ooze out. Cyndi released her grasp and Sean gave her a quick kiss before climbing off. Cyndi kept her legs spread wide and watched her husband watching her well-fucked cunt.

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